The Best Bridal Jackets for 2019

Why not change up your outfit a little, add a third dimension and a bit more detailing to take you from day to night? Our selection of the best bridal jackets for 2019 will help you do just that.

winter wedding bride and bridesmaids wearing bridal

The Best Bridal Jackets for 2019

Bridal jackets aren’t just for winter weddings. If you’ve got a fairly plain dress, jackets and capes can help you mix up your style. So if you were torn between two cuts, like a high neck or a long sleeve, this is where a bridal jacket comes in. Alternatively, if you want something to cover you up in the church, that you can remove in the evening, then this is also when they come in handy.

Grace Loves Lace Unreal Dream Faux Fur Jacket, £250[1] 

Unreal Dream Faux Fur Jacket, £250 best bridal jackets

Lace bridal jackets

Sassi Holford’s Yasmin lace bridal jacket, £675[2]

lace bridal jacket on bride with tie back best bridal jackets

Grace Loves Lace Mason top, £260[3]

lace mason top grace loves lace £260

Sassi Holford Yvette jacket, £575[4]

short sleeved lace Yvette bridal jacket

Halfpenny Iris jacket, £1,350 [5]

Costarellos BR19 38 embroidered tulle jackets[6] can be tucked in or custom made into a dress.

Beaded bridal jackets

Amanda Wakely, Grace Cape [7]

vintage style beaded bridal cape best bridal jackets Buy this cape here[8]

Amanda Wakeley Sophia beaded wedding cape[9]


12 Days of Wedding Planning: Your Dream Dress

You’re about to start the search for the one all over again. Yes, you might have thought you’d found it with your husband or wife-to-be, but there’s going to be another one: your dream wedding dress!

sitting bride 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Your Dream Dress Louise & Phil – Evoke Photography, Bristol

Finding Your Dream Dress

We hear pretty much all of our real brides gush over the moment when they found ‘the one’. It comes in many shapes and sizes and it’s not always the straightforward teary moment you’d expect. You might need to add sleeves; adjust the neckline; find the perfect veil to truly feel like a bride. But, when you put on the dress that was meant for you, you’ll know it. Trust us.

It can be a nervous journey to begin though – you’ve likely not well versed in dress designers, colours (lots of brides don’t actually wear white), or bridal boutiques, but that’s okay. We’re going to go through the process step-by-step to make it seamless and super special, just as it should be.

Tick Tock

Most wedding dresses are made to measure, just for you, so they need to be ordered well in advance of your wedding day. You should usually allow 6-8 months for this, so start looking for your dress as soon as you feel ready. Try on as many as possible to make sure you know what you don’t want as much as what you do.

Ship Shape

Gone are the days where wedding dresses mean only ball gowns. Fit and flare, mermaid, A-line, slim-fitting, separates. There are lots of different shapes available, both for the gown itself, the neckline and the train. Spend some time flicking through Wedding Ideas’ dress and fashion features and check out the beautiful collections online[1] to get a feel for what’s out there, then go forth and try on!

Lots of brides tell us that they chose the dress shape they never ever thought they would, so be brave and try things that you don’t think you’ll like. You might be surprised!

Style Matters

The overall style and theme of your wedding tend to reflect you as a couple, so it’s probably second nature that you’ll want a dress to co-ordinate. Floating layers of tulle and chiffon will pair beautifully with your barn or bohemian wedding, while satins will stun at a chic, contemporary celebration. This[2] is a good guide to help you match your dress to the season you’ll say “I do”, too.

Your dress needs to make you feel like you. If it ticks this box, whether it’s a timeless design or something a little quirky, you know you’ll love it. Just make sure you don’t make one of these dress shopping mistakes[3].

