Should your Groom see Your Wedding Dress?

It’s a given that your dream dress will be discovered in the company of your best girls, be that your mum, sisters or friends, but should your groom see your wedding dress too? If you’re a stickler for tradition or err on the side of superstition, your answer will likely be no, he can wait until you get to the aisle.

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Should your Groom see Your Wedding Dress?

For some couples, seeing each other before the ceremony has become the new favourite, taking away their nerves, giving them a private moment together, and allowing for some beautiful first look photos to be taken.

So we’ve rounded up some arguments for and against letting your groom see your wedding dress so you can decide what is right for you.

Keep it Secret

  • It’s bad luck to even see each other before the wedding, let alone for him to see your wedding dress, too!
  • You want it to be a surprise for everyone, including him, so you can fully enjoy your big moment.
  • As you step down the aisle, emotions will be high, so when he sees you, his beautiful bride, for the first time it’ll be ten times more amazing.
  • He loves you for you, so you know he’ll love whatever dress you choose.
Just married couple- Should your groom see your wedding dress Credit: Jessica O’Shaughnessy

Let him see

  • You don’t have to show him ages in advance, it can still be a surprise for your wedding day, but by seeing each other in the morning before the ceremony, you can reassure each other and whisk away any wedding nerves[1], letting you enjoy the moment fully when the time comes.
  • These days, many photographers give you the option of first look photos (add them to this list[2] of your essential photos so your photographer knows what to get). This way, you won’t be leaving it to chance to capture your groom’s expression when he sees you – they’ll do that for you.
  • Depending on how traditional you are intending to go, your bridesmaids may be dressed the same. In the old days, the tradition[3] was to dress your bridesmaids the same as the bride, in white. This was to confuse evil spirits
  • If you had a say in his suit choice, it’s only fair that he should get to give your dress choice the once over too, right?



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Hen weekend ideas for the super stylish bride

As wedding season approaches and many of us are struck by wedding fever, those chosen few bridesmaids need to start planning. If you have been tasked with organising a luxury hen party, look no further! Red7[1] offer their top tips on planning a celebration fit for the most stylish of bridal parties, with these top hen weekend ideas.


8 top hen weekend ideas

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz


When it comes to luxury, Afternoon Tea[2] at the Ritz is an obvious choice. Served in the spectacular Palm Court, hens can tuck into finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and a range of delicate pastries. All this erved alongside a selection of teas, or a glass of bubbles.

Countryside retreat


For those looking to enjoy the English countryside in style, a Punting tour[3] whilst sipping champagne in beautiful Cambridge, is sure to be a hit.

Pampering in Rural Ibiza

For hen’s who prefer a healthy retreat, the beautiful surroundings of a luxury day spa[4] set in the Ibiza countryside is a perfect choice. Hens can enjoy 5-star pampering in an oasis of tranquillity with enticing aromas and the calming sounds of waterfalls.

Parisian Wine tasting


If sipping on champagne is a key part of the celebrations, then there’s no better place to sample the fizzy delights than in its country of origin. Queue a trip to Paris for champagne tasting. In the heart of a stylish district in Paris, your group can exude elegance whilst sampling the finest champagne France has to offer in a Parisian Wine Tasting Session[5].

English Spa

Suitable for all ages and tastes, a luxury spa weekend a little closer to home will be a popular option. A pamper day at The Grange[6], the 5-star hotel set within a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral is a great option. Offering all the pampering a stylish bride and her hens need plus access to the spa’s amazing facilities and a treatment of choice.

Luxury Barcelona Yacht

If a sun-soaked break is on the agenda, then chartering one of the private yachts[7] in Barcelona’s beautiful harbour is certainly your style. There’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials than by sipping champagne aboard a luxury yacht.

Create your scent


For something different, creating a unique scent in a Perfume Making[8] class could be just the thing. Using the finest ingredients from around the world you cnan make your own elixer. Ingredients include night-time jasmine from Africa, spices from The Orient and vanilla from Southern France. Once the scents are bottled and named, a celebratory glass of bubbles is next on the list.

