Free Wedding Checklists for Budget, Guests and More

Need help planning your wedding? Here at Wedding Ideas, we’ve produced a fabulous set of free wedding checklists to help you organise your big day. From wedding planner guides to guest spreadsheets and how to organise a hen party, our free downloads break the whole planning process down.

Free Wedding Checklist for Budget, Guests and More

Free Wedding Checklists for Budget, Guests and More

Want less worry, more party? Our friends at Alive Network[1], the UK’s biggest and best loved wedding entertainment specialists, have put together an at-a-glance planning guide with wedding checklists for venues, performers and suppliers, plus on-the-day timings.

Download your wedding checklists[2]


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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Many couples take between one year and two between getting engaged and tying the knot. This might sound like a long time, but when you think you’ve got all that time, you often let things fall by the wayside. It’s easy to forget all the little things you need to do amongst all the bigger tasks. Thankfully we’ve pulled together a month-by-month wedding planning checklist to help you along.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

To make sure you’re on top of your wedmin from the get-go, we’ve created a beautiful, printable checklist[1] to ensure you don’t forget anything.

We’ve got everything you need from up to 16 months before your wedding. Obviously, if you’re tighter on time, you’ll need to quickly condense some of these actions.

If you want to download and print our comprehensive wedding checklist, please do so here[2]! We don’t want any bride stressing out during the planning stages


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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Honeymoon Ideas

It’s no secret that brides often have big dreams for their wedding day, but they don’t stop there. Honeymoons are ranking ever higher on couples’ wish lists, with dream destinations becoming deal breakers. We’ve got some honeymoon ideas to get you started.


12 Days of Wedding Planning: Honeymoon Ideas

You’d be forgiven for thinking that paradise islands are your only option. While these idyllic resorts are popular for good reason, the world really is your oyster and we’ve got lots more honeymoon ideas to share with you. And with honeymoons typically setting you back by thousands, you really do need to get your choice right.


The biggest factor when booking your honeymoon will be your budget – where can you afford to go? Will your honeymoon costs be covered by your overall wedding budget, will you save for it separately, or even ask for guests to contribute as their wedding presents to you?

If none of these options will give you the spending power you want, and you aren’t prepared to compromise on this trip of a lifetime, why not wait a little? Weddings are expensive, so take a minimoon somewhere closer to home after the wedding, then give yourselves a year or so to save before splashing out on that show-stopping trip.


While for many holidays you’ll book your flights and hotels yourself, it can be useful to have help for your honeymoon. That’s why lots of our real couples turn to tour operators and travel agents to create their ideal honeymoons for them. If you want to include lots of stops, tours or experiences, this can often make the planning process easier. The guides and agents will have all the inside knowledge and contacts you need to put your travel plans together seamlessly.

If you’re being careful with your budget, shop around and compare packages or book things separately yourself to make sure you get the most competitive prices.

Maldives huts honeymoon ideas Credit: Club Noonu, Maldives


For a cultural city break, take a short-haul trip to Europe. Visit just one chic city or grab your train tickets and go inter-railing. City sights, historical monuments and buzzing nightlife are all up for grabs.

Road trippers and backpackers should head for the United States, Australia or New Zealand. You’ll find plenty of vast and varied landscapes, cities and beaches to explore.

For nature-loving couples, your honeymoon presents the perfect occasion to embark on a sought-after safari, whether that’s across the African plains or through the rainforests of Borneo or South America.

Those paradise islands had to feature somewhere, so if it’s a beach holiday like no other that you’re looking for, book your flight and speedboat transfers to the Maldives, Seychelles or the Pacific Islands. White sand and turquoise waters beckon.

And for foodie couples? The world is your oyster on this one! Choose the cuisine you want to taste and then book your flights. But why limit the feasting to just one place when you could sample many? Map out a series of nearby destinations, then hop from one to the next to create a honeymoon that you really will savour.

Want Some More Honeymoon Ideas? 

