What type of hen are you?

Before the wedding celebrations comes the hen party celebrations! Are you a raucous hen, or a relaxed hen? Find out which kind of hen party suits you best from our list below.

hen party


If your idea of a great hen party is full of pink sashes, penis paraphernalia, and a whole lot of drinking, a big night out is the one for you. The locals better watch out. You guys are party animals, so what are you waiting for? Get all glammed out and paint the town red… or pink! Be sure to check out these hen party supplies first. [1]


Fancy heading overseas to celebrate your last days of freedom? It will be a different experience for you and your hens, as well as a well-deserved break from wedding planning. It can be fun and relaxing in equal measure. So, get searching, booking and sunning yourself.

Summer hen party


Perhaps you’re not into a having a big night out, or want to avoid that dreaded hangover. Why not book in for a stay at a nice hotel for a chic city break with you and your best girls? Whether you’re keeping it in the UK or heading abroad to the European cities, there will be a ton of things for you to do!


If you think of yourself as a dancing goddess, how about a dance class for your hen do? You could even arrange a little something for the wedding day itself. Or, keep it a little more private with a pole dancing class. We’re sure your groom might like the sound of that hen party. If that sounds up your street you should check out LoveSpin[2]!


For the hens that prefer not to be the ones in the limelight, heading to a show of some sort is a great idea. It could be a play or musical the bride-to-be has always loved or always wanted to see or it could be something a little more silly. How about a comedy show? A little visit to see The Dream Boys[3] is always bound to get a few giggles.


For those brides who just want to forget ‘planning’ for a little bit. Book a spa package, it’s the perfect excuse to put the stress in someone else’s hands – literally. A massage can do you the world of good, and you may as well make a day of it so you’re ready to crack on with that wedding planning at the end of it. Hen Heaven[4] has lots of choices for Spa Weekend packages – go on, you know you want to.

spa break


If you’re feeling like you want to be ever-so-traditional for your hen party, book you and your gals in for a posh afternoon tea or Tea Party[5]. If tea won’t quite hit the spot with you, opt for the champagne option too. Besides, it’s only going to take up your ‘afternoon’ isn’t it? Who says you can’t have a few more bevvies after you’ve scoffed the scones?


There are so many options if you’re looking to get a bit of an adrenaline rush to celebrate your last few days as a single lady. Have you had a look at Chillisauce[6]? They can certainly help any adventurous brides-to-be out there find the perfect activity for their hen party. From abseiling to zorb football, bobsledding to watersports – the list is endless! You could really up the ante with some competitive go-karting.

hen party


Sometimes there’s really nothing better than a chilled night in with your favourite friends, a few glasses of wine and a delicious box of Chinese takeaway. However, sometimes that group chat on Whatsapp can get a bit much when it comes to organising something. The dilemmas and repeated conversations of who’s bringing the crisps, who’s bringing the DVDs. Does that sound familiar? This is where UK Girl Thing can help out with their Ultimate Girls Night In[7]!


Finally, for those who want something a little different. Does the sound of hen party ring ‘same old’ to you? You’ll probably want something a little bit different then; something you’ve never heard done before. Why not put your skills to the test and do something like a murder mystery, life drawing or perfume making?

This way, you’ll get something to remember it by at the end of it, unlike the lack of memory and a hangover of a night out. Alternatively, hire a barman or chef or enrol in a cocktail making class.

hen party ideas


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Hen weekend ideas for the super stylish bride

As wedding season approaches and many of us are struck by wedding fever, those chosen few bridesmaids need to start planning. If you have been tasked with organising a luxury hen party, look no further! Red7[1] offer their top tips on planning a celebration fit for the most stylish of bridal parties, with these top hen weekend ideas.


8 top hen weekend ideas

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz


When it comes to luxury, Afternoon Tea[2] at the Ritz is an obvious choice. Served in the spectacular Palm Court, hens can tuck into finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and a range of delicate pastries. All this erved alongside a selection of teas, or a glass of bubbles.

