5 Real Speeches to Make Your Guests Laugh

Ready to raise your glass to word-perfect wedding speeches? Do you want the whole room to be roaring with laughter or holding back happy tears? One thing’s for certain: you don’t want your speeches to be a flop. Take inspiration from five real speeches to make your guests laugh. If these couples can nail their wedding speeches, you can do too.

Bride and groom laughing 5 Real Wedding Speeches to Make Your Guests Laugh

5 Real Speeches to Make Your Guests Laugh

Surprise songs from the best men

Even though they opted for a laid-back wedding, Alexa and Jamie were happy to have the traditional speeches too. The best men and a good friend ensured that tradition went out of the window, however, when they then became a fantastic band and sang a couple of hilarious songs about Jamie and Alexa.

Furthermore, they had only practised once or twice in the back of a van prior to the wedding. The whole party loved the thoughtful chorus.

Video messages and perfect poetry

When Sally and Martin married, the bride’s mother read a wedding-related poem, ‘He’s Not Perfect’ by Bob Marley, as a speech.

“She read it out to me in the morning while I was getting ready and had the whole party in tears. I asked her to read it again before the speeches!”

Sally’s brother Jack couldn’t make the big day, so as a surprise he recorded Mcfly’s ‘It’s All About You’.

“A projector displayed his singing, which was accompanied by photographs of me and Martin from over the years,” remembers Sally.

“I’d managed to hold back the tears all day until this point!”

Bride’s speech

For Jaime and Blake, the speeches kicked off with Jaime’s mum and brother doing a joint speech with loving stories and childhood memories. Blake gave a heartfelt speech.

“He left no one out and really honoured me and our families,” smiles Jaime.

“I spoke last, I felt it was important to say thank you to everyone that made the day so perfect for us.

“Our wedding day also fell on the same day that we held my dad’s memorial service eight years ago, under those same flat-grown trees on the farm. It was a great way to honour his memory and bring him alive on our big day.”

laughing bride 5 Real Wedding Speeches to Make Your Guests Laughalipaul.com

Prizegivings, heartfelt words and howling laughter

A twist on tradition, Jess decided to give a short speech herself, thanking the bridesmaids, best men and her parents. In place of wedding favours this fun loving couple arranged a duck bobbing competition. Jess announced the winners and gave out the prizes during her speech, before the men the stepped in with their own.

Jess says,

“Jordy did an incredible speech that was very emotional and heartfelt, I felt so proud of him. My dad did a great job of making everyone laugh and cry and Matt,
Jordan’s best man, had the whole room howling with laughter to finish!”

Silly hats and embarrassing photos

Finally, the two best men at Natalie and Kieth’s wedding brought props along to their speech.

“The speeches were very entertaining, involving everyone in the room putting on silly hats that they had secretly brought with them. 

“There were embarrassing photos of us as children and a very emotional speech from Keith,” says Natalie.

The two best men finished with a joint speech, including funny anecdotes with lots of references to Keith’s love of useless information and random facts too.


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The Best hen Party Decorations 2018

Throw your bride and bestie the hen party of a lifetime with our selection of the best hen party decorations that don’t cost the earth. We’re not talking the classic penis paraphernalia, but the cleaner and classier pieces that are photo album appropriate.

party table The Best hen Party Decorations

When it comes to throwing the perfect hen party, you need to plan well in advance, Will there be a hen party theme? A colour scheme maybe? Thankfully, achieving hen party decor is no longer an arduous task. We’ve rounded up our favourites and the most affordable prices for you to create a perfect DIY hen party.

The Best hen Party Decorations


Whilst a balloon arch is the dream, it’s not always easily achievable on your own. But that’s not to say you should give up on balloons. Why not create a simple, graduated balloon line with varied lengths of fish wire held down by balloon weights?