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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Reception Décor

If you followed our advice earlier on in the 12 days of wedding planning, you’ll have chosen a venue[1] that will work with your wedding theme and decor ideas. So now the fun can really begin. Unleash your inner interior designer and crafter and let’s make your wedding the most beautiful yet with the perfect reception décor.

12 Days of Wedding Planning: Reception Dé

12 Days of Wedding Planning: Dreamy Reception Décor

The best bits of wedding decor are the bits that have a personal touch. When people compliment it your decor, you can smugly tell them you handmade them. No judgement here.

The not-so-blank Canvas

During these 12 days of wedding planning, you will have already chosen your colour scheme, theme[2] and venue.[3] So you needn’t start from scratch with your reception décor. In fact, that’s the last thing you should do.

Your reception details are there to bring together and enhance your chosen theme and complement if not copy the colours you’ve already chosen. To this end, make sure you keep your existing plans, ideas and inspiration in mind.

RELATED: Wedding Reception Decorations You’re Guaranteed To Fall For![4]

Little and Large

Combining a collection of differently sized decorations will add interest to your tables, mantelpiece, card and dessert tables. That’s right, there’s more than you think to decorate. If you want to keep things coordinated and not cluttered, then follow these three ways[5] to make sure your reception tables look stylish.

Try teaming a showpiece flower wall with posies in mercury glass vases or jars and a single bloom tucked into each place setting. Combine stacked wooden apple crates with a log slice cake stand and vintage label place names. Choose over-sized illuminated letters for a standout piece, then add smaller LED signs and sparkling centrepieces to complement them.

READ MORE: Decor Ideas To Suit Your Venue Style[6]

The sky is the Limit

Don’t forget the ceiling area in your venue is often up for grabs too. That could mean bunting, honeycombs, fairy lights and pom poms are all possibilities. We’ve seen all kinds of ideas here at Wedding Ideas over the years. Two of our favourites are DIY floral hanging hoops and suspended mirrors, both designed by real brides[7].

As you turn your gaze upwards, remember the lighting[8] too. Could you string fairy lights from beams to create a twinkling canopy effect? Hang up lanterns filled with flickering candles? Take advantage of existing lighting to create the right mood?

Hire Away

Props, decorations and vases are all readily available to hire for pretty much every wedding theme you can think of – a quick online search will bring you up plenty of options. It’s also worth asking your florist and other suppliers as many have their own items available for hire or as part of your package.

You could even hire a dedicated wedding stylist to bring your vision to life. Not only will they have the best contacts to source your reception décor, they will also look after every last detail for you on the day, too. This means you won’t need to worry about who will get your venue ready[9] on your wedding day (and whether they really get what you’ve envisioned) – you’ve got other, far more exciting things to be doing on your wedding morning!


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12 Days of Wedding Planning: The Wedding Cake

What is a celebration without cake? And balloons for that matter, but we’ll discuss that another day. This is one of the biggest celebrations of your life so it’s worth splashing out on a great wedding cake.


Planning Your Wedding Cake

Make choosing your wedding cake one of the highlights of your wedding planning. Browse designs you’d like, talk about flavours,[1] then indulge at the all-important cake tasting before you place your order.

If it all sounds a little too tasty to be true, don’t worry. There is more to choosing your wedding cake, but we’re about to give you all the ingredients you need. You’ll be onto a winner in no time.

Tiers of joy

Traditional wedding cakes are often three tiers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more. Alternatively, what about a single tier? We’ve got some single tier show-stoppers[2] to whet your appetite.

The tiers should reflect the number of guests you would like to feed, as well as personal preference. This is another of the often overlooked hidden costs attached to a bigger guest list. Expect to pay more not just for your venue hire and wedding breakfast themselves, but also for larger cakes, more table centres and additional bottles of wine too.

If your budget[3] won’t stretch to the number of tiers you’d like, all is not lost. You could use an illusion bottom tier and then have a second tray bake or slab cake on hand to serve in the evening as well. Your cake will have all the visual impact but a much smaller price tag as a result.

