Ting Ping and Edward’s Gorgeous Wedding in Capella Singapore

Ting Ping and Edward walked down a fairy light aisle in their gorgeous wedding in Capella Singapore, with 3D projection of their story in the ballroom, and a confetti popper dance party!

When they first met in university, Chen Ting Ping, 32, Programme Manager, and Edward Chua, 33, Partner Technology Manager, discovered that they were total opposites! Over 11 years of dating, they learnt to embrace each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The couple tied the knot in both Singapore and Taiwan, with a gorgeous wedding celebration in Capella Singapore on 29 July 2018, where they walked down a fairy light aisle, and had a confetti popper dance party, beautifully captured by Antelope Studios.

How did you meet each other?

Ting Ping: We met in the National University of Singapore as hall mates, where coincidentally, we were living in the same stack (Edward was in room 411 and I was in room 511). We are two vastly different individuals—Edward is the flashy extrovert while I’m the introverted other. Edward loves chaos and mess while I’m OCD to a T.

It was definitely hard work through the years, learning to embrace and appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There is definitely a diffusion of traits in both directions. Over the course of 11 years, Edward has gotten tidier and I’ve learnt to accept that mess is part and parcel of life. We always joke that if we were to have a kid in the future and he or she picks up the good traits from both sides, that’ll be one pretty awesome kid!

What do you love most about your partner?

Edward: Her meticulous planning and thoughtfulness.

Ting Ping: His brilliance and impossibly high EQ. It was definitely not love at first sight for either of us but rather, over time, we realised we’re the missing piece that completes the other person’s jigsaw. Now we are simply inseparable!

What was the proposal like?

Ting Ping: The proposal was in Hokkaido, Japan. I was on a business trip and Edward had tagged along. We extended our stay by another week. The sneaky Edward had secretly contacted the resort we were heading to and flew in my best friend plus his sister to help stage the proposal. They even engaged a local events planning team for the overall planning. Needless to say, I was very surprised and blown away considering the Japan trip was decided very last minute, literally two weeks before the trip!

How did you create your wedding?

Ting Ping: The wedding was the result of hours and hours of wedding research. We knew we wanted a wedding focused on our guests, not just another event where people go through the motions of a standard wedding banquet. Hence, we spoke to several vendors that we had shortlisted to seek their professional opinions. This included Bryan, our wedding day photographer from Antelope Studios, who gave us the perfect suggestion to conduct the gatecrash, tea ceremony, solemnisation, and banquet in the same venue if possible. This saved us so much time from having to shuttle between our homes. We googled various wedding planners both locally and overseas for inspiration on what would make a good programme on the actual day and we’re so glad it all worked out!

What was your wedding day like?

Edward: It was definitely an epic day of fun, laughter and a little chaos. Capella Hotel was very accommodating and let us have the gate crash, tea ceremony, and solemnisation all in the same venue. This saved us plenty of time and we could actually start the day at 8am instead of the usual wee hours in the morning.

Ting Ping: Everything just magically fell into place without us having to worry or oversee, a clear sign that our vendors are amazing. They were all working their magic in the background – laying carpets, setting up flowers and backdrops. We did however forget our rings and had to scramble to retrieve them from the hotel villa five minutes before the solemnisation ceremony! It was a lot of joy seeing all our family and friends gathering under one roof and it was very satisfying to hear how they thoroughly enjoyed the programme we’ve prepared for the day.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Ting Ping: Definitely the confetti party! Each one of our guests held a handmade party popper (made by our bridal entourage), gathered around the dance floor, and on the count of three, there was confetti exploding everywhere with dance music blasting in perfect synchronisation.

The Size of the Wedding: 300 guests in Singapore // 200 guests in Taiwan
The Cost of the Wedding: $130,000
The Venue: Capella Singapore // Shangri-La Taipei
The Wedding Day Photographer: Bryan from Antelope Studios for Singapore // Ying Sir from LinLi Boutique 林莉婚紗 for Taiwan
The Gown: LinLi Boutique 林莉婚紗
The Bride’s Shoes: Bride’s own
The Suit: Custom made in Taiwan
The Groom’s Shoes: Groom’s own
The Engagement Ring: Blue Nile
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Taobao
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Taobao
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Gerra from The Beauty Society for Singapore // Emma from LinLi Boutique 林莉婚紗 for Taiwan
The Wedding Cake: Pommes D’amour 愛情蘋果for Taiwan
The Florist: Floral Magic for Singapore // TJ. Hanaya for Taiwan
The Wedding Planner: Bride herself
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Ying Sir from LinLi Boutique 林莉婚紗
The Videographer: Ryan from Simplemotion for Singapore
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Papypress for Singapore // 晶喜坊 for Taiwan
The Wedding Favours: Garrett Popcorn and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
The 3D Projection in the Ballroom: Ooffle
The Fairy Light Aisle, Stage Lights, and Aisle Runner: 1011 Productions
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images by Antelope Studios

Steph and Weilun’s Travel-Themed Capella Singapore Wedding

Steph and Weilun celebrated their shared love for travel with a stunning New Zealand pre-wedding shoot, and a beautiful travel-themed Capella Singapore wedding.

