DIY Wedding Decors

DIY Wedding Decors Floral Ampersand

When it comes to celebrations, sometimes it’s the smallest details that can make the biggest statement. With major staying power, the ampersand is – without a doubt – my favorite logogram and today we’re giving it an organic Valentine’s-inspired makeover. The perfect addition to any fête, this sweet signage makes a statement. All you have to do is follow our fresh and easy assembly steps below!

Paper mache ampersand
Floral foam blocks
Utility knife
Masking tape
Fresh flowers and greens
Thin floral wire


step-1Use the utility knife to cut out the top of the ampersand, leaving an open box in the shape of an ampersand. Get rid of any cardboard pieces that were inside the box.

step-2Cut the floral foam blocks to fit the ampersand shape (you may want to use a long kitchen knife for this). Start by cutting the blocks roughly in half, so that they are half as thick to match the height of the ampersand walls. Lay them side by side until they cover as much area as the ampersand. Then lay the ampersand on top of the blocks and trace the shape with a knife. Remove the ampersand and cut out the shape from the foam blocks. Then tuck the foam inside the ampersand shape.

step-3Add strips of masking tape every so often around the shape to keep the foam in place.

step-4The morning of your event, trim the flowers and greenery to have stems about 2” long and remove excess leaves. Place in cups of water until inserted into the ampersand.

step-5Add flowers and greens to the ampersand by sticking them into the foam. Begin with the greenery and work from the outside of the shape in. Build up with the blossoms and try to cover any areas of exposed foam. Let a bit of greenery trail off the shape in a few places for a more organic look.

step-6Once you are satisfied with the look of the piece, wrap a strand of floral wire around the shape every few inches to help secure the blossoms in place.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living


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