How To Decorate A Romantic Winter Wedding

If you’re planning a winter wedding, we have plenty of hints and tips to help get you started. There’s plenty of scope for you to play around with themes and ideas, plus the colder months lend themselves perfectly to elegant and romantic weddings.

kissing couple at snowy wedding Decorate Your Winter Wedding With these Decorative Ideas

Decorate Your Winter Wedding With these Decorative Ideas

Start with candlelight for a simple way to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. When teamed with gilded mirrors and gold hurricane vases[1] you’ll achieve a beautiful glistening and glamorous effect for each tabletop.

festive table setting with tapered candles and leaf green runner winter wedding decorations

Rich and luxurious colours and textures also work well this season. Try plush velvet serviettes, sequin table runners (get one in rose gold right here[2]) and deep burgundy and navy accents. For subtler supporting colours, try shades of taupe, antique white and natural linen.

Buy some tapered green candles here. [3]

If your venue has a selection of tables and chairs available to use, or you’ll be hiring them in yourselves, the warm tones of dark woods will enhance the rest of your decorations to best effect at this time of year.

framed pictures and flowers winter wedding ideas

You might associate the sweet fragrance and pretty colours of flowers with summer weddings, but they are absolutely as essential in the colder months, too. Again, keeping to a colour scheme of opulent, jewel-like tones will add the warmth and grandeur that makes a winter wedding feel truly magical.

Add Some Greenery

Garlands of greenery add natural texture and look especially good in the wintery half-light when paired with the silvery blue shades of eucalyptus. You’ll spend more time indoors, so use garlands to highlight your venue’s amazing features, like a sweeping staircase or a fireplace.

rustic wedding setting, tree trunks with lanterns and greenery winter wedding decorations

Buy some cylinder vases like these here[4].


With early nightfall, a winter wedding is the perfect call for sparklers. Hand these to your guests to use when you and your new husband make your big entrance. When it comes to wedding sparklers, bigger is always better, you don’t want your guests standing around with a small dead sparkler. Buy some giant wedding sparklers here.[5]

Wedding sparklers


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7 Christmas Tree Inspired Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

‘Tis the season of baubles and holly, mulled wine and mince pies and all manner of festive treats. However, today we’re talking about every Yuletide centrepiece… the Christmas tree. Here are seven winter wedding decoration ideas you could craft or create from a Christmas tree.

gold stag decorations Christmas wedding decorations

Christmas Tree-Inspired Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

We’ve taken some inspiration from some crafty and imaginative brides. How could we not when the results are this good?

hanging tree garland Find pretty winter wedding decoration ideas Photography by on Cute Wedding Ideas via Pinterest[1]

To create the look above, tie together fronds from the fir trees. Once you’ve created trailing lengths, attach them to a wooden frame, add festoon lights and you’ve got yourself a festive backdrop.

Festive centrepieces

potted Christmas candles for wedding decoration centrepieces Live DIY Ideas via Pinterest[2]

For a miniature twist on Christmas trees, trim off some foliage and tuck it into terracotta pots. Add a candle, berries and moss for colour and texture. Finally, light the candle for a twinkling centrepiece that looks great when several are dotted along a trestle table.

Find pretty winter wedding decoration ideas by taking Christmas trees for your inspiration! From centrepieces to ceremony backdrops, we show you how...MyWedding via Pinterest[3]

For a festive table centre in a flash, simply purchase miniature Christmas trees and place them straight on the tabletops. You can dress the pots in a hessian or colour coordinated wrap. you can also add baubles or lights for a finishing touch.

Festive Settings

festive garland arch wedding decorationProject Wedding via Pinterest[4]

Create a sweeping garland of Christmas tree branches for a festive twist on perennially popular flower arches. There’s no need to worry about many flowers being out of season with this winter wedding decoration idea.

Snowy outdoor Christmas table setting with personalised tartan throwsAlicia King Photography via Ruffled Blog via Pinterest[5]

Of course, you could go all out and use Christmas trees as a feature winter wedding decoration by lining an entire wall with them. Take inspiration from this snowy scene. Add golden candle holders, cosy blankets and also red goblets for a festive chair and table dressings.

fir tree table runner with Christmas red roses for wedding decorations JoPhoto via Style Me Pretty via Pinterest[6]

Foliage table runners have been popular on the wedding scene this year, often created from eucalyptus branches. Give yours a seasonal style by choosing evergreen foliage and peppering it lightly with bright berries or red roses.