Stephanie Chua, 34, Financial Consultant, and Weilun, 36, Realtor, met in university but it was only nine years later that love blossomed, through an insurance policy! The couple documented their shared love for travelling in a stunning pre-wedding photography session in New Zealand. On 22 October 2017, Steph and Weilun celebrated their love in a beautiful travel-themed Capella Singapore wedding, inspired by Weilun’s, sweet at-home proposal with a personalised world map.

How did the two of you meet?

Weilun: We met when we were both in Nanyang Technological University, but love only blossomed nine years later when we had more chances to get to know each other. We actually worked in the same insurance agency right after graduation but at that point in time, we each were in a relationship. I left the insurance industry in 2008, but Steph continued on. Fortuitously, we were thrown together again when I decided on purchasing an insurance policy and looked for Steph.

What drew you to each other? What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Weilun: She has always shown care and concern as a friend, wanting the best for me and all. On my part, I could always rely on her for her fashion sense, so she was my go-to counsellor when I wanted to purchase clothes. This was the extent of our interaction before getting together. I would say it was a case of right timing that saw us experiencing real attraction and finally getting together. She has always been very considerate and empathetic toward everyone, and that was a huge draw. She claims that I gave her a huge sense of security and responsibility, which made me attractive.

What was the proposal like?

Weilun: It was a super low-key affair that was held at home. We were already staying together in Steph’s condo and the proposal was done when we were both decked in pajamas. Of course, there was still the needed bended knee, but the initial reaction from Steph was one of shock. Only shock, no shock and wonder haha. Nevertheless, she was still touched by a personally crafted world map as both of us love travelling, and this was the inspiration for the travel-themed wedding.

How did you create your travel-themed wedding?

Weilun: Steph doesn’t like to rush things and preferred to enjoy every single phase of the wedding process, hence after the proposal, she suggested that we set the wedding date one and half years later, so that gave us ample time to plan according to our preferences and also to suit our tight working schedules. Steph also found SingaporeBrides on Instagram and used some of the tips given there.

How were your wedding vendors?

Capella Singapore was our dream wedding venue, so we are really biased! To top it off, they honestly delivered beyond our expectations. A special shout out to our Capella Singapore wedding liason, Jamie; she went above and beyond for us to make this wedding a memorable one. Bobby, as our pre-wedding and actual day photographer, has become more like a friend. The road trips for the pre-wedding were fun, and he is personable. When you put him and Adeline, our makeup artist, together, they are hilarious. It also helps that he really knew what he was doing, and we were very happy with the shots taken.

Adeline, besides being a great travel companion, displayed great skills on both the photoshoot and wedding day, making Steph feel, and of course look, her best. She was patient during communication about the different looks Steph desired to have. Ted from Ted Wu Bridal was instrumental in creating the perfect custom-made wedding dresses for Steph. He paid utmost attention to his craft and we were pleasantly surprised at every turn. Roping him in was definitely one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Lalu, our stylist, must get a mention here, because she was the key person in creating the wedding ambience which we were looking for in our rustic, travel-themed wedding. In all honesty, we engaged her services at quite the last minute, but yet she was able to deliver really great stuff that went beyond our expectations, at a reasonable value-for-money cost too!

Andie and Kate were really great hosts, and they brought another special touch to the wedding atmosphere which resulted in most guests telling us that they had never been entertained so much. Kenneth our videographer was the epitome of professionalism. When we were wondering how he would have the time to edit and record certain scenes, he manages to pleasantly surprise us. It also helps that he knows his stuff, and there were virtually no retakes.

What was your wedding day like?

Weilun: Rushed, tiring, but enjoyable. There was a buzz in the air that seemed to adrenalise everything. I was actually nursing a cold a couple of days before the wedding, but on the day itself, that seemed to be a non-issue. We were glad that everything went according to plan. We are avid planners, so it was great that most things went according to our schedule. Even the weather stayed great for most of the day.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

There are so many flashes of memories that come to us when we talk about our wedding, from the time we were actually waking up from a sleepless night, to the ceremonies held at our respective family’s houses, to the wedding banquet itself with its speeches and the interactions with our guests. Of course, there was also the excited but tired buzz in the hotel suite after the wedding, which was also another nice memory.

The Size of the Wedding: 340 guests
The Cost of the Wedding: $150,000
The Venue: Capella Singapore
The Wedding Day Photographer: Bobby Kiran Yeo from Bobby Kiran Photography
The Gown: Ted Wu Bridal
The Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
The Suit: Ted Wu Bridal
The Groom’s Shoes: Louis Vuitton
The Engagement Ring: Cartier
The Wedding Bands: Cartier
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: The BMD Shop
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Shirt and bermudas from G2000, bow ties from Le Knot Wedding
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Adeline Ariel L Hair & Makeup
The Nail Artist: Cynthia Tan from Miwa
The Wedding Cake: Capella Singapore
The Florist: One Olive and Capella Singapore
The Wedding Stylist: Lalu Wu from Wulala!
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Bobby Kiran Yeo from Bobby Kiran Photography
The Videographer: Kenneth from freshfromkenneth
The Photobooth: Lalu Wu from Wulala!
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Papypress
The Wedding Favours: Capella Singapore
The Solemniser: Dr Kwoh Chee Keong
The Wedding Car Rental: Bride’s own car
The Guo Da Li: Le Knot Wedding
The Emcees: Andie Chen and Kate Pang
The Pre-Wedding Music Video: Denis from Maranatha Music School and Tiffany Wedding Taichung

Credits: Images by Bobby Kiran Photography

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