Jocelyn and Luke’s Sleek Industrial Chic Rooftop Wedding at Sky Garden @ iFly Singapore

Jocelyn and Luke found their dream wedding venue at the beautiful Sky [email protected] Singapore where they wed under the sky and amidst fireworks.

It may not have been love at first sight for our sweet couple Jocelyn and Luke when they met a decade ago, but after spending some time together as friends, they discovered common interests and love blossomed. In their search for unconventional venues in Sentosa that could host a relaxed and joyous reception with an open bar and bartender, Jocelyn and Luke found their perfect venue at the beautiful rooftop Sky [email protected] Singapore, where they celebrated their matrimonial union with family and friends.

How did the two of you meet?

Luke: We met while working on Sentosa, a decade back!

Jocelyn: I was on an internship program while he was part-timing as a lifeguard. It was dislike at first sight for me because he was so loud and had weird braided cornrow hair. Then the coin flipped side!

What drew you to each other?

Luke: We were part of a clique of friends and were hanging out quite a bit, and both of us have common interest in dogs, that was how our relationship grew.

What is it about your partner that you love the most?

Luke: She has a very strong sense of internal justice! She won’t stand by and see any of her loved ones get bullied or disrespected. She’s also very forward looking and think of ways to improve.

Jocelyn: There are many reasons to date a family-oriented man because he understands commitment on a deeper level. Most importantly, when the going gets tough, you know he won’t get going!

What was the proposal like?

Luke: I proposed in Melbourne while we were away on a road trip with four other friends who were all in on it! The proposal was done on the fourth day of the trip! So, keeping her unsuspecting was a big challenge for all five of us!!

Jocelyn: It was at this place nowhere near civilisation while we were touring the Great Ocean Road and even though we tried to pin the location for memory’s sake, we still can’t put a name to that location! My GoPro went dead (the one and only time during the two-week trip!) and our friends made us re-enact the scene a couple of times trying to get some nice shots; the very next day we went to the vineyards, yes. A story to tell for sure!

Share with us how you planned your wedding.

Jocelyn: We had our solemnisation done at the Church of St. Mary of the Angels where Luke grew up in, so he was familiar with the location, while we had our dinner reception at the Sky [email protected] Singapore, who is one of my working partners. With regards to the vendors, we kind of just went with what was convenient along the way, but most importantly they were people we trusted! There were hiccups along the way as expected, but we trusted our vendors’ recommendations.

Luke: We knew we wanted to have our wedding at Sentosa where we met, and we were also looking at unconventional venues to have our reception where we could bring in a bartender and have an open bar with a curated cocktail and wine menu. After Jocelyn saw Sky [email protected] Singapore on one of her site visits for work, she suggested I take a look at it, and once I saw the venue, I was convinced!

Did you have a wedding theme?

We wanted something unconventional, clean and sleek. We were drawn to the clean lines of concrete. So, FLOUR came up with an Industrial Chic moodboard for our wedding and we liked the concept and color tone. Then, they just took it from there.

What was your wedding day like?

Our wedding day was split into two days – we had our solemnisation on a Saturday morning and our dinner reception at Sky [email protected] Singapore took place on a Sunday. It was frantic on Saturday morning, but thankfully, we had no plans in the evening, so we managed to sit down for dinner and drinks after our solemnisation with close friends and family.

Sunday’s dinner reception was spot on as we wanted it to be an intimate event where we could spend time and have a drink with everyone we invited, and I think between the two, we managed to do just that!

What did your family/friends have to say about your wedding day?

Our parents loved the décor by FLOUR. I caught a family member bundling up all the stalks of flowers and bringing it home! All she could say in her defense was – “So nice leh!! If they’re left here, they would be thrown away anyway!!” Even the parish priest, upon entering, commented that it was the nicest he has ever seen the church hall look. Singaporeans being Singaporeans, the other thing they commented on was that the food was excellent. Even until now, we get requests to share Kitchen Language’s contact.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Luke: For me, the single most memorable moment was in church, after the majority of the guests have left and FLOUR was tearing down, they grouped all the huge helium balloons together against a wall. The next moment, people were taking pictures with the balloons – instant PHOTO OPP. It was a very spontaneous moment and it will stay with me for a long time – because my grandma dragged Jocelyn and I to take a picture with her there!

Jocelyn: Luke is from a Catholic family and as a cradle Catholic himself, I knew his wish is to get married in the very church he grew up in. I am very thankful that my family and friends, largely non-Catholic, were as excited as me in attending the wedding service although it is a first for many of them as it was for me too.

What is one lesson you’ve learnt from your wedding planning that you’d like to share with other couples?

Work with vendors you feel comfortable with and make passion their paycheck because on the actual day you will be too busy to oversee and the whole event is to be left in the capable hands of these vendors.

We were blessed to have met HellofromFlour who helped us throughout, from suggesting photographers to transporting hundreds of kilograms of props! With the aesthetics and ambience taken care of, the power duo also won hearts through our stomachs. We have since been ordering cakes from them for almost all occasions throughout the year (we also learnt that some of our wedding guests started enquiring as well)!

A masterpiece was delivered for our two-day event, it was definitely the best decision made to have handed the reins over to trusted professionals!

The Venue: Church of St. Mary of the Angels / Sky [email protected] Sentosa
The Size of Wedding: 350 guests / 150 guests
The Wedding Photographer: Love Confetti Stills & Motion
The Wedding Videographer: AllureWeddings
The Wedding Gown: Kelly’s Bridal
The Groom’s Suit: Esquire’s Bespoke
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Bride’s friend
The Wedding Bands: Lydia’s Jewellery
The Caterer: Kitchen Language
The Wedding Florist: FLOUR
The Wedding Stylist: FLOUR
The Wedding Cake: FLOUR
The Photobooth: Ubersnap
The Wedding Favours: Bride’s design
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Bride’s design
The Wedding Car: EuroCars

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Madeline and Cepheus’s Fun-Filled Wedding With Twinkling Lights at Changi Cove

Wedding photographer, Cepheus Chan, weds the love of his life in a lively celebration at Changi Cove.

