The 12 Most Romantic Wedding Venues

If you’re dreaming of your very own happily-ever-after that’s straight out of a fairytale, one of these romantic wedding venues is sure to fit the bill…

Blair Castle from above The 12 most romantic wedding venues

12 Most Romantic Wedding Venues

1. Shuttleworth, Bedfordshire

Shuttleworth House exterior The 12 Most Romantic Wedding VenuesCredit: Nick Hyland Photography

A 5000 acre site in the heart of rural Bedfordshire, the Shuttleworth estate offers an extraordinary setting for weddings. Choose from three distinct settings – the grand period house, a romantic Regency Swiss Garden, and an aircraft hangar with a backdrop of vintage aircraft and vehicles.[1]

2. Blair Castle, Perthshire

Blair Castle wedding bride and groom The 12 most romantic wedding venues

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands, Blair Castle is fit for a fairytale wedding. The castle’s history spans 700 years, giving you some spectacular rooms and spaces in which to tie the knot – from the intimate Library to the State Dining Room, the grand Scots-Baronial Victorian Ballroom to the stunning gardens.[2]

3. Ashridge House, Hertfordshire

Ashridge House from above the 12 most romantic wedding venuesCredit: Mooncast Films

Nestled in 190 acres of landscaped grounds, Ashridge House is a magnificent neo-gothic country manor. Hosting ceremonies for up to 170 and informal evening receptions for up to 400, it offers several breath-taking historic spaces, providing a truly unique backdrop to your perfect day.[3]

4. Salomons Estate, Kent

Salomons Estate gardens and lake The 12 Most Romantic Wedding VenuesCredit: Penny Young Photography

Just outside the charming town of Tunbridge Wells, Salomons Estate’s vast grounds, romantic lakes and handsome manor house are the perfect combination for a country-meets-town wedding. Here, you can choose to marry in a range of rooms within the house or opt for an outdoor ceremony on the Victorian Terrace, with room for up to 230 day guests and 47 bedrooms for those who wish to stay overnight.[4]

5. South Farm, Cambridgeshire

South Farm wedding bride and groom The 12 Most Romantic Wedding VenuesCredit: Photography by Bea

If a romantic countryside setting and first-rate food top your list of must-haves, then family run South Farm could be the venue for you. Nestled deep in the countryside, it’ll make a beautiful backdrop to the wedding day of your dreams – you’ll be charmed by its enchanting gardens, lovingly restored Grade II listed house and beautiful 16th century barn. Couples can enjoy exclusive use, with a choice of five romantic ceremony spaces including both indoor and outdoor options.[5]

6. The Roman Baths, Bath

Roman Baths in the evening The 12 Most Romantic Wedding VenuesCredit: James Davies

The namesake of the historical city of Bath, you can exchange your vows here when the museum is closed – giving you the option of a ceremony either by the light of the morning sun or in a romantic evening service conducted by torch light. Afterwards, drink receptions and wedding breakfasts can be held in the elegant Pump Room, or on the Terrace for smaller gatherings.


7. The Ned, London

The Ned hotel wedding set-up The 12 most romantic wedding venues

Part of the super-stylish Soho House Group, The Ned was formerly home to Midland Bank, designed by Sir Edward ‘Ned’ Lutyens in 1924. This vast venue has six private hire rooms and terraces available for weddings, with capacity between 10 and 200 guests. And whether your guest list is big or small, with 252 1920s-style bedrooms, every single one of your guests can stay the night. In fact, why not make a whole weekend of it?[7]

8. Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire

Hedsor House from above The 12 most romantic wedding venues

Set within 100 acres of historic parkland and listed gardens, Hedsor House makes for one picturesque wedding venue. The Georgian manor house blends the architectural design of the era with stylish contemporary features, featuring a number of spectacular rooms and spaces that will be entirely yours for the duration of your stay. Civil ceremonies can take place here, or you can opt for a religious service at the 12th century church that’s just 300m from the house.[8]

9. Highclere Castle, Berkshire

Highclere Castle at night Starry sky The 12 most romantic wedding venues

Whether you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or not, this palatial castle in leafy Berkshire is fit for a celebration. Civil ceremonies take place in the Saloon, featuring ornate detailing, stone arches and a sweeping oak staircase just waiting for you to make your entrance. The food here matches up to the scenery thanks to the Castle’s first-class in-house catering team.[9]

