Beauty Edit: This Week’s Best Beauty Products

It amazes even us just how many new beauty releases there are each week and they only seem to be getting better. We’re all for better research and better results when it comes to skincare, haircare and makeup. We’ve rounded up the best beauty products that caught our attention this week.

Beauty Edit: This Week’s Best Beauty Products

Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask, £55[1]

It’s a chunk tube with a thin nozzle, perfect for directing straight onto your hairline. The easy application leaves you to just massage the clay into your scalp and leave it to work its magic. Applied on dry hair before shampooing the clay product is also formulated with salicylic acid to exfoliate the hair bed. Just make sure when you follow with your shampoo, you really work the roots to remove all residue.

tube of omorovicza scalp maskBuy this scalp mask here[2]

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, £31[3]

Moringa is a Vitamin C -dense superfood that packs a greater level of the popular vitamin than oranges. Emma Hardie has harnessed the power of this superfood in her hot cloth cleansing balm to great effect. After one use of this luxurious balm we found skin felt spotless, fresh and soft to touch. Used with a microfibre hot cloth, it’s almost like giving yourself a spa treatment at home. We’re sold.

Bjork & Berries Cleansing Gel Formula, £18 [4]

A Nordic beauty brand we have instantly come to love. The cleansing gel has a delicate, pine fresh fragrance and cleanses beautifully, removing makeup with ease. Thanks to the pink clay, which colours the product beautifully, it gently lifts impurities and leaves skin feeling suitable clean.

bottle of Bjork and berries cleansing gel new beauty products Buy Bjork & Berries here[5]

Hotel Chocolat Coffee Body Scrub, £16[6]

Hotel Chocolat has branched out from serving up their mouth-watering chocolate delicacies and ventured into the world of beauty. It makes sense, the cocoa plantation in St Lucia has everything readily available to them. We’ve tried their mists and body lotions but this week we’re enjoying the invigorating coffee body scrub. Pumped with caffeine it exfoliates and lifts flaky, dull skin (particularly well around the elbows) whilst the almond oil and cocoa butter work to prevent it drying out your skin.

coffee cup of coffee body scrubBuy this scrub here[7]

UpCircle Face Serum, £14.99[8]

UpCircle is a brand with a conscience, using repurposed materials to create their products. Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth? We’re into it. The face serum is super greasy buy its staying power and hydrating power impressed us no end. A couple drops of this across your face in the evening – a little while before bed so it can soak in and work its magic- works a charm.

bottle and box of upchircle face serumBuy this serum here[9]


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Beauty Edit: The Best Vegan Beauty Products

Veganism is on the rise and it’s expanding into all fields, including beauty. Who knew animal-derived products were in so many of our beauty buys? That said, there’s a multitude of vegan beauty products available to buy and all equally as good, if not better, than your everyday products.

makeup artist's brush collection best vegan beauty

Beauty Edit: The Best Vegan Beauty Products

Best Vegan Makeup

Charlotte Tilbury has a huge selection of vegan-friendly makeup, including this Rock ‘n’ Kohl eyeliner[1]. Super-soft texture for easy application, easily blendable with deep pigment, true to shade.

rock 'n' kohl Charlotte tilbury eyeliner vegan beauty productsBuy this eyeliner here[2]

e.l.f’s beauty range is all vegan-friendly, including this Nude Rose Gold eyeshadow palette… [3]

Nde rose gold elf eyeshadow palette - best vegan beauty buys Buy this palette here[4]

…As well as this Flawless Finish Foundation, [5]which offers good, lightweight coverage for a natural finish.

elf flawless finish foundation best vegan beauty products Buy this foundation here[6]

Bare Minerals is also in on the action with numerous products, including this BarePro Performance wear foundation powder[7]. The powder provides a lightweight, even coverage and banishes shine.

bare minerals powder foundation best vegan beautyBuy this powder here[8]

Too Faced’s Diamond Highlighter[9] is highly pigmented to make your cheekbones pop and suitably vegan.

too faced diamond highlighter best vegan beauty productsBuy this highlighter here[10]

Best Vegan Haircare

Olaplex shampoo[11] and conditioner[12] are both vegan and work perfectly in conjunction with the No.3 Bond perfector, should you happen to have had an Olaplex treatment.

