20 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2019

Good news, lovebirds — your upcoming wedding day[1] or anniversary[2] isn't the only annual occasion dedicated to pampering your partner[3] and soaking up each other's awesomeness. Enter February 14, which (no pressure) also means you're tasked with finding a Valentine's Day gift for him that says "I love you" without veering into corny and cliché territory.

Despite knowing your guy better than anyone, finding the perfect gift never gets any easier, and the holiday dedicated exclusively to love certainly ups the shopping challenge. Whether he's a man who has everything or claims he's not the present type (as if), it's hard to get past the mushy motifs and chocolate-covered strawberries to hone in on something sentimental that he'll actually reuse. Just when you thought finding a wedding present[4] was hard....

Lucky for you, because we know that planning your big day[5] demands your undivided attention, we did the legwork for you and highlighted 20 of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for him. Engaged to a cocktail connoisseur? They're bound to raise a glass to an ultrachic metallic shaker. In love with your binge watching buddy? They'd kill to cuddle up with Pinch Provisions' Binge-Watching Survival Kit. Taking on life with a fellow adventure seeker[6]? Go big with a classic bicycle in a holiday-appropriate hue. And for Valentine's Day traditionalists, we've found plenty of red hot (and literally red!) gifts and goodies. TBH, we discovered the best romantic Valentine's Day gifts for every to-be hubby.

There's no need to use V-Day as an excuse to break the bank, either (keep that wedding budget[7] intact!) — we've got you covered with love-inspired goodies as low as $8.50. Prepare to rule Valentine's Day with all of our favorite picks, completely fit for any dude.


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19 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her 2019

Ahh, Valentine's Day[1]...it's the most romantic 24 hours of the entire year—besides, you know, your upcoming wedding day[2], the day you got engaged, and your anniversary.[3] Okay, so maybe it's not THE most romantic day of the year, but it's certainly up there—and definitely worth celebrating, especially with some unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for her!

Even if you and your partner aren't usually big on the holiday of red roses[4] and chocolate truffles, it wouldn't hurt to let Cupid have his way this time around. After all, if there's one Valentine's Day you'll remember years from now, when you and your sweetie have aged like fine whisky and wine, it'll be this one—when you're engaged to the love of your life, planning your future[5] (and wedding!) together.

Plus, let's be real here: With the stress of wedding planning[6] probably taking over your life (guest lists, budgets, in-laws, ughh...), you and your fiancé need a night to celebrate the two of you. No color palette[7] talk or seating chart discussions. Just you and your S.O.

Oh, and presents. Can't forget the presents.

Sure, your love (and that engagement bling[8]) is gift enough, but a pretty present or to-die-for trinket is bound to make her V-Day extra special. If you think Valentine's gifts are all eye roll–worthy clichés, think again! We've rounded up the coolest, chicest, and sweetest Valentine's Day gift ideas for her that your love is sure to, well, love.

Looking to pamper your beauty-obsessed bride? She'll fall head over heels for a heart-infused tube of lipstick[9]. Taking on life with a cooking connoisseur? Indulge her kitchenware whims with a Valentine's Day-themed casserole dish (it's more romantic than it sounds, we promise!). Engaged to a sweetheart with a sweet tooth? Nail the gifting game on the head, thanks to chocolate candies from a famed French confectionary (in the prettiest packaging). No matter her speed this February 14, we found the best picks to satisfy your dearest Valentine in style.

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And because you're busy planning for an expensive little thing called your wedding, we've covered a wide array of price points (seriously, we found amazing presents starting at only $8.50!) to satisfy every budget[11]. Just call us Cupid!


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26 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your New In-Laws

Who knew that when you said "I do" your holiday shopping list would get SO. MUCH. LONGER?! And out of all the loved ones on your gift list, it's no surprise that you're most worried about scoring the the perfect gifts for your in-laws[1]. We don't blame you: Shopping for your in-laws (or future in-laws) can definitely be tricky business. After all, what on earth do you get that says "Thanks for hosting Christmas dinner[2]...and also for welcoming me into your family...and for raising such an amazing person...and for not adding everyone you know to our wedding guest list[3]." It's a lot of pressure, okay?! But before you completely descend into a total panic, know that we've got you covered. We've rounded up 2018's top holiday gift ideas for your in-laws, and they're about to score you MAJOR points.