10. Natural History Museum, London

Natural History Museum Hintze Hall wedding set-up The 12 most romantic wedding venues

One of the capital’s most iconic venues, the Natural History Museum boasts magnificent architecture and intriguing collections to backdrop your day. Its largest space, Hintze Hall, is perfect for a big celebration – make use of the atmospheric lighting and plenty of candles for a romantic celebration your guests certainly won’t forget in a hurry.[10]

11. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

Blenheim Palace exterior The 12 most romantic wedding venues

Blenheim Palace’s 18th century baroque architecture, over 2000 acres of picturesque landscaped parkland and formal gardens make it fit for royalty. There’s six venue spaces here for different styles and sizes of wedding, from the Orangery to the Great Hall and the Long Library. Guest list exceed 300? Construct a marquee on the lawn that’s big enough for all your desired invitees.[11]

12. The Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Brighton Royal Pavilion gardens The 12 most romantic wedding venuesCredit: Simon Dack

Just a stone’s throw away from the city’s famous beach, The Royal Pavilion is the jewel in Brighton’s crown. Built as King George IV’s seaside pleasure palace, there are two rooms here which are licensed for weddings. The palace’s gardens are yours to enjoy for post-nuptial celebrations and photographs – head back inside for a wedding breakfast for 60.[12]


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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Find Your Venue

Now your budget is in the bag, you know what you’ve got to spend on your ceremony and reception space. It’s time to get searching and we’re here to help you find your venue.

12 Days of Wedding Planning: Find Your Venue

12 Days of Wedding Planning: Find Your Venue

You can draw up your venue shortlist with these tips, then get visiting to help you make the final decision. Don’t forget to scroll through our venue finder[1] for some options near you.

Home or Away

Some couples instinctively know they want to head for their hometown to get married. Others prefer to tie the knot where they live currently, where they first met, where they love to go on holiday. It’s easy to forget that you have all of these options. Begin by deciding where in the world you actually want to get married. It’ll make short-listing and visiting venues much simpler.

Marrying at home can make things easier because you don’t have to transport lots of things abroad[2], but destination weddings can often save you money[3]. Which will be right for you?


Numbers Count

That’s both in terms of the cost and size of your wedding. You’ve set a budget[4], so make sure your chosen venue comes within it. If it doesn’t, make sure you have an alternative plan in place to cover the cost or cut back elsewhere before you book.

The number of people you invite should also be at the forefront of your mind. Can your venue cope with the number of guests you want to attend? How much will it cost you per head? The more people you invite, the more expensive booking your venue will likely be.

Seasons change

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, then keep the seasons in mind on the hunt to find your venue. Even summer weddings don’t bring guaranteed sunshine, so we would always recommend choosing a venue that can offer you a backup plan. Rain on your wedding day needn’t be a disaster. In fact, you can get some pretty stunning photos. However, having a Plan B is always a good idea.

Seasons will also bring different price tags from many venues. Peak wedding season runs through spring, summer and even early autumn in some cases. Booking these dates will mean paying a premium, so try the shoulder months like October or March to make your money go further.

All in one

This will depend in part on whether you want a religious or civil ceremony. If religious, you’ll need to factor in booking both a church and reception venue. If not, explore what options your venue has for your ceremony and reception. Often different rooms will be better suited to the different elements of your wedding day, so make sure you’re happy with them all before booking.

Also, if you’ve set your heart on a venue that doesn’t have a marriage license, what then? Get the official part done at a registry office either before or afterwards, then celebrate with a blessing before all your family and friends instead.

Think themes

On your search to find your venue, bear in mind your theme might dictate the venue. Any which way, make sure these two dreams align. Your venue and décor should complement each other, not clash. Check with your venue what is allowed. Can you hang things? Can you add different chairs? Can you use real candles? If your décor is a deal breaker you need to know that your venue can accommodate your plans.

It’s also worth taking into account how large the spaces are and how many rooms you’ll need to decorate. This will impact on the cost of buying your decorations and flowers and could easily become an unwelcome forgotten cost.


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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Where to Start

If you’re reading this, we’ll assume you’ve just got engaged! Once the Champagne has been drunk and congratulations said all round, the task ahead of you begins to dawn. You’ve now got some wedding planning to do!

