40+ Beautiful Wedding Signs that Add Personality to Your Wedding

Add a personal touch to your wedding with these 40 ideas for beautiful wedding signs! From love quotes to signs for your dessert table and cocktail bar, these wedding signs are sure to inspire you.

These beautiful wedding signs will add a unique touch to your wedding ceremony and reception! Write a message on a chalk board, have your quote crafted into a neon sign, or get a calligrapher to write a beautiful love quote on a glass wedding sign or rustic wooden board. Whether you’re looking for wedding chair signs, signs for the guest book, or simply beautiful love quotes for your decor, we’ve got some great ideas for wedding signs here.

Weddings signs for the ceremony

1. Today two families become one. We ask that you pick a seat and not a side.

Kris and Chris’s Elegant White Wedding in Picturesque Bali by Starling and Sage

2. Pick a seat, not a side

Li Syn and Abel’s Floral-Filled Wedding at The Fullerton Hotel by Andri Tei Photography

3. Now that they’re together forever, sit wherever

Gayle and Marc’s Bohemian Backyard Wedding at Wheeler’s Estate by Andri Tei Photography

4. Vows here, reception there, love everywhere

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

5. Welcome to our unplugged wedding. We invite you to be fully present with us. Please turn off all gadgets and enjoy this moment with us.

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

6. Here comes the bride

Tina and Nick’s Peach and Gold Marquee Wedding with Giant Paper Flowers by AndroidsinBoots

7. Has anyone seen the rings?

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

8. Welcome to the galactic union of (bride’s name) and (groom’s name). Today will be a day long remembered.

Emi and Andre’s Elegant, Star Wars Themed Wedding at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa by Grow Old with Me Photography

9. Sit or sit not, there are no sides

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10. Welcome to the wedding of (bride’s name) and (groom’s name)

Shyanne and Raymond’s Gorgeous, Organic Open Farm Community Wedding Party by Bloc Memoire Photography

Love Quote Wedding Signs for Decor

11. You + Me

A Passionate Romance After Dusk Wedding Styled Shoot At Lewin Terrace by Stanstills Photography

12. Best day ever

Winnie and Bing Han’s Dreamy Pre-Wedding Shoot by the Water by Eggs Benedict Chan Photography

13. To love, laughter, and happily ever after

Sherie and Yong Leong’s Elegant and Jubilant Solemnisation at Alcove at Caldwell House by Love Confetti Stills & Motion

14. And so the adventure begins

Caiyun and Terence’s Gorgeous, Romantic Wedding at Montigo Resorts Nongsa by SVK Studio

15. With my whole heart, for my whole life

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

16. The first day, the yes day, the best day

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

17. My soul will rest in your embrace, for I am yours and you are mine

Charis and Josh’s Vintage Botanical Wedding at Nosh by Bloc Memoire Photography

18. You will forever be my always

Jillian and Daniel’s Gorgeous Bali Post-Wedding Shoot and Celebration by Maria Shiriaeva

19. You make me believe in fairy tales

Xinying and Jeffrey’s Fairy Tale Mandarin Oriental Singapore Wedding by One Eye Click

20. It was always you

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21. A list of reasons I love you: 1. You’re you.

Steph and Weilun’s Gorgeous Travel Themed Capella Wedding by Bobby Kiran Photography

22. After all this time? Always

Tansey and Phil’s Elegant-Chic Wedding in Malaysia by Samimage Photography

23. You are my greatest adventure

Gerald and Zhixin’s Travel-Themed Wedding at The Westin Singapore by Multifolds Productions

24. Forever starts today

Chelsea and Jason’s Stylish White Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore by Trouve Photography

25. Crazy in love

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

26. All you need is love

Dreamy and Whimsical Fort Canning Park Wedding Styled Shoot by Just Like Magic Co. and Nick Voon

27. Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite

Styled Shoot: A Wedding in a Suitcase by Awesome Memories Photography

Wedding Signs for the Photos

28. Help us capture the love #yourweddinghashtag

Clair and Chee Wee’s Fairytale Wedding at Chijmes Hall and Four Seasons Hotel Singapore by Visual Artisans