Maria Nila’s vegan shampoo[13] and conditioner[14]. It smells amazing, a scent which leaves hair smelling glorious all day.

bottles of Maria nila shampoo and conditioner best vegan beauty productsBuy the shampoo here[15]

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Popular makeup brand Zoeva, has a lovely bamboo brush collection,[16] which is all vegan. They are soft and gentle, we particularly love this face definer.

Buy the brush set here[17]

The Body Shop’s vegan makeup brush [18]collection has a large variety of super-soft bristles to choose from.

selection of body shop makeup brushes for the best vegan beauty products


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Should you get an Olaplex Treatment?

Having Perfect, healthy hair on your wedding day is what all brides aspire to. We’re asked questions every day on what the best treatments to do are and when. Hair treatments are always a popular one among our readers. In light of this, we decided to try out the popular Olaplex treatment.

running hands through hair- olaplaex treatment

Should you get an Olaplex Treatment?

It’s loved by celebrities and hair stylists alike and we’ve seen the impressive results on Kim Kardashian herself. So we decided to investigate this hero treatment and see for ourselves.

What is Olaplex?

The thing to know about Olaplex is that it goes beyond a deep condition. Rather, it works to improve elasticity and strengthen hair from the inside. It slicks down lifted cuticles and repair broken disulfide bonds (the side bonds). Loved by those who bleach and dye their hair it’s also great for anyone suffering from frizzy, dry and damaged hair. It’s the first of its kind and it’s been so welcomed in the hair industry.

“Our clients love Olaplex,” says Sotira, owner of Sotira Georgio salon[1].

“It’s built a cult following because the results are obvious. You get what you pay for”.

How does it work?

Olaplex is a three-step treatment, the first two of which need to be done in a salon.

Step one (the bond multiplier) uses a concentrate, diluted and run from root to tip. Step two ( the bond perfector) is layered on top, locking in the first treatment. It’s like a deep conditioner that’s left to work for 15 minutes before it’s washed out. The results are noticeable after the first two steps, healthier, softer and whilst it’s not immediately noticeable to the naked eye, stronger.

The effects are continuous and they don’t undo with your next wash.

“It isn’t a wash-out treatment, what’s good about it is the fact it lasts.” Sotira tells us.

Finally, step three is done at home one a week on damp, unwashed hair. It’s a 15-minute treatment and when used weekly it maintains healthy hair installed by the salon treatments.

How often should we get it?

“We recommend Olaplex six months from your wedding,” says Sotira

“Then we’d say come in for another treatment once you’ve worked through your entire supply of stage three”.

Our results? Positive. The results were immediate, in look and feel, leaving hair bouncy and shiny. Done on uncoloured hair it worked as a strengthener and a deep conditioner, though we can appreciate the good it will do to colour treated hair. It’s a big health kick for all hair types and the beginning of a healthy hair journey.

The full Olaplex treatment is £65 at Sotira Georgio, Parsons Green[2].


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The Best Hair Masks for 2019

Perfect wedding day hair doesn’t just happen upon you. Your locks require serious attention in the lead-up to your big day and that means tonnes of hydration. We’ve rounded up the best hair masks to use at home to keep your hair in mint condition.

red haired bride best masks 2019

The Best Hair Masks for 2019

At least six months before your wedding you need to begin your mission to achieve flawless wedding locks. Whilst a good hair stylist on the day can work wonders, some care prior to this can restore your locks to optimum condition.

“I suggest starting the Ultra Nourishing masque treatment at least six months before your wedding day. It is crucial to maintain the condition of your hair, so when you see signs of improvement, gradually go down to perhaps once every two weeks.” Says Paul Windle, MD and Founder of Windle & Moodie.

“If your hair isn’t too damaged, but a just needs a little TLC, start three months before your wedding. Hair that is already strong and healthy would only need to undergo a treatment a couple of days before the big day.”

The emergency hair masks

So you realise your wedding is mere months away and you’ve left your hair to split and dry out, negligently. Queue a rushed hair chop and intense hair treatment to pump some life back into it.

Windle & Moodie Ultra Nourishing Masque, £34[1]

The final, indulgent step in a three-step treatment you can do at home or in the Windle and Moodie salon. The rich and luxurious cream coats the hair shaft and over the space of 15 minutes works to intensely hydrate. A catalyst in the journey to healthy hair.

windle and Moodie ultra nourishing hair mask

The best hydrating hair masks

Kerastase Elixer Ultime, £25[2]

A better option for coarse, thick hair in need of more life. It’s heavy and indulgent and only a five-minute mask, so ideal for the time-constrained among us. Formulated with four hydrating oils (Maize, Pracaxi, Camellia and Argan) it’s a bit too much for fine hair. For coarse hair, use bi-weekly and for fine hair, we’d suggest once every few weeks.