If you’re having a dinner party, why not tie a balloon to each chair in keeping with the colour scheme?

balloons-hen-party-decorations hen-party-decorations-balloons

Buy some of these great marble balloons here[1]

If you want some typical hen party balloons, then you can’t miss the standard ring and ‘Bride’ balloons.

engagement ring hen party decorations bride balloons hen party decorations

Buy the ring here and the bride balloons here[2][3]

Wall decorations

If you’ve got a venue that will allow you to go all out with the decorations, take the opportunity to dress the walls. Don’t hold back, bare walls are sad walls.

Rose gold tassel garland:[4]

tassel garlancehen party decorations

Why not use a fringe curtain[5] as a backdrop?

hen party fringe curtain

hen party decorations classy

classy hen party decorations Buy this here[6]

Table decorations

Add a little sparkle to your table setting with these table scatters.

hen party decorations funny

hen party table deocrations hen party table decorations

Buy the gold star table scatter[7] here and the silver star table[8] scatter here.

Use some glass charms to ensure everyone knows who’s drink is who’s whilst staying on-theme.

classy hen party decorations Buy these here[9] hen party wine glass charms Buy these from Matalan here[10]

Or stick with some generic but pretty salutations such as these:

classy hen party decorations Buy these here[11]

Table settings

Get your stations ready. We’re talking cake stations, photo booth stations and drinks stations- of course. However, these stations are not complete without the right hen party accessories.

hen party decorations Buy these food picks here

Hen party decorations aren’t complete without photo props. If you’ve dressed the walls, you’ve already got the perfect backdrop, now throw in these photobooth props and you’ve got the photos nailed.

ginger ray hen party decorations

Set up the best bubbly or mimosa bar to kick off the hen party festivities.

hen party bubbly barBuy this garland here[12]

Pimp your prosecco with popables and shimmer:

bubbly bar supplies hen party decorationsBuy these here[13]

Hanging decorations

When the games double as decorations: Hen party pinatas! [14]

classy hen party decorations Buy this Pinata here[15]

White and rose gold paper fans from Ginger Ray [16]

hanging paper fans hen party decorations Buy these paper fans here[17]

Then, all that’s left is to have all the fun!


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Wedding perfumes for every season

Finding the perfect wedding day fragrance is no easy feat. You’ll forever associate that smell with your big day so choose your bridal scent wisely. So we have rounded up the best wedding perfumes for every season.


Top tips:

  • Trial your fragrance before your big day, make sure it’s the one for you and that is really suits you. Fragrances sit differently on everyone, they’re not a one-size-fits-all.
  • When thinking about your wedding perfume try to consider what your bouquet will smell like, you don’t want them to clash but rather to compliment.
  • Spritz your hair and the helm of your dress with your fragrance on your big day.

Summer Wedding Perfumes

When you think of the classic smells of summer, you often think of salty sea air and vibrant summer flowers. During the warmer months, you want something light and alluring without being too heavy and overpowering.

ACQUA DI PARMA Rosa Nobile 100ml £97.11[1]

An elegant bouquet of sweet flowers including rose and peonies, balanced with citrusy top notes from the bergamot and mandarin orange. The Rosa Nobile is light and hearty and a sophisticated summer wedding scent.

wedding perfume

GIVENCHY Eau de Givenchy 100ml £49.80 [2]

Eau de Givenchy was designed to “evoke joy and happiness” which makes it more than fitting for a wedding perfume in our eyes. It is refreshingly crisp if you’re not one for floral scents. To us, this fragrance is reminiscent of long, bright summer days.

summer wedding perfume Givenchy

Autumn Perfumes

The smell of late night bonfires accompanied with hot chocolate and sweet cinnamon treats. The smells of autumn are captivating and finding a bottled equivalent even more so.

JO LOVES Pink Vetiver 100ml £115 [3]

The sweet and spicy smell of pink peppercorns is balanced with the smell of nutmeg and ginger to make this a warming and elegant fragrance. A perfect choice for an autumn wedding.

jo loves wedding fragrance Buy Jo Loves Here[4]

Winter Perfumes

The smell of winter is reminiscent of logs of wood burning on the fire, winter fruits. Yet, the crisp clean smell of winter air and freshly fallen snow works as well.