Young lovers Madeline Koo and Cepheus Chan of Cepheus Photography met while volunteering at the Youth Olympic Games. The pair became close friends and a year later, their friendship blossomed into love. Today, six years later, the sweet lovers are happily married. Here’s a sneak peek at one of their wedding celebrations (yes, they had more than one!) at Changi Cove’s auditorium.

Tell us, how did you meet?

We were volunteers for the Youth Olympics Games and knew each other from there. Subsequently, we became close friends and started dating a year later. We eventually decided to tie the knot on 7 July 2018, which is also our 6th year anniversary for our relationship.

What’s one of the things you love most about your partner

Cepheus: I love how faithful, family-oriented, supportive and crazy she is.

Madeline: I love how sweet, loving and determined he can be and how he is always ready to be crazy with me.

What was the proposal like?

Cepheus knew how important my parents, family and closest friends are to me. Before the proposal, he brought my parents out for a meal to seek blessings from them and ask for my hand in marriage. He then gathered all our closest friends (who turned out to be our bridal party for our wedding too) and had a surprise early birthday celebration for me at his place.

He then brought me to our future empty bedroom where he hung our relationship photos and proposed there. I don’t think I recall exactly all the words that he said as he successfully brought me to tears. It was a short yet one of the most meaningful and romantic acts from him.

It was also extremely meaningful to us as he proposed on 1 January 2017, as we would always count down to a new day of the year and watched the first sunrise of the year together.

What did you want for your wedding and how did you create it?

We wanted a cosy wedding party to celebrate our union with those who are closest to us and who have witnessed our relationship for the past six years. We wanted to appreciate each and every one of them in our lives and thank them for being a great part in contributing to who we are today. A meaningful and fun wedding with our guests was our main focus.

Amazingly, we had accumulated a huge archive of old photos of our friends. We spent days digging out photos (as old as 10 years ago for friends since our secondary school days) of our guests and printed individual photos for them. They had to search for their seats by identifying their own photos. It was fun to witness their expressions spotting each other’s unglamourous photo on their seat.

Additionally, we printed nearly 300 photos (including frames and canvases) of our relationship for our photo gallery display along with the fairy lights decoration at the back of the auditorium. We were lucky to have many industry friends who had shot for us during our six years of relationship for different milestones of our life (graduation shoot, proposal, pre-wedding, and our first wedding on 23 June). Thus, we took this opportunity to appreciate them by displaying their works.

As for the program, we threw the traditional template out of the window and crafted one from scratch. Guests arrived in time for our solemnisation, so that they all got to witness the ceremony. As Changi Cove’s auditorium is a huge rectangular pillar-less space, we did away with a stage area and made use of both the front and the back. The solemnisation set-up was done at the front, while the photo gallery, dessert table and cake cutting were done at the back.

We opted for a buffet spread so that our guests would not be confined to the table to wait for their courses, and were free to roam and mingle with one another. Activities like Kahoot and a photobooth helped occupy their time while we changed our outfits and lastly, we had a dance performance to showcase our goofy side! Glam and classy definitely wasn’t a priority in our wedding.

What was your wedding day like?

We had two separate wedding days – the first one was on 23 June, where we focused on our parents, relatives and the customary Chinese wedding. Our second wedding celebration on 7 July focused on our friends and a casual fun party to celebrate with the closest people in our lives, at Changi Cove.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Our dance performance together with our bridal party and making our guests dance to our march-in song (current trendy song – 学猫叫) was one of the most memorable moment of our wedding. We decided to have a dance just a month before our wedding and we are very thankful that our bridal party were so supportive and could pull it off perfectly.

The Venue: Changi Cove
The Cost: Approximately $30,000
The Size of Wedding: 150 guests
The Wedding Photographer: Antelope Studios
The Wedding Videographer: Momentold Productions
The Wedding Gown: Bqueens Singapore
The Groom’s Suit: Paul’s Fashion Thailand
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Esta Hsu Makeup Artistry
The Wedding Bands: SK Jewellery
The Caterer: Changi Cove
The Wedding Florist: Liz Florals (Bride’s bouquet)
The Wedding Stylist: Merqua
The Wedding Cake: Euphorique Bakery
The Photobooth: Alan Ng Photography
The Wedding Favours: Collar pins from Children’s Cancer Foundation
The Canvas and Photo Prints: Brilliant Prints and Pristine Prints
The Solemniser: Alex Lee Ka But

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First Look Wedding Photos

While not for the superstitious[1], first look wedding photos have been topping the list of wedding must-haves[2] for many couples over the past few years. It's still entirely up to you whether or not you want to uphold the idea of not seeing your soon-to-be spouse until the ceremony, but—if these sweet snapshots are any indication—a first look is a beautiful way to start off your married life.

The instant a couple first locks eyes on their big day is incredibly romantic—whether or not it's done in private before you say "I do," or as you make your grand entrance[3] into the ceremony. But while they may not be a time-honored custom[4], first look wedding photos have become something of a new tradition amongst modern couples who opt to see one another before the ceremony, resulting in heartwarming, tear-jerking photos.

On the fence about doing a first look? Firstly, seeing your partner before walking down the aisle is a great way to ease any pre-wedding jitters[5]. And if you're concerned about your partner's expression being any less excited when they see you walking down the aisle to exchange vows[6], don't be. Chances are, your love will still get teary-eyed in the moments before they say "I do." And since they've already seen you in your wedding dress[7], they can appreciate the crystallizing realization that you two are about to become the two luckiest people in the world even more so.

Have we swayed you? Well then it's time to get inspired! From a "first touch" where couples hold hands around some form of partition to weep-worthy surprises, there are plenty of ways to personalize a first look.