12 Days of Wedding Planning: Engagement and Where to Start

12 Days of Wedding Planning: Where to Start

For most people, up until their engagement, they’ve never dabbled in much event planning. It’s natural to feel a little out of your depth in the beginning, but we’re about to change all of that.

So, where to start?

You know you want your day to be beautiful, romantic and just the best day ever. You want it to be a memorable event. After all the time, love and expense that goes into a wedding, we don’t blame you. However, you need as much planning so you know what needs to be organised and when.

At this point, you have two priority tasks that need to be organised sooner rather than later.

Firstly, you need to set your wedding budget. It’s best to divide your budget up across the things you’ll need to budget for (allocating amounts for your dress, venue and transport, for example). Don’t forget to account for the unexpected costs, like these commonly forgotten ones[1]. Your budget will dictate what is possible for each element. Start with the number in mind, and you’re more likely to stay on track and not set your heart on something unattainable.

It can be hard to know what things will cost, so start getting quotes from suppliers as soon as possible. If these are wildly different to your original budgeting plans, consider giving yourself longer to save. Alternatively, there are three ways to cut your wedding costs[2] down fast. By reducing your spend in some areas, you free up more money for the elements of your wedding day that matter the most to you.

Sorting the Venue

Once you work out your budget, choose your wedding date and book your venue. You’ve set your budget boundaries, doing this will set the goal posts for your timings. Having a date will allow you to let guests know to save the date and check other suppliers’ availability. There’s no point setting your heart on one photographer only to find they are already booked out elsewhere for your big day.

Finally, your venue is often one of the biggest expenses due to the catering costs usually attached. When you’re parting with a significant chunk of your budget to pay for it, it’s essential you get it right. Your venue should be in the budget and reflect the style of wedding you want. It’s not always an easy task to find this. That’s why the second day of wedding planning will be dedicated to researching, visiting and booking the best venue for you.

In the meantime, download our wedding planning tools[3] for free (including a budget planner!) to get started.



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Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged

So he’s popped the question! You’re officially engaged and riding the high, but what do you do next? Here’s everything you need to do after getting engaged. Brace yourself for the best time of your life.

signing the register Six Things To Do After Getting

Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Have a breather

It’s a big moment so make sure you enjoy every secondAfterwardsfterward, take some time to let it sink in. Get those nails finely manicured in preparation for the roadshow you’re about to take that ring on. For the first couple of weeks, try not to worry about the wedding or planning, simply revel in the moment.

Who to tell first and how

Whilst an announcement on social media seems an exciting and more effective way of telling more people in one go, its’s not always the best. It can go a long way to call close family and friends first to announce the big news. You could even use it as an excuse to have a family get together and make the announcement together. Then on, course, share online.


Marriage takes two people and a lot of careful decision making. Therefore, your brainstorming sessions should include everything from the general feel and look of the room, through to the specific venue, location and the food. Having a brainstorming session together makes the wedding planning so much more collaborative and exciting. There will always be some things which appear on both yours and your partners’ wish lists which you can use to build the foundations of your special day.

champagne reception Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

The Budget

Once you know what you want, the best way to kick-start the process is, to begin with the venue search and getting some quotes. Asking friends who have recently got married is also very insightful. From there you can begin to really figure out how long it will take you to save up for the wedding of your dreams.

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Be Open Minded

When you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, don’t be too quick to discount those which don’t have everything you want. It’s similar to buying a house, when you find the right one it will just feel right and you will be able to overlook the fact it may not everything on your list. It is recommended to always view a variety of places before paying a deposit.

Remain Strong

Once you announce you’re engaged you will no doubt be inundated with people offering a helping hand. Although this can be helpful, remember it’s your big day and not theirs. If Aunt Sally thinks 80’s style plastic flowers are a must if it’s not what you want to remember you can just say no.