Don’t forget that the tiers don’t all have to be cake layers as you know them[4]. One tier on top of a tower of cupcakes or macarons will work just as well. You can also try stacking trendy donuts up to create your wedding cake, or copy this couple and go for a Jaffa Cake sensation[5]! Those looking to splurge on a showstopper should surround their wedding cake with a decadent dessert table.

What’s Your Flavour?

Fruitcake may be traditional, but it’s by no means everyone’s favourite. When you’ve chosen your cake maker, ask for a tasting consultation so that you can try the different flavours on offer. Choose one to use throughout or go for something different on every tier, the choice is entirely yours. We would recommend thinking of your guests at least a little since your wedding cake will almost always be shared.

To ice or not to ice

Unless you’re a keen baker, the wealth of different icing choices available to you may well have been a mystery until now. Naked, semi-naked and buttercream cakes are all increasing in popularity by the day, but there’s still a place for the more traditional fondant and royal icing decorations on cakes. You might even want to combine several. Think fondant sugar flowers atop a buttercream cake or delicate royal icing piping to add detail to a fondant covering. More flavour choices are possible with buttercream, but it is also more likely to melt in the warmer summer temperatures, so be sure to take this into account.

You also have alternative wedding cakes that forgo the standard forms of icing altogether. Croquembouche, the traditional French wedding cake made from a tower of profiteroles, will usually be decorated with ganache or caramel and spun sugar.

Savoury is the new Sweet

Finally, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t panic! Turn to the scrumptious savouries[6] that are cheese and pies for a wedding cake with the wow-factor. What’s more, your tower of pies or cheese can also double up as your evening buffet. Just accompany it with grapes, crackers and chutneys. When you put it like that, it would be rude not to!


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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Choosing Your Florist and Flowers

Power to the petals! Green-fingered or not, choosing your wedding flowers is no easy feat, so finding the right florist is extremely important. It’s not all about the colour combos here, you need to think about the combination of scents too.

freestanding bouquet 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Choosing Your Florist and

Choosing Your Florist and Flowers

Your flowers share your journey down the aisle and appear in lots of photographs. So, whether you choose to make them a focal point or not, they do still need to be fabulous.

Find Your Flowers 

Start with the seasons[1]. While you can have flowers flown in from far-flung corners of the world, we recommend working with the blooms that are naturally flowering when you get married. They’ll be fresh, vibrant, and naturally marry with the landscape around you in the photographs. You should also save money because you won’t be paying for any air miles.

Petals may be pretty, but don’t neglect foliage. Some of the best bouquets blend greenery and blooms to charming effect. The green, silver and blue tones foliage can introduce will add depth to your bouquet. Adding succulents and herbs have been popular in recent months.

Your bouquet, in particular, will be seen the most next to your dress. It goes without saying, then, that the style and shape of your flowers need to suit that of your gown. Think hand-tied trailing arrangements for rustic or bohemian brides. More compact posies of roses, peonies or hydrangeas will complement a more structured dress.

It’s often the part you least want to acknowledge in wedding planning, but you do also need to keep your budget[2] in mind. Starting with seasonal flowers sets you on a good path to avoid paying a premium, but there are other options too. If you’re green fingered, then try sourcing some of your flowers wholesale and arranging them yourselves. You don’t have to take them all on, perhaps just choosing to do the reception arrangements yourself and leaving the bouquets to the professionals.

Alternatively, choosing blooms with larger flower heads[3] can also help you spend less. The larger flower size means you’ll need fewer of them to make the same sized posy, so it can help to keep costs down. This approach works particularly well for bridesmaid bouquets, which often have simpler designs.

flower hoop 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Choosing Your Florist and Flowers

Find Your Florist 

Once you’ve had your fill of flower inspiration from Wedding Ideas, Pinterest[4] and Instagram[5] (we all do it!), go forth and find the florist to make those ideas reality. They’ll need to be on budget and available for your wedding date. The real key to success here, though, is to match your florist to the flowers you want.