The best restorative hair masks

Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask, £32.85[3]

Cult haircare brand Moroccanoil once again delivers a hair saviour. We found the mask helped slick down dry and lacklustre ends and soften our coarse tresses after one use.

Sachajuan Hair Repair, £19.55[4]

Sachajuan’s hair repair noticeably improved shine on our lacklustre air and we noticed it reduced frizz. It’s not as thick as some of the other masks we tried so it’s not as impactful on colour-treated hair. We couldn’t get enough of the smell though.

sachajuan hair repair best hair masksBuy this mask here[5]

Hello Jo pack of 3, £6 [6]

Hello Jo works to restore and revive the ends of your hair to prevent breakage. A cocktail of a multitude of oils (argan, olive, moringa) it adds a natural slip and suppleness to convince you you’ve done it the world of good.

sachets of hello jo hair mask- best hair masks

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes mask, £9.54[7]

One that smells like summer even after you’ve dried your hair. We noticed it minimized frizz and smoothed frazzled ends. We loved the light consistency (it’s like a normal conditioner), plus, it’s great for all hair types.

tiki bed head urban anti+dotes hair mask best hair masks Buy this Bed Head hair mask here[8]

The everyday hair mask

We understand that not everyone washes and conditions their hair daily. When we say everyday mask, we really mean in place of your normal conditioner.

Redken All Soft Mega Megasoft, £18[9]

One for coarser hair, Redken’s Megasoft is nourishing without a greasy finish. Work a 50p sized dollop through your hair from roots to tip and leave it for five minutes. TIt’s a great everyday mask for fine and coarse hair.

redken all sofa mega megamask bottle - best hair masks Buy this mask here[10]

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist[11], RRP £4.99 at Boots[12]

The everyday hair mask. The time it takes you to wash all your other bits, this mask will have worked it’s magic. Gentle on the scalp and bursting with fragrance, it also doesn’t cost the earth.

Charles Worthington Grow Strong, £6.74[13]

When you’ve not really got the time, five minutes or otherwise, to hang around for a hair mask to work its magic. Queue Charles Worthington’s Grow Strong treatment. It’s a leave-in treatment that requires no rinsing. We found it left our tresses silky-soft and smelling fresh throughout the day. We were impressed it didn’t leave finer hair greasy or heavy.

Charles Worthington grow strong treatment- best hair masks Buy this treatment here[14]


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The Best Heat Protection Sprays for 2019

When you’ve invested in a good chop to get your hair on track for your big day, you don’t want to let daily styling undo the good work. Queue a good heat protection spray to help protect your locks from everyday damage.

The Best Heat Protection Sprays for 2019

Are you a slave to hair straighteners? Can’t go a day without styling your hair to perfection? No doubt you know it takes a toll but with the use of a good heat protection spray and regular hair masks, you can maintain healthier locks for longer.

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense, £26.85[1]

Unlike the others we tested, Perfect Defense is a dry aerosol spray so great on dry hair. It’s still infused with the brand’s much-loved argan oil and smells like all the rest of the collection, delicious. If you’re reviving day-old styled hair this is a great heat spray that is dry and weightless.

can on moroccanoil perfect defence- the best heat protection spraysBuy this heat protection spray here[2]

Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray, £18[3]

The first thing about this spray is the moreish scent, it’s like a tropical fruit explosion and we’re totally feeling it. It’s quite a wet product (obviously) by this we mean it has quite a heavy spray and saturates hair quickly.

Maria nila quick dry heat protection sprayBuy this heat spray here[4]

GHD Heat Protect Spray, £9.99[5]

GHD specialise in hot stylers and hair tools, so it’s no surprise their heat spray makes the cut. The R&D that goes into each product gives us complete faith in the brand. We love this spray, from the lovely smell to the even spray distribution- that’s right, it’s got a great spray function that doesn’t clog. What’s more, it’s the most affordable of all the brands we tried.