Subtle Touches

hand tied fir tree leaves and ribbon on a chair for wedding decorations Weddingomania via Pinterest[7]

Finally, for a low-key but lovely ceremony decoration, gather together posies of Christmas tree foliage. Next, simply tie each posy to the chairs that line the aisle with a silk ribbon. You could choose a dyed variety to enhance your colour scheme too.


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Winter Wedding DIY Decor Ideas With Poinsettia

A fiery, foraged woodland wreath

This wild and textured wreath design is easy to recreate and really suits that other-worldly, woodland feel that’s been all over Instagram this year.

You will need:

A selection of festive foliages – either forage for yourself or ask your florist to source some for you. Think blue pine, spruce, Nordmann fir, juniper twigs, eucalyptus, twigs. You will also need a selection of poinsettias in varied sizes and colours, pillar candles, twine or green florist string. And finally a round tray.

Simply arrange your plants and foliages on your tray in a wreath shape. Placing sprigs on top of one another in a circular motion will create an effective, rounded shape.

Loosely tie sprigs together to hold the shape. Then add your four Christmas candles to finish off the arrangement.

wreath table setting for Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas with Poinsettia

Fairytale festive hanging details

Christmas decorations for Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas

Simple and effective, these festive hangings play along the lines of a Christmas take on boho bunting. They are made all the more special by personal touches and special details like teeny tiny jars holding cut poinsettia bracts.

You will need:

Some red string, wooden clothes pegs, sprigs of festive foliage (spruce, fir, pine etc.), personal additions like photos, postcards or hand-made paper snowflakes too. You’ll also need some miniature glass bottles, gold leaf or stickers and mini poinsettia plants.

You will need to attach your red string so it hangs across the room, or the area you’d like decorated. Use wooden clothes pegs, or more string, to attach your decorative bits like photos and foliage.

Decorate your glass bottles with gold leaf or stickers. Cut bracts from your mini poinsettia plants and seal the ends of the stem by dipping in boiling water for 20 seconds. Finally, tie the glass bottles firmly to your line, carefully pour in water and insert a poinsettia bract in each.

Poinsettia & Cactus Arrangements

It’s told that a little girl named Pepita was too poor to buy a real present for baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. Alternatively, she picked green twigs from a shrub on her way to church and tied them into a bouquet. When she placed her gift at the foot of the altar, suddenly the twigs bloomed in a magnificent red. From this day forward it became the country’s official Christmas flower.

potted plants for Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas

Wild Winter Poinsettia 

This is an alternative bridal bouquet idea if you’re looking for something seasonal and a little less cliche. This one was created by award-winning wedding florist based in Hampshire using winter foliage. These included spirea, roses, viburnum, convolvulus, delphinium, reindeer moss, feathers and cream Poinsettia too.

wild flower bouquet for Christmas wedding DIY decor ideas

Sparkling Christmas Decor Cones

You will need:

Stiff craft paper, gold pipe cleaners, mini-poinsettias, decorative tape, a stapler.

Firstly, roll your craft paper into cones and stick together with tape. Staple the gold pipe cleaners to create little handles for your cones.

Without removing your mini-poinsettias from the plastic pots you bought them in, insert them into the cones. It’s best to keep them in their planters so that they can be removed and watered without soaking the paper.

Finally, hang your poinsettia cones on a tree, from the ceiling of your venue or to dress each place at your wedding tables.

Poinsettia hanging cones for Xhristmas wedding DIY decor ideas

Poinsettia plant care fast facts

From November, poinsettias are available in stores everywhere. Dense foliage and yellow-green budding flowers in-between the coloured bracts are a sure sign of quality. Protect your poinsettia from the wind and transport it quickly to its warm new home. Keep it in a bright, warm spot (around 20° C). It can be close to a radiator, but not in direct sunlight or near draughts – so keep away from open doors, windows and fireplaces. Only water it when the soil is almost completely dry.

To use poinsettia leaves as fresh flowers in a vase, cut the bracts, dip the cut end in boiling water for 20 seconds, then immediately in cold water. You are then ready to arrange.


