27 Romantic Red Wedding Bouquets

Romantic red wedding bouquets are perfect for nearly every wedding season[1], but we especially love these punchy bundles of blooms for a Valentine's Day[2] wedding. After all, red is the indisputable color of passion, conveying love and romance whether they're the color of the flowers delivered to your doorstep as a sweet surprise from your partner, or the hue of your wedding bouquet. Not only do these pretty petals evoke the Valentine's Day holiday spirit (in a non-cheesy way), but red wedding bouquets can really up the romance at your wedding no matter the time of year.

There are endless ways to create your berry-toned bouquet. You can opt for something incredibly statement-making, brimming with crimson blooms and overflowing with greenery. You can also go for a more moody look by choosing flowers in dark red hues (think oxblood dahlias and burgundy peonies). Or if you're searching for a more understated or summery vibe, consider a red-and-white mix of blossoms that feels fresh and bright. We told you red bouquets can work for any wedding season!

And with many of the prettiest wedding flowers available in red shades, you can feature just about any bloom you like and still create the perfect ruby-hued bouquet. Use classic roses, garden roses, peonies, clematis, anemones, or ranunculus for your red details. Another plus to toting a red bouquet on your big day? It will truly pop against your wedding dress[3], especially if you plan to marry in the fall or winter (hello stunning snowy wedding photos[4]). With little color to compete in your backdrop, your red bouquet will take center stage.

Also, red blossoms vibe with any type of wedding[5]. Whether you're throwing a classic ballroom celebration, a chic city fête[6], a rustic barn bash[7], or a seaside soirée, a crimson bouquet will complement the setting.

Thinking of carrying a romantic red wedding bouquet down the aisle? Scroll below to see 27 examples of these beautiful blooms.


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23 Flower Chandeliers to Give Your Wedding a Garden-Fresh Feel

Wedding trends[1] come and go, but one thing's for certain: Flowers will always have a starring role. One particular floral trend that's been blooming over the past few years? Flower chandeliers!

From bouquets[2] to aisle arrangements[3] to centerpieces[4], the blooms you choose and how you display them says a lot about your style as a bride. And selecting a flower chandelier for your big day says you think outside the box when it comes to wedding flowers[5]! These suspended displays are replacing traditional crystal lighting and tabletop floral arrangements, combining the two for a romantic, ethereal look your guests won't be able to stop talking about. No matter where you're tying the knot or what style wedding you're hosting, a beautiful flower chandelier will give your nuptials a garden-fresh feel.

Even renowned celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss[6] is a fan of the up-in-the-air decor, saying, "They're a great way to add visual interest to your wedding and guests are always in awe because it’s so unexpected. Plus, these arrangements really draw the eye upward and remind me of art installations."

Need a little inspiration for your own ceremony or reception? Take a look at some of our favorite chandeliers composed of flowers, hanging garlands of greenery, upside down stems, and more, below. These stunning flower chandeliers will elevate your big day in the most aerially artful way!


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Fresh Flower Runners

From floral arches[1] to towering flower walls[2] (à la Kim and Kanye[3]), couples are using wedding flowers[4] in unexpected and over-the-top ways. Case in point: The flower runners of fresh blooms and greenery that have been popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram[5].

Flowers runners are an ongoing trend we've been seeing everywhere over the past few years—in real weddings[6], at bridal showers, and more. These blooming accent pieces completely transform a classic tablescape into something fresh, and the trend even totes a few major advantages. For starters, you don't have to worry about sourcing vessels in various shapes and size and creating several different centerpieces for each table. No, embracing the garland means you (if you're DIY-ing) and your florist[7] can focus on one, central centerpiece. To make the most of your flower fund[8], you can even decorate just your sweetheart table or dessert display with a floral runner to get the look for less.

And even better: This gorgeous garland trend can be translated for any bride, whatever your wedding style is. Visualize a long garland of palm fronds and tropical flowers for a destination wedding; all greenery for a candlelit barn affair; or a line of citrus fruits for an outdoor summer soirée.

You'll find all of those flower runners right here—and more! From cascading peonies to garlands of greenery, the 31 flower runners below are bound to inspire you, no matter your wedding style.


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Seasonal Flowers for Winter Weddings That’ll Have You Forgetting All About Peonies

Getting married in the winter[1] doesn't mean forgoing the flowers. In fact, seasonal flowers for winter weddings[2] can be just as stunning as those summer arrangements[3] you already have saved to your Pinterest board. Sure, your own garden may be snow-covered[4], but there are still plenty of blooms you can use to create the lush arrangements of your dreams.