Get some romantic ideas for your own first look by checking out our 37 favorite shots below.

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Aliya and Yuji’s Merry Vintage Glam Wedding at The Clifford Pier, The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Aliya and Yugi’s elegant and beautiful wedding at The Clifford Pier is bound to set your hearts aflutter.

Aliya and Yuji first met at a festival in Australia five years ago, but it would be another two years before the pair met again, this time in Singapore, and it took a third meeting before they got close. Fate obviously was determined to keep them together because today, the young lovebirds are happily married. Here’s a sneak peek at their beautiful vintage glam themed wedding at The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel!

How did the two of you meet?

Yuji: We were both in Sydney, Australia in 2013 – at a festival called Singapore Day. The organizers flew Aliya out to Sydney to perform while she was living in Perth, and I was from Singapore performing as well. We met backstage while Aliya was warming up before her performance. We chatted very briefly in the glorious summer sunshine (ridiculously scorching Aussie heat). I guess I was, at that point, smitten.

We then went on to live our own separate lives for the next two years without a mere thought of each other, and then we bumped into each other at a New Year’s Eve party when she was back in Singapore for a holiday. Although the rest of the night seemed like a hazy mystery, I do recall remembering her name. I saw her for a third time when we hung out before she returned home to Perth. She admitted that she couldn’t stand me when we first met, but I guess our third meeting changed her mind, and I wrote to her every day. It took a month for me to get her number!

Aliya: Yuji would find every and any reason to make contact with me. I was back home, in the preliminary stages of my Masters degree in of Performing Arts but barely two months in, I made the crazy decision to leave school and move to Singapore to be with him, giving my parents, my educators and my closest friends in Perth all sorts of excuses. The rest, as they say, is history.

What drew you to each other?

Aliya: Yuji barely spoke a word to me at the New Year’s Eve party, a marked change from the boy I had met who rattled on years before; I found his shyness rather charming. I don’t think he realised but I knew that he was hovering over me the entire night. He was just different from the seemingly over-confident guys I’m used to being around, having gone to drama school. He got me a cab and waited until it arrived, topping off the night (morning) with a message checking if I’d made it home safely. I would be lying if I said I did not find his concern adorable.

Yuji: She was just completely different from everyone else present that night, or in my life till that point. I knew I had to have her. When we met sometime the same week, we were hanging out in a music studio and getting to know each other while bouncing songs off each other at the piano and when she sang the theme from the musical “Once”, I fell in love. The Beatles told me once, that I “Got to get you into my life”, and so I did.

What do you love about your partner?

Aliya: I don’t tell him this enough but I think he’s a beautiful soul. He is the most gentle and caring man I’ve ever met and what’s not to love about a man who takes pride in his appearance. His craziness is on par with mine so we just get each other, I guess.

Yuji: She is just so absolutely fun, incredibly real and her wit is a force to be reckoned with. Couple that with her beauty and she had me sold.

What was the proposal like?

Yuji: It was a very personal affair for just the two of us. We had a perfect evening at the Halia in Botanic Gardens, we took a walk, and I got down on one knee with the ring to pop the question. I think it was a success…

Aliya: We got married, so yes it was!

Share with us what your wedding planning was like.

Yugi: We’d signed the papers and had a homely ceremony in January, in Perth Hills where Aliya lives. The plan all along was to follow that up with a civil ceremony and reception in Singapore two months later. It did not take long to put the entire thing together – we secured the venue just a few months before and everything pieced together nicely.

Aliya: Here’s a fun fact: My parents were having tea at The Clifford Pier when they were on holiday here, and my dad apparently exclaimed, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wedding here?”. And then as fate would have it, two years later, we got married here. It’s a good thing we all have similar tastes!

Yugi: Luck played a big part in our wedding planning too! It also helped that we knew exactly what we wanted so the idea of hiring a wedding planner never crossed our minds. We would like to give Paul, the director of events at the Fullerton Bay Hotel a special mention – he was very accommodating so we were practically worry-free from the start. We did, however, find it a little financially challenging to include add-ons without exceeding the tight budget we set ourselves. It was a good lesson in give and take and we very proudly managed to keep to it!

What was your wedding theme?

We like to keep things simple and classy so that’s exactly what we went for. There was no theme; just a British-colonial feel with a hint of vintage glamour for the evening. We chose rose gold, blush and champagne as our colour scheme which we thought looked sophisticated against the 1930’s brown and white backdrop. Invitation telegrams and postcards were sent out just like they were back in the day! We requested for a repertoire of Swing Era and Jazz Age standards to accompany dinner to add to the ambience. Aliya came up with the idea of packaging vintage cassettes as favours – it was a charming little way of us spreading music.

Take us back to your wedding day. What was the day like and how were you feeling?

As meticulously as we had planned the day out to be, there were a few delays beyond our control. Nonetheless, the night managed to run just like a dream. The music of the Summertimes Big Band was the driving force of the night. It set just the ambience that we wanted. Our bridal party did a fantastic job and we had so many friends come onboard to help us out. In the time we’ve been together, we have discovered who our real friends around us are – so naturally, we decided to keep it warm, intimate and celebrate with our families and the truly supportive people in our life. We were just so incredibly happy to share the night with these amazing people. What made the occasion so special was knowing the number of people who flew in – from Japan, from Perth and Sydney Australia, from Hong Kong, from the UK and from Malaysia and Indonesia.

What did your family/friends have to say about your wedding day?

The word ‘elegant’ was overheard a lot at the end of the night. A guest told us it was “a great party!”. She knows a thing or two about parties – so that was nice to know! People were impressed with the food. “It was glorious”, they said. From the photos that we received from Caline, it showed that everyone had a good time so let’s hope they did.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

The absolute highlight of the evening was performing an original composition of ours with the bridal party and some musician friends, backed by the big band. Our friends, Daniel, Rizal, Colin and Joel are well-respected musicians whom we’ve had the honour of recording with and it was so lovely of them to join us, and the big band. This was the first time performing the piece live, and with a full accompanying horn section – It was such a fantastic feeling, to be doing what we love with the people we love.

