DIY Fourth of July Flower Arrangement

When I’m gaging my love level for a DIY, I take two things into consideration. 1) The ease at which said DIY can be crafted (I prefer heavy on the easy) and 2)  The ability to use that project in a multitude of arenas. Well this DIY is ringing in at an A++. Meet the overachieving Strawberry Flower Arrangement fit for a 4th of July wedding centerpiece or a patriotic backyard bash. See even more right here.

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MaterialsVintage tin or other opaque container (we found ours on Etsy)
Floral foam
Strawberries with stems, blossoms, & leaves (pick at your local strawberry farm in season)
Fresh flowers, we used: garden roses, freesia, spray roses, sea holly, and assorted greens

instructions step-1Select your flowers: for a more elegant take on traditional patriotic colors, add some deep purple-y red tones and lighter blushy pinks in addition to classic red and white. Make sure to get some large blooms and some smaller ones to play with scale.

step-2Fill the container with floral foam (you may have to cut the foam in pieces with a knife to get it to fit snugly in the container). Fill with water and let the foam soak.

step-3Begin by outlining the shape of the arrangement with greenery. Press the stems of the greenery into the floral foam at different angles and heights until you get a feel for how large and wide you’d like the arrangement to be. If you change your mind, it’s easy to pull a stem out to crop it or relocate it.

step-4Add in the larger blossoms and the deep tone flowers- try to create a path of color for your eye to follow.

step-5Fill the arrangement in with medium size flowers and bright red tones. Then dot with smaller flowers and highlight with lighter pinks and whites. Turn the arrangement as you work so you can make sure it looks good from more than one side.

step-6Finally, fill in the arrangement with more greenery for texture and dot with clusters of strawberries. Strawberries naturally droop, so some will do well hanging off the bottom of the arrangement, and the ones in the center should be on stronger branches and near stronger flowers for support.

Photography: Ruth Eileen 

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