Whether you're a newlywed[4], newly engaged[5], or have been married for years[6], you obviously want to gift something meaningful to your sweetheart's parents. And if that wasn't hard enough, if you throw wedding planning[7] on top of it all, you've got yourself a super stressful holiday season. But with the fab finds below, you can exchange that stress for some much-deserved holiday cheer. With a wide array of price points (seriously, we found amazing options starting at only $12!) and a huge variety of styles, there's something for everyone. Consider that daughter-in-law[8] of the year award yours.


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32 Best Friend Gift Ideas for All Your Holiday Needs

Best friend gifts for your girl squad? Done and done!

With a laundry list of wedding planning chores[1] in front of you (guest lists, dress fittings[2], finally deciding between roses and peonies...), finding that extra special present for everyone on your gift list can feel near impossible. As if you didn't have enough on your plate as a bride already, amiright? So did we the legwork for you! Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, cause you're about to slay with these 32 ahh-maze-ing gifts, hand-picked especially for your BFFs.

What better time than the holidays to thank your special gal pals for all they've done throughout your wedding adventure, anyway? After all, these are likely the ladies planning your bachelorette party and bridal shower, the ones who always let you rant about your mother-in-law to-be[3] without question, and the ones who'll be supportively standing by your side on your wedding day. Trust us, they deserve it. And any of these perfect presents are just the thing to say "Thank you!" right along with "Happy holidays."

We've rounded up this year's most gorgeous gifts that any 'maid or member of your posse is bound to love — from your wedding workout[4] buddy to your mani/pedi pal. The best part? Brides on a budget[5] will also flip for these finds. Our best friend gift guide covers a wide range of price points so whether you have an entire army of 'maids or a small bridal party consisting of just your very closet girls, these glam goodies are totally within reach.

From jewelry to beauty must-haves[6], these presents will without-a-doubt make your crew smile. Browse our best friend gifts below, and feel free to thank us later.


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11 Winter Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Totally Keep

Not all wedding favors[1] are created equal. Some are cute, some are cheeky, some are tasty, and some are downright tacky! The key to a great wedding favor is to make it both personal and relevant to your wedding[2]—and, of course, to pick something your guests will actually enjoy[3].

Some more rules of favor giving: 1) Make it pretty. If it's not already in a pretty package, it's up to you (or your wedding planner!) to make sure it is presented in a way that seems intentional and put-together (vs something haphazard or sloppy). 2) EVERYONE enjoys food[4]. Period. And drinks. So any favors that have something to do with either of these will most likely be a hit. 3) Call us crazy, but if you really want your guests to hang onto the favors, (unless it's something that IS food related that will either be consumed or thrown away when it's gone) don't brandish it with your name and/or wedding date. Think about it: would you rather have a cozy throw or scarf that doesn't say anything or one that is monogrammed with someone else's initials and wedding date? It's your day, but give your guests something they'll actually enjoy!

As the snow falls[5] and the temperatures drop, we say keep it seasonal, too, and treat your guests to one of these winter wedding[6] favors, sure to be crowd-pleasers.

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24 Best Presents for the Bride and Groom Wedding Day Gift Exchange

Among one of the many longstanding, nuptial-related conventions[1] is the bride and groom wedding gift exchange on the day of (or bride and bride and groom and groom, of course!). This may not be on every couple's agenda, but it's one more little gesture of love (and a nice nerve-reducer[2]) before you and your soon-to-be-spouse exchange vows.

And, even if you've already overextended your wedding budget[3] (it happens to the best of us), you don't have to fork over an engagement-ring's worth of moolah[4] to make your present count. In fact, some to-be-weds even map out strict price limits for the exchange beforehand to keep it within a reasonable confine. It's truly all about the sentiment, even if the gift is something that can't be used until after the wedding[5].

