Luxury groom gifts to spoil your man on your wedding day

There’s a lot to celebrate on your wedding day, but why not kick-start the celebrations by spoiling your partner with something special? We’ve done the searching to help you find the best luxury groom gifts. m&d330

Groom Gifts- Our Guide

Wedding day scent

We do love a wedding day scent, one that will spark nostalgia with each spritz. Pick wisely, with all the hugs and kisses your man will be handing out on the big day, he’ll have a lot of guests in close proximity. Give the gift of a luxurious scent to ensure he is a scent to behold. 

Jo Malone London x Huntsman in Birch and Black Pepper – £120[1]

Buy this Jo Malone fragrance here[2]

The Birch and Black Pepper Cologne stood out to us in the new range. A subtle blend of sophisticated scents suitable for day-to-night wedding celebrations.

Luxury leather goods

Good quality leather just gets better with age. By gifting your partner some supple leather items, you can watch to see who withstands the test of time better!

Mulberry Heritage Weekender – £1,150 [3]

Buy this Mulberry weekender here[4]

We’re sure you won’t need to give your husband-to-be any more reason to be excited about your honeymoon, but gift him this bag and you’ll send his excitement over the edge.

Aspinal card holder – £55[5]

Buy this Aspinal card holder here[6]

Gone are the days of carrying tons of cash, this Aspinal card holder[7] is sleek and compact and you can customise it with your partner’s initials to make it even more special. 

A luxury timepiece

When it comes to buying the groom gifts, there is nothing better than a shiny new watch. It’s a luxurious and thoughtful gift and a fantastic token to mark your special day.

TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Men’s Watch- £2,050[8]

Buy this Tag watch here[9]

We particularly love this Tag Carrera watch as it’s a classic, clean-cut style that’s sure to withstand the test of time (excuse the pun). The metal strap and dark face are sophisticated simplicity and we’re sure your groom would agree.

Baume & Mercier Classima 18ct Rose Gold Men’s Watch- £3,350[10]

Simplify things even further with this Baume & Mercier watch[11], which would make a fantastic gift. The leather strap and rose gold face combined create a handsome and classy watch fitting for a gentleman. Plus, who wouldn’t love the visible mechanism on the back? 

Celebratory drinks

Your groom will be getting ready with his groomsmen whilst you’re occupied with your bridesmaids. Why not send him a gift he can share on your wedding day?

Dom Perignon Vintage – £150[12]

Who doesn’t love a bit of fancy pop? Dom is the ultimate in luxury champagne and we’re sure your husband-to-be will enjoy popping the cork on this one!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label- £125[13]

A whisky tipple does have an air of sophistication around it. With this premium grade Johnnie Walker you’ll be enabling the boy’s club scene which could quite likely follow, but if he can’t on his wedding day- when can he?


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How to Choose a Watch for Your Groom

When the big day arrives, you want it to be as memorable for your groom as it is for you. There are lots of things you can do to make that happen from the moment he wakes up on the big day. What about a special gift of something that he can wear throughout the day? A timepiece is an excellent choice and we’ll guide you through how to choose a watch for your groom.

Looking for the perfect present to surprise your husband with on your wedding day? Browse our pick of the BEST grooms gift ideas for you and your parents!

How to Choose a Watch for Your Groom

A new timepiece gives your groom something to complement his wedding suit, something that can truly speak to his personality. However, it’s a gift that he will keep on using day after day, so choose wisely! How do you make a choice? Here are a few suggestions any bride-to-be can work with to make sure it’s a good one.

Consider his personality

The point of this purchase- which is likely to be a costly one- is to find a watch that will suit your man and accurately reflects who he is. It needs to be something that speaks to his personality and his own personal style. Here are a few examples to give you an idea:

Modern sophistication

So your man is sophisticated enough that he knows the difference between dressing up and just getting dressed. A timepiece for this type of man needs the same consideration.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34[1] is a classic and faultless in every way. You’ll be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t like it and it’s a sure-fire winner.

rolex oyster perpetual 34 How to Choose a Watch for Your GroomBuy this Rolex here[2]

The Emporio Armani Chronograph Mesh[3] watch is a great choice. Despite the large face and dials, it is far from chunky with the slimline mesh bracelet and round face.

Armani Mesh watch how-to-choose-a-watch-for-your-groomBuy this watch here[4]

Similarly to the Rolex but slightly more affordable and with a larger face, the Tag Heuer Carrera is also a classic option for the minimalist type.

tag heuer Carrera how to buy a watch for your groom Buy this watch here[5]

Consider his interests

Everyone has varied interests and hobbies when buying a watch, you should probably take this into account. If he’s the outdoorsy type or a technology lover, your choice of watch should consider these interests.

The Adventurer

Consider the Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42[6] watch for the groom who loves adventure. This is a premium, luxury timepiece is water resistant to 30 meters and features a rotating bezel and an automatic movement.