GHD heat protection spray Buy this spray here[6]

Cloud Nine Magical Drying Potion, £15.98 [7]

This magical potion is a multi-functioning spray. Sprayed on wet hair the product is formulated with a multitude of products with varied benefits. The oil softens and smooths, the alcohol speeds up the drying time and the heat protective ingredients (silicones and quats) work to protect from damage.

cloud nine magical quick dry potion heat protection sprays

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Cocolicious Heat Defence £2.50 [8]

Easily affordable and an ideal travel size. The Cocolicious is a fine mist spray that has even distribution and – you guessed it- a coconut fragrance. However, it does also have a strong smell of alcohol.

Phil Smith cocolicious heat defence sprayBuy this spray here[9]


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Beauty treatment review: Blush and Blow Salon, London

Blush and Blow salonCredit: Kate Nielen Photography

Natalie Keeler puts the new Environ Facial to the test at Fulham’s Blush and Blow beauty salon

I love winter; the prospect of wrapping up warm, cosying up by a burning fire and snuggling under a duvet in a thick pair of pyjamas.

The unfortunate thing is that winter doesn’t particularly love me, or – more specifically – my skin. As victim to a flaky t-zone for as long as I can remember, the colder months usually have me caking on moisturiser by the tub-load in a desperate attempt to give my skin a little radiance and hydration. I have blackheads that refuse to budge on my nose, and in short, I just really need a little TLC.

It was time to call in the professionals, so I headed to Blush & Blow in Fulham to try their new Environ Facial, which I’d heard is one of the most technologically-advanced treatments on the market.

Specialising in facials, nails and fabulous blow-dries, upon arrival I immediately got the sense that this beauty salon – which was founded by make-up artist Bridgette O’Keeffe – is a hub of elegance and serenity as I walked through the glass doors on New King’s Road.

Blush and Blow beauty salonCredit: Kate Nielen Photography

The interiors are chic, modern and uber-Instagrammable, with a large blue neon sign glowing from the far end of the room. I was greeted by Raimonda, the salon’s skincare expert, who was friendly and asked me to write down what I hoped to achieve from today’s experience, so my facial would be adapted to suit my skin’s needs.

Raimonda then took me down to the treatment room, where she left me to settle in, undress and rest on the bed. She started by removing my make-up with a double cleanse, and asked me to talk through my main concerns and my usual routine.

We discussed what I can do to rejuvenate and better hydrate my skin on a daily basis, and she even helpfully agreed to note down all her recommendations for me to take home afterwards.

It was time to begin the facial, and Raimonda started by applying lactic acid to remove the build-up of dead skin cells on my face, while gently exfoliating my skin. She then applied some vitamin A and C serum, which helps to increase hydration and lock in moisture into the lower skin layers.

Blush and Blow beauty treatment roomCredit: Kate Nielen Photography

Next, Raimonda probed my face with an ionzyme machine, to help the serums penetrate my skin fully while stimulating collagen. While the sensation felt a little odd, I thought it was a good indicator that the treatment was working.

She then applied an alginate mask, which was incredibly thick and covered my whole face, including my eyes, mouth and down to my neck. The whole process was so relaxing that it was quite a surprise to come back to normality and have the mask peeled off my face. Raimonda finished the treatment by applying some cooling eye gel, vitamin A cream and sun protection on top.

I felt positively renewed once the experience was over, and my skin was noticeably plumper and more radiant. I’d walked into Blush & Blow expecting a top-quality facial, but Raimonda had given me so much more than that: it was relaxing, rejuvenating and just what I needed at the end of a long working day, and better yet, I’d been given all the tips and advice I needed to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy for longer – that’s far more than I’d ever bargained for.

Prices start from £90 for an hour-long Environ Facial at Blush & Blow London. To find out more, visit[1]

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Wedding perfumes for every season

Finding the perfect wedding day fragrance is no easy feat. You’ll forever associate that smell with your big day so choose your bridal scent wisely. So we have rounded up the best wedding perfumes for every season.


Top tips:

  • Trial your fragrance before your big day, make sure it’s the one for you and that is really suits you. Fragrances sit differently on everyone, they’re not a one-size-fits-all.
  • When thinking about your wedding perfume try to consider what your bouquet will smell like, you don’t want them to clash but rather to compliment.
  • Spritz your hair and the helm of your dress with your fragrance on your big day.