What is one lesson you’ve learnt from your wedding planning that you’d like to share with other couples?

It really is possible to put something decent together without breaking the bank. Planning and implementing does not take that long either. We put the whole affair together in a few short months, under budget, and we are rather proud of that.

The Venue: The Clifford Pier, The Fullerton Bay Hotel
The Wedding Photographer: Caline Ng Photography
The Wedding Videographer: Axel Serik
The Wedding Shoes: Zalora
The Groom’s Suit: Custom made
The Groom’s Shoes: ASOS
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Jolene Kong
The Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: Goldheart (Engagement ring) and Glamira (Wedding Bands)
The Bridesmaid’s Dress: Zalora
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Groomsmen’s own & ties from The Tie Bar
The Caterer: The Fullerton Bay Hotel
The Wedding Florist: Sing See Soon
The Wedding Planner and Stylist: Bride and Groom
The Wedding Cake: Susucre
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Conceptualised and designed by Aliya
The Wedding Favours: Vintage cassette tapes (spreading music the old fashioned way) and The Fullerton Bay Hotel mints
The Wedding Band: Summertimes Big Band and our musician friends
The Solemniser: Trevor Nerva

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Joylyn and Alan’s Romantic and Intimate Wedding with a Beautiful Ocean View in Bali

The quiet and romantic Amankila Villa Bali was the perfect venue for ocean lovers Joylyn and Alan’s intimate wedding.

A common love for golf and the ocean brought Joylyn and Alan together, and it was only natural for the pair of sweethearts to wed at the picturesque Amankila Villa Bali where they were surrounded by the beautiful ocean and their loved ones as they pledged their love for one another in front of a special wedding arch that was personally designed by Joylyn. Sneak a peek at their romantic and intimate wedding here!

Share with us how you met and what drew you to each other.

We meet through mutual friend and discovered a common love for golf. That was what drew us closer to each other.

What was your wedding planning journey like? Did you face any challenges and if so, how did you overcome it?

We only started preparing for our wedding three months before and did not realise that most couples would have started their planning at least six months before their wedding, but Vara Wedding, our wedding planner, did such a fantastic job in such a short time. We did face many challenges but luckily, we got it all sorted out.

Joylyn: Before we decided on our wedding theme, we had a discussion with our family. We wanted to create a harmonic and romantic atmosphere that was also laid-back and relaxing. Our three day wedding was not just to celebrate our union but an opportunity for our guests and family to enjoy themselves and take a short break. I designed our wedding arch to be in a moon shaped wedding gate with a narrow open bottom, where the circle will only be perfect when we are standing there (hence, the open bit will be closed).

Tell us about your wedding venue.

We chose to wed at Amankila, Bali because we loved the concept of how the AMAN group aimed for a remote quiet spot, surrounded by nature and a peaceful ambience. We both love the ocean therefore we thought that our wedding day should have a beautiful ocean view as the background of our most important event. The villa also provided exceptional service to our beloved guests and family.

Take us back to your wedding day. What was the day like and how were you feeling?

The day was really unforgettable and we did have many interesting moments, especially when we talked to each other during the ceremony. We did not prepare well beforehand and just said what was in our hearts and what was on our minds.

What did your family/friends have to say about your wedding day?

They were surprised by the wedding details, especially the amazing fireworks, and they really enjoyed the environment and service that the villa offered.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Joylyn: The most memorable moment was the after party, where only a few closed friends of ours stayed behind to talk and enjoyed the Chinese wine. We did go crazy afterwards enjoying the music and the after party. Everyone was pulled down into the pool, including Alan and I, and we all got wet but that was a really good party to end a beautiful night.

What is one lesson you’ve learnt from your wedding planning that you’d like to share with other couples?

Do prepare your wedding at least six months before the actual day. Also, do get a good wedding planner to help you prepare your wedding as they are very helpful, so we were very lucky to have Vara Wedding as our wedding planner.

The Venue: Amankila Villa, Bali
The Size of Wedding: 55 guests
The Wedding Photographer and Videographer: Apel Photography
The Wedding Gown: Oscar de la Renta / Marchesa Notte
The Bride’s Shoes: Gianvito Rossi, Rene Caovilla, Sophia Webster
The Groom’s Suit: Oscar Hunt Made-to-Measure
The Groom’s Shoes: Berluti
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Maria Yenny
The Wedding Bands: Harry Winston
The Wedding Florist: Silverdust Decoration
The Wedding Stylist: Silverdust Decoration
The Wedding Cake: Lenovelle Bali
The Wedding Planner: Vara Wedding
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Ideospace Jakarta

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Geraldine and Don’s Stunning Historical Imperial Pre-Wedding Shoot

Geraldine and Don transformed into deities as well as an emperor and empress in their unique pre-wedding shoot that looks like it took place on the sets of popular Chinese dramas Legend of Fuyao and Story of Yanxi Palace!

Geraldine Tay, 28, Operation Specialist, and Don Ng, 30, Events Coordinator, met online, and hit it off so well that they applied for a BTO flat just four months into their relationship! Before they elope on a New Zealand mountaintop accessible only by helicopter next year, the unconventional couple transformed into a Chinese emperor and empress, and mythical deities, for a unique pre-wedding shoot that could have been set in any of the popular historical Chinese dramas Story of Yanxi Palace, Legend of Fuyao, or Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace!

How did you meet?

Geraldine: We met on a dating app where we chatted for about a week before we decided to meet up in real life as Don was in Bangkok for a short holiday with his friends. We actually set up a date for the day after he was back in Singapore.

What made you fall in love with your partner?