BYREDO Eleventh Hour 50ml £105[5]

This robust and bold fragrance has the spices and warmth to sheath you in the most perfect winter scent. It leads with a spicy kick of ban timmur – otherwise known as Szechuan pepper- and cut with a dash of sweet fig.

winter wedding perfume

Spring Perfumes

Spring in the UK is epitomised with blossom trees, freshly mown grass and, of course, rainfall. Look for a scent that’s light and breezy to whisk you off down the aisle.

JO MALONE Peony and Blush Suede 100ml £94[6]

This Jo Malone fragrance is as delicate as it sounds. If you are looking for something romantic and luxurious, this is for you. It is feminine and light thanks to the combination of floral peonies and crisp apple but you will want to top up later in the day.


JO LOVES Red Truffle 21 100ml £115 [7]

An unexpected combination of moreish scents. Jo has balanced the light and crisp notes of citrus fruits with the earthy smell of truffle. Red Truffle 21 is distinctive and refreshing, plus Jo Loves has Red Truffle 21 candles should you want to match your wedding scent.

jo loves red truffle wedding perfume


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The prettiest flat wedding shoes for 2018

Whether you’re a heels person or not, you probably want to consider some flat wedding shoes for when the dancing starts. We’ve rounded up the best flats to take you from the aisle to the dancefloor as comfortably as possible.

Our favourite flat wedding shoes

Top tip: Once you’ve bought your wedding shoes, be sure to wear them in around the house so they don’t rub on your big day.

Classic wedding pumps

LK Bennett x Jenny Packham [1]

Buy these LK Bennet X Jenny Packham Cari shoes here[2]

ASOS Design bridal flats [3]

Buy these ASOS flats here[4]

High-Vamp Leather Slingbacks[5]

Buy these from Kaleidoscope here[6]

Tabbitha Simmons Kittie shoes[7]

Buy these Tabbitha Simmons Kittie shoes here[8]

Jenny Packham X LK Bennett DeeDee sandals [9]

Buy these Jenny Packham DeeDee sandals here[10]

Lace flat wedding shoes

Whether you’ve got a lace dress or a plain one, these slingback shoes will look lovely poking out from beneath the helm.

LK Bennett X Jenny Packham Parris [11]

Buy these Jenny Packham Parris shoes here[12]

Sparkly flat wedding shoes

Add some sparkle to your wedding shoes with these pretty pumps.

ASOS Design Love Lock Embellished Ballet Flats [13]

Buy these ASOS Design Embellished Ballet pumps here[14]

UGG Bliss Bling White Leather Studded Ballet Pumps[15]

Buy these UGG pumps here[16]

Wedding trainers

Why not get super comfy with a pair of Wedding Converse? We love the detail on them and how you can customise them. You’ll be able to dance all night in these.

Buy these wedding converse here[17]

Sophia Webster Liara laser cut leather trainers [18]

Laser cut leather? We’re sold. The detail on these Sophia Webster trainers makes them a decadent yet comfortable option for brides.

Buy these Sophia Webster Liara trainers here[19]


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14 of the best wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers; no cake is complete without one. You’ll have paid the money to have your beautiful cake created just how you want it, in keeping with your theme. So, crowning it with something special will top it all off perfectly.

Wedding cake toppersGemma Giorgio Photography

Choosing the perfect wedding cake toppers

Finding the right wedding cake topper is probably not high up on your to-do list but it’s one of the items you can have some real fun and creativity with.

When deciding on wedding cake toppers, think about the cake table setting, the venue and most of all, you and your partner. Do you want something simple and in keeping with your theme? Or maybe something that accurately reflects your relationship? You could opt for a funny wedding cake topper to amuse your guests and keep you smiling at the photos in years to come.

You’re certainly spoilt for choice, but take some inspiration from our favourites below.


Buy this Mr & Mrs cake topper here[1]

Buy this Mr & Mrs cake topper here[2]


We love a rustic themed wedding and this eucalyptus wedding cake topper is the epitome of rustic chic.

