Editor’s Voices: I Tried Stella McCartney’s Wedding Collection and was Surprisingly Underwhelmed

Easily my favourite of Meghan Markle’s two wedding dresses, I was eager to try Stella McCartney’s wedding collection. Spoiler: for the fans of the new Duchess, there’s a Meghan-style dress sure to win you over.

Stella McCartney store Bond Street e-Editor's Voices: I Tried Stella McCartney's Wedding Collection and was Surprisingly Underwhelmed

I Tried Stella McCartney’s Wedding Collection and was Surprisingly Underwhelmed

Understandably, trying to get an appointment was tricky. It took three goes, but that’s to be expected with such a household name.

When I reached the fashion house on Old Bond Street, I was half expecting there to be a bridal suite, of sorts. However, the bridal range is an extension of her other collections so it sits among the rest of this season’s collection on the second floor.

If you have been to try on wedding dresses, you’ll appreciate it’s quite a personal experience. It’s usually you and either your mother and/or bridesmaids who accompany you. Bridal boutiques often go out of their way to make the wedding dress shopping a special experience, as it’s not likely to be an occurring thing. You’ll likely be offered a glass of bubbly and quizzed about your forthcoming nuptials, but not here.

I visited the flagship Stella McCartney store, which was thankfully quiet, and set over three floors.

Stella McCartney jumpsuit I Tried the Stella McCartney’s Wedding Dress Collection and was Surprisingly Underwhelmed

Trying on the Dresses

If you’ve been to the Stella McCartney store on Bond Street you will know how lovely it is. The brand prides itself in its sustainability both in its products and its bricks and mortar stores. The staff are friendly and welcoming, though not too hands-on with the bridal collection.

Upon my arrival, I was shown to the rail of dresses on the second floor and shown to the changing room. I was then left to shimmy my way in and out of the dresses myself. Tricky.

Anyone above a size 10 won’t have much luck getting into one of the dresses in store, which only range from 6-10. Having squeezed my size 10 frame into some and not others, I had to admit defeat. The dresses are beautiful but it was nearing on impossible to get a feel for what they would really look like. In my experience, the range wasn’t too accommodating of curves. To have only sizes between 6 and 10 was somewhat restrictive and disappointing.

Long sleeve plain wedding dress by Stella McCartney- I Tried Stella McCartney's Wedding Collection and was Surprisingly Underwhelmed

There was also a limited stock available. Sadly, the suit and the lace jumpsuit weren’t in-store, both of which I was keen to try. What’s more, I was given black shoes from the floor to try on with the dresses, which didn’t quite go. Though they were gorgeous and I’d never say no any other time.

The Result

All in all, it didn’t quite feel like a real bridal collection, (I noticed the same dresses in red on another rail). The experience was somewhat underwhelming and quite far removed from your typical wedding dress shopping experience.

However, to pay the dresses their dues, they were lovely. Simplistic and elegant with an all-sequin number for someone looking for something completely different. Fans of the Duchess will be delighted to know there is a Meghan Markle-esque dress, which I’m told is really popular- unsurprisingly.

It wasn’t a successful venture this time so it’s back to the bridal boutiques for me.

Pieces from Stella McCartney’s wedding collection start from £675 and go into the £5,000s.


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The Two-Piece Wedding Dress Trend: We Love These Bridal Separates

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two-piece dress

Two-piece Wedding Dress

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If you’ve got boho style and a rustic wedding on the cards, then these bridal separates are a great option for you.

Grace Loves Lace, Florence £790[1]

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Slim-fitting Two-piece Wedding Dress

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A Short Combo

Full-length dresses aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re keen to get on the dancefloor.


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Charlie Brear, Tora jacket and Halo playsuit £995

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Statement Skirts

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Costarellos (coming soon in 2019)[7]

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