Summer Wedding Perfumes

When you think of the classic smells of summer, you often think of salty sea air and vibrant summer flowers. During the warmer months, you want something light and alluring without being too heavy and overpowering.

ACQUA DI PARMA Rosa Nobile 100ml £97.11[1]

An elegant bouquet of sweet flowers including rose and peonies, balanced with citrusy top notes from the bergamot and mandarin orange. The Rosa Nobile is light and hearty and a sophisticated summer wedding scent.

wedding perfume

GIVENCHY Eau de Givenchy 100ml £49.80 [2]

Eau de Givenchy was designed to “evoke joy and happiness” which makes it more than fitting for a wedding perfume in our eyes. It is refreshingly crisp if you’re not one for floral scents. To us, this fragrance is reminiscent of long, bright summer days.

summer wedding perfume Givenchy

Autumn Perfumes

The smell of late night bonfires accompanied with hot chocolate and sweet cinnamon treats. The smells of autumn are captivating and finding a bottled equivalent even more so.

JO LOVES Pink Vetiver 100ml £115 [3]

The sweet and spicy smell of pink peppercorns is balanced with the smell of nutmeg and ginger to make this a warming and elegant fragrance. A perfect choice for an autumn wedding.

jo loves wedding fragrance Buy Jo Loves Here[4]

Winter Perfumes

The smell of winter is reminiscent of logs of wood burning on the fire, winter fruits. Yet, the crisp clean smell of winter air and freshly fallen snow works as well.

BYREDO Eleventh Hour 50ml £105[5]

This robust and bold fragrance has the spices and warmth to sheath you in the most perfect winter scent. It leads with a spicy kick of ban timmur – otherwise known as Szechuan pepper- and cut with a dash of sweet fig.

winter wedding perfume

Spring Perfumes

Spring in the UK is epitomised with blossom trees, freshly mown grass and, of course, rainfall. Look for a scent that’s light and breezy to whisk you off down the aisle.

JO MALONE Peony and Blush Suede 100ml £94[6]

This Jo Malone fragrance is as delicate as it sounds. If you are looking for something romantic and luxurious, this is for you. It is feminine and light thanks to the combination of floral peonies and crisp apple but you will want to top up later in the day.


JO LOVES Red Truffle 21 100ml £115 [7]

An unexpected combination of moreish scents. Jo has balanced the light and crisp notes of citrus fruits with the earthy smell of truffle. Red Truffle 21 is distinctive and refreshing, plus Jo Loves has Red Truffle 21 candles should you want to match your wedding scent.

jo loves red truffle wedding perfume


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Christmas 2018 gift guide: Gifts for her on every budget

Woman opening Christmas presentCredit: iStock

Whether you’re in search of cheap Christmas gifts for her or something more expensive, our festive guide is sure to get you some brownie points on 25 December

Rosie for Autograph Amazing Body Glow

This gorgeous tinted moisturiser from Autograph gives you instantly glowing, healthy-looking skin while enhancing your natural glow.

Buy it now from Marks and Spencer[1]

Blend your favourite teas and gins inside this unique multifunctional gift set – simply fill the filter with your chosen tea flavour and pour the gin through the infuser. And, hey presto!

Buy it now from Amazon[2]

Espresso Martini Set

A great kit for when you’re hosting a party, this set includes two cocktail classes, two flavour mixes in chocolate and vanilla, and a shaker, plus a 50ml bottle of vodka and coffee beans to decorate.

Buy it now from Debenhams[3]

This handmade jewellery stand is made purely out of industrial plumbing copper pipe fittings and is the perfect quirky addition to any dressing table.

Buy it now from Etsy [4]

Clinique Replenishing Hydrator Moisturiser

This rich, oil-free moisturiser instantly rehydrates dry skin, keeping skin plump even 24 hours after application.

Buy it now from eBay[5]

Sanctuary Spa Indulgence Hamper

This luxury gift set is packed with pampering goodies, including body wash, scrub and lotion, a ‘Moisture Burst’ face wash, hand cream, heel balm and eau de toilette.

Buy it now from Boots[6]


Within minutes of putting on your spacemask, you’ll feel it warm up and start to mellow your tired eyes and face. The soft jasmine scent should help you doze off peacefully, too.

Buy it now from Liberty London[7]

The Positive Planner, £23[8]

The Positive Planner journal

Allow her to indulge in a little self-care with this 12-week organiser and planner, with space for you to add daily reflections and track your mood week by week. There’s also a section for you to plan meals and write shopping lists.