29. Share the love! Tag us on Instagram #yourweddinghashtag

Elisha and Tony’s Captivating Intimate Soiree at Alkaff Mansion by AndroidsinBoots

30. Oh snap! Please tag your photos #yourweddinghashtag

Gayle and Marc’s Bohemian Backyard Wedding at Wheeler’s Estate by Andri Tei Photography

Wedding Signs for the Guestbook

31. Polaroid guest book! 1. Strike a pose 2. Snap a photo 3. Leave us a note. 4. Hang it!

Charlene and Jeremy’s Modern Geometric Wedding at Tin Hill Social by Eggs Benedict Chan Photography

32. Build memories. Sign a Jenga piece.

Letty and Benjamin’s Incredible Myanmar Pre-Wedding Shoot and Stylish Wedding by Superpanda Presents

33. Leave your wishes for the Mr and Mrs

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

Wedding Signs for the Dessert Table and Bar

34. A party without cake is just a meeting

Germaine and Li Xing’s Bright and Merry Wedding at the Chapel at Imaginarium by Bobby Kiran Photography

35. The secret ingredient is always love

Shyanne and Raymond’s Gorgeous, Organic Open Farm Community Wedding Party by Bloc Memoire Photography

36. Gimme some sugar

In the Mood for Hot Love: Moody Tropical Little Island Brewing Co Wedding Styled Shoot by Andri Tei Photography

37. The best things in life are sweet

A Passionate Romance After Dusk Wedding Styled Shoot At Lewin Terrace by Stanstills Photography

38. Trust me, you can dance. –Whisky

Letty and Benjamin’s Incredible Myanmar Pre-Wedding Shoot and Stylish Wedding by Superpanda Presents

Wedding Signs for the Wedding Favours

39. Let love grow

Jocelyn and Marcus’ Gorgeous Succulent Wedding at The Rabbit Hole by Click! Photography

40. Flower bar. Craft and bring home the flowers of your wildest dreams here.

Shermaine and Kelvin’s Wild, Botanical Wedding at Chijmes Singapore by Nicolethen Studio

Wedding Signs for the Bride and Groom Chairs

41. To have, to hold

Cara and Andy’s Ethereal, Blue-Hued Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore by Antelope Studios

42. Her forever. His always.

Wedding Signs Pinterest Board by SingaporeBrides

43. Better together

Steph and Weilun’s Gorgeous Travel Themed Capella Wedding by Bobby Kiran Photography

Feature image from A Passionate Romance After Dusk Wedding Styled Shoot At Lewin Terrace by Stanstills Photography, cropped from original

Phillane and Jeff’s Charming and Casual Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot

Wedding stylist and founder of Med Kärlek Inc., Phillane, shares with us the story behind her successful marriage and career.

Phillane Cheng, founder of and wedding & prop stylist at Med Kärlek Inc., first met husband Jeff Siaw over a decade ago at a church camp. While it wasn’t love at first sight, the more she got to know him, the more attracted she was to him. And on 29 October 2011, Phillane and Jeff tied the knot. With their seventh wedding anniversary approaching, the pair of lovebirds embarked on not one, but two photoshoots to celebrate their love and marriage. Read on to find out how Phillane styled her own wedding and anniversary photoshoots, and her secret to a long-lasting relationship and marriage.

So, what was it that drew you to each other?

Phillane: It definitely wasn’t love in first sight. But as I started to know more about him, I was exceptionally drawn to his loyalty and love for his friends and family and his passion for Christ.

Jeff: Her infectious laughter and joyful personality. Phillane also has the natural ability to make friends with everyone and anyone. A very endearing trait.

What do you love most about each other?

Phillane: His quiet and stable personality. Like my dad, he is a man with few words but huge on action. He shows love to the people around him with his action and he never asks for recognition or appreciation.

Jeff: She is the complete opposite of me and complements me in the areas that I sometimes fall short of. She is passionate about her work, loyal to her friends and devoted to her family. She is also great with a paintbrush and is able to spot an out of place colour from a mile away.

Your wedding anniversary is just around the corner. Tell us, what’s married (and mom!) life like? Do you have some tips to share with newlyweds on how you keep the love alive with work and motherhood keeping you busy?