Geraldine: On our first date, I was dressed in formal attire and my makeup had already melted off. I remember complaining that my feet were hurting, and Don actually suggested that I head to the nearest clothing store to change, and helped me change my heels to flip-flops. He’s a true gentleman, and of course, he’s able to withstand my temper.

Don: I love her honesty and drive in life. She’s always very determined once she set her sights on her goals in life. For example, she planned for our upcoming honeymoon trip to New Zealand almost a year in advance, and has been accumulating miles for it since then.

What was the proposal like?

Don: Four months after we started dating, we made a mutual decision to try for a BTO apartment. Unexpectedly, we actually got a queue number, and since then, we have been planning for the marriage together without any proposal, as Geraldine isn’t a fan of proposals.

Tell us about the idea behind your unconventional pre-wedding shoot.

Geraldine: I chanced upon my friend’s photoshoot in Facebook and wanted a similar concept for our indoor studio wedding photography. Upon checking with her, we found out that Panzi has studios all over China. We were deciding between going to the Guangzhou or the Shanghai studio, and settled on Guangzhou as air tickets were cheaper and I’ve been there before.

The idea of the shoot was something unique and out of the norm for wedding photography. I think the fact that we would never get to wear such costumes that were usually only used in dramas, and discovering how we would have looked like in olden times, made it special.

How was your shoot?

Geraldine: We actually had two days of photoshoot as the first set of photos didn’t turn out to be what I wanted due to miscommunication. It was also an intimidating experience with the first photographer as he was a little stern with me. I’m not the most ladylike and flexible person, and couldn’t manage all the poses that he wanted. The second photographer was much friendlier and knew that I wanted a cooler and more modern kind of feel despite being in traditional costumes, and the shoot experience was more fun as we were able to connect with him. I was hoping to capture something that is beyond my normal Photoshop skills!

Don: It was an eye-opener as we didn’t expect the studio to be so well established, and they had a variety of costumes. It was funny when the first photographer would repeatedly command us to “挺胸,收腹,维持”, which translates to, “Straighten your backs, stick out your chests, and maintain your poses.” The second photographer made things easier and more relaxed as he would discuss the poses with us and asked for our input during the shoot.

Have your family and friends seen your photos? How did they react?

We posted some sneak photos on Instagram while we were doing the shoot, and some family members thought we were filming! Our friends thought that the photoshoot was special and unique, and told us that some of our costumes were right off the sets of dramas Legend of Fuyao and Story of Yanxi Palace . We didn’t watch any of the imperial period dramas and decided the look of the photoshoot based on what we thought was special.

When will the wedding be, and what are your plans for it?

We are actually planning a helicopter elopement and six-week honeymoon in New Zealand in April – June 2019, and just a lunch or dinner celebration with our friends and family in July 2019.

The Photographer: Panzi
The Shoot Location: Guangzhou
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Panzi
The Hair Accessories: Panzi

Credits: Photography by Panzi

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Real Brides: Bonfire Night Themed Wedding

Natalie and Simon opted for a bonfire night wedding theme. We’ve got their romantic engagement story and all the insight into their lovely wedding. Take some inspiration from their wedding gallery.

real wedding bonfire night Natalie and simon

Natalie and Simon met on the first day of her gap year in South Africa. She says that it took her a year to realise that she was in love with him.

The first two years of their relationship was long distance – he lived in Leicester and she lived in Chichester, but they had one day in London a month and they made every moment count.

One Saturday morning, Natalie’s housemate woke her up by waving a letter in her face. It was from Simon, informing Natalie that the day would be rather different from the one she had expected.

orange and red bouquet Natalie and Simons wedding bonfire night

The proposal involved a fun treasure hunt for letters with instructions that took her to a train station’s coffee shop where her favourite coffee was waiting. It took her on the train to London, to a flower stall for a single red rose, and finally on the tube to a private London garden. It was here Simon was standing and waiting in the cold, bright sunshine – with the ring.

Natalie and Simon are both Christians and so for them, the ceremony was the most important part of the day. Simon’s grandpa is a retired bishop, so it was an “incredible privilege” to have him marry them. Natalie recalls one of her best memories – standing at the front of the church and realising all of a sudden that she was finally Mrs Lloyd. Natalie_Simon Wedding-1022

The evening reception had a bonfire night theme, involving a keg of ale, hot spiced cider, soup and jacket potatoes. Humble and hearty food was just perfect for this wonderful day.

Natalie looked gorgeous in her Maggie Sottero gown, which she had had her eye on for ages. She accessorised with a chapel-length veil and, because she is quite tall, lace pumps from Rocket Dog. Simon’s dark blue slim-fit suit was from Moss Bros, which he wore with a white shirt and a gold silk tie and pocket square, with bright yellow socks. Natalie had found a photo on Pinterest and they managed to replicate the look perfectly. Natalie_Simon Wedding-1022

The bride had six bridesmaids[1] and two bubble girls (instead of scattering petals, they blew bubbles). The maids were old and dear friends of Natalie’s and Simon’s best friend from childhood, who turned up from abroad as a surprise to him.

The bridesmaids chose and paid for their own dresses as their wedding gift to the couple. The only condition was that they had to be bright orange, bright pink or coral. One of Simon’s favourite moments was standing up to do his speech. Seeing the room full of the most important people to him, telling everyone how awesome Natalie is and making them cry was “incredible!”. Natalie_Simon Wedding-1022

The autumnal, rustic theme started in the church with the flowers, which the church florist did brilliantly. Most of the other decorations were made by Natalie herself, and they borrowed metres and metres of fairy lights to enhance the fairytale look.

The cake table was a joint effort, with Natalie’s dad chopping up tree trunk ‘rounds’, her mum making vintage cake stands. A friend’s garden also provided leaves and pine cones to decorate around the homemade cakes.

Natalie loves cupcakes with a passion, but had so much to do in the lead up to her wedding that she enlisted the help of Georgina Beck to help. They were three types of cupcake including chocolate, apple and caramel and carrot. They looked too good to eat but were heavenly, “just as cupcakes should be,” says Natalie.