Buy it now from Life and Me[9]

Benefit Lipstick

Get fuller-looking lips in one easy stroke with this travel-sized lipstick, with a comfortable, semi-matte finish that lasts up to eight hours.

Buy it now from eBay[10]

Berry print pyjamas

These soft pyjamas are great for cosying up in the cold winter months. They feature a functional drawstring and fully elasticated waistband, too, so can be easily adjusted for comfortable sleeping.

Buy it now from Cyberjammies[11]

Dior Perfume Set

This luxury set contains a 50ml of Miss Dior’s signature scent, plus a Miss Dior Beautifying Body Milk.

Buy it now from Debenhams[12]

Christmas Eve Gift Box

This gift box has all you need for a cosy night in, including a handmade blossom mug, a bar of chocolate, cookie cutter, party matches, a pair of candy canes and a candle.

Buy it now from Parcel London[13]

Lana diamond table lamp

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Okay, so this might not be the real deal, but it’ll sure look pretty on your bedside. Choose between a diamond bulb or a plain tube.

Buy it now from Room To Sleep[14]

Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter

This 3-in-1 multiport adapter allows you to easily connect your smartphone with your laptop, TV or other devices, and even speeds up the laptop-charging process, too. Available in three colours, including silver, satin gold, and – our favourite – golden rose.

Buy it now from Moshi[15]

Heaven Skincare’s new PRISM collection infuses a new groundbreaking formula, helping to protect cells from UV rays, boosting collagen and reversing damage caused by daily stress.

Buy it now from Heaven Skincare[16]

Oliver Bonas Jewellery Box

Store away all your jewellery and trinkets inside this stunning jewellery box, which has been lined with plush velvet in two shades of pink.

Buy it now from Oliver Bonas[17]

Flowers Luxury Gift Set

Sold in a beautiful white gift box, this delightful pampering kit comes with a signature candle, bath and shower gel, body lotion and triple-milled soap – all scented with a light and floral blend.

Buy it now from The White Company[18]

John Lewis Waterford Gin Balloon Glasses

This set of two glasses is ideal for enjoying a crisp gin and tonic or aromatic cocktail over the festive period. They’re presented in a signature black gift box, too.

Buy it now from John Lewis[19]

If unique, statement jewellery is your thing, you can’t go far wrong with this sophisticated pink tweed watch, complete with a sapphire crystal glass front, quick-release wool strap and stainless steel case.

Buy it now from Morris Richardson[20]

ghd Platinum Straightener

These unique straighteners feature precision-milled plates with ultra-gloss coating, allowing for 20% more shine. The sleek design and rounder barrel make styling easier, too.

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Grey wool scarf

This cosy wool scarf from the Stockholm-based designer Acne Studios is the perfect companion for the cold British weather.

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Luxury champagne hamper

Raise a toast to the festive season with this luxury hamper from Charbonnel et Walker. Inside the gift box you’ll find a bottle of Rose Monet, plus a selection of champagne truffles.

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Bobbi Brown Classic Brush Collection

It’s party season! So make sure you look the part with help from this not-so-basic brush set, featuring six of Bobbi’s best-loved essentials – from the face blender brush to concealer blending brush.

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Silver Pendant and Earrings

This elegant silver pendant and earrings set features a swirling infinity design, which is filled with a cubic zirconia embellishment for a touch of sparkle.

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This super-light and easy-to-use hairdryer helps you maintain shinier, healthier hair, with three heat settings, a smoothing nozzle and a digital motor that operates quietly.

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Michael Kors Sofie Ladies WatchMichael Kors Sofie Ladies Watch

This gorgeous watch is fastened with a glittering silver and rose gold bracelet, and also comes with a 36mm rose case with a rose gold tone and stone-embellished bezel.

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Elemis Jewels of the Sea

This award-winning pro-collagen collection includes all the skincare essentials you need to cleanse, moisturise and reduce fine lines.

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Not sure whether your skincare products are working? This hi-tech smart mirror takes photographs of your face over time, allowing you to easily monitor your skin for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, roughness and pores.

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Chloé Pearl Embellishment Bracelet, £285

Chloe Pearl Bracelet

This beautiful statement piece is crafted with polished gold-tone brass, topped with two shimmering pearls – the perfect accessory for a glitzy Christmas party.