Not Only White

Dresses are often available not just in white but in ivory, antique and champagne shades too. Many brides prefer ivory to white as it offers a slightly gentler, warmer colour than bright white. Different colours will come to the forefront as fashion changes. This year we’ve fallen for blush, pale blue and romantic dove grey gowns, and there are even black dresses on the catwalks for 2017.

sweetheart neckline 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Your Dream Dress Stella York 6563


Once you’ve got an idea of what dress styles, shapes and designers you like, it’s time to visit some bridal boutiques if you haven’t already. An easy place to start is to visit those local to you. (Don’t forget to ask them these IMPORTANT dress questions![4])

If you’ve fallen for a particular dress already, though, don’t miss out just because they’re not stocked at your local boutique. Most dress designers have a list of stockists on their website, so look up the one closest to you and pay a visit. It’ll be well worth the miles – you could find your dream dress and if not, at least you’ll have banished any what-ifs away.

And remember, you can still have bespoke wedding dresses made, so if the design you’re dreaming of proves hard to find, seek out quality dressmakers and see if they could make it for you.



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Should your Groom see Your Wedding Dress?

It’s a given that your dream dress will be discovered in the company of your best girls, be that your mum, sisters or friends, but should your groom see your wedding dress too? If you’re a stickler for tradition or err on the side of superstition, your answer will likely be no, he can wait until you get to the aisle.

Twirling bride- Should your Groom see Your Wedding Dress?LOLAROSEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Should your Groom see Your Wedding Dress?

For some couples, seeing each other before the ceremony has become the new favourite, taking away their nerves, giving them a private moment together, and allowing for some beautiful first look photos to be taken.

So we’ve rounded up some arguments for and against letting your groom see your wedding dress so you can decide what is right for you.

Keep it Secret

  • It’s bad luck to even see each other before the wedding, let alone for him to see your wedding dress, too!
  • You want it to be a surprise for everyone, including him, so you can fully enjoy your big moment.
  • As you step down the aisle, emotions will be high, so when he sees you, his beautiful bride, for the first time it’ll be ten times more amazing.
  • He loves you for you, so you know he’ll love whatever dress you choose.
Just married couple- Should your groom see your wedding dress Credit: Jessica O’Shaughnessy

Let him see

  • You don’t have to show him ages in advance, it can still be a surprise for your wedding day, but by seeing each other in the morning before the ceremony, you can reassure each other and whisk away any wedding nerves[1], letting you enjoy the moment fully when the time comes.
  • These days, many photographers give you the option of first look photos (add them to this list[2] of your essential photos so your photographer knows what to get). This way, you won’t be leaving it to chance to capture your groom’s expression when he sees you – they’ll do that for you.
  • Depending on how traditional you are intending to go, your bridesmaids may be dressed the same. In the old days, the tradition[3] was to dress your bridesmaids the same as the bride, in white. This was to confuse evil spirits
  • If you had a say in his suit choice, it’s only fair that he should get to give your dress choice the once over too, right?



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The ultimate list of 30 questions to ask your bridal boutique

Wedding dress shopping is not your everyday high street shopping. However, visiting a bridal boutique is a completely different and completely enjoyable experience, a far cry from the crowds and messy changing rooms.

Wedding Dress StyleCredit: Kostyazar/ Shutterstock

Ideally, you need to strategise before your appointment, so you can get the most out of the one hour slot. The pressure to find ‘the one’ is something all brides feel, and when looking online you may feel out of your depth. The truth is, no one ever really knows what dress will be ‘the one’ until they’ve tried it on.

This is where the bridal boutique experts step in. They have the answers to all your questions on budget, delivery time, fittings and so much more. If they’re offering a glass of fizz at your appointment, take it, enjoy it and relax, you’ll be in good hands.

To ensure you go to every appointment prepared, we have rounded up a list of questions to fire out to cover all ground. You’ll be taking the whole wedding dress shopping experience in your stride! So, read, take heed and enjoy!

When you book your appointment:

Firstly, identify the price range of dresses and the which designers the boutique stocks.

My budget is between X and X, do you stock designers within this budget? 

What designers do you stock?

