5 Reasons to Visit Greenside Cottage on Your Honeymoon

Looking for a UK-based honeymoon? Greenside Cottage[1] is a stunning 400-year-old thatched cottage from Boutique Retreats, situated in the picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds.

5 Reasons to Visit Greenside Cottage on Your Honeymoon

5 reasons to visit Greenside Cottage on your honeymoon

Greenside Cottage, with its unique original features, landscaped surroundings and super convenient location, is a sublime hideaway for honeymooners.

Here at Wedding Ideas, we’ve outlined some of the reasons to fall in love with this boutique thatched cottage…

The decor

5 Reasons to Visit Greenside Cottage on Your Honeymoon

This 400-year-old hidden gem displays its original features proudly, from its exposed stone walls and beamed ceilings to its spectacular wood-burning stove.

But of course, this is not a love nest that could ever be described as ‘old fashioned’; stylish, contemporary touches can be discovered throughout, from underfloor heating to super-luxe beds and fabulously deep, plump sofa.

The dual-aspect living area is a cosy, light space that’s perfect for curling up in on an evening, lined with a gorgeous Persian rug and wide oak floorboards. In the daytime, cosy up in the armchair next to the window, where you can enjoy a cup of tea as you gaze across the verdant village green. So blissful!

The sleep space

5 Reasons to Visit Greenside Cottage on Your Honeymoon

Sleep is one thing you’ll get plenty of here, especially when you feel this relaxed. The cottage houses two spacious bedrooms, including a grand master bedroom with a vaulted beamed ceiling and beautiful views.

Doze peacefully in the king-sized ‘Margot’ bed, with its sumptuous pillow-top mattress that guarantees a wonderful night’s sleep.

Planning to bring a couple of guests? The second bedroom is just as delightful, with a wrought-iron double bed, ornate oak furniture and a striking beamed vaulted ceiling.

The kitchen

5 Reasons to Visit Greenside Cottage on Your Honeymoon

With its handmade terracotta tiled floor, rustic vintage Welsh dresser and Victorian dining table, you’ll feel truly at home in this relaxed, country-style kitchen.

We adore the solid wooden work surfaces and elegant blue cabinets, combined with the Smeg induction range cooker and all the modern equipment you need to rustle up tasty dishes.

The outdoor space

5 Reasons to Visit Greenside Cottage on Your Honeymoon

Summer days are simply glorious here; enjoy al fresco meals on the sunny terrace, where you’ll find a large table, benches and chairs, as well as a barbecue.

Better yet, because the cottage is dog-friendly, there’s more than enough space for your furry friends to burn off any energy, too. Here’s to kicking back in the sunshine with a G&T and a good book…

The surroundings

5 Reasons to Visit Greenside Cottage on Your Honeymoon

The Cotswolds is of course famed for its stunning scenery, and around the cottage you’ll find there’s plenty of beautiful ground to cover.

Take a stroll across the Cherwell Valley, where there’s numerous footpaths that are perfect for long romantic walks. Or why not head into Oxford for the day? There’s museums, shops and some fabulous market places, not to mention the iconic colleges.

Less than two hours from London, Greenside Cottage is also easily reachable by car and train. So, what are you waiting for? Book in your visit now…

From £777 for a long weekend or a mid-week break. Find out more about Greenside Cottage at boutique-retreats.co.uk[2]

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Should you Take Your Children on Honeymoon With you?

Your honeymoon should be time for you and your partner to relax together, but what do you do if you have children? Should you leave the kids at home or take them with you? We ask the experts…

deck chairs - Should you Take Your Children on Honeymoon With you?

Should you Take Your Children on Honeymoon With you?

If you have children, planning your honeymoon can be tricky. Should you enjoy your first holiday as newlyweds without the kids? Or should you make it into a family holiday? We asked expert life and confidence coach Michele Paradise.

It depends on several factors – the age of your children, your budget and where you plan to go on your honeymoon[1]. The first question to answer is: do you really want your children to go with you? There’s nothing worse than having sulky teenagers or bored toddlers in tow, especially for your first newlywed break. If you don’t sort out their activities and interests beforehand, none of you will have a good time!