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Perfume, £295

Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume

This classic eau de parfum is filled with notes of jasmine, saffron, bitter almond, cedar wood, and ambergris, originating from Egypt and Morocco.

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Wedding Countdown: The Perfect Wedding Skincare Routine

The pressure to look perfect on your wedding day can be overwhelming but with the help of a good makeup artist and a good wedding skincare routine, you’ll have nothing fear. It’s hard to know when to go for a facial, when to cut out certain irritants and what to do in the final week. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers.

Credit: Rhiannon Pritchard

The perfect six-week wedding skincare routine

We picked the brains of skincare specialists and beauty brands to find out what the perfect wedding skincare routine is and what products you should be using.

Six weeks to go

We all know a good complexion comes from within, so be conscious about six weeks before your wedding not to overdo the sugar, or carbs or booze (all the things we love most!). Now is a good time to start thinking about your gut health. A healthy gut will go a long way in improving your complexion. Think of it as improving your skin from the inside out. Try eating more live cultures in the form of yoghurt, kefir or kombucha.

Another great option is supplements, to feed your skin from inside.

Altrient C[1] is a potent concoction of – you guessed it- vitamin C. It aids skin firming by feeding your skin cells thanks to the liposome-dense formula which carry the vitamins all the way to your skin cells without breaking down. Loved by celebs and beauty experts alike and not one to break the bank, either.

altrient C food supplement Buy Altrient C here[2]

If you haven’t already, the six-week mark is also a great time to consider hair and nail supplements to ensure you have the bounciest, shiniest and healthiest looking hair on your special day. Viviscal is a brand that’s true to their claims, backed by a number of clinical studies and comes recommended by doctors and dermatologists alike.

Buy Viviscal here[3]

Now is also the time to try a variety of skincare products[4] from face masks and toners to cleansers and moisturisers. This will allow you to pinpoint your favourites. If you have sensitive skin, don’t leave trialling new products too late.

Five weeks to go

Five weeks before your wedding is a great time to consider some facial treatments and start trialling new skincare products. By giving yourself this lead time, you have enough time for your skin to recover should if be irritated by any new products or treatments.

The team over at Skinbase[5] suggest a microdermabrasion session to buff away all dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin ahead of your big day.

“We recommend booking a course several weeks before your wedding. That way, you’ll guarantee your skin is still glowing from all the benefits of the exfoliation and gentle stimulation.”

Microdermabrasion isn’t for everyone, so would also recommend Origins GinZing facial scrub[6]. Use it weekly to achieve a refined and brighter complexion.

Buy Origins GinZing here[7]

Four weeks to go

One month to go! You’ll be asking yourself where all the time has gone and frantically tying up loose ends. This is the time Jessica Constanti, makeup artist for advises brides to have their makeup trial, however, for skincare she says:

“It would be advisable to not introduce any new product or procedure as your skin may react badly.”

Find yourself a good SPF daytime moisturiser such as this Neutrogena City Shield SPF 25[8] and a good cleanser like this Elemis Gentle Foaming Facial Wash[9]. Now is the time to find your hero products and stick with them.

Dr Rekha Tailor, Founder and Medical Director of Health & Aesthetics Clinic[10], warns us explicitly to steer clear or retinoids in the lead up.

” If you are already on retinols on the lead up to your wedding, we do recommend slowly weaning yourself off one week prior to the wedding to avoid any chance of red, dry and peel-y reactions!

“Sometimes, retinol can react more with stress, so this is another reason to make sure you gently wean yourself off one the week prior to your wedding so that you can ensure picture-perfect skin on your big day.”

Three weeks to go

Use these three weeks to really care for your skin, using an overnight mask to hydrate such as the Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial[11].

Buy this Korres overnight mask here[12]

Dr Ross Perry- Medical Director of CosmedicsUK[13] tells us:

“Skin peels are also a good choice in the run to your wedding. You can book one at a clinic who will also be able to advise you on the best course for your skin type or try a home peel for two to three weeks to see a noticeable difference in skin tone and texture.

“I’d again advise to start early and then stop in order to address any skin issues early on. If you pack too much into your beauty regime if can have an adverse effect making us more sensitive.”