How to Choose a Watch for Your Groom Breitling b01 ChronographBuy this watch here[7]

Or if he is more of a metal watch strap kind of guy, then the Breitling Navitimer is also a fantastic choice. There’s so much going on with this watch it’s sure to be a conversation-starting timepiece forever.

how-to-buy-a-watch-for-your-groom-breitling-navitimerBuy this watch here[8]

The Sportsman

If your future husband likes to stay active, or if he’s into his health and fitness, why not get him a watch he can really get some use out of? The Apple Watch 4[9] looks sleek and subtle, he won’t look like he’s carrying a small computer on his wrist. It also has a load of fitness features to appease any sportsman.


The Intellectual

We’re certainly not claiming any men who fit the above descriptions above are not intellectual. However, what we mean is a more intellectual style, think preppy professor. If your groom fits this description, we would recommend the Tissot Tradition Powermatic 80 Open Heart Automatic[10] watch.

how-to-choose-a-watch-for-your-groom-tissotBuy this watch here[11]

Another option is the Frederique Constant[12]. It is smart and sleek without being too flashy. You can rest assured it’s a quality watch without all the bells and whistles.

how-to-buy-a- constantBuy this watch here[13]

Consider his budget

Finally, ask yourself how much would he be likely to spend if he was purchasing the watch for himself. This is important as you do not want your choice of watch to be out of character.

At the top end of your budget may be luxury brands such as Hublot, Rolex or Breitling. A more modest budget that still offers enough to choose something of very high quality allows you to consider brands such as Tag and Armani. A budget-minded groom might be more comfortable with something from Daniel Wellington[14] or Hugo Boss[15].

The choice of a watch that reflects your groom’s personality, interests and budget will be a gift that will make your wedding day truly memorable. Moreover, every time he wears his watch in the future, he will remember the care and consideration that went into the purchase.

Your gesture will still be important to him long after the cake and decorations are gone.


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Wedding gifts for booze lovers

Looking for a wedding gift for the couple that love to drink? Here’s our pick of the best wedding gifts for booze-lovers…

1. Coopers DIY lager kit, £65.40

Get the party started with a brew-it-yourself starter kit. With everything from bottles and lids to carbonation drops, this handy pack makes home-brewing a doddle.

COOPERS BIY Starter Lager Kit, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Inn House Brewery/ The Home Brew Shop

Buy it now:[1]

2. Whiskey blending experience for two, £79

With so many guests buying bits, bobs, things and trinkets, why not indulge your favourite couple with an experience to fill their memories rather than their house?

Man drinking whisky - Virgin Experience DaysPhoto: Virgin Experience Days

Buy it now:[2]

3. Wall-mounted wine rack, £97.99

One of our favourite gifts for booze lovers, this wine rack puts an unconventional twist on a classic gift. The wooden finish looks great and, being mounted, the rack won’t eat up floor or worktop space.

Wall-mounted Home Etc wine rack, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Wayfair

Buy it now:[3]

4. Gin and tonic botanicals box, £67.40

Just add the chosen spices to neat gin, splash in the tonic and raise a glass! Includes a range of flavoursome options and a recipe book.

Gin and tonic botanicals box, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Not On The High Street

Buy it now:[4]

5. Himalayan salt shot glasses, £25

Whether they love to throw back a tequila or they just need some measuring glasses, this quirky gift is worth a shot.

Himalayan salt shot glasses, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Root7

Buy it now:[5]

6. Cocktail tool set, £30

This is a versatile, easy-to-store piece of kit that looks as great as it is useful.

John Lewis Pretty Useful Tools Cocktail Tool Set, Tropical Topaz, gifts for booze loversPhoto: John Lewis

Buy it now:[6]

7. Chrome and glass serving trolley, £63.99

Très posh! Nothing says sophistication like wheeling your guests’ drinks straight to their chair.

Chrome and glass serving trolley, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Argos

Buy it now:[7]

8. Whisky decanter with walnut base, £100

A timelessly classy gift, this high quality product from LSA makes a gorgeous centrepiece.

John Lewis LSA International Straight Whisky Decanter with Walnut Base, gifts for booze loversPhoto: John Lewis

Buy it now:[8]

9. Together in spirit(s) novelty apron, £20

This punbelievable apron is fun, friendly, and super cheap too.

Together in spirit(s) novelty apron, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Not On The High Street

Buy it now:[9]

10. 46-Bottle wine cabinet, £449.99

If you really want to splash the cash, this built-in wine cabinet from Hostess is a top-quality gift that the lucky pair will cherish for years to come.

Hostess 46 Bottle Built-in Wine Cabinet, wedding gifts for booze loversPhoto: Hostess

Buy it now:[10]

If half the couple loves booze but the other is more of a foodie, why not complement your choice with one of our perfect gifts for food lovers[11]

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17 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

It’s the most important question you’re going to ask once you’re engaged and you have to think about the delivery. No doubt you’ll have had the contenders shortlisted forever but we’re here to help you think of the perfect bridesmaid proposal ideas.