Private Pool Villa


Relaxing in the sun is a must for many hen parties and Marbella offers a host of luxurious activities. Staying in a private Villa[9] which can accommodate the whole party. Plus, when it’s boasting a private garden and pool it will no doubt be the perfect setting for relaxation and group bonding!

Whether you’re partying or pampering, Red 7[10] has got your Hen do[11] experiences covered. Plus, Red 7[12] can also help out with the Groom’s party Stag do.


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Makeup myths busted

We all hear stories about makeup routines and often they are conflicting. So we thought we’d tackle the fake news head on and put things right in the world of beauty. Here we take the everyday makeup myths.

You only need one colour of foundation all year – FALSE

We all know after a long cold winter, we crave the sunshine. Your skin is the same, craving vitamin D to pump some life back into it. Our skin is always naturally exfoliating, so you won’t have the same tanned glow in winter as you did in summer. You need to keep this in mind when shopping for a foundation. If you have a winter wedding you will need a paler share. It’s work mentioning this at your makeup trial with your makeup artist[1].

Primers do the same job as moisturisers – FALSE

This is false. A primer is usually more silicone-dense and is applied after your moisturiser. It helps create a smooth and even base for you to apply your makeup and keeps it in place for longer. A primer is a must for many brides, and especially so for destination weddings.  to thanks to the silicones found in the formulas.

Makeup never expires – FALSE

As with most items, makeup will expire. All makeup has a small sign on the packaging that looks like a pot with an open lid. There’s a number in it which tells you how many months the product is valid for. For the best results on your big day, make sure your makeup is fresh[2], in-date and that your brushes are clean.

You only need suncream when it’s hot – FALSE

Never underestimate the power of UV. It can penetrate through cloud and it will hasten the ageing process. We’d always advise you get into the habit of applying SPF daily, even if you have an SPF foundation. Beauty brands are getting behind the cause but the minimal amount you get in your foundation is not enough to rely on alone.

You should add concealer before your foundation- FALSE

For the best coverage, you need to layer and blend your makeup. Always apply your foundation first and leave any spots until last. Tackle blemishes by dabbing- not rubbing- concealer over them with your finger. The gentle dabbing motion should blend it in flawlessly. If you apply concealer first, you’ll only rub it all off when applying the foundation.


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How to keep your bridesmaids happy

It’s impossible to please everyone, we all know this. However, we know you want to keep your bridesmaids happy and from our experience, bridesmaid dress shopping should be a fun and exciting part of your engagement.

We’ve rounded up some helpful tips to ensure you manage everyone’s expectations and avoid any fallings out. alexia1268

Manage expectations 

You want your bridesmaids to feel involved and a part of the process- as much as they want to. When it comes to dress shopping, limit your numbers to avoid too many opinions as no doubt some of them will clash.

Don’t immediately buy online

Shop online but never ever buy online! Take to social media and online websites (like ours!) for inspiration and ideas but you need to try before you buy.  You need to get a feel for what looks good on your bridesmaids and what colours and shapes will work. It may be that once you’ve tried a few, you’ll find the perfect dress from somewhere online.

Alternatively, you could bulk order a few styles and host your own bridesmaid fittings at home, returning anything you don’t like. We’d advise checking the trial and returns policy on your chosen website first, however.


Be flexible

Ideally, every one of your girls will love and suit the type of dress that you pick for them but more often than not this isn’t the case! If one of your maids isn’t comfortable in strapless then allow them to have straps, it will all work in your favour in the end when all of your girls are happy on the day and smiling in your photos.

Divide and conquer 

No doubt your bridesmaids will all want a role to play in helping you prepare for your big day. If you have a maid of honour, ask her to share out some of the responsibilities for the hen party, or if you need any help creating any bits and pieces, reach out to these girls first. Not everyone likes to take an active role, so just be wary of some reluctance.