Ask to see the portfolios of as many different local florists’ flowers as you can. You’re looking for the florist who has experience creating flowers in a similar style to what you want yourself. While good florists can turn their hands to any look, many will have their own styles and preferences, so you’ll likely want to find the florist that fits your wedding theme and bridal style.

And, if after all of this you still aren’t a flower fan or have an allergy, why not go faux[6] a crystal, button or fabric flower bouquet instead! There really is something for every bride when it comes to wedding flowers.


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How to Plan Your Wedding in six Months

Your wedding will be one of the most stressful and exciting events you ever have to plan. Although most people choose to plan their wedding one or two years in advance, others want to get married a little quicker.

Here’s a step-by-step and month-by-month guide on how you can plan your wedding in six months…

How to Plan Your Wedding in six Months© Chris Barber Photography

How to Plan Your Wedding in six Months (yes, Really)

Month one

  1. Agree on a budget and create a checklist – First thing’s first, agree on a budget both you and your partner are happy with. A checklist is also a must because it will help to keep you organised and on track of things.
  1. Write out a guestlist – The guestlist can be tricky, but give yourselves a number of guests each and start with close friends and family, then work from there.
  1. Pick a number of dates – It’s best to have a few dates in mind because you can see which works best for your close family and friends, you want to make sure they can all make your big day!
  1. Choose a venue – Planning six months in advance, it’s best to look for somewhere that offers packages, for example Port Lympne Reserve, a wedding venue based in Kent[1]. They offer catering, accommodation, a venue for the party AND spectacular photo opportunities. That’s a lot of things ticked off the list at once!

Month two

  1. Book Vendors – Don’t forget to book a Photographer, Officiant, Florist, Cake Baker, Musician or Band. If you book these around the same time it avoids anyone being forgotten.
  1. Wedding Ceremony Outfits – Start the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, groom’s tuxedo, ushers’ tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses. Remember to only take a couple of people whose opinions you really trust!
  1. Send out Save The Dates – These aren’t official invites, these remind your guests they need to put the date in their calendar!
  1. Accessories – Purchase shoes, jewellery and find your something old, new, borrowed and blue!
    1. Book your Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Transport – Make sure you book these in advance, especially if you’re getting married around a busy time.

Month Three

  1. Purchase the wedding rings These are quite significant for a wedding – don’t forget them!
  1. Send out Invitations – Make sure you add an RSVP to your invites so you can get an idea of numbers!
  1. Plan the rehearsal dinner – The rehearsal dinner is useful for everyone and avoids any unexpected surprises on the day!
  1. Decide on wedding favours – Wedding favours are just an added touch to all your guests, these could be anything from an edible sweet treat or a sentimental trinket.

Month Four

  1. Plan your honeymoon – After all this planning, you’ll be ready for some down time in an exotic place, best get it booked!
  1. Select a wedding breakfast menu – Meet with your venue or catering service to choose your wedding breakfast, you want to make sure you have the perfect spread! You should also meet with your cake baker to select your wedding cake flavours!
  1. Pick a song list – Hand your song list over to your DJ or musician with a good mix of new music and old time classics. C’mon Eileen never fails to get people on the dance floor!
  2. Hair and Makeup Trial – This is very important, especially if you’re fussy about other people doing your makeup! Have a pamper day and choose a look you that remains true to your general style.

Month Five

  1. Create a seating chart – Now you have your final numbers you can decide where everyone is going to sit!
  1. Buy Gifts – It’s a nice idea to buy gifts for anybody within the wedding party as a thank you. It doesn’t have to be pricey, just something to show your gratitude!
  1. Get Your Marriage License – A very important part of getting married!