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The dos and Don’ts of DIY Wedding Flowers

If you’re a creative, hands-on kind of a bride, you’re probably considering putting together a lot of your wedding day yourself. Whilst being creative means you can be more thrifty, you may not have the right experience when it comes to flower arrangements. Follow our guide on DIY wedding flowers and all will be fine.

The dos and Don'ts of DIY Wedding Flowers

The dos and Don’ts of DIY Wedding Flowers

Firstly, you need to consider the time of year that you’re getting married. Look around you and think about what’s going to be in bloom. Not only will you be able to source your flowers more easily and inexpensively, you’ll also be keeping your green credentials if you don’t require exotic blooms to be shipped in from overseas out of season. Remember, if you’re getting married around Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day then you’ll pay a premium for your flowers.

So if you’re getting married in the spring, it’s going to be flowers like narcissi, hyacinths and tulips. In the autumn, you’re going to be opting for colourful brights like dahlias, hydrangeas and maybe branches of fruits and berries to decorate your venue too.

DIY Wedding Flower dos

Think about your theme

Give yourself plenty of time to think about your flowers and decide what you want. Have a theme. This could be seasonal, colour-led or a style such as vintage or country garden. Maybe take an evening class in flower arranging, which will also show you how to keep flowers looking their best.

Rustic charm

Country-style wedding lends itself best to a handmade wedding with DIY flowers. You can have simple jam jars crammed with wildflowers, cornflowers and roses as centrepieces on your reception tables. These will look charming and rustic and moreover, they will look handmade, which is a nice touch.

Do know your limits

Don’t decide you’re going to create elaborate formal flower arrangements if you have little to no experience. Use the time in the lead up to your wedding to practice, watch tutorials and understand what flowers go aesthetically but also what smell good together.

Easy pew ends

If you’re getting married in a church, decorate the ends of the pews with a hand-tied garland of blossoms or even just different coloured greenery. If you’re planning a winter wedding, holly and trailing ivy will be very festive too.

Scattering petals

There’s nothing to say your flower girls have to hold a bouquet of flowers. You could give them a simple basket filled with rose petals, which they can scatter as they walk down the aisle behind you. However, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could make flower pomanders for them to carry, just make sure you practise first.

DIY wedding flowers kerriemitchell

DIY wedding flower don’ts

A professional job

If you’re not overly confident, don’t create your wedding bouquet yourself. It’s a whole lot of pressure for you and your bouquet is going to take centre stage on your big day too. Creating a dazzling posy or bunch of flowers for the bride to carry is a real art form. Give yourself a break and hand that job over to somebody who’s really experienced. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Last-minute rush

Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to source your flowers. If your dad has a beautiful garden of roses, and he’s happy for you to pick them, then, by all means, use them. However, you’ll also need to source some blooms from a flower market. Make sure you visit a few times so you can make friends with the stall holders and find what they’re going to have when. Don’t be afraid to ask that about what they’d recommend for the time of year, after all they’re experts that you can also rely on.

Keep practising

Finally, don’t forget to practise, practise and practise. When it comes to DIY wedding flowers, practice is precious. Time yourself on how long it takes to make a table centrepiece and decorations for the ceremony or venue. Enlist the help of your favourite girls if they’re reasonably artistic! Just don’t leave everything until the last week and then panic because you’ve run out of time. A stressed bride is not a happy one!

From pansies to roses, if you’re looking for more handy floral hints, our Wedding Flowers section[1] has got it covered.


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14 of the best wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers; no cake is complete without one. You’ll have paid the money to have your beautiful cake created just how you want it, in keeping with your theme. So, crowning it with something special will top it all off perfectly.

Wedding cake toppersGemma Giorgio Photography

Choosing the perfect wedding cake toppers

Finding the right wedding cake topper is probably not high up on your to-do list but it’s one of the items you can have some real fun and creativity with.

When deciding on wedding cake toppers, think about the cake table setting, the venue and most of all, you and your partner. Do you want something simple and in keeping with your theme? Or maybe something that accurately reflects your relationship? You could opt for a funny wedding cake topper to amuse your guests and keep you smiling at the photos in years to come.

You’re certainly spoilt for choice, but take some inspiration from our favourites below.


Buy this Mr & Mrs cake topper here[1]

Buy this Mr & Mrs cake topper here[2]


We love a rustic themed wedding and this eucalyptus wedding cake topper is the epitome of rustic chic.