You’re going to have to put their needs first before booking the destination. If they’re happy then you’ll have a great time, if not, forget it. You’ll spend most of your time entertaining them and not enjoying your very special trip. You need to find a location that suits everyone’s needs so you can enjoy that special time together with your whole family. That said, does it then no longer become a celebration of your marriage, just another family holiday?

Child with hat and moustache - Should you Take Your Children on Honeymoon With you?

This is a holiday to have some quality time between the two of you and to celebrate the next stage of your life together. Although some people say that if you are living with your partner beforehand, marriage doesn’t change things much, but it does. You’ve made a legal commitment to each other, so the honeymoon is even more important!

You wanted my advice, so here it is – leave the children at home, go off on a fabulous honeymoon to a location that you’ve never been to before and have a wonderful time. Sit back and relax with no worries or responsibilities and give yourselves a chance to reflect on your big day. Honeymoons[2] are what dreams are made of so be sure that you have some wonderful memories on those cold and wet days when you’re washing up for the third time, you’ll need them!

Couple holding child - Should you Take Your Children on Honeymoon With you?

Our Real Brides say…

“We’re doing both! We have three kids, so have decided to have a ‘minimoon’ for just us for a couple of nights straight after the wedding, and then a ‘familymoon’ a couple of months later with all five of us.” Hailey

“Our son was three when we married, so we had the choice between a very short honeymoon for just us, as I wouldn’t want to be away from him for long, or a good family holiday to enjoy together. The family holiday won us over and 15 other family members joined us on our honeymoon to Disney World Florida.” Jade-Louise

“It wouldn’t be a honeymoon with children there. There are lots of other times to go on a family vacation!” CJ

“My daughter is nearly 13 so she won’t want to holiday with us much longer – we’re making the most of her now! When she’s left home we can honeymoon every year!” Sara


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Money-saving Tips for Your Honeymoon

Want to save money on your honeymoon without sacrificing luxury? Deputy Content Editor of Secret Escapes, Emma McWhinney gives us her top money-saving tips for newlyweds.

Couple on beach - 6 Money-Saving Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Money-saving Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon should be an unforgettable experience. Don’t let your budget get in the way of planning your dream vacation. Check out these 6 savvy money-saving tips make your budget go further.

Currency Calculating

Check for weak currencies to help you get the best value for money while you’re away. While you’re planning your honeymoon look into which currencies offer you the most money for your pounds. Cashing in on changes in the exchange rate can make all the difference to the price of a quick bite to eat and a gourmet, five-course dinner.

Planning Ahead

Many couples put their honeymoon[1] on the back burner because they’re too wrapped up in planning their wedding. While some last minute deals can certainly help soothe the purse strings, it’s a myth that flash deals can only be booked a couple of days in advance. Head to online travel sites like Secret Escapes where you can book breaks up to a year in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute and risk settling for a destination and being disappointed.

Couple lying on hammock - 6 Money-Saving Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Added Extras

Booking a package holiday can keep the planning process stress free and can also save you a lot of money. If you want to take the stress of planning out of your honeymoon, why not book a package which is specially curated by experts to include the added extras you’d otherwise end up splurging on?

Many of Secret Escapes’ deals offer luxurious extras such as 3-course dinners, champagne on arrival, late check-outs, spa treatments and guided tours! What better way to celebrate your marriage than being treated like VIPs!

Mini-Moon to Honeymoon

If you’re getting married in peak holiday season, follow in the footsteps of celebrities and book a mini-moon. Book a long weekend or even a city break in one of the stunning destinations Europe has to offer, like the South of France or Italy.

You can save your honeymoon[2] for off-season dates to bag the best rates – plenty of destinations like the Caribbean islands boast year-long tropical climates. Choosing off peak dates allows you to honeymoon in style with the extra spending money you have saved.

Couple drinking cocktails - 6 Money-Saving Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Check the Calendar

Researching national holidays and events in specific destinations can keep costs down. Try and avoid busy times of the year such as school holidays or when local festivals are happening. At these times, hotels will raise their prices as they know that their rooms will be in high demand. You’ll also find by avoiding these peak times you’ll find getting reservations for top restaurants and bars much easier.

Don’t keep it a secret

Everybody loves a newlywed! Mentioning it’s your honeymoon really can open money-saving doors for you! Some hotels and airlines will give you added romantic extras such as complimentary champagne or chocolates. You may get really lucky and manage to get a free upgrade on your flights or hotel room (this isn’t a guarantee though!).