Phillane: Jeff and I will be married for seven years this October. I feel very blessed and comfortable. It takes effort to be comfortable and contented. Now, I am contented, in fact, very happy. I’ve learnt that being “boring” and “stable” is a kind of love too.

I have also learnt, that there is no such things as balance. It is and will always be a struggle. But being purposeful with my time has helped. Being intentional with the time I have to set aside. When its time to work, its time to work. When its time to spend time with my family, we switch off all modes of communication from work. It is hard because my work is my baby too, but if we don’t intentionally set time aside, we lose ourselves in our “mess”. It also helps that I have very supportive family and friends who are always there when we need an extra hand with my son or work.

And as cheesy as it sounds, always tell each other how much you love each other. It’s not about date nights but keeping an open communication with each other.

To celebrate your anniversary, you went on two photoshoots. Tell us more about them – where did you go and what was the concept behind the shoots?

Phillane: We did one in Bali and another in Singapore! We were in Bali for a work trip and decided to do a shoot of our own to celebrate our anniversary. The one in Bali, was an adventure in its own. We had no makeup artist, no hair stylist, so we did everything on our own, in the dark. Because the villa we were in blacked out the night before, it affected the lightings. There were also no mirrors around, so we used all the resources we had – compact powder mirrors, small foldable mirrors, phone cameras and so on just to have a glimpse of how we look like. It was really an experience!

We were climbing on rocks and sandy beaches in my gown, just to get to the right spot. The whole time, I was praying hard that I wouldn’t tear my gown. Multifolds Photography was able to make us feel very comfortable and we had a lot of fun hanging out. I also really love the gown designed and made by Julliet Official. They were able to grasp what I like and made the dress flattering to my post-partum body. Everything just came together so nicely and I am so glad we pulled through.

For the shoot in Bali, we wanted to keep the palette clean and fuss-free. Less like a wedding shoot and more like a shoot to celebrate us. We love the sea and wanted it by the rocks and waves. The fabric of the gown played a big part because we wanted it to go with the flow of the water and wind. We wanted the shoot to be fun and natural.

The one in Singapore, we wanted it to be a little more serious because my husband is a very quiet and serious man, and we wanted it to be a reflection of his personality in the shoot. So, we chose to do the shoot in the CBD on a Sunday morning, a spin-off of our pre-wedding shoot done along Orchard Road, to show another side of our relationship. Renee from Just Like Magic Co. was pretty much a darling. It never feels like a shoot when we are with her because she makes us feel very happy and comfortable.

What was your most memorable moments from the photoshoots?

Phillane: For the Bali shoot, we were on the beach and the tide was coming in. We were quite worried that the tide will come in too fast or mess up our clothes and the photos show. But after a few attempts, we gave up worrying and just allowed the tide to come in and literally engulf us. That when the photos were the most natural and beautiful.

The CBD shoot was more predictable but when the cleaner almost threw my shoes away and my husband had to run after him to get them back – that was pretty funny.

Take us back to your wedding day. Did you style your own wedding?

Phillane: While I was not a wedding stylist back then, we pretty much styled our own wedding because we didn’t want the usual cookie-cutter designs and decor for our big day. We wanted a theme that reflected both of us so we went with two different themes for our holy matrimony and dinner banquet.

We styled our church wedding with bright coloured flowers, pinwheels, paper fans and paper flowers, a reflection of my cheery and joyful traits. Also, because I was an art teacher, using handicraft as part of the set-up was very natural for us. Our wedding favours were art materials and stationery that guests can bring home after the holy matrimony. We also replaced the traditional flower brooches for the groom and groomsmen with mini pinwheels and had bridesmaids walk down the aisle with pinwheel bouquets too!

For the dinner banquet, we wanted it to be a formal and black tie event, a reflection of Jeff’s traits, so our set-up was inspired by the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and requested for our guests to come dressed in formal attire. Our table linen were black and the flowers were all white. Thankfully, our family was supportive of the idea and came dressed to the theme.