Natalie’s mum made over 100 tiny jars of marmalade as favours, which doubled up as place names. This lovely couple’s first dance was to Ben Howard’s Only Love and they enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in Edinburgh.


Ceremony: St Paul’s Church, Chichester
Reception: Barnham Community Hall
Dress: Maggie Sottero [2]
Groom: Suit from Moss Bros[3]
Florist: Gracie from The Flower Gallery[4]
Photographer: Natalie and Simon won their wedding photographer, Martin Pemberton[5],
in a Wedding Ideas competition!

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Gucci and Jacky’s Fun and Laid-Back Wedding at The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse wedding celebration of Gucci and Jacky was full of love and laughter, especially when the bride surprised the groom by walking down the aisle in a blow-up sumo ballerina suit!

Gucci Lang, 30, Marketing Executive, and Jacky Soong, 32, Financial Consultant, connected over a mutual “like” on a friend’s Instagram post. After a surprise proposal on the peak of Mount Batur in Bali, the couple celebrated their nuptials in a fun and intimate wedding at The Summerhouse on 19 November 2017, where Gucci had another surprise for Jacky!

How did you meet?

We met each other on Instagram about five years ago, through a “like” on a photo of one of our common friends. Instagram then was different from how it is now, where people “like” a photo because they genuinely like it. After several months of “likes” and “comments” on each other’s photos, we decided to meet up, and sparks just flew as we got to hang out more.

What do you love most about your partner?

Gucci: I was initially attracted to the sneakers he had! Jacky has this charisma that makes him stands out from the crowd. It’s hard to describe the exact feeling; probably it’s just me who is attracted to it! I feel very at ease and comfortable whenever I’m around him, and I can tell him anything. We have common goals in our lives, and most importantly, he is able to accept who I am. Oh, and he is my personal stylist and photographer too!

Jacky: I was attracted to her stylish self, (or, I will say she managed to tick the checklist I had of a girl: short haircut, sneakers, streetwear). She has a loud character, and she is very candid about anything, or almost everything.

What was the proposal like?

Jacky: It took place in Bali where we were with my college friends. I engaged their help before we set off for Bali. We planned for the proposal to take place at the top of Mount Batur. My friends helped to prepare some handmade cards and flowers and had a sleepless night prior to the climb. I must really thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Lucky for me, she said yes in front of the beautiful sunrise at the top of the mountain and in front of many other climbers as well. It was a very memorable day for the both of us.

How did you create your wedding?

We were initially lost as to how to plan the wedding (I mean, it’s our first time). We wanted a real simple, non-hectic wedding with little hassle. We didn’t really do much site recee. The Summerhouse was the second venue we saw and we booked it instantly. At that point of time, the venue had only been open for a few months. The restaurant was a beautiful venue with the simple and minimalist aesthetics we wanted from the beginning, and it also had an outdoor solemnisation area available. Their event planner was able to assist us with the all the nitty gritty details, which we felt took a huge load off our shoulders.

In terms of the wedding theme, we did not have any specific one in mind. We didn’t want to take away from the original feel of The Summerhouse, so we choose to include more flowers of darker tones at the venue. Preparation was pretty much hands-on, with some help from our friends to execute the final details.

What was your wedding day like?

Because it was during the rainy season, we had been hoping that it wouldn’t rain on the big day. Turned out, it was a sunny day! There were some hiccups here and there, but our guests enjoyed the wedding.

From the time we got to the venue, everything just worked its own magic, and both of us were going around chatting with our family and friends until we even forgot we were thirsty and hungry.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Gucci: The march-in for the solemnisation. I wanted to give Jacky a surprise during our wedding, and also create a slightly unique wedding experience for our guests, but couldn’t think of any until I chanced upon a video where the bride appeared in a dinosaur outfit. I saw this blow-up of a sumo wrestler in a ballerina outfit online, and I bought it instantly, with the idea of asking him, “Will you still marry me if one day I grow fat and old, like this?”

Nobody knew about this idea except for a few close friends, with whom I needed to rehearse the wearing and the removal of the outfit. Because the outfit is so blown-up, I was not able to see the stairs, and I was really nervous that I would fall down. However, when I saw Jacky’s expression at the end of the aisle, and the big smiles of our guests, I knew all this effort was so worth it.

Jacky: I had no idea what was happening before the march-in, but the emcee, my friend, was reminding me not to turn back. I thought it was a kind of wedding tradition, so I obeyed. Halfway through the march-in, I heard quite a bit of commotion behind me, and I thought maybe a glance would be fine. I saw Gucci walking towards me with her blown-up suit, and I did a double take to make sure I was not seeing things. Of course, I had a huge shock and laughed a lot, but then again, it’s her character to always give me surprises like this.

The Size of the Wedding: 150 guests
The Cost of the Wedding: <$20,000
The Venue: The Summerhouse
The Wedding Day Photographer: Brian Ho, thegaleria
The Gown: Vaingloriousyou // Store Unda
The Bride’s Shoes: New Balance
The Suit: Benjamin Barker
The Groom’s Shoes: New Balance
The Wedding Bands: Self-made at Yuki Mitsuyasu
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Kazumi
The Nail Artist: Polished Nail Boutique
The Wedding Cake: Cream and Custard
The Florist: Arranged by The Summerhouse
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Sweet Escape
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Digital invitation via Whatsapp
The Wedding Favours: Customised tote bag from Taobao
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images by thegaleria

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Elvina and Lucas’ Breathtakingly Chic and Intimate Destination Wedding in Santorini

Singapore-based fashion photographer Elvina and videographer Lucas tied the knot in a chic and intimate destination wedding in Santorini. See the breath-taking photos here!