Buy this eucalyptus wedding cake topper here[3]

This Mr & Mrs cake topper is the perfect rustic option for your wedding with plenty of opportunity to dress your cake up around it.

But this Mr & Mrs cake topper here[4]


Keep it simple with your initials and the date of your wedding, like this one below.

Buy this initial cake topper[5]

We love the handcrafted and decadent look of this wedding cake topper.

Buy this personalised wedding cake topper here[6]

Alternatively, have a classic with a personalised touch.

Buy this personalised cake topper here[7]


Romantic florals, this cake topper is an eye-catcher and perfect for spring and summertime weddings.

Buy this floral cake topper[8] Buy this deer cake topper here[9]


What about this family cake topper? We love the silhouette style.

Buy this silhouette cake topper here[10]

Alternatively, you can have an animated family cake topper in colour!

Buy this family wedding cake topper here


Buy this funny cake topper here[11]

How well do your guests know you and your relationship? Make your guests smile with these hilarious toppers.

Buy this hilarious silhouette here[12]

There’s nothing like a wedding to give you a good reality check. Just so everyone knows how serious you really are, how about this one?

Buy ‘Shit Just Got Real’ here[13]

Read More:

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Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018

Fathers of the brides are no longer shackled by out-dated etiquette but there’s certainly more pressure on you dads to be funny. Here, the Speechy[1] experts reveal the new father of the bride speech rules.

Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018 Weddings!albertpalmerphotography.com

Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018

Modern Etiquette

The biggest trap fathers fall into is thinking they need to thank people. That’s actually the groom’s job. That said, it pays to mention your daughter’s new in-laws and you should acknowledge the role the bride’s mother has had in her upbringing.

If you’ve split up from your daughter’s mother and you both have new partners, the politics of your speech can be more complex. Of course, the situation is the hardest for your daughter, so even if the relationship between you and your ex is strained, try to be generous in your acknowledgement of your daughter’s mum and step-dad.

Do NOT get sucked into thanking the venue, the caterers or people who’ve travelled far. It’s not your day and, quite frankly, too many thank yous becomes boring. Remember the bridesmaids will be thanked by the groom (and maybe even the best man) so keep your gratitude succinct (and dance with them later).

Do your research

Gather your intel and call in back up.

Get other family members round a table and brainstorm. Think about the great (and funny) times you’ve shared with your daughter. Think about her why she makes you laugh. We guarantee your daughter’s siblings will be a great source of material, as well as her mum.

It’s also worth asking your daughter to give you the low-down on who exactly is coming to the wedding. If you know her yoga buddies and the groom’s rugby mates will be there, it’s easier for you to select your stories and tailor your humour to suit.

Of course, increasingly there are guests who have English as their second language so be conscious not to alienate them with a speech full of wordplay.

Cut the clichés

All dads think their daughters are ‘talented’ and ‘beautiful’ so think about the unique qualities which make your girl a little bit wonderful.

No one wants a list of her career achievements or a rundown of her educational qualifications; they want recognition of the character traits which make her a great friend. Whether she’s gobby, a bit ditzy, or just a little bit nutty, celebrate your daughter for the awesome individual she is rather an idealised version of her.

Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018 Weddings!dominicwhiten.co.uk

Be funny

These days, all speeches need to be entertaining and funny. You don’t have the-best-man-pressure but you still need to be making everyone chuckle from the get-go.

Of course being funny is not about finding wedding gags on Google. Being funny is about finding the right things to tease your daughter and son-in-law about – whether it’s their love of quinoa, their addiction to Game of Thrones or their inability to do any DIY without calling you first.

Prove, don’t tell

Rather than just say that you love your daughter, talk about the times that you’ve felt proud of her. Reference the moments that stand out and show how much she means to you.

Tell us about how you secretly cried after she left for Uni, explain how you couldn’t eat for a month whilst she backpacked through Asia. Confess that you still worry about her if she hasn’t texted you that day. We guarantee there will be tears.