What is your general price range? 

I’m short on time! Do you sell sample dresses or can you accommodate rush orders? 

Don’t assume you can rock up with your entire bridal party entourage. Clarify how many people can accompany you on your visit.

How many people can I bring with me?

I’m planning on losing weight[1] – can I still come and try dresses on now?

When you visit the bridal boutique:

What’s the difference between different designers?

What range of styles do you stock? 

Is there an option to order coloured dresses as opposed to ivory or white? 

What dress shapes and silhouettes[2] would look best for my body type?

When you visit the bridal boutique, make the most of the accessories available to you too. You want to get an idea of what works with different dresses.

Can I try on a selection of veils? 

What’s the timeframe for me to decide, order and receive my dress?

Do you have an in-house or recommended seamstress?

How many alterations should I plan and budget for, and at what points?

Are the alterations included in the dress price?

Do I have to pay the entire cost at once, or is there a deposit and payment plan available?

I’m getting married abroad[3], what fabrics should I steer clear of?

Do you have any advice when it comes to choosing underwear/accessories/shoes?

If I choose this dress, what belt, jewellery[4] or accessories[5] would you add?

How easy would it be to alter this dress – for example, adding or removing sleeves, adding embellishment, altering the neckline etc?

Do you have any plans to discontinue this style, range or designer soon?

You also need to think of the practicalities of having a train and how they can accommodate longer trains for the evening.

Does this dress come with a bustle?

Can you show me how to bustle up the train?

Once you’ve bought your dress it will have been altered to perfection and steamed for any creases. It’s down to you to take care of it between the collection and the big day, to avoid any major creasing.

Does my dress need to stay hung up? Should it be kept anywhere specific beforehand?

How about after the wedding – do you have tips for preserving my dress[6] or a box to store it in?

The art of wedding dress shopping; you have to learn fast, but with these tools you'll be stood in a bridal boutique in your dream dress in no time!

While your bridal team are with you:

Finally, think ahead whilst you’re in the shop. If you’ve got your bridesmaid and mum with you, check to see if they stock anything for them too. They can browse whilst you’re getting the dress on.

Do you have any bridesmaid ranges that would complement my dress?

How about anything for my mum[7]?

I’m really struggling to find bridesmaid dresses to suit my girls’[8] range of sizes, shapes and ages – do you have any ideas?


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Wedding Shoes: The Prettiest Bridal Heels

Whether you’re one for the classy bridal high heel or the comfortable kitten, our edit of the best wedding shoes will ensure you nail your aisle style.

lace 'I do' wedding heels best bridal heels

Wedding Shoes: The Prettiest Bridal Heels

Choose from a selection of plain, embellished, high or low heeled wedding shoes to walk you through your big day.


The classic styles and colours to go with every dress. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring.

white Prada heel pumps best wedding heels Buy these Prada heels here[1] Buy these Jimmy Choo heels here[2] Buy these Jimmy Choo Lancer shoes here[3] Buy these Pink Paradox Shoes here[4] Buy these Pink Paradox shoes here[5] Buy these Grace Loves Lace shoes here[6], Taylor Buy these Aruna Seth Farfalla heels here[7] Buy these Emmy London, Iris shoes here[8]

Lace Wedding Heels

If you’re loving lace, there’s plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your bridal heels.

Rainbow Clip lace Giverney wedding heels Buy these Rainbow Club Giverney heels here[9] Buy these Rainbow Club, Amelia heels here[10] Buy these Bella Belle Shoes here[11] Buy these Violet shoes from the Perfect Bridal Company here[12] Buy these Tie The Know heels from Tabitha Simmons here[13]


This is your time to shine.

Buy these Dune wedding shoes here[14] Buy these Tabitha Simmons Reyner heels here[15] Buy these Dune Bestowed heels here[16] Buy these Sophia Webster Rosalind heels here[17] Buy these Rachel Simpson, Bonita Ice White shoes here[18] Buy these Sophia Webster Selina heels here


If your guests are going to see your shoes, why not go flashy?