With that being said, we rounded up 24 of the best wedding present ideas for the day-of gift exchange with your partner. For the bride, you can never go wrong with an extra touch of jewelry[6], which she can choose to sport down the aisle. We're especially enamored with EF Collection's subtle "Love" ring for a heartfelt showing of affection. Or, play on the something blue tradition[7], like a small periwinkle clutch that's big enough to house her day-of necessities[8]. As for the groom[9], finish off his wedding ensemble with a crisp pocket square from The Tie Bar, or sleek shades for an outdoor celebration. If he's more the nostalgic type, matching coffee mugs, courtesy of UncommonGoods, might be more on par. Or, perhaps the music buff will get a kick out of high-tech headphones for your honeymoon travels[10].

Either way, there's something fit to match any budget and style. Starting with ladies first, scope out our top bride and groom wedding present picks.


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How to Return Wedding Gifts You Know You’ll Never Use

When your wedding is all said and done, you’ll hopefully be left with a handful of good memories, a couple hundred photos, and a pile of gifts[1]. As you’re ripping off the wrapping paper[2] and uncovering the items that your guests have given you, you might notice that some of those gifts will never be used[3], cared for, or looked at again.

So what should you do with the gifts that you’re most likely going to bury underneath a pile of things you never use in your garage or shoved in the back of a closet? You should try to return them[4] to get money or get something else from the store that you’ll actually use instead.

Here’s how you can return your unwanted wedding gifts. The best part is, the people who gave you the gift never have to know.

Sort Through Gifts ASAP

When the wedding ends, you’re going to feel tempted to want to sit back and relax, taking time off to recover from all things wedding. But before you kick your feet up and catch up on your favorite TV shows, the very first thing you should do is rip open the wrapping paper on your wedding gifts. Start sorting the items you received into two piles: a keep pile and a return pile.

If you received a lot of registry gifts at your bridal shower, be sure to separate them into piles right after as well.

After you’ve made your piles, start taking action. Examine the gifts in your return pile. Do you have a gift receipt for them? Do you know where they were purchased? To meet most store’s return policies, you want to bring items back within the month they were gifted to you. That way, you have a better chance at getting money back or a store credit.

Look Up the Store’s Return Policy

If you have a receipt for the gift, look up to see how long you have until you can no longer return it. Some stores give money back within 30 days and then after that, give store credit.

If you find that you don’t have a receipt for the gift, but you know exactly where it was purchased, it’s worth taking the item to the store, asking to speak with a manager, and explaining that it was given to you as a wedding gift. Stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Target, and TJ Maxx, have a reputation for being great with returns or working with customers who don’t have a receipt. Usually, they can scan the barcode on the item, see when it was purchased, and give you the amount that the item is valued at now (if it was purchased months or even years ago).

Ask the Gift Giver for More Information

Sometimes, after your wedding ends, you find that you are left with a pile of gifts that you have no idea where they were bought. If they end up in your return pile, strike up a conversation with the gift giver to inquire about more information. Casually ask them where they bought it from so that you can investigate the return policy.

See more: How to Write a Thank-You Note for a Gift You Returned[5]

Swap It, Sell It, Store It to Regift

If you’re finding yourself eyeballing a dead end when trying to return a specific item that you just don’t want, you might want to resort to getting your money back or your money’s worth in other ways. If you’ve been given a gift card[6] you know you’ll never use, you can swap it for another one using a website like Cardpool[7]. You can also sell your gifts on Facebook Marketplace or using the website Tradsey[8]. Or, if you’ve received a gift that you know you can’t use, but someone else would adore, you can store it away to regift[9] for someone’s next birthday, holiday, or wedding gift.


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14 Fall Wedding Favors from Etsy to Get Your Guests in the Autumn Spirit

The fall season is one of the most popular periods[1] throughout the year to host a wedding. With crisp outdoor venues, the changing leaves dominating as photo backdrops[2], and the potential for long sleeve gowns[3], we can see why this season is coming out on top in terms of wedding dates. Oh, and let's not forget about the plethora of warm fall cocktails (spiked apple cider[4], anyone?) that make for brilliant photo ops and cozy guests.