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The Most Luxury Honeymoons Around the World

Honeymoons are essentially the holiday of a lifetime, and if there was ever a time in your life to indulge, it’s now! You’ve already been swept off your feet, but there’s no reason why your honeymoon destination shouldn’t do the same. Honeymoon in style at one of these top luxury locations from around the world…

Island Honeymoon - 5 Unbelievable Luxury Honeymoons From Around the World

The Most Luxury Honeymoons Around the World

Your first holiday together as newlyweds should undoubtedly be a trip of a lifetime. If you’re looking to really spoil yourselves, then take a look at some of these stunning locations from around the world that you could be jetting off to after you’ve said your vows.

007 Superyacht Charter Through Asia

Ocean Emerald Yacht - 5 Unbelievable Luxury Honeymoons From Around the WorldThe Ocean Emerald is a contemporary floating masterpiece imagined by renowned architect, Norman Foster, in 2009. That same year master Italian shipyard, Rodriquez Yachts, painstakingly built the 41-meter superyacht that cruises the waters of Asia today. Foster wanted the world to be graced with a floating vessel that combined the latest yachting technology with superior living.

Ocean Emerald can sleep up to 12 guests, but why not have the ship to yourself and live your James Bond and Bond girl fantasies? A nine-strong crew, from captains to chefs, are able to make your honeymoon the experience of a lifetime as you depart from the Gulf of Thailand.

Newlyweds will be able to tailor their route to their own desires, taking in the stunning coastlines of culturally rich countries Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam. You are welcome to disembark the vessel at any of the ports en route and discover the wonders that await on dry land.

However, if you don’t wish to leave your marine bubble, hospitality abroad Ocean Emerald is highly personalised. Expert chefs can create unique menus to suit you and your partner’s tastes. If the breath-taking views, luxurious interiors, home cinema, and jacuzzi weren’t enough, you can take to the water with snorkelling equipment, kayaks, and jet skis.

Ocean Emerald is an enchanting opportunity for those preparing honeymoon[1] plans. It presents a chance to create a bespoke plan for just you and your loved one.

Breaking Waves with Horses in Jamaica

Beach Sunset - 5 Unbelievable Luxury Honeymoons From Around the World

The Half Moon resort in Jamaica is truly a jewel of the Caribbean. Its history spans back 60 years and it has undeniably earnt is status as one of the world’s most admired resorts. Dignitaries regularly frequent the white-washed beach villas, you’ll feel like you’re royalty in this honeymooner’s paradise.

The exquisite dining, opulent spa, and luxury facilities undoubtedly make Half Moon a second to none honeymoon resort. It also has its own horseriding facility, managed by international equestrienne, Trina DeLisser.

The 28 much-loved horses are available for couples to indulge in polo or hacking. When the sun sets, there is no better experience than riding your horse in the warm Caribbean waters. Guests can take in the vermillion skies, leaving a trail of horseshoe prints in the white sands behind them before entering the surf on horseback and relaxing in the tranquil waters.

Those considering a honeymoon in Jamaica may also like to be made aware that the Half Moon resort also offers intimate and grand weddings. There are entire bespoke packages that can be created for the perfect wedding and honeymoon experience.

Your Own Private Maldivian Island

Beach huts over sea - 5 Unbelievable Luxury Honeymoons From Around the World

The Maldives are home to numerous luxury resorts, but few come close to W Retreat & Spa on Fesdhoo Island. The island lies in the mesmerising waters of the Indian Ocean and is only accessible via seaplane. The resort combines contemporary living with unbelievable views and is home to 78 private suites which jut out into the ocean via wooden walkways on stilts.

Each apartment has a private pool or jacuzzi but the ocean is only a few steps away. Honeymooner’s visiting the W Retreat could really indulge and stay in the Extreme Wow Ocean Haven, which is championed as the most luxurious pad. The two-bedroomed ocean villa curves its way around a private lagoon and everything can be viewed through the floor-to-ceiling windows and doors.

There are three fantastic restaurants and six bars on site, offering a wide range of culinary experiences. The private dining option is ideal for newlyweds. Couples can simply choose their favourite spot on the island and the dedicated team will take care of the rest. Dining on the soft white sands as the Indian Ocean gently laps the shore; that is our idea of a blissful honeymoon[2].