Countryside retreat


For those looking to enjoy the English countryside in style, a Punting tour[3] whilst sipping champagne in beautiful Cambridge, is sure to be a hit.

Pampering in Rural Ibiza

For hen’s who prefer a healthy retreat, the beautiful surroundings of a luxury day spa[4] set in the Ibiza countryside is a perfect choice. Hens can enjoy 5-star pampering in an oasis of tranquillity with enticing aromas and the calming sounds of waterfalls.

Parisian Wine tasting


If sipping on champagne is a key part of the celebrations, then there’s no better place to sample the fizzy delights than in its country of origin. Queue a trip to Paris for champagne tasting. In the heart of a stylish district in Paris, your group can exude elegance whilst sampling the finest champagne France has to offer in a Parisian Wine Tasting Session[5].

English Spa

Suitable for all ages and tastes, a luxury spa weekend a little closer to home will be a popular option. A pamper day at The Grange[6], the 5-star hotel set within a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral is a great option. Offering all the pampering a stylish bride and her hens need plus access to the spa’s amazing facilities and a treatment of choice.

Luxury Barcelona Yacht

If a sun-soaked break is on the agenda, then chartering one of the private yachts[7] in Barcelona’s beautiful harbour is certainly your style. There’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials than by sipping champagne aboard a luxury yacht.

Create your scent


For something different, creating a unique scent in a Perfume Making[8] class could be just the thing. Using the finest ingredients from around the world you cnan make your own elixer. Ingredients include night-time jasmine from Africa, spices from The Orient and vanilla from Southern France. Once the scents are bottled and named, a celebratory glass of bubbles is next on the list.

Private Pool Villa


Relaxing in the sun is a must for many hen parties and Marbella offers a host of luxurious activities. Staying in a private Villa[9] which can accommodate the whole party. Plus, when it’s boasting a private garden and pool it will no doubt be the perfect setting for relaxation and group bonding!

Whether you’re partying or pampering, Red 7[10] has got your Hen do[11] experiences covered. Plus, Red 7[12] can also help out with the Groom’s party Stag do.


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The Best hen Party Decorations 2018

Throw your bride and bestie the hen party of a lifetime with our selection of the best hen party decorations that don’t cost the earth. We’re not talking the classic penis paraphernalia, but the cleaner and classier pieces that are photo album appropriate.

party table The Best hen Party Decorations

When it comes to throwing the perfect hen party, you need to plan well in advance, Will there be a hen party theme? A colour scheme maybe? Thankfully, achieving hen party decor is no longer an arduous task. We’ve rounded up our favourites and the most affordable prices for you to create a perfect DIY hen party.

The Best hen Party Decorations


Whilst a balloon arch is the dream, it’s not always easily achievable on your own. But that’s not to say you should give up on balloons. Why not create a simple, graduated balloon line with varied lengths of fish wire held down by balloon weights?

If you’re having a dinner party, why not tie a balloon to each chair in keeping with the colour scheme?

balloons-hen-party-decorations hen-party-decorations-balloons

Buy some of these great marble balloons here[1]

If you want some typical hen party balloons, then you can’t miss the standard ring and ‘Bride’ balloons.

engagement ring hen party decorations bride balloons hen party decorations

Buy the ring here and the bride balloons here[2][3]

Wall decorations

If you’ve got a venue that will allow you to go all out with the decorations, take the opportunity to dress the walls. Don’t hold back, bare walls are sad walls.

Rose gold tassel garland:[4]

tassel garlancehen party decorations

Why not use a fringe curtain[5] as a backdrop?

hen party fringe curtain

hen party decorations classy

classy hen party decorations Buy this here[6]

Table decorations

Add a little sparkle to your table setting with these table scatters.

hen party decorations funny

hen party table deocrations hen party table decorations

Buy the gold star table scatter[7] here and the silver star table[8] scatter here.