Aside from beverages, there are plenty of other ways to help spread the fall fascination with your nearest and dearest, and one of the best places to start is with seasonally themed wedding favors[5]. Another fall wedding perk is that you have immeasurable options for guest thank-you gifts that they'll actually reuse. A maple syrup–scented candle[6], for example, will encourage everyone to curl up at home with a good book post-wedding. It truly wouldn't be fall without mention of pumpkins[7], making pumpkin spice soap favors feel all the more appropriate. And if you're having an outdoor ceremony[8], blankets for your friends and family can be put to good use during the wedding itself. For temporary treats, appeal to your guests' taste buds with the best sweets the season has to offer, like mini pies (on a stick!) and vintage jars of honey.

To further inspire your gift giving creativity before your big day, we come bearing 14 fall wedding favors from Etsy, each just as likely to inspire a hearty dose of autumn nostalgia from your guests.


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Real Brides Share Their Favorite Wedding Gifts

Showers and wedding gifts tend to fall into two categories — housewares and cash. You can never go wrong by following the typical traditions, it’s only natural that some gifts tend to stand out more than others.

If you’re in need of a bit of gift inspo, we’ve got you covered. We asked real brides to share the best wedding gifts they received. Here’s what they had to say.

“My aunt lives in Chicago and as part of my shower gift she gave us a gift card to Lou Malnatis pizzeria, so we could get authentic Chicago deep dish delivered to our house. It was thoughtful, sentimental and delicious - the perfect gift!” — Nicole

“Honestly, money. We paid for our wedding ourselves so it was great to recoup some of the costs and it alleviated some financial pressure.” — Pamela

“My favorite wedding/shower gift I received were my Nambe sets. Their serving pieces are BEAUTIFUL and great quality! I always get compliments on the pieces I was given.” — Randi

“My china and bedding! It was the last thing I thought of but I’m so glad I registered for it as it is something you need and can get very pricey.” — Stephanie

“New expensive sheets! They’re a luxury item I never knew I was missing out on and something I probably would not buy for myself.” — Liz

“The complete Harry Potter series box set, with a card that said, ‘I promise this is a hell of a lot more fun than a toaster!’” — Nan

“My luxury sheets and towels, and nice pots and pans!” —Megan

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“One of our friends from college gave us a gift card to use for massages while on our honeymoon. It was an awesome gift because it was an experience we could have together, saved us money, was thoughtful and was sort of like delayed gratification — something to celebrate after our wedding had passed.” — Christina

"People bought us things to do on our honeymoon to Europe and it was so nice to think of those people as we did each activity." — Montana

"Our personalized cutting board. It was so thoughtful and different, I love it!" — Jennifer

Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas For Every Season

Wedding welcome bags[1] shouldn't replace thank you notes, but going the extra mile to say, "I appreciate you being apart of my big day" will go a long way. Getting your guests stocked up on goodies for your wedding weekend will make them feel extra special for attending. That being said, you’ve got to fill your bags with the right goods to reflect your wedding vibe.

When you’re looking to fill your welcome bags with items your guests will love, there are some definite staples. You can’t forget water for hydration[2], something sweet, something boozy, and an all-important hangover cure[3]. Local finds, maps and itineraries are special touches as well, but it’s important to think about the season as well as the location.

It’s easy to switch up wedding bag staples with seasonally appropriate choices. As you stuff your bags, think about the the refreshing drinks your guests might prefer in the spring and summer months and the cozy cold-weather goodies they’ll appreciate come fall and winter.

In addition to the welcome bag staples, you can also add in extra seasonal necessities to help your guests get through the weekend. Think about the sweltering heat you might be asking your guests to sit through at your outdoor summer soirée, or the chill that comes on a winter night. These special occasions call for extra-special welcome bag additions.

No matter if you're having a destination wedding or a local fête, welcome bags are a great way to show your guests who travelled from near and far how much you appreciate them. Consider these seasonal welcome bag ideas for goodies that will keep the party going all weekend long.

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