Lien We King and Kiara Khor’s Beautiful Wedding Celebrations at Shangri La Singapore

Kiara Khor and Lien We King of tied the knot in a beautiful and intimate solemnisation with their nearest and dearest, followed by a big wedding celebration at Shangri La Hotel.

Lien We King, who works in, actually wanted to hire Kiara Khor, Regional Manager, when he first met her! Despite Kiara rejecting We King’s offer, they met up a few times before their relationship grew into something more. He surprised her with an elegant proposal and a custom-made ring, and the couple celebrated their union in an intimate solemnisation on 10 March 2018 and a much larger wedding dinner on 17 March 2018 in Shangri La Hotel.

How did you meet each other?

Kiara: We met through a work event. He approached me afterwards and wanted to hire me to work for him! Despite me rejecting his offer, we met a couple of times casually thereafter, and gradually started dating a few years later! He did tell me he wanted to marry me after our second date. I never thought it would happen, but it’s funny how life works out in the end!

That must have been a fantastic second date! What drew you to each other?

Kiara: We are both full of flaws and our relationship has had its ups and downs. But at the end of the day, I love how he is teachable and willing to change for the better. Love and grace cover a multitude of sins and I think that’s what defines our relationship.

What was the proposal like?

Kiara: He told me we were going to a farewell party at our church members’ house. I was very tired that day, so I had no makeup on and dressed myself in one of the cheapest and hole-liest dresses I owned. He walked through the door first, and when he opened the door wide for me, the first thing I saw was a huge poster that read, “Hi Kiara,” which was then followed by a second poster reading, “Will you marry me?”! The room was beautifully decorated with emerald and gold balloons and full of people dear to us! I blushed immediately. He is usually awkward before crowds and while he managed the proposal elegantly, he almost forgot to give me the flowers that had been placed strategically for him, and had to be reminded to put the ring on my finger! But it was lovely, and we are so thankful for all our wonderful friends and family who made it happen.

What did you want for your wedding?

Kiara: I wanted something warm, cosy, and intimate that was bright and cheery at the same time. He, however, due to the nature of his work, had a whole lot of guests he wanted to invite to celebrate our big day, so we had to compromise. On top of that, we’ve seen how stressful wedding days can be with the morning solemnisation event and then the crazy rush until the evening for the dinner celebration. I wanted to be able to truly enjoy each moment with my guests and so we decided to split our solemnisation ceremony and the dinner celebration over two weekends!

We had a small, cosy, intimate ceremony and lunch to cater to what I wanted, then a larger dinner celebration to accommodate his large number of guests. We tried to keep things as simple as possible. There was no gate crash and we DIY’ed where possible (our march-in songs’ lyrics were rewritten to describe our relationship)! To this day, I can’t imagine how crazy the wedding day would have been like if both the solemnisation and dinner celebration were on one day.

Throughout the process, Instagram and Pinterest were my best friends! I found all of my vendors from doing research on Instagram as well as reading features on SingaporeBrides and other websites! I checked out other brides’ weddings on SingaporeBrides when researching for vendors. At the end of the day, our goal was to be economical about our wedding as well. So knowing where to get value-for-money services and items was critical!

What was your wedding day like?

Kiara: March 10th was my favorite day. It was the day where we exchanged our vows and celebrated before a small group of guests over lunch in the beautiful Dutch Pavillion at Shangri-La Hotel. There was lots of daylight. It was meaningful and down to earth, yet elegant and warm. We had so much fun interacting with and engaging each one of our guests. I was so thankful to my bridesmaids, my mom, and my florist partner who made the décor of the whole venue so elegant and full of light.

March 17th was a much larger event. We had close to 38 tables. While there were hiccups at the wedding, and despite it being held at a typical ballroom, we were so thankful for my mom, my bridesmaids, my florist partner, and my husband’s sporting friends who made the whole event so fun and lively. Our yum seng was impromptu and led by my husband’s humorous friends who hijacked the stage to do it. We did not do the traditional phototaking with each table due to the large number of guests. Instead, our photographer just took snapshots of us interacting with our guests so that we could maximise time spent with them.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Kiara: There were many, but overall it was remembering the brimming joy we felt when celebrating the whole event with each one of our guests.

The Size of the Wedding: 60 guests on March 10 // 380 guests on March 17
The Venue: Dutch Pavillion and Tower Ballroom, Shangri La Hotel
The Wedding Day Photographer: Maria Shiriaeva Photography
The Gown: Rachel Gilbert // Johanna Johnson
The Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka
The Suit: Zegna
The Groom’s Shoes: Barkers
The Engagement Ring: Custom designed by the groom
The Wedding Bands: Everett, New York
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Vera from Love Blush
The Florist: Bridal bouquet by bride’s mother // JM Floral Team
The Wedding Stylist: DIY
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Charlotte Sowman Photography
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Bride and her bridesmaids
The Solemniser: Couple’s pastor
The Wedding Accessories: BHLDN
The Wedding Veil: Aliexpress
The Décor Items: Taobao

Credits: Images by Maria Shiriaeva Photography

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