Resist the urge to show off

Do NOT mention any financial contribution you’ve made towards the wedding – even in jest.

Remember the groom

Yes, your speech is all about your daughter but remember to be nice about her bloke too. Even if there are subtle reservations lurking in your soul, today is a day to celebrate his attributes, whatever they may be. Feel free to do a bit of gentle teasing (especially when you talk about your first encounter with him) but make sure it’s delivered with warmth.

Keep it short

You’re aiming for about six minutes. Remember no one ever witnessed a speech and said ‘if only it was longer’. Even if you feel you have loads of great material, be strict with yourself. Even Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was only 272 words long!

Speechy[2] can help you craft an awesome speech that will add a special moment to your daughter’s day.


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Wedding Shoes: The Prettiest Bridal Heels

Whether you’re one for the classy bridal high heel or the comfortable kitten, our edit of the best wedding shoes will ensure you nail your aisle style.

Choose from a selection of plain, embellished, high or low heeled wedding shoes to walk you through your big day.

Wedding Shoes: The Prettiest Bridal Heels


The classic styles and colours to go with every dress. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring.

Buy these Jimmy Choo Lancer shoes here[1] Buy these Pink Paradox Shoes here[2] Buy these Pink Paradox shoes here[3] Buy these Grace Loves Lace shoes here[4] theperfectbridalcompany.com, Taylor Buy these Aruna Seth Farfalla heels here[5] Buy these Emmy London, Iris shoes here[6] Buy these Rainbow Club, Amelia heels here[7] Buy these Bella Belle Shoes here[8] Buy these Violet shoes from the Perfect Bridal Company here[9]


This is your time to shine.

Buy these Dune wedding shoes here[10] Buy these Dune Bestowed heels here[11] Buy these Rachel Simpson, Bonita Ice White shoes here[12] Buy these Jimmy Choo heels here[13]


If your guests are going to see your shoes, why not go flashy?

Buy these LK Bennett, Helena heels here[14] Buy these Emmy London, Meadow Misty Rose here Buy these Tabitha Simmons Here She Comes heels here[15] Buy there Freya Rose Lottie shoes here[16] Buy these Office Court Rose Gold Glitter heels here[17] Buy these Pink Paradox Shoes in Alandra Blush here[18]


Perfect for beach weddings

Buy these Forever Soles barefoot sandals here[19]


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Luxury groom gifts to spoil your man on your wedding day

There’s a lot to celebrate on your wedding day, but why not kick-start the celebrations by spoiling your partner with something special? We’ve done the searching to help you find the best luxury groom gifts.

8-things-your-groom-is-secretly-thinking-liamsmithphotography.com m&d330

Groom Gifts- Our Guide

Wedding day scent

We do love a wedding day scent, one that will spark nostalgia with each spritz. Pick wisely, with all the hugs and kisses your man will be handing out on the big day, he’ll have a lot of guests in close proximity. Give the gift of a luxurious scent to ensure he is a scent to behold. 

Jo Malone London x Huntsman in Birch and Black Pepper – £120[1]

Buy this Jo Malone fragrance here[2]

The Birch and Black Pepper Cologne stood out to us in the new range. A subtle blend of sophisticated scents suitable for day-to-night wedding celebrations.

Luxury leather goods

Good quality leather just gets better with age. By gifting your partner some supple leather items, you can watch to see who withstands the test of time better!

Mulberry Heritage Weekender – £1,150 [3]

Buy this Mulberry weekender here[4]

We’re sure you won’t need to give your husband-to-be any more reason to be excited about your honeymoon, but gift him this bag and you’ll send his excitement over the edge.

Aspinal card holder – £55[5]

Buy this Aspinal card holder here[6]

Gone are the days of carrying tons of cash, this Aspinal card holder[7] is sleek and compact and you can customise it with your partner’s initials to make it even more special. 