Dine with Botticelli and Michelangelo in Florence

Florence skyline - 5 Unbelievable Luxury Honeymoons From Around the World

Italy has stolen the top spot from France as one of the most popular countries to propose in, but it can also make an incredible honeymoon destination. A stay in Florence at the incredible Hotel Savoy (part of the Rocco Forte Collection) is a perfect place to indulge in some of the finest hospitality that Italy has to offer. If you want to taste the finest Italian cuisine surrounded by the works of the great Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli, there is no better place.

The Uffizi Gallery, adjacent to the Piazza Della Signoria, is where you can dine with the masters. Guests of the Hotel Savoy have exceptional access to the celebrated museum, with dinner served under the watch of some of the most famous paintings in the world.

Couples also have the opportunity to walk the Vasari Corridor which connects the Palazzo Vecchio to the Palazzo Pitti. Secret tunnels that are also closed off to the public, such as clandestine passageway between the Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti can also be explored.

The Hotel Savoy itself sits on the Piazza de la Republica, in the heart of Florence. The concierge at the hotel is championed as one of the most attentive in the world, making the getaway limitless for honeymooners. With the landmark Duomo, River Arno, and Ponte Vecchio on your doorstep, Florence is the perfect couples escape for those wanting to be enveloped in a cornucopia of culture.

Find the Aquatic City in Dubai

Dubai Atlantis Complex - 5 Unbelievable Luxury Honeymoons From Around the World

The overwhelming Atlantis complex sits at the tip of the man-made Palm Island in Dubai. Granted, Dubai is not where you honeymoon if you want peace and tranquillity, but it is an exciting cosmopolitan location. The Atlantis complex plaza is huge, comprising of 1539 rooms, 23 restaurants, a spa, an aquarium, a water park, and a plethora of other activities and excursions.

Atlantis is unlike any other destination for honeymooners. The hotel has two luxury suites; nautically named Poseidon and Neptune. Both the lavish apartments have all the facilities a couple could dream of, and personal butler service.

The master bedrooms of each apartment are submerged in the Ambassador Lagoon – the 11 million litre capacity aquarium which is home to 65,000 marine animals, including sharks! Honeymooners can gaze from their bed or bath as if living under the sea and take in the exotic fish and mammals that call the vast aquarium home.


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6 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations to Visit in 2019

Escape the obvious with Exsus Travel[1]’s hand-picked luxury honeymoons, which offer more than just a regular fly and flop. Centred around experiences tailored to you and your partner, these are once-in-a-lifetime holidays; the kind that will turn into lifelong memories.

Croatia honeymoon

Romantic honeymoon destinations to visit in 2019

Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone – from a cloud forest retreat in Costa Rica and a sun-kissed getaway to Greece and Croatia, to a Zimbabwean safari and a super luxurious escape to the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Greece and Croatia

Greece honeymoon

Greece and Croatia[2] are a winning combination when it comes to honeymoons. Inspired by Mamma Mia, this trip takes you to the countries’ main hotspots: Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Korcula and Hvar.

Stay in a hotel built within reformed 17th-century houses carved into the cliffs in romantic Santorini, get a bird’s eye view of Dubrovnik’s red-roofed Old Town, and finish off in Croatia’s sunniest spot, Hvar, which boasts a glamorous yacht scene.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica honeymoon

Costa Rica’s[3] lush green jungle setting and pristine beaches might be just the place to start your new life together.

Go hiking in the Volcano Valley with a guide and see monkeys, sloths and frogs, stay at an eco-luxury retreat within 500 acres of tropical cloud forest, and get an authentic hacienda experience in the coffee region, finishing off on the immaculate Pacific coastline.


Iceland honeymoonCredit: Shutterstock

Some newlyweds dream of sun, sea and lazy days doing nothing, but we believe that trying new experiences together brings you closer. If adventure is what you’re after, look no further than the Land of Fire and Ice for a romantic mini-moon[4], with a healthy dose of wilderness adventure.

You’ll be surrounded by lava fields, gushing geysers and waterfalls. Moreover, you can also dive between tectonic plates and, weather permitting, see the Northern Lights. Catch your breath with a blissful dip in the Blue Lagoon.


Safari honeymoonCredit: Shutterstock

A Zimbabwe safari[5] is the ideal honeymoon for wildlife lovers wishing to get up close and personal with the Big Five. Start off in Hwange – the country’s biggest national park – where you can see lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffaloes.