Month Six

  1. Confirm All Bookings – Ring up and confirm that all of your bookings have the right date etc.
  2. Get Married! – We hope you have a magical day…


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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Grooms

We’re getting into the festivities now and we’ve still got so much to offer. If you’re reading this, you’ve certainly done something right. Clearly, your man thinks your marriage material. So today we’ve got some wise advice on wedding planning for the groom.

grooms buttonhole 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Grooms

There’s a lot for the groom, and you, to think about. Whether he’s nailing the wedding planning or letting you take the lead, this is what all well-groomed grooms will have ready on the wedding day.


There are so many different styles of suits out there, it can feel a little daunting to begin with. For some, one particular style or colour[1] will instantly grab their attention, but for others, some guidance might be needed. These 10 suit rules[2] will set you on the right path, whether your man is going for traditional tails and a top hat or a more laid-back lounge suit.


Our real grooms cover all bases when it comes to buying their suits off the peg, hiring them or having them tailor-made. Your budget will dictate this to some extent and there is no right or wrong answer. And remember, choosing to buy the groom’s suit doesn’t stop you from hiring them for the groomsmen. One size does not have to fit all.


Will your man be wearing a wedding ring[3] once you’ve tied the knot? If so, decide whether you want your rings to co-ordinate or not. Choose them in plenty of time to allow for size adjustments. You don’t want to be the couple who are fumbling at the altar with a ring that is stuck. Don’t forget the other accessories too – shoes, a pocket watch, tie and cufflinks will all need to be organised.


Your man has a speech to plan[4]. Each groom will tackle this differently. Some prepare a script a long way in advance, others will write it the night before, and some will keep it spontaneous. One of our real grooms had a great idea, writing the majority of his speech beforehand but then adding a few words at the moment. This meant he could thank everyone he needed to, but when it came to talking about his bride, he could speak straight from the heart with all the emotion of their wedding day. Avoid these 7 speech sins[5] and you’ll be onto a winner.


Not to be left to the last minute, most grooms will choose a best man to join them. This role bears a lot of responsibility – looking after the rings, organising the stag do, giving a humorous speech that is hopefully just the right side of tasteful… Share these best man commandments[6] with him beforehand and you’ll be onto a winner.


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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Your Bridesmaids

A blissful blur of pampering, dreamy dresses and Champagne toasts, surrounded by your bridesmaids – is this how you’re imagining your wedding morning?

Bride and bridesmaid 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Your BridesmaidsEmily Hannah

Planning Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will be there for you as much or as little as you like during the planning, but when the big day comes, they’ll come into their own. You’ll all need time to get ready, but they’ll also be there to hold your hand, make you smile and hang on to your emergency supplies. Which all begs the question – who will you choose to be your bridesmaids?[1]

Best of the Bunch

Sisters, sisters-in-law and childhood best friends are all frequent contenders for a spot in your bridesmaid party. There are no rules though, so choose the people who mean the most to you. Now is the time to decide if you’d like one of them to be maid of honour, too.

It’s also worth considering who will be the most supportive and helpful to surround yourself with. Think upbeat besties rather than hard-to-please girls who will give you headaches. If you’re still unsure, this secret to choosing your bridesmaids[2] will help. Will your girls live up to these bridesmaid goals[3]?

Once you’ve chosen who you’d like your best girls to be, it’s time to ask them! We love the pretty cards[4] you can get to do this with, but you could also get creative and ask with a homemade cupcake, craft or simply over a coffee.

Odd one out 

Worried that choosing an odd number of bridesmaids will look, well, odd in the photographs? It won’t. In the shots of you and your girls, it’ll make up an even number with you anyway. And if you’re really worried about balance, you could also ask your husband-to-be to choose the same number of groomsmen. We’ve seen brides have one, three, ten maids[5] – choose the people who are right for you and the numbers will look after themselves.

Gowns for Your Girls

The number of bridesmaids you have to dress will likely influence your budget for their dresses. The world is your oyster when it comes to the designs, though. We’ve seen it all: multi-way, matching, floor-length or short, colourful, even white. [6]Enjoy the excuse for some girly shopping trips and see what styles you and your girls like best.