The fact you are thinking of a sweet way to pop the big question shows how much you care for your bridesmaids. No matter what you pick, they are sure to love it. So, here are our suggestions.


Looking for a simple and pointed way of asking your leading ladies to be part of your wedding party? Why not stick with the power of words? A card is a fail-safe option that allows you plenty of room for creativity.

personalised card pink bridesmaid proposal ideas

card and pencil bridesmaid proposal ideasBuy this card here[1]


Your bridesmaids-to-be are more likely to treasure something personal and customised. A box filled with treats and memories will make a lovely gift to open.

Buy this gift box here[2] Buy this necklace here[3]


Why not sweeten up your bride tribe with some of these tasty treats? Who can resist such a decadent snack?

Buy these biscuits here[4] Buy these biscuits here[5]

A Keepsake

Why not gift your bridesmaids something they can keep forever? It’s something that will keep you and your bridesmaid tied together forever.

Buy this necklace here[6]

Another option is something practical and fun. We spend our lives wondering where our hair ties end up, maybe your bridesmaid will take better care of this one.

Buy this hair tie proposal here[7]

Add an Element of Surprise

Set things off with a bang. These confetti poppers are great if you’re asking a few people at once.

Buy these confetti poppers here[8]

The balloon reveal is fun and easy enough to DIY.

Buy this balloon surprise here[9]


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Live Wedding Paintings: 5 Best Moments to Capture on Canvas

Picture the scene: it’s your big day and as you walk down the aisle, a talented artist takes their first steps too, putting brush to canvas to document your dream day as it happens.

Over the next few hours, your wedding painter will perfectly preserve your wedding day. We think live wedding paintings make the most memorable and beautiful wedding memento or gift, so we asked live painter Stephanie Paints Things[1] to share the five best moments for you to capture…

Looking for a wedding gift with the wow-factor? You need to see live wedding paintings, a stunning way to document the day and hang on the wall afterwards!Stephanie Paints Things

“I am the professional live event painter behind Stephanie Paints Things[2]. I paint pictures of weddings and parties while they are happening. Every artist has a different style and way of working, but I paint one complete picture from scratch at the venue, on the day. Here are the top five scenes that I am asked to create in live wedding paintings:

Looking for a wedding gift with the wow-factor? You need to see live wedding paintings, a stunning way to document the day and hang on the wall afterwards!Stephanie Paints Things

1. Ceremonies

I’ve painted all sorts of ceremonies. They are always really popular and my favourite scene to paint. You can have a painting of you saying your vows, exchanging rings, sharing your first kiss… You could have the moment you walk down the aisle to meet your groom, or you both walking up the aisle as newlyweds.

There’s usually lots of lovely décor that you will want to remember from your big day. I like painting in daylight so I can see all the details well. It’s also easier to paint in your friends and family during a formal event when I can see who is who!

Looking for a wedding gift with the wow-factor? You need to see live wedding paintings, a stunning way to document the day and hang on the wall afterwards!Stephanie Paints Things

2. Outdoor ceremonies

These always make brilliant paintings, but make sure you have a good backup plan if it rains. Lots of venues have amazing outdoor settings for ceremonies, and natural features come across well on canvas.

Looking for a wedding gift with the wow-factor? You need to see live wedding paintings, a stunning way to document the day and hang on the wall afterwards!Stephanie Paints Things

3. Afternoon receptions

Daytime receptions are great for showing of an impressive venue and creating a less formal painting of your party. I can paint you and a few of your guests mingling with drinks in a fabulous setting.

Looking for a wedding gift with the wow-factor? You need to see live wedding paintings, a stunning way to document the day and hang on the wall afterwards!Stephanie Paints Things Looking for a wedding gift with the wow-factor? You need to see live wedding paintings, a stunning way to document the day and hang on the wall afterwards!Stephanie Paints Things

4. Portraits in the grounds of the venue

Some venues have fabulous features that you will only find if you go exploring, and they may not be part of the formal plan for the day. A portrait in the grounds of the venue can make for a lovely intimate painting, and can include a unique or special setting like the amazing tree house that I painted at Bressingham Gardens, or the bandstand at Colchester Castle…

Looking for a wedding gift with the wow-factor? You need to see live wedding paintings, a stunning way to document the day and hang on the wall afterwards!Stephanie Paints Things

5. Evening receptions

The first dance is a great moment to capture from the day. Live wedding paintings in the evening can be really atmospheric, too. Features like flowers, table decorations and moody lighting always feature strongly in these paintings.

It is harder to focus on specific guests at big parties when it’s dark and everyone is moving around though, so I might not be able to get all the VIPs into this sort of painting.

Whichever scene I paint, your dress is a big feature and it’s good to pick a view where you will both be standing up to show your outfits at their best! I can also use a little bit of artistic license to move things around and try to include everything you want in your painting to make it as magical and meaningful as you wish.”

What would be your favourite moment to capture in live wedding paintings?


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