Above all, remember it is your day and you girls should do everything to make it the happiest day of your life! Don’t let your bridesmaids dictate or dominate your decision, your good friends will understand, and likewise, you should understand their expectations. We always say it’s important to manage expectations from the start. As you probably already know, especially when it comes to weddings, it’s impossible to please everyone!


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What no one told you about picking bridesmaid dresses

When you’re calling the shots on your bridesmaids dresses, your decisions have the potential of causing some conflict. If you’re not careful, what you thought would be a cakewalk will turn into a long old slog. Fortunately, a bit of expert knowledge can give you a leg up, and we aren’t stingy about sharing what we’ve learned over the years.

There are plenty of pitfalls that await first timers but take a look at our guide on how to keep your bridesmaids happy[1], to keep ahead of the curve.

To that end, we’ve prepared a short guide on what to expect, and strategies that you can employ to avoid the potential hassles that are often associated with dress purchases.

Dress Procurement 101

Manage expectations. Everyone has an opinion, and they’re never shy to share it, we would advise taking one or two of your closest bridesmaids along on your search. What we are saying, is that having too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth. Limit selection duty to yourself and one or two other individuals. Two at the most. This way you’ll be able to get some ideas and make a quick decision when it’s time to pull the trigger.

Have a plan

A lack of plan can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Take some time before you start looking to narrowing your criteria and get a feel for what styles you like and what will suit your theme. Many factors will influence appropriate dress choices. Make sure you know about the wedding location[2], season, colour scheme, and other pertinent details going in. Dark green bridesmaid dresses might go well with your lush forest wedding, but could clash with a lightly coloured spring palette.[3]

Ask yourself some questions. Will the dresses need accessories? Will you need custom sizes? Alterations? Envision what you believe would be the “perfect dress.” Make sure you are managing your budget to avoid any awkward conversations with your bridesmaids further down the line. Formulating a game plan will help you stay on target and keep you from becoming discouraged when you’re met with setbacks. 

Keep an open mind

You have probably stalked your dream dresses on Instagram[4] of Pinterest but the reality may not be so easy. There may be a number of issues between you and your ideal bridesmaid dresses. They may not suit the shape of your bridesmaids. They may not be feasible. When it comes to the crunch, there may be budget limitations. You may come to find out that what works, in theory, is impractical in reality.

No matter what, keep an open mind, and be receptive to the possibility of altering your original idea. Staying optimistic while managing your expectations is a good strategy for minimizing the stress that comes with having your original concepts dashed. As a corollary to this, take the suggestions of stylists and tailors to heart. They have experience in this area after all, and there’s a good chance you’ll end up agreeing with their advice.

Don’t forget to have fun

Remember that this is an exciting time for you and for your bridesmaids. Planning is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be devoid of enjoyment. As long as you have a positive outlook and a little more patience than you would normally, then you should be able to glide through the selection process. [5]


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14 Of The Hottest Bridesmaid Dresses For 2019

35 of The Best Bridesmaid Dresses For 2019

Still trying to decide on a colour for your bridesmaid dresses? Whether you’ve just started looking or you’re trying to narrow down your search, we’ve pulled together a selection of the best bridesmaid dresses for 2019.

There are many things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses. You need to consider the most flattering shapes, the colour scheme and whether there is a one style fits all solution. It can be a challenge appeasing all your bridesmaids, you may need these tips on how to keep your bridesmaids happy![1]

Hues of Blue

Navy is a great choice for winter or autumnal weddings. The colour and cowl neck on this Amy dress from Oasis (£85)[2] is super flattering.

Why not incorporate a little lace into your bridesmaid dresses? We can’t get enough of this denim blue maxi from Theia[3].

