How to Plan a Countryside Wedding

A spotlight for all things natural and ethereal, weddings showcased in the heart of the countryside emphasize a couple’s love for nature and simplicity. With design styles ranging anywhere from romantic to rustic, casual elegance is the cornerstone of a countryside wedding.

Countryside weddings are known for being lovely and idyllic, full of comfort and warmth, but can be tricky to plan. We recommend keeping it simple: choose loose and asymmetrical floral arrangements, a mixture of vintage and classic decor, a few nods to tradition, and cozy furniture setups. Don't forget to incorporate sweet sentiments from your relationship make for an event brimming with charm.

Private chateaus, cherished manors, and intimate villas often make for exclusive hideaways for hosting a countryside ceremony or reception, and are begging to be decorated with garden floral bouquets, serene tablescapes, and traces of antiques. While blending elegance with personalization, here are 15 tips for planning your countryside wedding from some of the industry’s top wedding planners!