Buy these LK Bennett, Helena heels here[19] Buy these Emmy London, Meadow Misty Rose here Buy these Tabitha Simmons Here She Comes heels here[20] Buy there Freya Rose Lottie shoes here[21] Buy these Office Court Rose Gold Glitter heels here[22] Buy these Pink Paradox Shoes in Alandra Blush here[23]


Perfect for beach weddings where no shoe is quite right. These bohemian wedding ‘sandals’ are the perfect compromise.

Buy these Forever Soles barefoot sandals here[24]


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How to choose a wedding dress that suits your body shape

A-line style wedding dress

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you know what style will suit your frame? The team at Ingrida Bridal[1] are here to help.

Besides finding a venue and confirming your guest list, one of the key steps following your engagement is finding the perfect wedding dress.

Different styles suit different body types, we all know this. You need to choose a gown that enhances and flaunts all your best features. From straight cuts to figure-hugging silhouettes and voluminous princess style dresses, there’s something to suit everyone’s shape.

Ball gown wedding dress

Ball gown style wedding dress

A ball gown with an extra full skirt and a fitted bodice has always been a popular dress silhouette.

It’s a very flattering option for hourglass-shaped women. The sophisticated style accentuates the waistline and hides every imperfection, instantly making a statement.

A-line silhouette wedding dress

A-line wedding dress

This iconic style fits every occasion, looks absolutely amazing and is easy to wear. It’s an excellent choice for any shape, but especially for pear and inverted triangle figures. This is because it balances out the hips and shoulders and creates a curvier profile on more athletic brides.

Empire line wedding dress

The empire line gown is defined by its high waistline and flowing skirt, which covers the hips and tummy area. This makes it a great choice for pear-shaped brides with a smaller bust.

The simple yet stylish dress draws attention to the neckline, creating definition, and is a particularly good choice for pregnant brides.

Mermaid and trumpet-style wedding dress

Mermaid style wedding dress

This fit is perfect for showing off the bride’s feminine features as it’s s a more glamorous and fashionable version of a traditional wedding dress. It hugs the hips and flares out from mid thigh or knee to create a curvy silhouette. It is a must-have for slender brides with both petite and tall frame.

A sheath or column-style wedding dress

This style of gown fits snugly and elongates the silhouette from head to toe, without overwhelming the frame.

Its straight cut is best for petite brides with a slim and athletic figure, who prefer a minimalistic, classic and timelessly elegant wedding day look.

To find out more, visit[2]


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Bridesmaid dresses to suit every shape

You want to keep your bridesmaids happy, so choosing the right outfit for them is super important! We have rounded up the best advice to help you find the best bridesmaid dresses for every shape.

best-bridesmaid-dresses-for-shape-LOLAROSEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Jacquie + Matt-115

Bridesmaid dresses to suit every shape

Top tips for an apple shape

An apple shape is typified by a fuller bust and stomach with thinner legs. 

  • A deep V-neck will help break up the lines of your torso – avoid high necklines!
  • Empire-line gowns that fall from under the bust, as well as anything that cinches the waist
  • Draw attention to your arms with chic fluted sleeves
  • Avoid tight-fitting or strapless gowns

Top tips for an athletic shape

An athletic shape is typified by broad shoulders and straight hips 

  • Eye-catching details such as ruffles, ruching and bows on the neckline add flattering volume
  • Your body shape often suits most styles but will look particularly fantastic low or open-backed gowns
  • Belted waists will help create the illusion of curves

Gold bridesmaid dresses will give your best girls instant glamour, perfect for summer and winter weddings alike, and they're sure to love one of these...

Top tips for an hourglass shape

An hourglass shape is typified by a tiny waist and accentuated hips and bust.  