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Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

If you’re opting for a smaller guest list you’ll want a pick of the best intimate wedding venues. The romance and location quite literally set the scene for the day making it one of the most important decisions at the start of wedding planning.

hotel at dusk Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Bingham, Richmond

A chic riverside hotel with a restaurant that glows over the Thames come twilight. The Bingham[1] in Richmond is made of two Grade II listed 18th-century houses and run by a mother and daughter team. While its event space allows for up to 100 seated guests, the hotel has 15 bedrooms allowing for up to 30 people to stay overnight. Hire the whole hotel and choose from a casual barbecue by the water or a formal five-course wedding breakfast.

spotlight lit hotel Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Lower Barns, St Austell

In the Cornish countryside near St Austell, Lower Barns[2] brings together one-of-a-kind furnishings and a bold maelstrom of textures. The hotel creates an upbeat feel in their rural home and a fun and quirky environment for small and intimate weddings. The quirky bedrooms with freestanding baths or a custom-made breakfast bars are real conversation starters. Spend the evening before your nuptials stargazing from the outdoor hot tub and unwinding in style.

Kissing newlyweds behind LOVE sign Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Green Oak Barn, Berwick

Perfect for wine lovers, Green Oak Barn[3] is a reconstructed Sussex barn in easy reach of an impressive collection of English vintages. In the grounds, there is a further series of barns, including one dating back to the 17th-century. It’s open from May to September and the venue allows you to decorate as you choose. It has been beautifully decked out like a Hardy-esque country wedding. You can precede the main entertainment with drinks and canapés in their English garden designed by Chelsea Gold-winner Roger Platts.

library bar Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Cley Windmill, Norfolk

For something a little different on the Norfolk coast, Cley Windmill[4] is a B&B with tonnes of character. It’s set in a 19th-century grinding mill surrounded by open fields and perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies.  It has a restaurant and a beautiful round Sitting Room too, which can hold up to 22 people. Given the intimacy of the space, it’s all about bespoke occasions whether you opt for a daytime or evening occasion. However, we’re particularly fond of the candlelight dinner option.

windmill wedding venue Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Pentillie Castle, Cornwall

In a timelessly elegant fairytale setting, surrounded by woodland and overlooking the River Tamar lies Pentillie Castle.[5] Built in 1698, it has remained in the same family for more than 300 years. It is surprisingly spacious and classic, with 55 acres of gardens to roam in. It’s a wonderful place to feel like royalty and to welcome guests to a special occasion. Say your vows in the romantic Victorian Bathing Hut on the banks of the Tamar or on the Terrace if you prefer. You can furthermore tailor the rest of your day to suit you and your nearest and dearest as you please.

castle venue Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Romney Bay House, Kent

This beautiful 1920s mansion in a spectacular location amidst wild marshland scattered with ancient churches. Romney Bay House Hote[6]l is a spectacular place for a small and intimate wedding reception. Plus, you can hire the whole hotel for up to 20 guests and take the whole hotel for an entire weekend from May to September.

UNMISSABLE Locations For The MOST Intimate Wedding Venues: Romney Bay

Hever Castle B&B, Edenbridge

Hever Castle[7] is probably best known as the home of famed and fated wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. Today the magnificent 13th-century property is not only a spectacular attraction, but it’s also open for wedding hire. There are multiple spaces in this historic location so you can have a wedding of any size here. However, in the castle’s inner hall, there is the perfect amount of space for 60 ceremony guests and 40 wedding breakfast attendees. What could be more spectacular?

Anne Boelyn's house Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

The Cavendish, Baslow

In the grounds of the Chatsworth estate, owned by the Duke of Devonshire, The Cavendish[8] fuses a regal vibe with a country chic feel. Beautifully kept and magnificent views in the un-spoilt Peak District National Park. It’s a bit of a fairytale fantasy with space for 18 in The Boardroom, 10 in The Private Dining Room or 42 in The Gallery Restaurant.

Room in the Cavendish Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Fischer’s at Baslow Hall, Baslow

Built in 1907 and set within five acres of grounds, Fischer’s at Baslow Hall is a charming manor house surrounded by elegant gardens. In the village of Baslow, it too is on the edge of the magnificent Chatsworth Estate. It welcomes intimate weddings of 10 guests or more who can stay in the 11 bedrooms that the hotel offers.

Fischer's at Baslow Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Tuddenham Mill, Suffolk

The 18th-century mill has been delightfully renovated with a modern flair is surrounded by 12 acres of grounds. Tuddenham Mill[9] can cater for weddings of up to 60 people and is complete with chic interiors, old wooden beams and views over the millpond. The restaurant serves an elegant but contemporary menu. For those who want to keep it even smaller, the Terrace Room is a charming private dining room, ideal for intimate affairs of up to 36 people.