Also, if you are planning to wear open toe shoes or sandals at your wedding, now is a good time to use a foot masque[14] to exfoliate away all the dead skin. Leave this too late and you’ll have flaky feet days before your wedding. Do it now and you can keep your feet soft and supple with an intense foot cream ahead of your big day.

Two weeks to go

Often at this point, you’ll start to feel the pressure and it’s worthwhile taking time out to find something that relaxes you. Whether it’s a massage or a yoga class, it’s worthwhile as stress leads to stress spots which will only exacerbate the pressure.

Charlotte Connoley[15], facialist and skin expert, shared her insight with Wedding Ideas on what brides should be doing two weeks before the big day.

“Cleansing twice at night to take off any makeup, once with an oil such as Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil[16] with Coconut and Argan and then with either a cream or gel or foaming cleanser like Burt’s Bees Gentle Foam Cleanser[17] with Royal Jelly to treat the actual surface of the skin is so important. You want your skin to be at its cleanest and freshest before the next step. 

“Exfoliating with a harsh scrub should be kept to a minimum. You don’t want to aggravate the skin at this stage. An AHA toner such as REN’s Ready Steady Glow[18] to sweep over to exfoliate is enough.”

The final week

Finally, your wedding is just days away and hopefully, you have everything planned and organised. This is the most crucial week for your skin so for a few days, stay away from sugary snacks and booze. Avoid carb-heavy and salty meals which may leave your skin looking a little lacklustre and be sure to exfoliate with a gentle AHA. Drink plenty of water and stick to the same products you’ve been using for the past few weeks.

Joyce Connor, a makeup artist, tells us the final skincare steps the night before the big day should be to:

“Complete your normal skincare routine and do a full body moisturise, including your hands and feet. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed so you don’t get dehydrated in the night.”

Then, all that’s left is to enjoy every minute of your big day. If you feel good, you’ll look good.

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Beauty Edit: Makeup Myths Busted

We all hear stories about makeup routines and often they are conflicting. So we thought we’d tackle the fake news head on and put things right in the world of beauty. Here we take the everyday makeup myths.

wedding makeup brushes

Makeup Myths Busted

You only need one colour of foundation all year – FALSE

We all know after a long cold winter, we crave the sunshine. Your skin is the same, craving vitamin D to pump some life back into it. Our skin is always naturally exfoliating, so you won’t have the same tanned glow in winter as you did in summer. You need to keep this in mind when shopping for a foundation. If you have a winter wedding you will need a paler share. It’s work mentioning this at your makeup trial with your makeup artist[1].

We love the wider colour range available with Bobbi Brown’s Longwear Weightless Foundation[2] which caters to all skin colours.

bottle of Bobbi Brown weightless foundation makeup myths bustedBuy this foundation here

Primers do the same job as moisturisers – FALSE

This is false. A primer is usually more silicone-dense and is applied after your moisturiser. It helps create a smooth and even base for you to apply your makeup and keeps it in place for longer. A primer is a must for many brides, and especially so for destination weddings.  to thanks to the silicones found in the formulas.

For a soft and smooth finish for a flawless complexion, we love Smashbox’s Photo Finish Super Light[3] as it’s perfect for all skin types and not too greasy or heavy.

tube of photo finish by smash box makeup myths bustedBuy Photo Finish here[4]

Makeup never expires – FALSE

As with most items, makeup will expire. All makeup has a small sign on the packaging that looks like a pot with an open lid. There’s a number in it which tells you how many months the product is valid for. For the best results on your big day, make sure your makeup is fresh[5], in-date and that your brushes are clean.

You only need suncream when it’s hot – FALSE

Never underestimate the power of UV. It can penetrate through cloud and it will hasten the ageing process. We’d always advise you get into the habit of applying SPF daily, even if you have an SPF foundation. Beauty brands are getting behind the cause but the minimal amount you get in your foundation is not enough to rely on alone.

We particularly love La Roche-Posay’s 50spf Anthelios[6] mist as it’s light with high coverage. It can be sprayed under or on top of your makeup too.

can of la Roche-posey anthelion makeup myths busted Buy Anthelios here[7]

You should add concealer before your foundation- FALSE

For the best coverage, you need to layer and blend your makeup. Always apply your foundation first and leave any spots until last. Tackle blemishes by dabbing- not rubbing- concealer over them with your finger. The gentle dabbing motion should blend it in flawlessly. If you apply concealer first, you’ll only rub it all off when applying the foundation.


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