  • Enhance your balanced figure with a dress that emphasises your waist and curves
  • A sweetheart neckline is super-flattering and it can help keep your body in proportion
  • Why not try something more retro with a full skirt and belted waist? An hourglass figure lends itself well to these styles

Top tips for a pear shape

A pear shape is typified with fuller hips and a narrower top half 

  • Make the most of your bridesmaids’ slender shoulders with a halterneck or strapless style dress
  • A-line skirts are the most flattering shape on a pear shape
  • If you opt for a cover-up for your bridesmaids, choose one that is light in colour Natalie & Mark-289

For small busts…

Halternecks and high-neck dresses are a great choice for bridesmaids with smaller busts, whilst anyone with a larger bust should avoid this style – especially girls with broader shoulders. However, another good choice for smaller boobs is a spaghetti-strap dress as they sit more flush than they would on a bustier woman.

For big busts…

If you have girls that are more generously proportioned on top, a fab choice would be a gown with a scoop neckline – this will flatter their shape nicely.

best-bridesmaid-dresses-for-shape-annabel wedding 592

Something for everyone

Finally, there are some styles which will suit most people, so you can have a uniform style. Sweetheart necklines are always a popular choice, both with wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses because they suit all figures, shapes and busts. It gives support and creates the illusion of a fuller bust. We do advise nothing too plunging if you have bigger boobs. 

Strapless dresses work for those with average-sized busts: too small and they’ll look flat chested, too big and they’ll be spilling out everywhere – both very unflattering! When they’re trying on the dresses, make sure you get them to have a walkabout in them to avoid any problems on the big day. Hitching up a strapless dress every two minutes probably isn’t the ‘sophisticated’ bridesmaid look you’re after.

This wedding proves that a Great Gatsby 1920s theme doesn't have to be black and gold. Rebecca and Thomas chose peach and green for their stylish day

Finally, now you know how to get the bridesmaid dresses right, here’s the list of things NOT to say to your best girls[1]


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Ian Stuart Bride has launched its 2019 collection

Sri Lanka dress Ian Stuart

We get a sneak peek of bridalwear designer Ian Stuart’s latest Folie Frocks collection

Made with taffeta Metal and metallic sequinned lace, Ian Stuart’s beautiful mermaid-style dress is a classic example of what he does best. Available in pale blue metallic, honey and ivory, we think this gown is truly stunning.

Caipirinha dress Ian StuartCairpirinha

READ MORE: Bridal cycling shorts make their debut at Milan Fashion Week[1]

Opt for 50-style fashion with a modern twist with this satin high low skirt and metallic embroidered lace bodice. Also available in full length, choose from a champagne or ivory shade.

Bambi dress Ian StuartBambi

Love the mermaid look? This strapless gown has been intricately decorated with Swarovski crystals and tiny seed pearls, with a lace-up back bodice and and wrap-over skirt and train.

Donatella dress Ian StuartDonatella

Go vintage with this 1950s-inspired ball gown – we love the sweetheart neckline with its scattering of pearls across the bodice. Available in pale blue, honey and ivory shades.

Doris Day dress Ian StuartDoris Day

What a showstopper this little number is! Available in ivory lace and blush ombre, this stunning gown has a fully Swarovski crystal-beaded lace strapless bodies, with four colours of tulle that have been carefully sewn for a classy feathered effect.

Flamingo Flair dress Ian StuartFlamingo Flair

Flaunt your figure in this unique beaded French lade mermaid gown. Wear the 1950s-style portrait neckline either on or off the shoulder.

Jaipur dress Ian StuartJaipur

Complete with a lace-up back and beautiful bodice structure, this unique A-line dress has asymmetric Swarovski detailing and couture draping. Available in shades of ivory, papyrus or azure.

Lexington dress Ian StuartLexington

Its sweetheart neckline and full-length skirt make this gown a classic choice for your big day. Made with embroidered lace and tulle, this dress is available in sand and ivory.