Afterwards, head to Victoria Falls, which you can explore with a scenic helicopter ride. You can also go white-water rafting, try zip-lining, explore the Chobe National Park and have a romantic dining experience on board a steam train.

Fiji, California and Hong Kong

Fiji honeymoon

An idyllic holiday to Fiji, bookended by California and Hong Kong[6] is perfect for couples who just can’t narrow their destination down to one. Experience the blissful paradise setting of Fiji and stay in a traditional wooden bure, surrounded by crystalline blue waters.

The buzz of Santa Monica and vibrant Hong Kong add some action and adventure; a great contrast to a mellow and sublime island retreat.

Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Maldives honeymoon

Experience undiluted barefoot luxury in the Maldives[7], combined with a cultural trip to Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle and Kandy. Take in the archaeological sites of Anuradhapura, stay in a stilted hideaway above green wetlands and rice paddies with views of the Sigiriya rock fortress and stroll through the tea plantations of the Norwood Tea Estate.

The perfect end to an action-packed Sri Lankan escapade, the eco-friendly Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives offers a slice of paradise, with picture-perfect beaches, a wellness philosophy, an open-air jungle cinema and school of manta rays.

To find out more, visit exsus.com[8]

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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Honeymoon Ideas

It’s no secret that brides often have big dreams for their wedding day, but they don’t stop there. Honeymoons are ranking ever higher on couples’ wish lists, with dream destinations becoming deal breakers. We’ve got some honeymoon ideas to get you started.


12 Days of Wedding Planning: Honeymoon Ideas

You’d be forgiven for thinking that paradise islands are your only option. While these idyllic resorts are popular for good reason, the world really is your oyster and we’ve got lots more honeymoon ideas to share with you. And with honeymoons typically setting you back by thousands, you really do need to get your choice right.


The biggest factor when booking your honeymoon will be your budget – where can you afford to go? Will your honeymoon costs be covered by your overall wedding budget, will you save for it separately, or even ask for guests to contribute as their wedding presents to you?

If none of these options will give you the spending power you want, and you aren’t prepared to compromise on this trip of a lifetime, why not wait a little? Weddings are expensive, so take a minimoon somewhere closer to home after the wedding, then give yourselves a year or so to save before splashing out on that show-stopping trip.


While for many holidays you’ll book your flights and hotels yourself, it can be useful to have help for your honeymoon. That’s why lots of our real couples turn to tour operators and travel agents to create their ideal honeymoons for them. If you want to include lots of stops, tours or experiences, this can often make the planning process easier. The guides and agents will have all the inside knowledge and contacts you need to put your travel plans together seamlessly.

If you’re being careful with your budget, shop around and compare packages or book things separately yourself to make sure you get the most competitive prices.

Maldives huts honeymoon ideas Credit: Club Noonu, Maldives


For a cultural city break, take a short-haul trip to Europe. Visit just one chic city or grab your train tickets and go inter-railing. City sights, historical monuments and buzzing nightlife are all up for grabs.

Road trippers and backpackers should head for the United States, Australia or New Zealand. You’ll find plenty of vast and varied landscapes, cities and beaches to explore.

For nature-loving couples, your honeymoon presents the perfect occasion to embark on a sought-after safari, whether that’s across the African plains or through the rainforests of Borneo or South America.

Those paradise islands had to feature somewhere, so if it’s a beach holiday like no other that you’re looking for, book your flight and speedboat transfers to the Maldives, Seychelles or the Pacific Islands. White sand and turquoise waters beckon.

And for foodie couples? The world is your oyster on this one! Choose the cuisine you want to taste and then book your flights. But why limit the feasting to just one place when you could sample many? Map out a series of nearby destinations, then hop from one to the next to create a honeymoon that you really will savour.

Want Some More Honeymoon Ideas? 

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Win a luxurious minimoon in The Maldives

Angsana Velavaru Maldives

Soak up some honeymoon hospitality at the spectacular Angsana Velavaru private island resort

If you’re dreaming of a getaway that includes powder-soft white sands, turquoise waters, rich culture and the warm breeze of the Indian Ocean on your skin, we could help you on your way with four nights at this private Maldivian resort.