Use some glass charms to ensure everyone knows who’s drink is who’s whilst staying on-theme.

classy hen party decorations Buy these here[9] hen party wine glass charms Buy these from Matalan here[10]

Or stick with some generic but pretty salutations such as these:

classy hen party decorations Buy these here[11]

Table settings

Get your stations ready. We’re talking cake stations, photo booth stations and drinks stations- of course. However, these stations are not complete without the right hen party accessories.

hen party decorations Buy these food picks here

Hen party decorations aren’t complete without photo props. If you’ve dressed the walls, you’ve already got the perfect backdrop, now throw in these photobooth props and you’ve got the photos nailed.

ginger ray hen party decorations

Set up the best bubbly or mimosa bar to kick off the hen party festivities.

hen party bubbly barBuy this garland here[12]

Pimp your prosecco with popables and shimmer:

bubbly bar supplies hen party decorationsBuy these here[13]

Hanging decorations

When the games double as decorations: Hen party pinatas! [14]

classy hen party decorations Buy this Pinata here[15]

White and rose gold paper fans from Ginger Ray [16]

hanging paper fans hen party decorations Buy these paper fans here[17]

Then, all that’s left is to have all the fun!


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The Newlywed’s Quiz: Are You On The Road To Marital Bliss?

It’s time to find out whether you’re on the road to marital bliss: Put your new marriage to the test with our newlywed’s quiz… you might just be surprised!

Take a peek at the 10 things that change after tying the knot[1] (number three might surprise you!) and these 7 struggles[2] that only married couples understand.

Firstly, pick from our selection of questions in our newlywed quiz below to really put your other half under the spotlight. What happens after is out of our hands…

Newlywed Questions

Who chose your honeymoon destination[3]?

What did your spouse get you for your first valentines as a married couple?

What is the traditional gift for your first wedding anniversary[4]?

What did your spouse gift you on your wedding day?

What is their idea of a perfect date?

Did anything change after you got married?

Personal Questions

What is their worst habit?

What is your partner’s worst habit?

What is their must-have desert island item?

What would be their death row meal[5]?

What is your spouse’s blood type?

When and where was your first kiss?

Who is the sore loser in your relationship?

If your house was on fire, what three things would your other half save?

What did you do for your first date?

What size shoe does your spouse wear?

What is their favourite colour?

What was the name of the school your husband/ wife went to?

What is the name of “your” song?

Who is the better cook?

Awkward Questions

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

Who is the life and soul of the party?

Who is the better dancer of the two of you?

Who usually wins the arguments?

Have you ever met your spouse’s ex?

Have you ever stalked your other half’s ex?

Who is your partner’s celebrity crush?

If you could change one thing about your spouse, what would it be and why?

Enjoying our newlywed’s quiz? Read more:

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Mr & Mrs Quiz: Mr and Mrs questions to put your bride and groom to the test

mr-and-mrs-questions-quizCredit: iStock

Any maid of honour or bridesmaid[1] knows that no hen party is complete without the iconic Mr & Mrs quiz. Here’s all the Mr and Mrs questions and couples trivia you need to put your bride or groom to the test…

The Mr & Mrs quiz is a staple hen party drinking game where the bride will have to drink a shot every time she gets a question about her groom wrong. And for every right answer she gets, the hens all have to take a shot…

How to play the Mr & Mrs game

The rules of the Mr & Mrs quiz[2] are simple. All you have to do is choose around 20-25 questions about the bride and groom, their likes as well as dislikes, and ask them to the husband-to-be.

You can even record the groom answering the questions and play it back after the bride has answered to see if she’s correct – this makes the couples trivia game at the hen more interesting and personal.

The aim of the Mr & Mrs game is to ultimately to see how well the bride and groom know each other and match as many answers up as possible!

Just remember, it’s important that the questions you choose aren’t too serious, or too difficult. Make sure to also know your audience and be mindful when picking the questions or making up your own – the last thing you want is the bride feeling uncomfortable on her hen night[3] especially if her family or mum-in-law to be are attending.