Navy doesn’t just have to be for winter, this cropped number is light and breezy and your bridesmaids will be able to move it and shake it all night long. Monia Navy Midi Dress from TFNC for £33[4]

This Topshop figure-hugging dress is classy and simple and great for evening weddings. We particularly love the cross back detail and the fishtail, plus, at this price you can’t say no! £28 from Topshop [5]

Shades of Grey

Take on a darker shade of grey with Dorothy Perkin’s Showcase Gunmetal ‘Natalie’ Maxi Dress £52[6]

We love the lace detail – particularly the scalloped edging- on this Oasis Bardot Maxi Dress £90[7]

Pretty in Pink

There is such a wide variety of pink bridesmaid dresses available you’ll be hard pushed to choose just one. Lucky for you, we’ve helped narrow your search with these favourites.

The soft lines and delicate cut of this champagne pink this Theia[8] dress makes it the perfect bridesmaid dress. We wouldn’t be surprised if your bridesmaids pulled this out to wear again in future.

We can’t promise you won’t get jealous of your bridesmaids in this gorgeous Maddie Embroidered Maxi Dress from Coast. The lace sleeves and scalloped edging is wedding perfection. £149 from Coast.[9][10]

We also couldn’t resist this cropped, lacey dress from Coast for all the same reasons. Janie Lace Midi Dress £149 from Coast.[11]

Green Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s impossible not to love this mint green Saffron maxi dress from Ted Baker. Perfect for the warmer months with subtle, the pleating and structured neckline is a flattering combination. £249 from Ted Baker [12][13]

Coming just below the knee this short dress is light and summery in a gorgeous emerald green to offset your wedding dress. Imana Midi Dress £99 from Coast [14]

Add a touch of sparkle

Glittery or embellished bridesmaid dresses are a great option when you’re looking for something with a little more ‘pop’. Who says your bridesmaids can’t shine alongside you?

The intricate detailing in the beading on this Picasso Leaf Embellished Maxi Dress by Lace & Beads is sure to make your bridesmaids look and feel glamorous. £85 from Topshop. [15][16]

This sequin-top dress from Dorothy Perkins is a sophisticated and considerate option for your bridesmaids if you’re having a winter wedding. They’ll be grateful for the sleeves and maxi skirt. Showcase Green ‘Bijou’ Maxi Dress, £72 from Dorothy Perkins. [17]

Bring a Gatsby-esque touch to your wedding with this fair coloured dress and its fine sequin detail. £150 from Oasis. [18]


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Cyber Monday 2018: Hen Party Offers

Planning a hen party[1] takes time and plenty of budgeting. If you’re a considerate bridesmaid, you’ll be trying to throw the best hen do for your bride whilst trying to stay within your guests’ budget[2]. Cyber Monday is the perfect time for you to bag yourself some bargains on decorations, games and invitations so you’ll look like you’ve splurged, when really you’ve saved. Thank us later.

The best deals on hen party experiences

Virgin Experience Days are offering a range of great deals on Black Friday. Our favourites are:

black Friday deals

57% off The View from The Shard with a three-course meal for two at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse[3]

25% off Ice Bar experience and cocktails for two- now £37.50[4]

25% off B Bakery Vintage Afternoon Tea Bus Tour for two- now £82.50[5]

Red Letter Days is also offering some big discounts including:

Champneys Spa Day with Lunch and Treatment for Two[6]


This spa break deal was £376 but is now £280

Spa Day with Treatments for Two at a Marriott Hotel now £55[7]

One Night Stay with Dinner for Two now £99[8]

The best deals on hen party decorations

Decorations go a long way in creating the perfect bachelorette party backdrop. The challenge is finding pieces that look classy rather than tacky but the costs quickly add up. Check out our favourite deals so far for hen party decorations:

Party Pieces is offering 15% off all orders over £40 on Black Friday [9]

Black Friday hen party decorations Shop Party Pieces here[10]

36% off Silver Bride Letter Balloon Banner[11]

Buy this bride balloon here[12]

33% off Rose Gold Confetti Balloons[13]

Buy this balloon pack here[14]

16% off these paper pom poms[15]

Buy these pom poms here[16]

45% off metallic confetti[17]

Buy this confetti here[18]

33% off these latex balloons[19]

Buy these balloons here[20]

Probably our favourite… 15% off a bubble machine![21]