Imagine kicking back in your own beachfront villa, a charming suite that’s perfectly placed for padding down to the ocean or relaxing on your outdoor lounger, surrounded by swaying palm trees and tropical greenery. When you’re not soaking up the sun, there’s plenty of fun to be had on and around the island. Go fishing or diving, snorkel with whale sharks or join in some typical Maldivian culture at a dance show. 

Angsana Velavaru’s stunning signature spa is a sanctuary for the senses. Start your trip the right way, with a relaxing treatment designed to soothe both body and mind. [1]

Angsana Velavaru wedding pavilionSay your vows in the wedding pavilion

This fabulous prize also includes daily dining at the Kaani Restaurant – a beachfront buffet restaurant that offers a variety of international cuisines. Sit on the shores of the surfside wooden veranda and take in the incredible views, all the while enjoying a native spread of Maldivian delights.

There are a further three restaurants and bars to be explored, but for the ultimate in honeymoon romance, escape to a private island with your own champagne picnic or desert-island dinner, all of which can be arranged through the concierge. 

And if a post-wedding holiday to Velavaru – which means Turtle Island in Dhivehi – just isn’t enough, the resort is able to host weddings over its stunning waters, too. The dreamy dedicated wedding pavilion is the perfect spot for saying your vows underneath starlit skies.

One lucky couple will win:

• Four nights in a Beachfront Villa at Angsana Velavaru, including return seaplane transfers from Velana International Airport
• Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Kaani Restaurant
• Two 60-minute spa treatments (one per person)

To be in with a chance of winning, enter your details below. Good luck!

Terms and conditions. Subject to availability. Blackout dates apply: 1 December – 1 February. This prize does not include international flights.

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Win a honeymoon to the Dominican Republic

Dreams Resort Dominica La Romana beach

Here’s your chance to jet off on a sun-soaked Caribbean holiday to a Dreams Resort & Spa

Does a laidback beach holiday with everything from limitless cocktails to 24-hour room service included sound like heaven? Look no further than Dreams Resorts & Spas in the Dominican Republic. With three stunning resorts nestled amongst the finest beaches in the region, there is something to suit every newlywed couple. [1]

The palm-studded paradise of Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana offers honeymooners the perfect mix of relaxation and romance. The Preferred Club section boasts an adults-only lounge and pool, while the Bordeaux restaurant caters only to adults. 

Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa is a haven for active newlyweds, with offerings such as bike riding, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkelling and a casino for when the sun sets. Set on a beachfront in Bayahibe, Dreams Dominicus La Romana is a pristine spot from which to explore. Lounge by one of the three pools or indulge in the hydrotherapy spa.

More than just a honeymoon destination, Dreams Resorts & Spas are also an idyllic spot to say your vows. Weddings include the Unlimited-Luxury® experience and a range of packages. When it comes to your big day, nothing is too much.  

Dreams Resort Dominica pool

One lucky couple will win seven nights at a Dreams Resort & Spa of their choice. The trip will feature Unlimited-Luxury®, which includes:

• Unlimited access to gourmet à la carte dining options
• Unlimited international and local spirits
• Unlimited natural fruit juices and soft drinks
• 24-hour room service and concierge
• Pool and beach waiter service
• Daily refreshed mini bar with soft drinks, juice, bottled water and beer
• Daily maid service
• Daytime activities and nightly entertainment
• Free wifi
• All taxes and gratuities included

The winning newlyweds will also get to experience the dedicated honeymoon package, which includes fresh fruit and sparkling wine on arrival, special turn-down service, breakfast in bed with mimosas and 15 per cent off all spa treatments. 

To be in with a chance, enter your details below. Good luck!

Terms and conditions: Subject to availability; please advise booking request as early as possible with at least one alternative date in case the original date is unavailable. If the hotel required is unavailable at the time of booking, other alternatives will be offered. Room level subject to availability. Honeymoon package is only applicable to couples staying within three months of their wedding date or over their anniversary date. The couple will be required to present a copy of their wedding certificate at the time of check-in. Blackout dates apply, including Easter, Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, Christmas and New Year. Transfers and flights are not included.

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Best Christmas Markets in Europe for 2018

Wedding Ideas highlights the best Christmas markets in Europe for 2018, including where to go, what to buy and where to stay this December…

Best Christmas Markets

Best Christmas Markets in Europe for 2018

Berlin Christmas Market

Berlin Christmas marketBerlin Christmas market

Like timekeeping and pretzels, celebrating the festive season is something Germany excels at. So where better to go for seasonal feel-good vibes than the capital’s famous Christmas market?