Jeff: The actual wedding day flew past really quickly. We were rushing from one place to another and hardly had any time to stop and feel much. I guess we were running on adrenaline and we did not have much sleep in the week leading up to the wedding as we were busy preparing for the decor and ensuring that everything was taken care off. Nonetheless, we were glad that we always had each other’s company and were happy to share our joy with our family and friends.

Was your wedding the impetus behind the birth of Med Kärlek Inc. start?

Phillane: No, it wasn’t my wedding that turned me into a wedding stylist. Before Med Kärlek Inc., I was running an art studio back in 2014. Although I have always been in graphics design and the events industry, building a brand of my own was never in the talks until I took part in my very first wedding show at Food for Thought at the Botanic Gardens. Back then, I reached out to them for our holiday programme and in the midst of discussing, they suggested for us to be part of their upcoming wedding show. After thinking about it, I gathered a few good friends and tried our best to make it happen. One thing led to another, and here we are today.

After that wedding show, it felt like I found a job that combines all my passion – design, events and teaching (when we do workshops). Though I am an introvert, I enjoy meeting people in small cosy settings so when couples become supportive friends, to me, its the biggest takeaway. An opportunity came, we grabbed and ran with it, but it was a choice we made as a family to keep this small business going. Being able to do what I love and to be able to be there for my son and husband is what keeps me going everyday.

Share with us one of your toughest challenges and most fulfilling moments since Med Kärlek Inc. started.

Phillane: One of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered is the pressure I put on myself to bring only the best to the table for every assignment. I am very hard on myself when things don’t go as planned and I take things a little too seriously at times. One of the most fulfilling moments I’ve had at Med Kärlek Inc. so far is the look on my client’s face when they walk into the venue we have worked on. I wish I could take a photo of their faces and keep it in an album. I want to be able to take it our and remind myself why I do what I do.

The Location: Bali, Suluban Beach and Ann Siang House, Singapore
The Photographer: Renee from Multifolds Photography (Bali) and Renee from Just Like Magic Co. (Singapore)
The Bride’s Outfit: Julliet Official and Bride’s own
The Groom’s Outfit: Groom’s own
The Stylist: Med Kärlek Inc.
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Bride did her own (Bali) and The Makeup Room (Singapore)
The Wedding Florist: Bloomen

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Into the Woods: A Deep Forest Wedding Styled Shoot at Andaz Singapore

In our latest wedding styled shoot at 665°F Steakhouse, we conjure the rich and mysterious hues of the forest into the heart of the city.

In September, we embarked on yet another inspiring styled shoot with a talented team of creatives from John Lim Photography, Glittering Carousel, PHKA, Florals Actually, GG Fresh Flowers, In The Brick Yard, Paper Pressed, CS21 Design Pte Ltd, Angie Curtains , Lovera Collections and MJ Rental Svc at one of Singapore’s trendiest wedding destinations, Andaz Singapore.

Situated in a brand new two-tower complex called DUO Singapore in Bugis, with a direct access to the Downtown Line and East-West Line, and within walking distance to food and shopping in the area, Andaz Singapore is the first Andaz hotel by the Hyatt Hotels Corporation to open in Southeast Asia, and one of the newest and trendiest hotels for one-of-a-kind weddings in the city.

When we visited Andaz Singapore some time last year, we were awed by its beautiful and warm interiors. Contemporary and cosy with a touch of modern vintage and a fun, local vibe, the hotel’s elegant wood furnishings, floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning wedding venues meant we had to return for a styled shoot someday. And return we did! While their ballrooms, The Glasshouse and Garden Studio, were absolute beauties, we turned our attention to a more intimate space that was equally as charming for weddings – 665°F Steakhouse on Level 38.

Named after the temperature of the Pira oven and grill which sits in the heart of the show kitchen, 665°F Steakhouse is a cosy dining experience that seats up to 44 guests comfortably, featuring charismatic globe light fixtures, dramatic interiors with dark, masculine furnishings, and a magnificent view of the cityscape through its floor-to-ceiling windows.