Tuddenham Mill Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

From a selection of UK hotel wedding venues[10]


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Seven historic wedding venues to make your day one to remember

Eltham Palace wedding receptionEltham Palace

All managed by the English Heritage Trust, these seven historic wedding venues allow you to immerse yourself in the past and write the next chapter in your own history

English Heritage[1] cares for hundreds of historic places with amazing stories to tell, but it doesn’t just conserve these sites behind closed doors – hundreds of couples are welcomed each and every year to celebrate their weddings in the grandest of styles at castles, palaces and stately homes. Here’s seven of our favourite locations where you can say ‘I do’…

Osborne Isle of Wight

Osborne, Isle of Wight

Best for: Coastal Weddings

Osborne is a stunning Italianate house set amid glorious gardens and a sweeping estate –and it even has its own private beach.

It’s a venue fit for royalty – it was once the seaside retreat of Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert. Victoria described Osborne as “a perfect little paradise”, and Albert helped to design the house and the gardens. Theirs was one of the great romances of English history, and today you can hold your own wedding in the house that this royal couple called home.

With a range of sumptuous rooms in the house and flexible outdoor spaces throughout the estate – including a private beach – Osborne is the perfect venue for your wedding, whether you’re planning a grand party for thousands of guests or an intimate occasion for a handful of family and friends.

Eltham Palace London exterior

Eltham Palace, London

Best for: Stately Home Weddings

The decadence of art deco meets the magnificence of the medieval era at Eltham Palace, which recently won a bronze award at the London Venue Awards. Once the boyhood home of Henry VIII, it was transformed in the 1930s by Virginia and Stephen Courtauld. They were wealthy socialites who loved entertaining their guests in style, and you can do the same as you celebrate your big day in this remarkable venue.

There are several wonderful spaces to choose from. You can exchange your vows under the domed roof in the curved Entrance Hall, enjoy drinks on the terrace or the drawing room, and dine in splendour in the grand medieval Great Hall with its stunning hammer-beamed ceiling.

Wrest Park Bedfordshire exterior

Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

Best for: Stately Home Weddings

Wrest Park is a chateau-inspired country house set amid show-stopping grounds filled with sweeping waterways, woodland avenues and charming garden buildings.

In the 19th century Wrest was a venue for glittering dinners and balls put on by its owners, the aristocratic de Grey family. Choose to hold your wedding in either the elegant formal rooms on the ground floor, the dazzling glass orangery or a in marquee in the gardens.

Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle, Cornwall

Best for: Castle Weddings

Pendennis Castle sits on a grassy headland on the windswept Cornish coast. This Tudor fortress guarded Falmouth’s docks for hundreds of years and provides stunning views of the estuary and the seas that surround it.

Your wedding can be held in the atmospheric keep, in a marquee on the castle’s lawns or in the Edwardian Royal Artillery Barracks, which has recently been transformed into a stylish banqueting suite with a choice of contemporary rooms to host your reception.

Ranger's House London exterior

Ranger’s House, London

Best for: City weddings

This handsome Georgian redbrick villa on the edge of Greenwich Park is packed full of priceless treasures from the collection of a Victorian diamond magnate. You can hold your wedding in the Gallery, where the walls are lined with paintings and chandeliers throw sparkling light onto the wooden floors below.

The Walled Garden is a secluded spot for your guests to enjoy drinks and canapés on the lawn, or to dance the night away in a marquee. 

Old Wardour castle Wiltshire 

Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire

Best for: Castle weddings

Old Wardour Castle is a charming six-sided castle set within a wooded valley in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.

During its golden years Old Wardour Castle would have been a hive of activity, but damage during the Civil War left it a picturesque ruin. Weddings can be held in a room inside the castle or beneath the towering entrance arch. There’s also an airy Pavilion dating back to the 18th century that’s perfect for ceremonies, drinks, dinner and summer entertaining.

Kenwood London exterior

Kenwood, London

Best for: city weddings

This glittering white mansion offers a taste of rural life in the heart of the city. Perched on the fringes of Hampstead Heath, Kenwood was built as a country retreat in the 18th century, and today it is still surrounded by greenery, boasting commanding views over the famous buildings of central London.