If you’ve found your dress, ask your boutique to see the bridesmaid ranges they stock while you’re there. Boutiques will often offer discounts when both bridesmaid and bridal gowns are purchased together, so if you and your girls like what’s on offer, you might be able to secure a special deal.

The key to beautiful bridesmaids is for them to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing, so dress shop together and be open to compromise. You can also help them to express their own personalities by letting them choose their own accessories, hair or makeup. It’s fine to give them some parameters if you do this (gold accessories, no red lipstick etc). More on how to keep your bridesmaids happy here[7].

Get Gifting

Tradition has it that brides give their girls something to say thank you for their help and support on their wedding day. This could be the jewellery they will wear or a thank you present given at the reception – whatever feels right for you. We’ve got some beautiful heartfelt and fun bridesmaids gift ideas[8] that they will love.

Girl Talk

Modern maids call for modern traditions – we’re talking about the bridesmaid speech[9]! More and more brides and their best girls are stepping up to say a few words too. After all, why should the boys get all the fun? If your girls are going to make a speech, here’s everything they need to know[10] to nail it – share it with them, they’ll love you for it!

cheering bridesmaids 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Your Bridesmaids


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Real Brides Reveal the Worst Part of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning throws up all kinds of emotions. You’re about to experience the highs and the lows. Each journey has some. So, to make sure you’re ready for this amazing journey, we asked our real brides to share the worst part of wedding planning. We share how to avoid them all, to ensure you can make quick and concise decisions for the big day.

Real Brides Reveal the Worst Part of Wedding Planning

“The worst has been the guest list! It’s so difficult trying to come up with a final list, trying to make sure you don’t go over your numbers.”

Make deciding your guest list simple with our GUEST LIST QUIZ[1]!

“The worst and most stressful was one of the first things…both agreeing on a venue! The best part has been spending time with family and friends while planning.”

“The worst part was the guest list. We’re having a ‘no children rule‘ and it has offended a few people already but it’s what we wanted.”

“Definitely other people making demands and acting like it was their day!”

“Sorting out the bridesmaids has been the most stressful thing for me. Glad it’s sorted now though – the wedding’s only five months away!”

“The table plan is the hardest part. Trying to keep people away from each other is not easy. The best thing was my shoes – I got them before we set the date.”

“People getting funny about who they sit with and people inputting on who should and who shouldn’t be invited.”

“The worst bit has been getting everyone’s outfits together. I’m trying to stick to a budget, so deciding what to buy has been crazy.”

“The stressful part has been family politics, and mediating with my mum when she wanted to change our invites!”

“I’m still waiting for the RSVPs to arrive and to pick a song for my entrance music.”

“The most stressful thing is that I’m doing a lot of the planning by myself. The best bit is the endless play days with my friends. I’ve dreamt of this day since I was little!”

“The worst part was asking a family friend to create my wedding bouquet and the result being nothing like what I had asked for.”

And now for the best bits! This is still your wedding day we’re talking about, after all, and there are going to be some amazing, emotional moments along the way…

“The best part by far was finding my wedding dress – I saw it long ago and hoped I’d get to wear it.”

“The best bits have been finding a venue we love, a dress I feel good in and a florist who got me excited about flowers!”

“The highlight so far has to be finding my beautiful Charlotte Balbier gown the first time I went shopping.”

“The best thing about planning is spending time with my bridesmaids, shopping for the accessories and going for hair and make-up trials.”

“The best has been reading Wedding Ideas and picking out all my little details!”

The earlier you start your wedding planning, the more in control you will feel you have over the whole process. The first things to source are your wedding dress[15], your venue and your registrar or officiant, and your photographer[16]. Remember your venue will most likely have a list of preferred suppliers that they can share with you, who have worked at the venue before.

Begin by downloading our free wedding planning tools[17] – the budget spreadsheet, the photography shot list, the guest list tracker and more. And don’t forget the month-by-month planning guide, too.[18] This will get you off to a flying start, and show you what you should be doing and when.


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