Buy this bubble machine here[22]

The best deals on hen party games

No hen party is complete without the booze-fueled games. We’ve rounded up our best buys, but don’t forget to check out our printable hen party games. [23]

50% off Prosecco Party Pong[24]

Buy this party pong here[25]

35% off Engagement Ring Shot Glasses[26]

Buy this shot ring here[27]

24% off this photo booth set[28]

But this photo booth set here[29]

 Capture all the best moments with 29% off this polaroid camera[30]

Buy this polaroid camera here[31]

Best Black Friday deals on hen party supplies

Create a bachelorette army with all the bride tribe accessories to ensure everyone’s in keeping with the hen do theme. Whether you choose to go bold or keep it low key, dressing up is all part of the fun.

Go old school with 29% off these bride tribe sashes[32]

Buy these here[33]

20% off Team Bride Party Cups[34]

Buy these cups here[35]

51% off novelty penis straws[36]

Buy these straws here[37]

29% off these hen party poppers[38]

Buy these party poppers here[39]

 Budgeting for goodie bags? Save 14% on these Hen Party Bags[40]

Buy these party bags here[41]

 15% off this personalised clutch bag[42]


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8 Bridal Suite Essentials From Etsy

Your bridal suite isn’t just a place for you and your ‘maids to get ready; it's also a space that should be primed for your photographer to get some great day-of shots. They'll not only take snaps of emotional moments pre-walk down the aisle, but will also take staged photos of some of your most important day-of essentials. The perfume you were wearing, the vintage pearl necklace your mother passed down to you, your engagement and wedding rings, and whatever other important details that you’ll want to remember in years from now will be centerpieces for your bridal suite. Thus, it’s important to make sure your bridal suite is stocked with cute extras that your photographer can use to make your photos all the more pretty!

Of course, it’s great if those props also provide a function as something you can use post-wedding. Think: a robe for getting ready for date night, a ring dish you can put on your bedside table, or pretty papers or fabrics you can use later for wrapping a special gift. This way you’ll also feel a little less guilty about spending money on things that will only be seen in photos. To give you some inspiration, we've pulled a few of our favorite pieces from Etsy that would be perfect for your bridal suite!

What kind of bride are you? Take our quiz to find out…

Wedding Ideas is dedicated to helping you plan your big day no matter what your budget. Its number one for real weddings and great planning ideas for bride, groom, bridesmaids, hen, stag, dress, flowers, cakes and much more!


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Brits spend average of £998 on stag and hen dos abroad

Hen doCredit: iStock

Stag and hen dos are getting too predictable and boring according to some Brits, and yet most are still willing to fork out a fortune for one

You don’t need us to tell you that most stag and hen dos come with a hefty fee, but with more Brits opting to go abroad for their big pre-wedding getaway, it seems the cost is only set to get higher.

In fact, latest figures have revealed that Brits are spending an average of £998 per person for hen and stag dos abroad, with those who stay in the UK forking out an average of £434 – an increase by almost two thirds in the last two years.

The results – compiled in a survey of 2,000 people by – also found that 47 per cent believe hen and stag itineraries are becoming boring, predictable stagnant, and yet many would still be willing to make financial sacrifices to attend, including giving up holidays (32 per cent), not buying clothes (43 per cent) and avoiding socialising with friends (54 per cent).

“Stag and hen dos are a great way to celebrate with friends, and there are so many affordable options in interesting locations that can prevent the ‘stag lag’,” advises Johan Svanstrom, President of “We’d encourage everyone to do a bit of research to avoid the ‘been there done that’ and the rising cost.”

49 per cent of those polled even said they’d prefer to go on a stag or hen do off the beaten track, avoiding typical tourist spots and opting for cities like Valencia, Sofia and Zagreb.

The most popular hen and stag do destinations abroad

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Prague
  3. Dublin
  4. Barcelona
  5. Ibiza
  6. Benidorm
  7. Las Vegas
  8. Magaluf
  9. Budapest
  10. Madrid

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