When a fashion photographer and a videographer get hitched, you just know it’s going to be a beautiful wedding, and the editorial-like photos simply blew us away! Elvina Farkas, 28, Fashion Photographer and Creative Director, and Co-Founder of Anue Studios, and Lucas Milone, 35, Videographer and Studio Director, Represented by Supreme+, and Co-Founder of Anue Studios wed on 18 September 2018 during sunset in gorgeous Santorini, and celebrated with chic, relaxed reception overlooking the Aegean Sea.

How did you meet?

Elvina: Luca was managing a photography studio in Melbourne at the time I was a freelance photographer, so he added me on Facebook to do some direct marketing for his studio. We knew of each other from mutual friends in the industry, but never officially met until I rented his studio one afternoon to shoot some work. Several weeks later, we saw each other at a Halloween event, which ended up being a bit of an impromptu date. Although we quickly became best friends, it wasn’t until a year or so later that we became a couple. At the time, I felt that I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, but his persistence paid off, and then after a decade of dating, he finally managed to convince the woman who said she was never going to get married, to become his wife.

What do you love most about each other?

Elvina: I love his intelligence and loyalty and his desire to make things right in the world. In personality we are Yin and Yang, but we share the same core values when it comes down to the important things. He’s also my biggest supporter and number one fan, especially in terms of my career achievements.

Lucas: I was captivated by her exotic beauty at first, but her sense of humour, energy, and drive made me fall in love with her. She’s my shoulder to cry on and partner in crime. Plus, I don’t know what other bride would put Marvel references in her vows.

What was the proposal like?

Elvina: When we decided to get married, it was a mutual decision, so I was involved in the process of picking out an engagement ring. What I didn’t expect was the way it would be delivered to me, as Luca managed to acquire the ring just before we were scheduled to do a work trip to Bawah Island. It was at sunset, on the shores of a gorgeous private island, when he presented me with the ring. I had absolutely no idea of his plan, as I was told the ring wasn’t going to be ready for another several weeks, but he had coordinated with the ring designer behind my back so he could keep a little bit of proposal magic for me.

What inspired you to hold a destination wedding?

Elvina: Both Lucas and I have large extended families and friends scattered across the world, so we wanted a location that would be neutral ground for everybody. We also come from a mix of backgrounds and knew it would be hard to incorporate all the different traditions, so while we kept some elements of culture, we avoided many of the traditions altogether. So this, and the fact that we knew we wanted to have a small guestlist, contributed to picking Santorini as our wedding destination.

What was the theme of your Santorini wedding?

Elvina: Chic, relaxed, and intimate.

What was your wedding day like?

Elvina: Unfortunately our wedding day was a bit of a disaster as nothing went to plan, and we were battling some serious winds that kept tearing down our set-up. While you can’t help feeling a little disappointed by mother nature’s unpredictability, we were quick to remind ourselves that the reason we did all this was so we could spend time with the people we cherished the most. Even though the day wasn’t perfect, it doesn’t change the fact that I got to marry my best friend on top of one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Elvina: For me, it was hearing Luca recite his vows. I could feel his hands shaking and I knew he was so nervous, but his hilarious and beautiful vows put mine to shame!

Lucas: We passed along celebratory Cuban cigars after dinner had wrapped, but there were a few rookies in the gang, so a couple of people failed to maintain any cool factor while doing it! We looked like a bunch of teenagers smoking for the first time!

The Size of the Wedding: 18 close family and friends
The Cost of the Wedding: Approx. SGD $65k, inclusive of honeymoon
The Venue: Villa Fabrica, Pyrgos, Greece
The Wedding Day Photographer: Jenny and Fanis from Days Made of Love
The Gown: Customised Anne Barge Versailles Dress
The Reception Dress: Unbranded Abaya from Joo Chiat Complex
The Bride’s Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
The Suit: Dinner via FarFetch, ASOS High Neck
The Groom’s Shoes: Jeff Banks
The Engagement Ring: Les Precieux
The Wedding Bands: Zoara (Lucas) // EF Collection (Elvina)
The Wedding Jewellery: Elizabeth Cole and diamond earrings and ring (as a wedding gift from the bride’s mother)
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Elvina herself
The Henna: Nausheen from Heavenly Henna
The Caterer: Spicy Bites
The Wedding Cake: We replaced our cake with macarons
The Florists: Maria Zempili from Manfler
The Rentals: White Lilac
The Wedding Planner: Bobbie Karagianni from Sand & Lace Events
The Photobooth: We had an Instamax and disposal cameras spread across the table for guests to take pictures with
The Invitations and Paper Goods: Bright White Invitations
The Solemniser: John Kavallaris

Credits: Images by Days Made of Love

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Anishka and Brady’s Elegant, Mixed Culture Wedding at Sinfonia Ristorante

Anishka and Brady tied the knot in church and celebrated with an elegant Sinfonia Ristorante wedding reception.

Anishka Pereira, 30, Sales Account Manager in Aviation IT, and Brady Mozhdehi, 47, Associate Director, IMS, Pratt & Whitney, fell in love at work. After braving long distance for most of the their relationship, the couple got engaged during a trip to New Orleans. They celebrated their union with a church wedding and lunch reception at Village Hotel Changi, and again with a dinner reception at Sinfonia Ristorante in Victoria Concert Hall on 30 June 2018.

How did you meet?

Brady: We met when we were both working in the same company in Singapore. I’ll admit that I didn’t notice her much at first because things were always so busy. I got to know Anishka better over time as we worked on a few different items, and found myself drawn to her beautiful smile and quick wit. Collaboration on work projects evolved into hallway conversations, then communication outside of work. We both say that we were good friends before the relationship progressed.

What do you love most about your partner?

Anishka: I love that he always tries. Most of our relationship has been long distance, but I felt even closer to him because he gives it his all in this relationship. He has a busy job and many commitments, and yet I always feel that I’m his priority. I actually don’t give him much credit for that but I plan to do so for the rest of our lives together.