To complement the deep hues of walnut, burgundy and copper in the restaurant, our wedding stylist, Glittering Carousel, and their exclusive partner and co-stylist, Bangkok-based design studio PHKA, dreamed up a luscious deep forest vision that included colors such as dark green and mahogany, and fruits such as berries and deep, red apples to create a unique mood and tone for this styled shoot.

“We love incorporating different elements to create surprises, and when we first came across PHKA, we fell in love with their style and designs at first sight,” Shu Min, artisan florist and one half of the talented duo behind Glittering Carousel elaborates. “This styled shoot offered us the perfect opportunity to showcase our exclusive partnership with PHKA and their unique flair in architectural designing in weddings, to show couples how they can incorporate architectural design into their big day for something truly one-of-a-kind.”

“To complement the sleek, modern exteriors and interiors of Andaz Singapore and 665°F Steakhouse, we included repetitive and sleek layers of metal structures that both contrast and accentuate the wild look of the florals Cheryl from Florals Actually put together,” Si Ling, co-founder of Glittering Carousel, explains. “We worked with the good people at CS21 Design Pte Ltd, a decade-old carpentry firm that recently expanded into interior design, to customise the metal structures for the solemnisation area at the picturesque outdoor garden outside the Garden Studio and restaurant’s foyer space.

To complete the vision Glittering Carousel and PHKA had for the solemnisation set-up, the metal structures were set against the iconic, Gothic-looking Parkview Square instead of the sleek, honeycomb exterior of DUO Singapore, and complemented with black Tiffany chairs from MJ Rental Svc. Set upon a luxurious, deep emerald green velvet table linen, specially customised by Angie Curtains, a second generation curtains and blinds company that specialise in producing made-to-measure curtains, pelmets, cushion covers and blinds, was In The Brick Yard’s beautiful three tier wedding cake with modern, abstract splashes and romantic florals.

In the cosy space of 665°F Steakhouse, Si Ling and Shu Min dressed up an intimate sweetheart table in the main dining room of the restaurant. Set along a long, cushioned bench and three beautiful long panel mirrors, artful floral centerpieces, masterfully put together by Cheryl, sit on either ends of the table, accompanied by candles in deep burgundy, specially customised for the shoot.

Deep red apples of various sizes lay charmingly strewn over the table and luxurious velvet table linen, complementing the wild look of the florals while providing an interesting contrast to the sleek, modern tableware from Andaz Singapore and Lovera Collections, and the beautifully contemporary wedding stationery by Paper Pressed.

The restaurant’s private dining room with its gorgeous full length windows, ornate light chandelier and luxurious wood furnishings offered the perfect space for an elegant tablescape. Ideal for an intimate party of 12 guests, the room offers just the right amount of privacy for an intimate celebration. Or, with the charming light chandelier set right above the gorgeous walnut table in the middle of the room, the room is also a splendid accompaniment to a dessert table or wedding cake.

“For this styled shoot, we worked with a mix of first and second generation vendors to create the look that we were after, mainly Angie Curtains, CS21 Design Pte Ltd and GG Fresh Flowers” Shu Min explains. “The flowers Cheryl used were kindly supplied by GG Fresh Flowers, a second generation, premier wholesale distributor of fresh cut flowers with nearly 40 years of experience in supplying a wide variety of fresh blooms all over Singapore.”

“We feel that there is a synergy from incorporating both first and second generation vendors,” Shu Min continues. “Second generation vendors are able to tap on the years of experience from those before them and value-add to the business with their creativity and experimental spirit.”

Last but not least, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to style the spacious foyer outside the restaurant, especially the captivating circular light chandelier right at the doorstep. Perfect as either a reception or photo area, Glittering Carousel and PHKA dreamed up a unique way for couples to showcase their wedding photos. Set under the lights, a second metal structure, charmingly entwined with wild vines and elegant white blooms, provides the perfect frame for a photo gallery.


We would like to thank all creatives who collaborated with us on this styled shoot at Andaz Singapore! It was a dream come true to work with you all and we had lots of fun – we hope you did too! Last but not least, thank you Andaz Singapore for inviting and providing us with such a modern and cosy space to work with!

Andaz Singapore is located at 5 Fraser St, Singapore (189354).