Buy this eucalyptus wedding cake topper here[3]

This Mr & Mrs cake topper is the perfect rustic option for your wedding with plenty of opportunity to dress your cake up around it.

But this Mr & Mrs cake topper here[4]


Keep it simple with your initials and the date of your wedding, like this one below.

Buy this initial cake topper[5]

We love the handcrafted and decadent look of this wedding cake topper.

Buy this personalised wedding cake topper here[6]

Alternatively, have a classic with a personalised touch.

Buy this personalised cake topper here[7]


Romantic florals, this cake topper is an eye-catcher and perfect for spring and summertime weddings.

Buy this floral cake topper[8] Buy this deer cake topper here[9]


What about this family cake topper? We love the silhouette style.

Buy this silhouette cake topper here[10]

Alternatively, you can have an animated family cake topper in colour!

Buy this family wedding cake topper here


Buy this funny cake topper here[11]

How well do your guests know you and your relationship? Make your guests smile with these hilarious toppers.

Buy this hilarious silhouette here[12]

There’s nothing like a wedding to give you a good reality check. Just so everyone knows how serious you really are, how about this one?

Buy ‘Shit Just Got Real’ here[13]

Read More:

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Why should you hire a flower wall for your wedding day

Flower wall

Jenny Holden reveals why a bold flower wall offers the perfect photo backdrop for your wedding, whatever the time of year…

Thinking about getting a flower wall for wedding day? While these beautiful backdrops are nothing new, there’s also a very practical reason why they’re still so popular.

These large, statement pieces are so versatile that you really can use them throughout the whole day. They work not only as a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony, but also for your top table, and as a feature wall for guests to take pictures. You could even create your own wedding hashtag!

READ MORE: What do your wedding flowers symbolise?[1]

However, flower walls also need plenty of TLC. This means allowing a decent amount of time to set up in the morning before the ceremony, and swapping out delicate blooms for more sturdy ones (unless you fancy the added costs of wrapping each stem individually).

Flower wall

But once you’ve nailed your colour theme, they really are the best addition to a wedding. Whether it’s romantic pictures of the bride and groom exchanging their vows, to guests mixing it up with some props later on for a DIY photo booth, they can easily become a beautiful focal point for any wedding.

“The Kardashians might have made flower walls popular a few years ago, but Brits love their practicality,” explains Emma Soulsby, florist at[2]. “They add a little bit of personality to the wedding and reception, too.”

She adds, “Couples usually sit down with me and pick the look of their flower wall. One bride also gave her bridesmaids ribbons at the end of the night, so they could take home a posy of flowers from the wall to keep. It was really sweet!”

Flower wall

While a flower wall is suitable for the ever-changing British weather (as it is free-standing, it can be cited both inside or outside venues), it can also reflect a season or a theme far more easily than expensive decorations.

Emma explains, “A flower wall creates impact. Add some LED lights and it becomes magical on an evening, plus it really does work with all colour schemes.”

And when it comes to the size of the wall, there can be no half measures. “Bigger is always better I would say,” Emma advises. “You should always envisage enough flowers for a full-length couple’s photo.”

READ MORE: Wedding flowers – the floral trends you need to know about for your summer wedding 2019[3]

“If the wall isn’t big enough and you’re trying to squeeze in, that will come across in your photos. I say relax, and let the flower wall do the talking!”

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Wedding cake topper inspiration and ideas

Wedding cake topperGemma Giorgio Photography

Whether you go classic or completely unconventional, your wedding cake topper should be as unique and creative as your cake. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Where once it was traditional to simply place a bride and groom figurine on the top of your wedding cake, these days wedding cake toppers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and varieties.

And much like your cake, you should try to select a topper that’s original and reflective of your relationship – whether it be humorous, creative, sweet or stylish.

It’s also important to get the size and balance right, says Grace Sherriff, founder and chief designer at norma & dorothy.[1]

“Be sure to pick a size that’s suitable for your chosen cake,” she says. “You don’t want a huge topper with a small top tier!”

READ MORE: Autumn cake and topper ideas[2]

Material is something you should consider, too. Think about texture, design and what will complement the colours you’ve chosen for your cake and overall theme.