From the end of November, the air’s thick with the scent of mulled wine and fresh waffles, and honeymooners will be spoilt for choice when it comes to Christkindlmarkt.

Where to Stay in Berlin

Just a stone’s throw from the major sights, the Regent Berlin has the added bonus of overlooking the legendary Weihnachtszauber market.

And with jaw-dropping chandeliers and oil paintings throughout, the hotel has an appropriately romantic feel.

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Paris Christmas Market

The streets of Paris are always filled with sparkling lights and bright decorations at this time of year, as the French capital plays host to several Christmas markets throughout the festive season.

Head to Jardin des Tuileries this December, where rows upon rows of wooden huts will be serving up mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and delicious helpings of sausages and cheese. There’s plenty of stalls for arts and crafts, regional food specialities and handmade gifts, too.

Where to Stay in Paris

Stay in the centre of the Christmas festivities at the four-star Meliá París La Défense[2]. The hotel’s impressive rooftop bar provides incredible views over the market, stretching to the Eiffel Tower and beyond.

Vienna Christmas Market

Best Christmas Markets Vienna

Expect to find a huge array of delectable treats and seasonal gifts at Vienna’s Advent Markets, with most opening their doors at the start of December through to Boxing Day.

For a traditional market experience, check out Christmas Village Maria-Theresien Platz, situated between the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art, where you’ll find a vast range of culinary delights and decorated market stalls.

Where to Stay in Vienna

Stay at the outstanding five-star Melia Vienna[3], located in the city’s tallest skyscraper designed by the prestigious architect Dominique Perrault, affording guests with unrivalled views of Vienna’s Christmas lights. It’s prime location allows spectacular views of the city and Danube River at Christmas.

Ghent Christmas Market

Best Christmas Markets Ghent

This increasingly Instagram-worthy Belgian hotspot comes into its own in December with a winter-wonderland makeover.

The Stadshal plays host to an impressive ice-skating rink, while retail therapy’s on offer at the BoterMarkt’s wooden huts. By night, ride the ferris wheel in front of St Bavo’s Cathedral for twinkling views of the city.

Where to Stay in Ghent

Located in the top floors of the city’s historic post office building, 1898 The Post offers guests the best views of Ghent. Newlyweds should book the octagonal Tower Suite high in the medieval turret.

Zurich Christmas Market

Best Christmas Markets Zurich

As November closes, Zurich comes alive with the sounds, lights and smells of Christmas markets. There are many to choose from in this Swiss city, including the train station’s festive fair – the largest in Europe.

For something a bit different, try Wienachtsdorf, with its upcycled gifts and ice rink, or Wiehnachtsmart, which is home to a ‘singing’ Christmas tree.

Where to Stay in Zurich

Renowned for its grand charm, Baur au Lac is an ideal base for exploring Zurich, as well as a handy stopover if you also plan to spend time on the slopes. Treat yourselves to Michelin-starred dining at its Pavillon restaurant.

Helsinki Christmas Market

Best Christmas Markets Helsinki Credit: Jussi Hellsten

Much like its Scandinavian counterparts, the Finnish capital is at its loveliest in winter; adorned in fairylights and perfumed with glögi, a spiced wine with almonds, raisins and an (optional) dash of vodka.

Soak up the atmosphere at the city’s 120-stall market and traditional Lucia Day processions; all olde-worlde touches that add to this destination’s romance.

Where to Stay in Helsinki

Continue the past-times theme with a stay at Katajanokka, a characterful converted prison with modern guest rooms that bely its former use.

Bath Christmas Market

Best Christmas Markets Bath

With its swoonsome Georgian architecture, this closer-to-home city is even more winsome come wintertime, when the quaint streets between the Bath Abbey and Roman Baths are transformed into a festive fantasy.

Get your skates on at Bath on Ice, before indulging in cocoa – or something a little stronger – at Abbey Hotel’s Après-Ski Bar or The Bird’s Winter Wonderland.

Where to Stay in Bath

Tucked away in the old town, Eight[4] is a boutique hotel with eight bedrooms and eight (there’s a running theme here) seasonal dishes.


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