Here’s Everything You Need to Buy After You Get Engaged

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived—your partner popped the question[1]. Congrats! Once you've posted your obligatory glorious ring selfie[2] and told your mom the big news, it's time to get down to business and splurge on some much-needed pre-wedding swag. Here's everything you need to buy after you get engaged.

This new relationship status is a huge deal, so there are certain things you need to snag right after the engagement[3] in order to celebrate and plan your future wedding accordingly. From obnoxiously cute his-and-hers "Just Engaged" gear to chic wedding organizers that are bound to become your new best friend, check out our starter kit for everything you need to buy after you get engaged. Happy pre-marital shopping!

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This Is How Much the Average Couple Spent on an Engagement Ring in 2018

While it's (unfortunately) a well-known fact that weddings are expensive—and according to Brides' American Wedding Study[1], they were even more expensive in 2018, as the average wedding cost skyrocketed to more than $44,000—it turns out that the road to saying "I Do" has also gotten more costly[2], namely the engagement ring.

Brides' study, which surveyed almost 850 brides-to-be or newly married women, found the average amount spent on engagement rings in 2018 was $7,829, compared to $5,023 spent in 2017. (It really puts the $500,000 price tag[3] on Hailey Baldwin's ring or Cardi B AND Paris Hilton's $2 million engagement rings[4] in perspective, huh?) And even more surprisingly, couples tend to spend much more on engagement rings than their actual wedding bands. AWS found that engagement rings in 2018 made up 14 percent of the overall wedding budget, whereas the wedding rings only composed 3 percent, with the average couple spending around $1,800 on their nuptial jewelry.

That being said, even though averages hovered around $7K there is no one correct price point for an engagement ring—don't believe the age-old myth that you need to be spending three months salary on a diamond. As Taylor Lanore, diamond consultant and engagement ring designer for Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds, previously[5] told Brides: "Spend whatever you're comfortable with—there's no reason to go into debt. It also depends on your partner's preferences. If she wants something very minimal, it's hard to spend a lot. But if she wants a big stone, it's still very doable. There are ways to accomplish any look for any budget."

So don't stress if these numbers aren't what your planned to spend[6]. (In fact, there are lots of gorgeous ring options[7] for under $5,000.)

Popping the question, in general, has also given people more reason to celebrate. Brides' study found that 38 percent of couples in 2018 had engagement parties, up 6 percent from the year prior. And even more staggering: Eight out of 10 couples in 2018 scheduled in time for an engagement photo shoot; In 2017, only 66% took part in this pre-wedding trend.

We can't be that surprised that the engagement photoshoot has taken off considering the popularity of Instagram. (Guess "Pics or it didn't happen" also holds true for getting married.) Luckily, the Internet is awash with inspiration[8] for engagement pics; from the funny, to the award-winning[9], to even the photoshoots for couples who hate photoshoots[10], there’s something for everyone.

Just don't forget to also get a "ring selfie[11]"—you need a way to show off that pricey bling!

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Our Favorite Winter Engagement Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

There’s nothing more magical than a photo shoot in the snow, so why not embrace a winter wonderland with winter engagement photos[1]? Festive[2], seasonal, and even holiday-inspired, a wintery engagement session is the perfect option for couples seeking an added touch of enchantment to their photos.

So you can take snowy snapshots[3] of your very own, we’ve consulted some of the wedding industry’s top photographers to provide tips on bracing the cold, layering up[4], and scouting out your city’s best holiday decor[5]. Impromptu photos in your favorite coffee shop or taking a cozy snapshot in your home are just a few tips to consider while keeping warm.

For more tips and tricks on executing flawless winter engagement photos, warm up to these ideas that will inspire you to embrace the most wonderful time of the year.


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55 Best Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples in 2019

'Tis the season to celebrate—and your newly engaged friends have quite a lot to toast to! With your social feeds flooded with countless new ring selfies, now's the prime time to whip out a few special engagement gift ideas for couples who recently updated their status to engaged. After all, if the dynamic duo in your life is throwing an engagement party[1], it will be your first opportunity to send your wrapped-with-a-bow best wishes to the happy couple. (If they are hosting a celebratory shindig, though, it's not customary[2] to give an engagement gift, but you know better than to show up empty-handed!)

But if choosing a gift for one person is hard, finding the perfect engagement gift for a couple has to be near impossible, right? Wrong! We already did all of the legwork for you with our list of this year's top gifts for all to-be-weds[3]. You're welcome.

We'll admit it—finding a gift for a pair of soon-to-be newlyweds can get dicey. Sure, you want to get them something totally gorg, but you don't want to buy any bold decor pieces that could clash with their wedding registry[4] picks. And remember: You'll soon be shelling out for shower and wedding gifts[5] in the months to come, so you don't want to dole out a fortune. UGH! Can someone please just tell you what they actually want for once?! Well, you can consider this the engaged couple's unofficial wish list.

We've rounded up our top gift picks that any set of nearly-weds are pretty much guaranteed to love. From personalized presents[6] (because what bride-to-be doesn't want to monogram everything?) to kitchen must-haves, these totally gorgeous engagement gifts are enough to get your friends to want to marry YOU—if they weren't already engaged, that is!

The best part? The budget-conscience[7] can breathe a sigh of relief. Our gift guide hits an array of price points that'll suit anyone and everyone. If you're wondering how much to splurge[8] on an engagement gift for the happy pair, first consider your relationship to the future spouses, as well as how much you plan to spend on their wedding as whole. From there, map out your budget, but aim to keep things within the $20 to $100 range.

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So what are you waiting for? Browse below to discover the best engagement gifts for couples in 2019.


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