A luxury timepiece

When it comes to buying the groom gifts, there is nothing better than a shiny new watch. It’s a luxurious and thoughtful gift and a fantastic token to mark your special day.

TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Men’s Watch- £2,050[8]

Buy this Tag watch here[9]

We particularly love this Tag Carrera watch as it’s a classic, clean-cut style that’s sure to withstand the test of time (excuse the pun). The metal strap and dark face are sophisticated simplicity and we’re sure your groom would agree.

Baume & Mercier Classima 18ct Rose Gold Men’s Watch- £3,350[10]

Simplify things even further with this Baume & Mercier watch[11], which would make a fantastic gift. The leather strap and rose gold face combined create a handsome and classy watch fitting for a gentleman. Plus, who wouldn’t love the visible mechanism on the back? 

Celebratory drinks

Your groom will be getting ready with his groomsmen whilst you’re occupied with your bridesmaids. Why not send him a gift he can share on your wedding day?

Dom Perignon Vintage – £150[12]

Who doesn’t love a bit of fancy pop? Dom is the ultimate in luxury champagne and we’re sure your husband-to-be will enjoy popping the cork on this one!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label- £125[13]

A whisky tipple does have an air of sophistication around it. With this premium grade Johnnie Walker you’ll be enabling the boy’s club scene which could quite likely follow, but if he can’t on his wedding day- when can he?


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25 autumn wedding food ideas that won’t blow your budget

From indulgent cheese boards to cookie bars, s’mores and sticky toffee pudding, here’s 25 autumn wedding food ideas to get your tastebuds tingling…

1. Mulled wine

More affordable than Champagne, why not serve up mulled wine at your drinks reception for a twist on tradition?

2. Cheese board buffet

wedding cheese boardCredit: jessicareeve-photography.com

With a cheese to suit every taste, as well as crackers, chutneys, grapes and garnishes galore, your wedding cheese board won’t just taste great, it’ll look it too.

3. Toffee apples

Order in a big batch of these nostalgic sweet treats to take your guests back to their best memories of Bonfire Night. Perfect to serve as your fireworks display begins…

4. Pork pies

Hearty, filling and flavoursome, a selection of pork and game pies will be a big hit with meat eaters.

5. Wood-fired pizzas

Cooked in seconds, your guests will love the smoky, sumptuous flavours of pizza from a proper wood-fired oven

6. Fish and chips

Serve them in a cone to act as canapés[1] or hire in a fish and chip van for your evening meal. It’s a guaranteed hit!

7. Donut wall

Wedding donut wallCredit: The Merrythought via Pinterest

This Instagram craze is way more achievable than you think! A bit of plywood, pegs and paint and your board is ready – give it a clean and hang up those Krispy Kremes!

8. Chocolate fountain

Skewers at the ready! Surround your chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and other delights for dipping. Just be sure to keep plenty of serviettes handy… (We are loving these grey and white geometric napkins[2]!)

9. S’mores

Getting married at a venue with fire pits? Why not gift each guest a s’mores kit as a wedding favour to take outside and toast over the fire.

10. Hot chocolate

Forget pimping your prosecco, it’s all about pimping your cocoa instead! Whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate flakes all make delectable toppings.

11. Cookie bar

These won’t just be a favourite with the kids (although they will help to keep them entertained[3]!)

12. Cake buffet

Wedding cake buffetCredit: albertpalmerphotography.com

Why not ask your talented guests to bring a cake for a big day bake-off? It’ll add fun to your reception and acts as another sweet course – win, win!

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13. Nachos

Warm, melty, oozy cheese, salsa, guacamole and salty tortilla chips… what’s not to love?

14. Sticky toffee pudding

Add this British classic to your sit-down wedding breakfast menu pronto.

15. Pumpkin pie

A big hit across the pond, if you haven’t tried this delicious dessert yet, you need to!

16. Sausage and mash

Hearty and hot, this dish will please all age groups.

17. Crepes

Warm, soft and filled with whatever you want, crepes are a winner with even the pickiest of eaters.