“Choose something that suits the style of your big day,” Grace says. “For instance, a wooden cake topper will look beautiful with rustic styling, while a mirror base will look great with a luxe design.”

She adds, “If you’re opting for a fully decorated cake, then choose a simple cake topper, with just the word ‘love’ or ‘forever’.”

“Decorated cakes can be expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, choose a simple white cake and dress it up with some foliage and a more stylised topper.”

Lettered cake toppers

Traditional lettering of the bride and groom’s names is a popular and personal choice for many couples. Opt for playful, curly handwriting fonts with extra embellishments like hearts or stars for a chic finish.

Chocolate wedding cakeHelen Cawte Photography Wedding cake topperCraig & Eva Sanders

If your first names are too long, consider using your initials or a ‘Mr and Mrs’ design to celebrate the start of your new life together as a married couple.

Metallic silver or gold textures are great for a touch of glitz, but if you’re opting for a more natural, rustic look, try incorporating flowers and foliage, wood tones and softer, lighter colours.

White and gold wedding cakeAnu & Adrian Dharmaratne Fruit wedding cakeD&A Photography

Alternatively, opt for short and sweet messages such as ‘Best Day Ever’, ‘Forever and Always’ or ‘Love’, to sum up just how beautiful and magical this moment is for the both of you.

Themed cake toppers

Does your wedding have a theme? Get a cake topper to match! We particularly love this elegant creation, which was designed for a literature-loving couple whose celebrations were inspired by their favourite books.

The designer, Eddie Street, decorated the cake with flowers made from the bride’s favourite book The Fault in Our Stars, finishing it off with an artistic ‘Mr and Mrs’ cake topper.

White and blue wedding cakeGyan Gurung

This couple, on the other hand, chose a cake topper that coordinated with their Grecian-themed wedding day.

The four-tier creation, designed by Sweet Stories Cyprus, was decorated with a gold Grecian wreath and vine leaves, with red velvet, chocolate and hazelnut flavouring.

Grecian wedding cakeBeziique

Floral cake toppers

Floral cake toppers are perfect for a summer wedding, and can easily be matched to the flowers you’ve selected for your bouquet and centrepieces. This big, bold and vibrant Mexican design from Nevie Pie Cakes will certainly capture guests’ attention.

Floral wedding

Prefer a simpler, more classic cake design? Adorned with calm, pastel tones, these cute floral creations are great for a rustic-themed big day.

White wedding cakeNicky Hill Photography Roses wedding cakeNicholas Hill Photography

Bride and groom cake toppers

Figurines are still all the rage and can even be modelled on versions of the bride and groom. Go traditional for a classic cake design, or quirky and humorous to give your guests a giggle.

Wedding cake topperJessica O’Shaughnessy Photography
Bride and groom cake topperKayleigh Pope

READ MORE: Everything you need to know about wedding cake tiers, sizes and servings[3]

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Everything you need to know about hydrangeas for your wedding

Woman with hydrangea decorationHydrangea World

Thinking about including hydrangeas within your wedding decor? We spoke to Hydrangea World[1] to find out what makes them such a unique flower

Stylish cut hydrangeas have always been considered one of the staple flowers within a beautiful wedding bouquet, but they’re also versatile enough to use in a variety of other arrangements or settings, too. These flowers also wonderful gifts and stunning table decorations as part of a floral centrepiece.

Hydrangea cut flowers come in a huge range of colours, including every shade of red, pink, purple, white, green and blue. And what’s unique about them is that their colours evolve during bloom (cutting the stems stops the colour-changing process); once they have completed their colour change, they become a bright autumnal red.

Which kind of hydrangeas change colour?

Cut hydrangeas vary from fresh to classic. Fresh refers to colours such as white, green, pink, blue and purple.

Classic hydrangeas are essentially the same as fresh hydrangeas, however the classic variety lasts longer in the nursery, causing them to gradually change colour.

They also have a very long vase life – a fully-grown classic hydrangea can easily last for up to three weeks.

Hydrangea decorationWoman with hydrangea decoration

You can also put classic hydrangeas in floral foam, though sufficient watering is important before you do so. Simply cut off a piece of the stem with a clean, sharp knife or trimmer for better water absorption.

After they’ve bloomed, classic hydrangeas no longer absorb any more water, which means they’re ready for air-drying. Simply put them in a vase without water, or hang them upside down to let the flowers dry to get many more months of pleasure from them.