Mr and Mrs Questions

From relationship firsts and funny Mr and Mrs questions to their likes and dislikes as well as naughty sex questions for the bride-to-be, here’s a list of the best Mr and Mrs questions which you can adapt to your best friend’s hen…

Most popular Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions

What is his/her favourite colour?

What is his/her favourite movie?

What is his/her favourite meal?

What is his/her favourite animal?

Does he/she prefer cats or dogs?

What is his/her number one fear?

What is his/her favourite achievement?

What is his/her favourite shop?

What is his/her favourite place in the world?

What three items would he/she choose to take to a deserted island?

Describe his/her ideal date night with you?

When is your partner at their happiest?

What was the best gift he ever gave you (excluding the ring)?

Mr & Mrs Relationship Firsts

What were your first impressions of each other?

Where did you go on your first date?

Where was your first kiss?

How many dates did you have before having sex?

Who said ‘I love you’ first?

What was the first meal they cooked for you?

What was the first movie you saw together?

What was the first trip you took together?

What were his exact words when he proposed to you?

Mr & Mrs Relationship Insider

What’s your couple song?

Who is his/her celebrity crush?

What colour eyes does he/she have?

What is his/her most annoying habit?

What would they say is your most annoying habit?

What do you two argue about the most?

Who would you say is the boss in the relationship?

Who would they say is the boss in the relationship?

Who gets angry the most?

Who is the most attractive?

If your partner was an animal, what animal would they be?

Funny Mr & Mrs Questions

Who is the funniest in the relationship?

What is his/her most embarrassing moment?

Who takes longer to get ready?

Who is the tidiest?

Who is the better cook?

Who takes up the most room in bed?

Who has the best taste?

Who is the smartest?

Who drives better?

Who is the best dancer?

If he/she could only eat one food for the rest of his/her life what would it be?

Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions

What is his/her pet name[4]?

What is his/her pet name for you?

What is your favourite part of his/her body?

What is their favourite part of your body?

What is his/her favourite sex position?

Where is the strangest place you both had sex together?

What is his/her guilty pleasure?Is he a bum or boob guy?

Who gets horny the most?

Who orgasms quickest?

couples questions


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The Mr and Mrs Quiz: Just how well do you Know Each Other?

Welcome to our favourite hen party game, the Mr & Mrs quiz! Back in the 1970s, there was a TV game show called ‘Mr and Mrs’. On here the contestants were asked challenging and funny questions about their partner. The result was hilarious and cringe-worthy moments in equal measure.

It’s the ultimate couples trivia game and it got us thinking – how well do you know your other half? So just for fun, we’ve made a Mr & Mrs Quiz especially for you.


The Mr and Mrs Quiz: Just how well do you Know Each Other?

We have a range of questions from hilarious to downright awkward so choose them carefully. You can download our printable copies for your hen party. Alternatively, you could challenge your other half on your wedding day in front of all the family.

All we say is, let the games begin.

The Mr and Mrs Quiz: Just how well do you Know Each Other?

  • What’s the one thing, apart from you, that he’d save in a fire?

  • His job, his friends, his hobbies and you – put them in order of priority!

  • What would he say is most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

  • What’s the name of his favourite celebrity crush?

  • What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

  • What would he say is your most annoying habit?

  • What would you say is his most annoying habit?

  • What’s his favourite sexual position?

  • Who’s got a higher libido, you or him?

  • Who would play him in a movie of his life?

  • What’s his favourite part of your body?

  • What’s your favourite part of his body?

  • Where does your husband to be want to go on honeymoon?

  • How many children does he want?

  • What year did you get together?

  • After how many dates did you sleep together?

  • How do you like to fall asleep? Cuddling or apart?

  • Would you trust him to choose your wedding dress?

  • How many times did he take his driving test?

  • What’s his favourite meal?