There are tons of beautiful advantages to winter weddings, you know. Winter brides have breathtaking snowy settings[5], holiday decor[6], and classic long sleeve wedding dresses[7] for the choosing. But with so much floral inspiration coming from spring and summer weddings, with vibrant colors and full, soft texture (we see you, peonies[8]!), it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing flowers for your winter nuptials. What's in season? What will have the same lush look as those super stunning summer arrangements and springtime bouquets? What won't wilt in the frosty air by the time the cake cutting rolls around? Fret not, winter brides: Luckily, Victoria Ahn, founder of Designs by Ahn[9] in New York City, is here to break down what you should look for when you're designing these seasonal pieces.

Here are the seasonal flowers she suggests for winter weddings. Trust us—these blooms are so beautiful, you'll forget all about peonies!

Garden Roses

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

"If you're really in love with the shape and texture of peonies, look instead for garden roses," suggests Ahn. Peonies are only in season in late spring and summer months, and while they can be shipped in during the winter, the cost may be high and your options will be limited. Garden roses give you the same ruffled, full look and are equally large, so you'll get the fluffy bouquet you were hoping for.

Ranunculus and Anemones

Thought there was nothing in-season in the winter? Think again! "We love anemones and ranunculus for winter weddings," Ahn says. Hardy ranunculus and striking anemones mean you can have fragrant florals even with some snow left on the ground. Large and romantic ranunculus are at their best from January through May, while anemones are at their peak from October to May.

Calla Lilies

For a more modern shape, look to calla lilies, which are at their best from late winter to early spring.

See More: 15 Seasonal Flower Crowns You Can Buy Now for Your Winter Wedding[10]

Greenery and Texture

There's more to winter greenery[11] than just pine branches and mistletoe. Ahn explains, "You'll get a seasonal and shimmery hint of greenish gray if you mix in silver dollar eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, and dusty miller, which are all more subtle and delicate than forest green holly." And of course, hypericum and pepper berries will add some color and texture!


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These Wedding Bouquet Trends Will Be Huge in 2019

Influenced by the seasons, design styles, and personal preferences, wedding bouquet[1] trends are ever-changing—and we're expecting another shift in florals come 2019. We asked the experts in all things budding blooms to foresee the wedding flower trends that on the horizon in the coming year. 2019 brides, listen up!

A defining element to your bridal style, your bouquet can add a pop of color[2] to a traditional getup or complement an alternative wedding vibe[3]. Whether overflowing with greenery[4], highlighting a single stem, or full of local blooms, your bouquet is an arrangement unique to you and your day—but of course, you'll want to stay on top of the current floral trends, too. Luckily, we've brought you a forecast of 2019's biggest bouquet trends.

If you’re currently planning[5] your 2019 nuptials[6], we suggest you take a look at this list of wedding flower trends that are sure to blossom in the coming year.


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15 Cool Vases for Your Home

Vases are a great way to add color, texture, and interesting shapes to your living space. Whether or not you're using them to display fresh or faux flowers[1] and branches, or are just showing them off as decorative elements in your home, a good collection of vases are a must-have for your registry[2].

Stock up on vessels in a range of shapes and sizes so you'll be prepared for different types of flowers (large branches are going to need a very different kind of container than a bouquet of roses[3] from the corner store). Smaller vases can be clustered on a bookshelf or displayed as part of a centerpiece[4] on a dining room table. Large containers can be used to make bold statement in an entryway or in the corner of a room, whether they're left empty or filled with faux branches or sculptural faux leaves.

Bud vases are also good to have on hand for decking out a breakfast-in-bed[5] tray or adding some color to unexpected areas like a bathroom shelf. Just make sure that you don't go overboard with tons of tiny vases that will add to your clutter[6] (unless you have a dedicated storage space to stash them). It's better to have just a few statement vases that you love and want to use again and again. In general, a vase that's tapered at the top is more useful than a wide-mouthed one (you'll need fewer flowers to make the arrangement look polished). A single-stem vase, whether it's a tiny bud vase or a large scale bottleneck style, will make the flower display that much easier.

Here are a few of our favorites!