Philadelphia dress Ian StuartPhiladelphia

This delicate, pretty gown comes with a soft tulle skirt that leads into a chapel train. Available in shades of dark ivory, powder blue and bright ivory.

Soutache dress Ian StuartSoutache

Designed with taffeta shark and multi-coloured embroidery, this beautiful pastel dress has an asymmetric dress and detachable train, offering two looks for the price of one. Available in bright ivory, dark ivory, powder blue and bright ivory.

SriLanka dress Ian StuartSri Lanka

READ MORE: Wedding dresses with pockets are now a thing – and brides are loving it[2]

To explore more of the Folie Frocks collection and discover other Ian Stuart designs, visit[3]

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Wedding dresses under £1,000 for brides on a budget

If you’re a bride on a budget, these gorgeous (and cheap) wedding dresses from Kelsey Rose will have you looking like a million dollars on your wedding day all for under £1,000…

With the average UK wedding costing over £32,000, it helps to save money where you can – so getting your wedding dress a little bit cheaper is a good place to start.

There’s so many styles out there, with some designs costing an eye-watering amount of money for something you’re probably only going to wear once.

Which is exactly why we’re such fans of the dresses at London-based design studio Kelsey Rose[1].

Here are just some of our favourite styles from the label’s 2019 collection (all coming it at less than £1,000 each!)…

Illusion lace wedding dress (#18676)

Kelsey Rose wedding dress

A dress that tells a story. Crafted from divine soft crepe, this lace-shouldered dress is the definition of relaxed glamour.

The minimalist silhouette is enhanced by the scalloped illusion lace that shapes the V-neckline, flowing into the illusion back detail.

The sleek flared shape is kept strikingly simple in crepe for unforgettable style. Available in ivory and white.

Floral floor-skimming wedding dress (#80054)

Kelsey Rose wedding dress

Romance and confidence meet in this heavenly gown.

This T-length dress features embroidered lace with three-dimensional floral detailing for a look that is as dynamic as it is feminine.

The T-length silhouette is endlessly romantic, while the sweetheart bodice is enhanced with illusion V-neck lace layered over. Available in ivory.

Slinky lace wedding dress (#18703)

Kesley Rose wedding dress

Classic elegance meets luxurious detailing in this signature fit and flare shape.

This dress features beautiful long sleeves and illusion back detailing, with layered lace giving the illusion of a Bardot neckline with long sleeves.

In sumptuous crepe and lace, this dress combines texture with delicacy and lightness. Available in ivory and white.

READ MORE: Wedding dresses with pockets are now a thing![2]

Lace slip wedding dress with low back (#12610)

Kelsey Rose wedding dress

Crafted in corded lace with delicate skinny straps, this style is just as eye-catching from the back.

The low back is perfect for those looking to make a statement, while the all-over lace and slim straps keep this look simply chic. Perfect for a summer ceremony. Available in ivory.

Halterneck ballgown wedding dress (#12611)

Kesley Rose wedding dress

Luxurious and feminine, this dress was made for the woman who wants classic romance. This style fuses a classic silhouette with a breath-taking circular halter neck fit.

It flatters the bust and waist with a fitted pleated bodice and wide pleated waistband which falls to a dreamy full ballgown skirt in divine beaded satin.

The gown for the woman seeking something unique, timeless and unforgettable. Available in ivory and white.

READ MORE: These are the cheapest areas in the UK to get married[3]

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Apply for Say Yes to the Dress: Gok Wan is looking for brides-to-be to appear in the new UK series

gok wan looking for brides say yes to the dress

How to apply for the new series of Say Yes to the Dress, hosted by Gok Wan…

Finding the perfect wedding dress will undoubtedly be one of the most special yet stressful things you do when planning your wedding day. And while your bride squad (yes, including your mother-in-law) should be on hand help you choose your dream dress, no one is more reliable than fashion aficionado, Gok Wan. 

