Free Wedding Checklists for Budget, Guests and More

Need help planning your wedding? Here at Wedding Ideas, we’ve produced a fabulous set of free wedding checklists to help you organise your big day. From wedding planner guides to guest spreadsheets and how to organise a hen party, our free downloads break the whole planning process down.

Free Wedding Checklist for Budget, Guests and More

Free Wedding Checklists for Budget, Guests and More

Want less worry, more party? Our friends at Alive Network[1], the UK’s biggest and best loved wedding entertainment specialists, have put together an at-a-glance planning guide with wedding checklists for venues, performers and suppliers, plus on-the-day timings.

Download your wedding checklists[2]


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Real Brides Reveal the Worst Part of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning throws up all kinds of emotions. You’re about to experience the highs and the lows. Each journey has some. So, to make sure you’re ready for this amazing journey, we asked our real brides to share the worst part of wedding planning. We share how to avoid them all, to ensure you can make quick and concise decisions for the big day.

Real Brides Reveal the Worst Part of Wedding Planning

“The worst has been the guest list! It’s so difficult trying to come up with a final list, trying to make sure you don’t go over your numbers.”

Make deciding your guest list simple with our GUEST LIST QUIZ[1]!

“The worst and most stressful was one of the first things…both agreeing on a venue! The best part has been spending time with family and friends while planning.”

“The worst part was the guest list. We’re having a ‘no children rule‘ and it has offended a few people already but it’s what we wanted.”

“Definitely other people making demands and acting like it was their day!”

“Sorting out the bridesmaids has been the most stressful thing for me. Glad it’s sorted now though – the wedding’s only five months away!”

“The table plan is the hardest part. Trying to keep people away from each other is not easy. The best thing was my shoes – I got them before we set the date.”

“People getting funny about who they sit with and people inputting on who should and who shouldn’t be invited.”

“The worst bit has been getting everyone’s outfits together. I’m trying to stick to a budget, so deciding what to buy has been crazy.”

“The stressful part has been family politics, and mediating with my mum when she wanted to change our invites!”

“I’m still waiting for the RSVPs to arrive and to pick a song for my entrance music.”

“The most stressful thing is that I’m doing a lot of the planning by myself. The best bit is the endless play days with my friends. I’ve dreamt of this day since I was little!”

“The worst part was asking a family friend to create my wedding bouquet and the result being nothing like what I had asked for.”

And now for the best bits! This is still your wedding day we’re talking about, after all, and there are going to be some amazing, emotional moments along the way…

“The best part by far was finding my wedding dress – I saw it long ago and hoped I’d get to wear it.”

“The best bits have been finding a venue we love, a dress I feel good in and a florist who got me excited about flowers!”

“The highlight so far has to be finding my beautiful Charlotte Balbier gown the first time I went shopping.”

“The best thing about planning is spending time with my bridesmaids, shopping for the accessories and going for hair and make-up trials.”

“The best has been reading Wedding Ideas and picking out all my little details!”

The earlier you start your wedding planning, the more in control you will feel you have over the whole process. The first things to source are your wedding dress[15], your venue and your registrar or officiant, and your photographer[16]. Remember your venue will most likely have a list of preferred suppliers that they can share with you, who have worked at the venue before.

Begin by downloading our free wedding planning tools[17] – the budget spreadsheet, the photography shot list, the guest list tracker and more. And don’t forget the month-by-month planning guide, too.[18] This will get you off to a flying start, and show you what you should be doing and when.


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Wedding Planning: What to do now You’re Engaged

Your wedding is probably the biggest event you will organise in your life, so it takes some careful planning. This is a hugely exciting time and to help keep you on track, we’ve got a list of what to do now you’re engaged.

wedding checklist Wedding Planning: What to do now You're Engaged

5 Essential Stages Of Wedding Planning

  1. Bridal Party

As soon as you get engaged it’s time to get your bridal party together. The sooner you do this the easier planning will be. Choose your maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man and ushers. You can then start to delegate small tasks so that you aren’t doing everything yourself.

  1. Venue

    It’s important to think about the theme/style of your wedding simultaneously with the type of venue you’d like. Make sure you explore all of your local venues or your chosen area. If you wish to go abroad, get in touch with wedding planners in that country. If you already have a date in mind, make sure you check that date is available before going to view it, to avoid disappointment.

  2. Photographer

    Booking your photographer should be on your priority list right after your venue. Once your wedding date is secured with your venue, make sure your desired photographer is available on this date as soon as possible. A good wedding photographer will usually be booked up a year in advance.

  3. Planning

Planning your wedding effectively is the most crucial part of a bride-to-be’s to do list. We The Organised Tubes offers a complete wedding checklist from start to finish with tick boxes to tick off as you go (So satisfying!) Keeping track of what to do and when is so important and can help in avoiding any forgetful moments. Organised Tubes also include a budget planner so you can keep track of how much you have allocated for everything and what you have already spent.

mr and mrs mugs Wedding Planning: What to do now You're Engaged

  1. Dress

This is the biggy. This is the best part of planning a wedding, choosing your dress or dresses (if you plan on having two or three). Make sure your dress reflects your personality and your wedding theme in small ways. Make several appointments in one day, so you can compare on the same day. Ensure you have the most trusted members of your bridal party with you to help with this big decision. Read more on our wedding dress shopping advice here[1].


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Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged

So he’s popped the question! You’re officially engaged and riding the high, but what do you do next? Here’s everything you need to do after getting engaged. Brace yourself for the best time of your life.

signing the register Six Things To Do After Getting

Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Have a breather

It’s a big moment so make sure you enjoy every secondAfterwardsfterward, take some time to let it sink in. Get those nails finely manicured in preparation for the roadshow you’re about to take that ring on. For the first couple of weeks, try not to worry about the wedding or planning, simply revel in the moment.

Who to tell first and how

Whilst an announcement on social media seems an exciting and more effective way of telling more people in one go, its’s not always the best. It can go a long way to call close family and friends first to announce the big news. You could even use it as an excuse to have a family get together and make the announcement together. Then on, course, share online.


Marriage takes two people and a lot of careful decision making. Therefore, your brainstorming sessions should include everything from the general feel and look of the room, through to the specific venue, location and the food. Having a brainstorming session together makes the wedding planning so much more collaborative and exciting. There will always be some things which appear on both yours and your partners’ wish lists which you can use to build the foundations of your special day.

champagne reception Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

The Budget

Once you know what you want, the best way to kick-start the process is, to begin with the venue search and getting some quotes. Asking friends who have recently got married is also very insightful. From there you can begin to really figure out how long it will take you to save up for the wedding of your dreams.

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Be Open Minded

When you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, don’t be too quick to discount those which don’t have everything you want. It’s similar to buying a house, when you find the right one it will just feel right and you will be able to overlook the fact it may not everything on your list. It is recommended to always view a variety of places before paying a deposit.

Remain Strong

Once you announce you’re engaged you will no doubt be inundated with people offering a helping hand. Although this can be helpful, remember it’s your big day and not theirs. If Aunt Sally thinks 80’s style plastic flowers are a must if it’s not what you want to remember you can just say no.


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