The Best Heat Protection Sprays for 2019

When you’ve invested in a good chop to get your hair on track for your big day, you don’t want to let daily styling undo the good work. Queue a good heat protection spray to help protect your locks from everyday damage.

The Best Heat Protection Sprays for 2019

Are you a slave to hair straighteners? Can’t go a day without styling your hair to perfection? No doubt you know it takes a toll but with the use of a good heat protection spray and regular hair masks, you can maintain healthier locks for longer.

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense, £26.85[1]

Unlike the others we tested, Perfect Defense is a dry aerosol spray so great on dry hair. It’s still infused with the brand’s much-loved argan oil and smells like all the rest of the collection, delicious. If you’re reviving day-old styled hair this is a great heat spray that is dry and weightless.

can on moroccanoil perfect defence- the best heat protection spraysBuy this heat protection spray here[2]

Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray, £18[3]

The first thing about this spray is the moreish scent, it’s like a tropical fruit explosion and we’re totally feeling it. It’s quite a wet product (obviously) by this we mean it has quite a heavy spray and saturates hair quickly.

Maria nila quick dry heat protection sprayBuy this heat spray here[4]

GHD Heat Protect Spray, £9.99[5]

GHD specialise in hot stylers and hair tools, so it’s no surprise their heat spray makes the cut. The R&D that goes into each product gives us complete faith in the brand. We love this spray, from the lovely smell to the even spray distribution- that’s right, it’s got a great spray function that doesn’t clog. What’s more, it’s the most affordable of all the brands we tried.

GHD heat protection spray Buy this spray here[6]

Cloud Nine Magical Drying Potion, £15.98 [7]

This magical potion is a multi-functioning spray. Sprayed on wet hair the product is formulated with a multitude of products with varied benefits. The oil softens and smooths, the alcohol speeds up the drying time and the heat protective ingredients (silicones and quats) work to protect from damage.

cloud nine magical quick dry potion heat protection sprays

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Cocolicious Heat Defence £2.50 [8]

Easily affordable and an ideal travel size. The Cocolicious is a fine mist spray that has even distribution and – you guessed it- a coconut fragrance. However, it does also have a strong smell of alcohol.

Phil Smith cocolicious heat defence sprayBuy this spray here[9]


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