So you’ll be pleased to know that Gok Wan is the new host of Say Yes to the Dress, and he’s on the lookout for brides-to-be to appear in the new series of the wedding dress shopping show.

What is Say Yes to the Dress? 

Say Yes to the Dress was originally an American reality television series, which followed events inside Kleinfeld Bridal, a Manhattan-based bridal salon.

The series showed the progress of individual sales associates, managers, and fitters at the store, along with profiling brides as they search for the perfect wedding dress.

Common themes include overwhelming advice of friends and family, the ability of the “perfect dress” to help a bride overcome personal difficulty, struggle with weight and body image concerns, and the challenge of staying in the wedding budget.

What is Say Yes to the Dress North?

After becoming a big hit in America, Say Yes to the Dress made the switch to UK screens in 2016, fronted by the man who famously designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress, David Emmanuel.

There have been a number of series so far, with ex Geordie Shore star and I’m A Celebrity winner Vicky Pattison featuring in one of them, and now the programme is looking for more brides for a new spin-off show.

In Say Yes to The Dress UK the action is normally centered around Confetti & Lace bridal boutique in Essex but for the new programme, hosted by Gok Wan, the action will switch to Ava Rose Hamilton, which has branches in both Leeds and Lancashire.

The new series filmed in the north of England will follow Gok Wan as he helps brides find the perfect wedding dress.

Gok Wan and bride Say Yes to the Dress

Can anyone apply for the new series of Say Yes to the Dress? 

Speaking exclusively to Wedding Ideas, Gok Wan said: “Anyone can apply for say Yes to the Dress – so same-sex couples, ethnic weddings, themed weddings, traditional weddings, the full works.

“The thing that I was very particular about with the producers is that I want to cover all brides because I think the bridal market in particular, is so conventional and white middle class, we want to extend that and we want to make sure we’re representing every person out there and not just women in fact.

“I want to make sure that the show we make is as diverse as possible, so it fits in with my personal ethos but as well, I think it’s interesting for the viewers…

“With Say Yes to The Dress, you’ve got to three weddings every single episode and you  get to see the process, and as a viewer, I want to go to different weddings!

“We’re lucky in this country because the LGBTQ community can get married, and so while we should be celebrating that, we also have a social responsibility to be an authority and an inspiration to other countries around the world and support those people that can’t get married in their own country.

“So we’re looking for absolutely everyone – brides of any background, any shape, any disability, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re getting married, you can apply!”

What are the requirements for Say Yes to the Dress?

Gok told us: “Traditionally, TV shows about weddings always work about six months in advance so they can follow the process but if you’re getting married in December, we still want to hear from you!

“If you’re a last minute wedding booking, or you have found your wedding dress but now you’re unsure, or maybe you’re about to go to your final fitting, you’ve paid your deposit and you don’t want to spend loads of money altering it, you can apply.

“The same goes if you’re the bride who has gained loads of weight and now doesn’t know what to do about the wedding dress, or if you’re the bride who has lost loads of weight, it  doesn’t matter your circumstances, if you’re getting married, we want to hear from you.”

When are applications open? 

“Applications are already open and we’ve had over a thousand entries already,” Gok revealed.

“But you can never have enough which is really important for us because with a programme like Say Yes to the Dress, it is just governed by the people looking for the dress, it has little to do with me, little to do with the shop – it’s purely about the dresses and the brides-to-be.”

He continued: “We are still looking for brides at the moment because we want to get a nice pool of people and then what we will do is constantly be recasting for the show.”

When will Say Yes to the Dress be on TV? 

Gok told us: “So one episode went out already for the traditional show of Say Yes to the Dress and then I am hosting the spin-off show, Say Yes to the Dress North.

“We start filming in September (this month) and it will go out in Spring 2019. But we are constantly looking for new brides-to-be to apply for the show.”

How do I apply for Say Yes to the Dress? 

To apply for Say Yes to the Dress, email: [email protected] now and let Gok Wan find the perfect wedding dress for you…

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