Brady: I love her drive and determination. Anishka is one of the most effective people I’ve ever met at getting things accomplished. Our beautiful wedding is a perfect example of her capabilities. I also really love the way she always makes me feel loved. Long distance relationships are difficult, and Anishka always seems to know what to do to keep things fresh and fun. She’ll surprise me with heartfelt notes and gestures.

What was the proposal like?

Anishka: I had two proposals. For the first one, the ring didn’t fit so I made him do it again. He then did it when we were in New Orleans. It was very intimate and special.

Brady: I had grand ideas for the proposals, but distance was a challenge, and the time passed so quickly that I was boarding a plane to Singapore before I knew it. I also messed up the ring size the first time, which was such a disappointment, because I knew that it would be a few months before I had another chance to propose. The second time was low key, and really nice.

How did you create your wedding?

Anishka: Having been to many banquet weddings, the one thing I didn’t like was how the attention was never always on the bride and groom. We wanted something small and intimate. My inspiration was one of my friends’ wedding. She only had about sixty people at a villa in Phuket and it was absolutely amazing.

Given that Brady was in the US and perhaps could not help out as much, we decided to hire a wedding planner. We chose The Wedding Stylist and our planner, Wenxin, was absolutely amazing at helping us choose our vendors. I can understand that having a planner is a luxury, but it’s money well spent because she gave us many insights and ideas that we didn’t even think of. Also many of our guests commented on how smooth and organised our wedding was and it was all because of Wenxin and her team. All our vendors were great and gave great attention to detail. Some of the vendors were our friends who were just starting their business, so we wanted to support them too. The groomsmen’s suit rental was not a bright spot in our planning, as suit selection was not as advertised, and we had to make a lot of last minute adjustments.

We also wanted to mix as much culture into our wedding as possible. So, for example, even though neither of us is Chinese, we decided to have a gatecrash. Brady is half Iranian, and we also tried to infuse his heritage into the food that was served during dinner. I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan, so our guest book, ring dish and shoe decal had Harry Potter inspired themes. We wanted our family members to feel very special and gave them gifts to show just that. My father, for example, had personalised cufflinks, which had a picture of me as a baby with him. Brady’s dad had the same thing.

Brady: It was very difficult for me to participate in the planning as I would have liked, so we hired a wedding planner, who turned out to be really great at her job! We also made extensive use of Whatsapp for messaging on all details, and Facetime so I could see venues and other details when a decision had to be made outside of one of my trips to Singapore. There was always a list of things to do whenever I’d visit, and we would make final decisions on major things when I was there. The planning was a bit of a challenge at times, but not impossible.

What was your wedding day like?

Anishka: It was a blurry blast. I woke up at about 4am to start makeup! Then came the gatecrash which was so fun, based on the pictures I saw. I then had family prayers before heading to church. The service was very emotional. Father Fernandez gave an excellent sermon and gave us four phrases that would stop any fight: “I was wrong. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.”

After many rounds of pictures and also a wedding party shoot, we then had lunch at Village Hotel Changi. They did an amazing job with the food. However, I had no time to eat any of it as we were busy talking to our guests and taking more photos. Our dinner reception was at Sinfonia Ristorante in Victoria Concert Hall and it was so elegant. It was absolutely beautiful. The food was great and our emcee was fantastic. He kept the guests laughing non-stop. Again, I wish I had more time to actually eat. We then had an after party at a Bollywood club called Phresh. So it was a crazy, tiring day. I actually wish I could go back and do it all again.

I’m also very grateful to everyone who came from around the world. My 90-year-old grandma came from India. Brady’s parents had a long trip from the US. We also had friends and family that joined us from the Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Spain, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

Brady: Our wedding day was incredible! All the planning and hard work resulted in a day that was enjoyed by all. The venues were all set up perfectly, and the vendors all did such a great job for us. Many people told me during the wedding and afterwards that it was the best wedding they’d ever attended, which was great to hear. Of course, the best part about our wedding day was finally marrying my best friend and love of my life in the presence of friends and family.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Anishka: Saying my vows to Brady in front of God and our family and friends. It just made everything seem so real.

Brady: I’ll never forget the emotion I felt when I saw Anishka walking down the aisle in her beautiful white dress. I was overcome with happiness, and emotion. Anishka also prepared a video montage from some of my US friends who could not attend, which was a huge surprise, and very sweet and special.

The Size of the Wedding: 200 for church and lunch reception // 120 for dinner
reception The Cost of the Wedding: $65K
The Venue: Church of the Divine Mercy // Village Hotel Changi // Sinfonia Ristorante
The Wedding Day Photographer: Eng Hong from 39 East Photography
The Gown: Belle and Tulle
The Veil: David’s Bridal
The Belt: Etsy
The Suit: My Singapore Tailor
The Engagement Ring: Brilliant Earth
The Wedding Bands: Blue Nile for groom // Meyson Jewellery for bride
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: ASOS
The Groomsmen’s Suits: My Singapore Tailor
The Flower Girls’ Dresses: Etsy
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Andrea Razali
The Wedding Cake: Susucre
The Cake Topper: Etsy
The Ring Dish: Etsy
The Florist: CC Lee Designs for lunch and dinner // Xanthia Dee Albert for church and flower arch
The Wedding Stylist: Wenxin from The Wedding Stylist
The Wedding Planner: The Wedding Stylist
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Eng Hong from 39 East Photography
The Videographer: Ashwin from Studio A
The Photobooth:
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Etsy for invitations // The Wedding Stylist for stationery
The Henna Artist: Mona Vasantlal
The Family and Wedding Party Gifts: Etsy
The Wedding Favours: for lunch // Sgweddingfavors for dinner
The Emcee: Rishi Budhrani
The DJ: DJ Milan
The Bhangra Troupe: Yaar Panj-Aab Bhangra Troupe
The Wedding Car Rental: Weddingcars // Limocars
The Unity Candle: Etsy
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Images by 39 East Photography

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