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The Coolest Wedding Flower Inspo from New York Fashion Week

Want to do something fresh and new for your wedding flowers and decor? Something aside from the same old centerpieces and garlands running down long tables (which are still gorgeous, don't get us wrong)? Well we've got you C-O-V-E-R-E-D. Whenever a fashion week comes around, there's something besides the new collections that we're falling over ourselves to see. Season after season, the genius set designers and florists manage to amaze and inspire us with their over-the-top, fantastical runway designs[1] (see: the iconic Dior Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture show). And of course, all we can see when we look at said runways are ways you could take these whimsical ideas and turn them into something unique for your wedding! From floral pillars to "rambling rose hedges," prepare to get inspired.

Getty Images // Jason Wu SS19

Slaven Vlasic

Calling this a "lush urban dreamland", The Putnams (at this point NYFW floral royalty) created this sweeping display—a juxtaposition between manmade industrial grit and delicately winding natural beauty for the Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2019 presentation. Have your floral designer create little areas of life amongst your reception space if you're getting married in an indoor urban space that feels a little "old factory from the turn of the century that's been abandoned for years but now has been revived and is cool" (the whole flowers growing in concrete deal). You know, that vibe.

Getty Images // Zimmermann SS19


This monochrome aisle of mod, 70's inspired florals (to match the tone of the Zimmermann SS19 show) makes us want all shades of white (no greenery here!) flowers all year long, not just in the winter which is usually when people choose to use them. Besides the tone-on-tone, the anthuriums help to keep these arrangements fresh and cool (as they're one of the flowers du jour amongst the cool kid florists).

Getty Images // Rodarte SS19

Slaven Vlasic

Although the Rodarte SS19 show did have a garden-like set design, we would be remiss to not mention the abundance of florals that were on the actual models gracing the runway. Just as baby's breath began popping up everywhere after Rodarte's incredible SS18 show, we expect brides to be inspired to get a little more heavy-handed and incorporating roses (and plenty of 'em) into their looks. And we're not talking flower crowns here, we're talking a tumbling cascade of buds.

Getty Images // Mara Hoffman SS19


There's something that's become very cool, in the past couple of years, about what were once considered tacky, or low-brow florals. For instance these red roses and white lilies—a few years ago these would have been scoffed at as "bodega" flowers, or "basic" (are we still using that word?). Put into play correctly, however, and suddenly they are effortlessly cool and the opposite of what used to feel fussy and trite. Tips: show your florist this photo (the stems must feel un-arranged and yet very much arranged), and make sure your venue is one that will play to the it-girl, effortless (and possibly blank), space.

Getty Images // Savage x Fenty SS19

Brian Ach

Don't we all secretly want to exchange vows under a dense jungle canopy? Even if you're getting married indoors, with a big enough space the forest can come to you, like in the Savage x Fenty SS19 show. And honestly that geometric jungle gym/Bio-Dome vibe (yeah, we said it) is something we can get on board with too.

Getty Images // AW18

Peter White

The Putnam's never cease to amaze us with their crazy-creative, lush, modern designs and this is no exception. Try using simple square pillars as aisle markers and having your florist create much smaller versions of these down the aisle. Bonus points for color-blocking as shown here.

Getty Images // Tory Burch AW18


Absolutely dreamy, this runway was created by Miranda Brooks (a contributing editor at Vogue), using thousands of pink carnations[2]. We don't want to say we told you so...but...we told y'all carnations are cool now! Not only that, they're one of the most cost-effective flowers you can use, and make an impact when used en masse. Translate this to your wedding by having your florist create a mini garden of carnations (not by planting, but by placing in foam) as a ceremony "structure," with an empty circle in the middle for you and your partner to stand and exchange vows.

Getty Images // Mansur Gavriel AW18


Having potted trees at your wedding is nothing new, but we love how these are clustered in a very modern space, and the sheer volume makes you feel like you're in a chic enchanted forest. Try bringing orange trees en masse (if you can afford it!) into a blank, white loft venue for that fun juxtaposition of modern and traditional. To make the trees pop even more, try having all-white everything else in the space (linens, plates, flowers, chairs).

Getty Images // Brandon Maxwell AW18

Peter White

Another amazing Putnam installation—but who's surprised? They're masters of their craft! We like to think of this as the new, cooler, and more organic way to pull off a flower wall—and it doesn't have to be something that's created by a florist necessarily. Find a venue that already has a cascading and climbing variation of flowers against one of their walls, and use it for your formal portraits—or even set up a photo booth and use it as the background!