  • What’s his special name for you?

  • Would you rather spend an evening out with his parents or your parents?

  • What’s his favourite song? And what would he say your favourite song is?

  • What’s the first movie you ever saw together?

  • What’s his favourite time of year?

  • What were his exact words when he proposed?

The Mr and Mrs Quiz: Just how well do you Know Each Other?


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Review: Ginza Onodera, London

Ginza OnoderaGinza Onodera, London

In search of an alternative hen do experience? Maxine Briggs experiences the very best of Japanese fine dining at Ginza Onodera, St James’s, London

Ginza Onodera is located in an upmarket part of London in St James’s, but the signage is discreet and you’d miss the entrance if you were not looking. But it is definitely worthwhile seeking out this export from the bustling stress of Tokyo.

The bar area is glamorously lit, with low-slung lampshades and slick Japanese-style stools complete with a friendly and very knowledgeable barman Gergo, who can mix a mean cocktail. I tried the Panacea; sake, elderflower, gin and apricot palinka, it’s exquisite and unusual – THE perfect combo for a cocktail!

Ginza Onodera, LondonGinza Onodera, London

After enjoying several Panacea, (my friend was running late, so why not?) we descended the stairs to the restaurant. Again, this was a beautifully lit, intimate space, with wooden partitions and a polished concrete floor, creating a modern take on traditional Japanese minimalism.

READ MORE: Review – Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa[1]

There was a party sat at the sashimi bar enjoying the culinary artistry of the chefs with everything sliced, diced and wrapped in front of the guests. This would make a fun experience for a glamorous hen or stag party perhaps or if you want to ramp up the glam a notch there are private dining rooms with a dedicated chef.

But, we dined in the main part of the restaurant and indulged in the whole menu, trying dishes from sashimi, to delicious teppan-yaki to the Robata (similar to barbecue). The stand-out faves were the black cod, creamy and unctuous, marbled tuna that was so fresh it tasted of the sea and the lightest tempura, so light it just melted in the mouth.

Ginza Onodera, LondonGinza Onodera, London

You can travel the length and breadth of Japan via Ginza’s extensive Sake list with a 450-strong menu. Head sommelier Jamie is on hand to guide you through delicious pairings with your food, from chilled sake to warmed sake that tasted nutty and had depth like a light whiskey, but the star of the night was definitely the sparkling Sake – something I had tried, which was perfect to round off an indulgent evening.

READ MORE: London’s best afternoon teas[2]

Japanese fine dining is renowned for ingredients of exceptional quality and exquisite attention-to-detail but you don’t need to go to Tokyo.

Average spend per head, £150

Extra pecking for hens…

Recently launched is Onodera Ochakai, an afternoon tea inspired by a traditional Japanese tea party. A delectable table laden with sweet and savoury petit fours and Japanese small plates such as sushi spider rolls, Wagyu beef mini sliders, Kinako blancmange and chocolate gateau served with matcha sauce.

Prices start from £35 per person for tea with cocktails or £38 with fizz (bottomless fizz, £70 per person).

To find out more, visit onodera-group.com[3]

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There’s now a Great British Bake Off hen do experience

Bake with a LegendBake with a Legend

Do you know a bride-to-be who has the baking bug? This Great British Bake Off hen party experience has certainly got our tummies rumbling…

It’s that time of year when the whole nation gets completely hooked on genoise sponge and croquembouche, as The Great British Bake Off dominates our screens once again.

And to celebrate the show’s ninth season, Hen Heaven[1] is now offering brides-to-be the chance to meet and bake with former GBBO contestants as part of an exciting hen do experience.

READ MORE: Wedding cakes inspired by The Great British Bake Off[2]

Bake with a Legend is a three-hour lesson where you’ll be given demonstrations, learn tips and tricks, and have a go at creating your very own batch of baked delights. If you impress, you could be the lucky hen walking away with a prize at the end.

