Picture Perfect Tips for the Newly Engaged Bride with Invisalign®

Newly engaged? Get ready to show your pearly whites, my dears, because a bride will have over 300 photos taken in the time from “I will” to “I do!” So naturally, you’ll need to look your best. We’ve teamed up with Invisalign® and TV lifestyle expert, Justine Santaniello  — who’s tying the knot in November — to share some picture perfect pointers for you and your honey!

SMP: What is the best piece of advice you’ve received before your big day?

Justine: The best piece of advice I have received is to go with your gut and be as decisive as possible. As a bride you have a lot of decisions to make and for me in particular choosing a venue that’s a blank space makes for even more decisions. You have to trust yourself, you know what you like, you know what your aesthetic is, go with it! Consult your fiancée of course, maybe your mother or a bridesmaid but ultimately its up to you. The more decisive you are the easier things will be and you will notice everything gets done a lot faster when you aren’t wasting time going back and forth.

SMP: What is the look you’re going for on your big day?

Justine: The look I want to achieve for myself is very similar to the overall look I want for our wedding. Classic and romantic with a twist of modern. My dress is unlike any other wedding gown I have seen before, very detailed, fitted, textured, and a little sexy. I’m looking to have long flowy, loose curls with a natural yet dramatic look for with my makeup. Overall I want to feel confident and comfortable!

SMP: How did your experience with Invisalign help get you ready for your big day?

Justine: One of the most important things I could tell other brides is to take steps now to make sure you look and feel your best for your wedding day! For me, I wanted to start a skincare routine to get that glowing complexion, I wanted to look fit so I started a light workout routine and I wanted to have the perfect smile so I started Invisalign treatment! And now, my smile is one hundred times better than I even imagined it could be. Since I’ve been in treatment with my Manhattan-based orthodontist, Dr. Gail Schupak my teeth are perfectly straight and that space I have had forever – is gone! The process has helped me take my overall oral care more seriously. I now look at it as any other beauty routine!

SMP: What is the top tip that your bride friends have given you before you walk down the aisle?

Justine: I’m so lucky to have friends that have recently been married or are engaged as well, so they are my go-to’s for all questions and concerns. The piece of advice that sticks out the most is to really take in the moment while you walk down the aisle and to walk slowly! Make sure to memorize his face looking at you as much as possible, hold on tight to whoever is walking with you, and take in the fact that everyone in that room is there for you and to celebrate you!

There you have it, some amazing tips from a fabulous bride-to-be! Ready to get started with your Invisalign treatment? For more information, head over here. Smile big, my dears! xo


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