You can hold your wedding in range of rooms inside the house itself, or dance and dine beneath the canopy of a marquee in the flower garden.


READ MORE: Still searching for the perfect place to host your big day? Let our wedding venue directory lead the way…[2]

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10 budget-friendly wedding venues

There’s only one thing that makes finding an incredible wedding venue even better – finding an incredible venue with a great offer to boot! These budget-friendly venues wedding venues from Country House Wedding Venues can all be yours for a great price, so take a look and see if you can find ‘the one’…

Bassmead Manor Barns, Cambridgeshire

Bassmead Manor BarnsCredit: Tom Halliday Photography      

With its unique blend of rustic and contemporary style, this beautiful barn offers an unmissable setting in the heart of the country. Book any remaining 2019 wedding date and you can save on the venue fee and renowned wedding food too. See the offer![1]

Morden Hall, London

Morden HallCredit: Storyett

Stylish, secluded and right in the heart of London, Morden Hall is truly one of a kind. Its chic décor, stunning grounds and surrounding National Trust parkland make it an unbelievable place to marry. See the offer![2]

Wasing Park, Berkshire

Wasing Park weddingCredit: Studio Rouge

This exquisite estate holds everything you need and more for an unforgettable wedding. Acres of rolling parkland contains a choice of ceremony spaces, characterful reception rooms and a wealth of luxurious accommodation for you and your guests. See the offer![3]

Curradine Barns, Worcestershire

Curradine Barns weddingCredit: Sarah Horton Photography

If it’s a country wedding you’re after, you couldn’t ask for a more enchanting location than Curradine Barns. Atmospheric, authentic and full of charm, every part of this rural venue is tailored to provide the most magical day. Save money on your venue fee and wedding food when pick any remaining 2019 date. See the offer![4]

Blackwell Grange, Warwickshire

Blackwell Grange weddingCredit: We Are The Clarkes

At this breathtaking venue in the Cotswolds, centuries-old barns sit alongside purpose-built reception spaces to create something truly special. With an elegant style, idyllic country views and the most amazing food and drink, Blackwell Grange is like nowhere else. See the offer![5]

Gaynes Park, Essex

Gaynes Park weddingCredit: Fiona Kelly Photography

Gaynes Park and its exquisite gardens are what dreams are made of! Glorious gardens are surrounded by lush fields, giving your day a spectacular backdrop while the rustic reception spaces are ideal for a country-themed day. See the offer![6]

Combermere Abbey, Cheshire

Combermere AbbeyCredit: The Crawleys

For a real treat in rural Cheshire, Combermere Abbey is just the place. This unique and unforgettable setting is home to an incredible fruit tree maze, charming Glasshouse and contemporary Pavilion, giving you plenty of space to enjoy your special day. Book soon and you can take advantage of their midweek offer. See the offer![7]

Rivervale Barn, Hampshire

Riverdale BarnCredit: Studio Rouge

The enchanting Rivervale Barn, with its exposed beams and delightful gardens, makes the most amazing setting for a country celebration. With the new outdoor ceremony location, it’s one you definitely won’t want to miss and now it can be yours for even less. See the offer[8]!

Swynford Manor, Cambridgeshire

Swynford Manor weddingCredit: Dottie Photography

Glamorous, stylish and striking, Swynford Manor is truly one of a kind! Enjoy exclusive use of this elegant manor house and treat your guests to the utmost luxury. See the offer[9]!

Oxnead Hall, Norfolk

Oxnead HallCredit: James Killcoin Photography

The breathtaking Oxnead Hall is as peaceful and picturesque as they come. Sat overlooking a private lake, this characterful venue offers plenty of space to spend time with your guests, while the manicured gardens are perfect for enjoying the sun. See the offer![10]

For even more stunning savings, take a look at all Country House Wedding Venues’ wedding offers for all the best deals![11]


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The most unusual wedding venues in the UK

Hill Farm

Annie Quinton rounds up the most unusual wedding venues in the UK, from treehouses to derelict bomb shelters

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Marry amongst some of the finest Baroque art at Dulwich Picture Gallery[1]; the oldest public art gallery in UK.

Licensed for civil ceremonies with room for up to 150 guests, weddings will get access to the gardens as well as the gallery, where you can tie the knot surrounded by hundreds of years of art history.