Former contestants who will be providing their expert guidance include Glen Cosby and Howard Middleton from the 2013 series (who could forget the famous ‘custard gate’?), plus 2016 finalists Jane Beedle and Andrew Smyth.

Of course, no hen do would be complete without some prosecco, so each hen will receive a sparkling glass of bubbly as you watch your baking legend whip up some delicious bites. There will also be opportunities to chat with your star baker and ask them questions about their time on the show.

All the essentials you need for your experience will be provided, including equipment and ingredients, and better yet, you’ll even get boxes for leftovers. What a treat!

READ MORE: Brits spend an average of £988 on stag and hen dos abroad[3]

To find out more, visit: henheaven.co.uk[4]

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Free hen party games to print off and play now

On the hunt for hen party ideas? Find the best hen do ideas for your personalities with this ultimate guide and plan the perfect party in minutes!Credit: Bubblegum Balloons

Break the ice at your hen party and get everyone chatting with these fun (and free) hen party games…

Wedding season is truly here and ahead of the big day many hen parties will be taking place across the country. From a night out on the town to a relaxing break away, a hen do can quickly add up, so keep the cost down with these free hen party games to print off and play now…

Mr & Mrs Quiz

Hen party games Mr & Mrs Quiz

READ MORE: The Mr & Mrs Quiz – How well do you know each other?[1]

Bridal Bingo

hen party games bridal bingo

Mr & Mrs Friends Quiz

Hen Party Games Hens Bridesmaids Friends Quiz

DIY Bridal Bingo


A special message to the bride and groom…


And if you’re finding planning a hen do all too expensive, here are some cheap hen party ideas…

Afternoon tea hen party

One option is afternoon tea[2] and you can save money by throwing it yourself and getting the bridesmaids to bake all the cakes. And if the weather is nice why not host the hen party in the garden? This way you can laugh as loud as you want and enjoy the hen to the full as it will be completely run on your schedule.

Hen party sleepover

Why not have an adult sleepover and release your inner child by watching your favourite romantic comedies? You can talk about past boyfriends, your husband-to-be and play hen party games, while enjoying traditional sleepover snacks and a cheeky cocktail or two…


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The rise of the ‘sten’ do: Top tips for the perfect combined stag and hen

Men and women on beach sten doCredit: iStock

Brides and grooms are forgoing the traditional seperate hen[1] and stag[2] dos in favour of a more integrated pre-wedding celebration – the combined stag and hen – the ‘sten’ do…

What is a sten?

The sten do is the latest trend for betrothed couples. It is essentially a joint celebration between the bride and groom, in which they bring together their pals for one big event rather than two separate ones. It’s also known as a ‘hag’ do.

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Why are stens becoming so popular?

Group travel specialist and bespoke ‘sten party’ planners Red7[4] has reported a 200% increase in requests for this type of event in the last two years. Many couples are in one big friendship group anyway, so they may well want to spend some time together rather than split up because tradition dictates they must.

What should we do for a sten do?

It goes without saying that you should base your sten around your passions as a couple – whether that’s food, travel or partying! When you’ve got double the number of guests, it can be tricky to please everyone, so stick with what you’d like to do and those who don’t want to come don’t have to.

Weekends away are a great option; rent out a huge home somewhere fabulous – from a country pile in the Scottish Highlands to a villa on an Ibizan hilltop – and with so many guests to split the bill with, it won’t end up as expensive as you first thought.

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What themes work for a sten do?

Whether it’s an old Skool ‘Team Bride Vs Team Groom’ theme, an ‘Only Way is Marbs’, ‘Glitter-Festival Chic’ or even a ‘Noughties Ibiza Club Weekend’, an imaginative theme which works for the location helps bond the group and will help turn the event into a fabulous party you’ll remember for years to come.

You can always do your own thing too!

Sure, you’re all on one big holiday together, but you can spend some time apart too. Split up for certain activities that might divide opinion – if the boys want a round of golf but you’d rather some time at the spa, arrange it!

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