Getty Images // Raf Simons AW18


Raf Simons always kills it with the set-design game (too many amazing Dior shows to count), so we weren't surprised to see another magical runway. Like an abandoned dinner party of our dreams, this dreamy runway incorporated fruit, flowers, and wine bottles to create an atmosphere worthy of the Old Dutch Masters (and maybe even a little Hieronymus Bosch?!). Create a similar vibe by having your florist incorporate grapes, pomegranates, and even veggies like artichokes into lush, romantic flower arrangements.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what happened to those 14,000 carnations in the Tory Burch show, the amazing Lewis Miller used them in one of his Flower Flashes (beautiful flash-installations he does on the streets of NYC, usually in trash cans).


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18 Fall Wedding Decor Ideas for Your Head Table

A major focal point for your reception, the head table includes some of the most important members of your big day, including you and your new spouse! Typically placed at the head of your reception space, your head table can hold a unique group of your wedding’s VIPs. From immediate family members to your wedding party and closest friends, it’s entirely up to you how you fill the seats of this standout setup.

For couples hosting their wedding in the peak of the fall months, there’s no better opportunity to design a head table that fully embraces autumn charm. A backdrop of crisp fall florals, seasonal elements like pomegranates as escort cards, and striking gold accents turn a simple table display into a cozy fall head table arrangement.

Warm reds, earthy greens, and amber yellows are all tones that can easily be integrated into elements of your fall wedding head table. Add bold blooms and branches to create a tablescape that exudes the feeling of fall without looking tacky or overdone. For ideas that go beyond the traditional design route, we sought advice from some of the industry’s top experts to compile a list of head table options for your fall wedding decor inspiration.

20 Stunning Wedding Flower Wall Ideas

Ever since Kim and Kanye tied the knot[1] in front of a wall of white peonies[2], roses, and gardenias, flower walls have been en vogue. And it's no wonder—a luxurious wall installation made entirely of flowers is a spectacular way to create a floral point at your wedding. And a flower wall can work anywhere: at the ceremony entrance, as a gorgeous backdrop for your vow exchange[3], as an escort-card display, at the reception behind a delicious spread of desserts, or any other place you'd like to draw attention to. Flower walls are also a great way to bring the outside indoors, especially if you and your fiancé love Mother Nature but are hosting an indoor celebration.

A flower wall can also serve double-duty if the ceremony and reception are being held at the same venue. First, have your florist create a towering flower wall to serve as the backdrop for your ceremony; then, during cocktail hour[4], flip the space and position your sweetheart table in the same spot. Or, have the flower wall function as a photo booth backdrop[5] or selfie station at the reception. Either way, you're pretty much guaranteed spectacular wedding photos all night long.

And it's not just the traditional flower wall we love! We've seen so many different takes on flower installations and "walls" that have left us speechless. Click through to see 20 of the most stunning wedding flower walls and installations we've seen at real weddings.


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5 Ways To Save Money On Flowers

Some of the prettiest and most popular decor details happen to also be the most expensive. Unfortunately, our favorite blooming beauties fall under that list. Your floral budget will likely make up a big part of your wedding day expenses, and it can be hard to know where to cut corners. Brides turned to Victoria Ahn of Designs by Ahn[1] in New York City for the answers.

Be strategic about the placement

Think about where you really need arrangements. Focus your budget[2] on the reception flowers, then the ceremony, then the cocktail hour[3]— that’s when people are more concerned with their drinks or food[4], and you can just do simple votives.

Be flexible

Try not to have your heart set on a specific flower: So many brides ask for peonies[5] or cherry blossoms, and those can be expensive if your wedding isn’t in spring, when they’re in season. As an alternative to peonies, I recommend garden roses because the shape and palette are similar.

Quality over quantity

To re-create cherry blossoms, we have to attach flowers to branches, and that’s labor-intensive and pricier. For table arrangements[6], I love using hydrangeas because you get a lot of great volume with each stem. You also don’t need to get a full bouquet for every bridesmaid—lately I’ve been doing corsages and hair flowers with small, delicate spray roses instead.

Consider rentals

If you want to fill out the space in a big room, you can rent plants or trees or go for branches of fall foliage.

Go for greenery

And if you’re going to have long tables and want garlands, bear in mind that they may cost more than centerpieces[7]—but you can just lay cut greens on the table for a similar effect.

See more: Average Cost of Wedding Flowers: Making the Most of a Floral Budget[8]


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