Host an elegant reception on a long table in the Soane Gallery, or make use of the venue’s grounds with a marquee reception for up to 400.

Islington Metal Works

Located just behind Angel station, three-storey music venue The Islington Metal Works[2] is steeped in history. In the 19th century, it was used to stable tram horses, before being converted into a metal works.

Much of the building has since been restored and is ideal for those who want an industrial Victorian aesthetic for their big day.

There are five bars across all floors – including its famous tube carriage cocktail bar – as well as an indoor barbecue area, professional sound system and space for 1,000 standing guests.

Hill Farm House marqueeSet in a 10-acre smallholding on the edge of a quaint village, Hill Farm House[3] is the perfect rustic country venue.

Its traditional Raj-style marquee stands in Home Close Field, which you’ll be able to decorate to your exacting tastes; the team has a great selection of contacts, whether you’re after vintage props or bold lighting.

Catering is totally up to you too, with room for up to 120 guests on trestle tables. However, if you’d prefer something a little more intimate, there’s also a charming ‘secret garden’ space for smaller celebrations.

The Midland

Built in the 1930s, The Midland hotel[4] sits on Morecambe seafront and is one of the finest examples of art deco architecture the country has to offer; it’s a modernist vision of marble, mosaics and curvaceous shapes.

You can tie the knot in one of three wedding suites with views across the bay, and enjoy a seated reception for up to 136 after the legal bit is done, complete with space for dancing and a private bar, too.

It’s the perfect venue if you’re planning a  vintage-style wedding – the dedicated in-house planning team are on hand to help you source everything you’d need for a celebration worthy of a certain Mr J Gatsby.


Nestled beneath a woodland canopy in the grounds of Alnwick Garden[5], wed in true fairytale style at the Treehouse.

High above the ground, its evening ceremonies can host 65, with room for up to 120 for a reception. The private decking, bar facilities and aerial walkways provide an intimate space to celebrate, as well as providing many opportunities for unique wedding photos.

It’s excellent menu, featuring locally produced food, hand selected wines and decadent cocktails, is sure to impress too.

SS Great Britain

Once the longest passenger ship in the world, the SS Great Britain[6] now resides in a dry dock in Bristol harbour, and plays host to a number of weddings every year.

Exchange your vows beneath a glass skylight on The Promenade Deck, then head to the First Class Dining Saloon – an impressive space with marble pillars and rococo mirrors – for an on-board wedding breakfast. Close the night in the Hayward Saloon, which has its own bar and dancefloor.

The Boiler House Cardiff

Another ideal space for art aficionados, The Boiler House[7] in Cardiff is for slightly more contemporary tastes. Painted quarterly by professional graffiti crews from around the UK, the walls really are the canvas in this unique venue.

The space features a mezzanine floor with vintage furniture and festoon lighting, an excellent bar service with craft lagers and local ales and a concrete area perfect for a food truck. However, the venue isn’t licensed, so the legal bit needs to be held elsewhere.

Polhawn Fort, Cornwall

Constructed in the 1860s, Polhawn Fort[8] was built to protect Devon and Cornwall’s south coast from attack by sea. Today, however, it features in happier occasions – perched atop the cliff with panoramic sea views, it makes for an idyllic spot to say your vows.

You can marry within the fort’s walls – The Grand Napoleonic Hall seats 120, or the smaller Emperors Room up to 30 – or have a garden ceremony at the Summerhouse overlooking the breathtaking Whitsand Bay.

The Asylum

Unlike any venue you’ll have ever seen before, Asylum Chapel[9] in Peckham was bombed during World War Two, and still bears the scars; built in 1826, the lofty space is derelict yet compelling, with stained glass windows and Victorian features.

With room for up to 120 guests, the Chapel is a ceremony-only venue, so although you’ll need to host your reception elsewhere, you can enjoy post-ceremony drinks and canapés here after the important bit is done.

Dress the space with flowers, candles and fabric and you’ll have an eerily beautiful space that your guests will never forget.

Marylebone Rooms

The Marylebone Rooms[10], situated at the hotel of the same name, is a collection of stylish spaces perfect for any kind of celebration. Located up on the terrace, The Courtyard is the perfect place for a cosy wedding reception in the heart of the city.

Encased within a garden wall, the space features a retractable roof to protect from sudden downpours and an open fire for that cosy feel. It can seat 24 for a sit-down meal, or 40 for a drinks reception.