18. Whisky bar

Wedding whisky barCredit: One Fab Day via Pinterest

Stocking up on spirits isn’t cheap, but it can often be cheaper than having your venue supply the booze instead.

19. Barbecue

Although there’s a heightened chance of rain, we still think a barbecue is worth considering for your autumn wedding. You can’t really beat it!

20. Popcorn

The smell and taste of freshly popped popcorn is sure to satisfy any pangs of hunger.

21. Mulled cider

You can add all kinds of flavours to this warming drink.

22. Hog roast

Pulled pork and a crunchy piece of crackling? You’ve got a marriage made in heaven right there. Hiring in caterers to take care of the feast? These are the questions you need to ask[5].

23. Seasonal soups

Autumn is all about the harvest, so why not celebrate nature’s bounty? Parsnip, pumpkin or simple tomato soup with chunky sourdough loaves will go down a treat.

24. Chocolate truffles

Grown up guests will appreciate the warming whisper of alcohol inside these chocolate goodies.

25. Apple juice

Garnish glasses with elderflower, add sparkling water or simply sip it as it comes; apples are an iconic flavour of autumn, after all.

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What is a wedding celebrant? And is the marriage legally binding?

wedding celebrant ceremony vows

Deciding who will help you say ‘I do’ is one of the first steps of the wedding planning process, but whilst Priests, Registrars, Celebrants and Humanists may be familiar terms, until it comes to booking one, many couples will be in the dark about the differences between them.

Jennifer Constant, founder of The Celebrant Directory[1] has created the ultimate guide for brides to answer the most common questions asked… 

Jennifer told Wedding Ideas magazine: “While many people will have heard of a wedding celebrant not everyone understands exactly what they do, and there are a surprising amount of misconceptions, which its time to clear up.

Simply put a celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies, and whilst commonly seen at weddings they can also conduct other services like renewals, baby naming and funeral rites.

“The beauty of what celebrants offer is the sheer versatility to help couples create tailored, unique ceremonies that reflect their personalities and love for each other.”

Who performs a wedding ceremony?

Celebrants, Priests, Registrars and Humanists – the choice of who performs your ceremony is a big one, and understanding the similarities, differences and possibilities of each is key to making a decision both of you, and your families are happy with

 What’s the difference between a Celebrant and a Priest?

A priest is a member of the clergy, who will have received formal training to perform ceremonies bound by the religious conventions and rites of their faith.

A Celebrant is usually formally trained by the celebrant organisation of the country in which they are based but can perform the wedding to your specification, pulling in any themes or concepts that you’d like.

What’s the difference between a Celebrant and Registrar?

Registrars are allowed by law to officiate a wedding via civil ceremony, meaning the ceremony is purely secular with no religious tones whatsoever.

The registrar is in charge of processing and approving the couple’s marriage license, with the wedding ceremony acting as a formality after the legalities are taken care of.

Celebrants can support and guide couples in completing the necessary requirements for the marriage license, but don’t have the authority to approve it, But, they can officiate a far more bespoke ceremony.

How is a Humanist different to a Celebrant?

They’re similar in that they are both secular in nature, meaning religion is not their primary concern, however, both can tailor your ceremony to include a religious element if it forms part of your wishes.

The main difference is that Humanists don’t believe in wedding traditions, superstitions and religions, whilst Celebrants don’t advocate any one wedding path over another – their job is to embrace the practices, traditions and religions that are important to you.

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Is a Celebrant led wedding legal?

Time to clear up the confusion. As long as you have marriage license and a signed wedding certificate your wedding will be legal and valid – it’s the paperwork that makes it legal, not the ceremony.

There’s no rule that the certificate can only be signed after the ceremony, it can be signed beforehand so you’re technically married before the ceremony even begins.

Can I have readings, music, singing in a Celebrant led ceremony?

Yes, it’s your ceremony, you can include anything you like within it. 

Celebrant led weddings allow you to pick and chose whichever elements or ideas you want to include so its as personal and unique as you.

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