How to take care of hydrangeas

  • Make sure there’s enough water in the vase.
  • Use a clean vase – hydrangeas don’t work well in a metal vase or bucket. Try using a glass vase instead.
  • Add flower food to the water
  • Cut the stems with a sharp knife at a 45-degree angle, so they hydrate as much as possible. Repeat this every three to four days, so the fresh stem can absorb the water.
  • Mist the flowers for extra hydration.
  • Minimise evaporation and extend your vase life by defoliating the stems.
  • Don’t place the hydrangea in full sun, near floor heating or by a draft.

Find out more at[2]

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Five venue decoration trends for summer

With so many ways to flaunt your wedding flowers, venue decor right now needn’t be anything more than the best seasonal blooms, done well. Let your summer celebration speak for itself with five top decor ideas to incorporate your flowers of choice courtesy of our trusted experts, Interflora[1].

Floral arches

These stunning floral arches add an extra special touch to the wedding venue and the day. Used either as a focal point during the ceremony or as a striking entrance for the wedding party, this unique feature is the ideal statement piece for any wedding day.

venue decor Interflora2

In the frame

Fun and fashionable, a floral frame creates a focal point and makes a real statement. Perfect for adding wow factor to photos and getting guests talking.

venue decor interflora 7

Rustic and woodland-themed pieces

This summer, beautiful country flowers and quintessentially British themes will be the must-have trend for wedding parties. At venues, rustic and woodland arrangements will take centre stage whether freestanding or on tables and chair backs. Muted colours and lots of texture will add plenty of interest.

venue decor interflora 8

Taking centre stage

Table decorations are often the main focal point at dinner, with every guest faced towards the stunning florals and this summer will see wedding parties opting for small, beautiful table decorations. Softer shades of dusty pink or blue will make their mark creating a subtle but striking table centre arrangement.

venue decor Interflora

Floral cakes

The cutting of the cake is a well-loved tradition at weddings and is often a memorable part of the day. As a result, couples are keen to add a tasteful touch to a classic wedding tradition by experimenting with decorations on cakes. Beautiful, delicate flowers provide a unique and luxurious finish making the cutting of the cake picture perfect.

venue decor Interflora3

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These are the most overdone wedding trends of 2018

Bride and groomCredit: iStock

Every bride wants their special day to be unique, but often the best ideas have already been done before. To ensure your celebrations are truly one-of-a-kind, these are the wedding trends to avoid…


Gone are the days of having one or two bridesmaids; now, “bridesmaid armies” are the hot new trend, with some opting for as many as 10 close chums to accompany them to the alter.

“The ‘bridesmaid army’ trend swiftly came over from the US and has taken hold of wedding parties everywhere in the UK,” says Hamish Shephard, founder of[1]. This can be great for photo-ops, he says, “but it can sometimes take away from the ceremony, as they get crammed up by the altar.”

This trend, however, is slowly being faded out thanks to the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. “We’re already seeing [her] decision to have no adult bridesmaids and to opt for flower girls instead shifting this perspective towards a more low-key bridal party.”


Wedding cake trends also have seen a huge transformation in recent years. “The humble iced fruitcake wedding cake is long gone, due to ‘Instagram wars’ for that perfect cake shot,” says Shephard.

“From drip cakes and naked cakes, then onto doughnut walls and eight-foot macaroon towers, and recently even Meghan Markle’s 154lb deconstructed lemon and elderflower wedding cake! This is a trend that’s becoming increasingly competitive.”


“Doughnut walls and flower walls seem to be everywhere!” says Robin Weil from[2].


It may prove a hit with most, but this popular gimmick was also included in Weil’s list of the most overdone trends. While some couples choose to spell out their initials, others opt for their own wedding hashtag or go for a simple “congratulations”.


When it comes to dramatic bridal entrances, “we’ve seen it all,” says Hamish Shephard. “From the bride literally being ballooned into the ceremony, to being walked in by a dressed-up dinosaur, the bride’s entrance has become yet another aspect of the wedding that can be blown up to unimaginable heights.”

“We’re are all for breaking tradition, like the growing trend of brides walking themselves down the aisle – as eight per cent of UK brides did in 2017, but maybe save the dinosaurs for the amusement park!”

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