National Museum of Scotland

Celebrate your big day in the unique setting of the National Museum of Scotland[11]. From an intimate rooftop ceremony to an evening reception for 500, its striking galleries and private rooms will play host to your nuptials, however you imagine it.

The Grand Gallery – with its sweeping staircases and glass-roofed atrium would make a truly spectacular backdrop. Whatever you decide, the museum’s events team are on hand to help you plan the entire day, from props and entertainment to catering.


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Couples in England might finally be allowed to get married outside

Bride and groomCredit: iStock

A review into marriage laws in the UK could see couples tying the knot outdoors, and in less expensive venues, too

You might want to rethink your wedding plans in light of recent news about marriage laws in England. Because, at last, it looks as though couples may finally be able to tie the knot outside for the first time ever.

The review into marriage laws in the UK has reportedly been put forward by Chancellor Philip Hammond, who said he wants to make the “outdated” rules around wedding venues much simpler, by reducing red tape.

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This should help to bring down the costs of getting married in England and Wales quite considerably, too, as it allows couples to tie the knot in pubs, restaurants and other less expensive venues.

To get a licence, a venue must currently have a specific area where the ceremony will take place. It also needs to be part of a building rather than in the open air or in a marquee.

The licence holder must also ensure that no food or alcoholic drinks are sold or consumed in the area one hour before and after the ceremony takes place.

The expected review of the current laws, however, should see this overturned, allowing British couples to not only get married outside, but also share a drink with their guests immediately after they’ve exchange vows.

The average cost of venue hire for a wedding in the UK is £4,500, but in this shake-up, it’s hope the cost of saying ‘I do’ should be significantly slashed.

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How to find the perfect Asian wedding venue

Ewelina Styczynska from Holiday Inn Wembley shares her top tips for finding the perfect Asian wedding venue[1]

Are you planning your dream Shaadi with visions of colour, dancing and tradition, supported by all your relatives? Or perhaps you’re considering a more intimate affair, and would prefer to keep it simplistically modern.

Either way, getting the right venue for your Asian wedding will dictate the success of every wedding detail that follows. Before you get started, here are a few tips…

Know your timeline

Working out your timeline will shape the whole planning process of your venue search and beyond. If you have a tight deadline of eight weeks, for example, your criteria and itinerary will look very different to planning 18 months in advance.

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Part of your strategy should be drafting out a list of priorities to work out where the flexibility lies, i.e. if you have a meaningful date for the big day that is non-negotiable, having a shortlist of various venues will be helpful to ensure availability.

Draft your guest list

Before you fall in love with the perfect venue, brainstorm your must-have attendees to get an idea of the guest list size.

Allow leeway to account for overseas distant relatives that may not be able to make the journey, or new faces that you get to know along the way who deserve a last-minute invite. Perhaps choose a hotel venue that can accommodate guests overnight alongside the wedding to keep the party going.

Set the tone

Choosing your wedding’s theme and assessing its compatibility with potential venues will ensure there are no unwanted surprises down the line. If you intended on having an indoor firework display but the venue in question has regulations against it, you may not readily find this information straight away, unless you ask.

Wedding venueHoliday Inn, Wembley

Ultimately, the biggest day of your life should reflect your personality as a couple, whether that’s through the traditional vibrancy of a sangeet night, or a sophisticated black-tie event. Even the smaller details like decoration of the mandap (should you wish to have one) play a big part in assessing whether the venue is a good match.

Showcase your culture through catering

Food is increasingly playing a significant part in determining the success of major life events. As it doesn’t get more important than your wedding day, nailing the spread is imperative.

You should find out from the prospective venue if they allow dry hire (this refers to outside catering), and if not, whether their in-house team are fully qualified in authentically cooking and presenting your preferred cuisine.

Choose a venue that understands your vision

When looking round a venue, be sure to do a lot of listening as well as talking. It’s easy for a wedding planner to smile and nod with every request you make, but try to take the time to really understand if they’ve bought into your vision and the significance of your culture (and/or religion).

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Traditionally, in Indian culture, a marriage focuses on a new union of the whole family and your wedding hosts should appreciate that. When you’re on the same page, the projection of your dream will be achieved a lot more easily!

Find out more at[4]

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