Photography: John Lim Photography
Venue: 665°F Steakhouse at Andaz Singapore
Stylist: Glittering Carousel + PHKA
Florist: Florals Actually
Flower Supplier: GG Fresh Flowers
Wedding Cake: In the Brick Yard
Wedding Stationery: Paper Pressed
Tiffany Chairs: MJ Rental Svc
Table Linen: Angie Curtains
Logistics Partner: CS21 Design Pte Ltd
Gold Dinnerware and Cutlery Set: Lovera Collections

Colour Me Intrigued: A Quirky, Colourful Styled Shoot

What’s your wedding colour? Exploring colour symbolism and mood, this styled shoot plays with various hues in quirky sets, to inspire you to discover your own colour personality.

Today’s styled shoot editorial is an eccentric, quirky burst of colour! Fascinated by the subject of colour and how different hues are associated with complex ideas and moods, the team set out to explore how colour works. “Your choice of wedding colours tends to be a subconscious reflection of your personality,” share stylists Larry and Jophia from HellofromFlour. “Colours represent what’s within us and send the message of our personality, persona, affection, and love, so what colour are you?


In eight exaggerated scenes, the team explored the various moods colour evokes. The unconventional and quirky sets are each designed around one colour and vibe, and seek to investigate what colour means, and how they reflect personality. With pockets of space with different lighting and aesthetic qualities that could accommodate eight looks, Another Studio was the perfect venue for the exploration.

“We had a wonderful team of really passionate and talented creative folks who went wild, trying and exploring new and quirky ideas with us,” say Larry and Jophia. With just rough direction, they had full creative control and everyone of them worked their magic, interpreted and translated colours in their own way.” HellofromFlour thought up the concept and space styling, Pout and Chow did the food styling, and A Brush with Mel painted the watercolours.

Amanda Lee Online and Amanda Lee Weddings provided the stylish wardrobe. 27a.co by Marie Soh completed model Mei Yue’s look with hair and makeup styling. Silk ribbons by Eirene Artisan, pastries by L’eclair by Sarah Michelle, and flowers supplied by GG Fresh Flowers finished the sets. Everything was captured by Bittersweet Photography. “The sets were all slightly exaggerated, with random objects such as a hotpot, guppies, a humidifier, and a weighing scale, that we never ever thought would be useful for a shoot,” Larry and Jophia share. “The random use of objects made this shoot eccentric, and exceptionally fun.”

The team hope that this editorial will help you couples better understand yourselves through colour, and inspire you to concoct your own colour recipes!

Many thanks to the team for sharing this with us!

The Photography: 
Bittersweet Photography

Concept & Space Styling: HellofromFlour
The Fashion Styling: 
ALO & Amanda Lee Weddings

Hair and Makeup: 
27a.co by Marie Soh


Food Styling: Pout and Chow

The Watercolours: 
A Brush with Mel

 The Silk Ribbons & Fabric: 
Eirene Artisan

L’eclair by Sarah Michelle

Flower Supplies: 
GG Fresh Flowers

Mei Yue

Credits: Images by Bittersweet Photography

In the Mood for Hot Love: Moody Tropical Little Island Brewing Co Wedding Styled Shoot

This Little Island Brewing Co wedding styled shoot puts a dark and moody spin on the popular tropical wedding theme, with neon lights that electrify the dark and glamorous styling.

We’re absolutely thrilled with how this moody tropical wedding styled shoot at Little Island Brewing Co. turned out! We wanted to put a spin on a tropical wedding theme by electrifying it with neon lights and dark and moody styling, and our amazing team pulled off a truly spectacular set. The gorgeous details and dark, tropical mood were all beautifully captured by Andri Tei Photography.

Overlooking the sea in Changi Village, Little Island Brewing Co. is a popular wedding venue with space for up to 270 guests, beloved for its home-brewed craft beers on tap. With its coastal, laid back vibe, the venue was perfect for staging our moody tropical sets. Stylist Lalu of Wulala! brought the concept to life at the venue, in a rich, moody colour palette of velvety blacks, midnight purples, rich burgundies, deep greens, dark reds, and electric pops of hot pink, accented with a glamorous touch of gold.

She styled a gorgeous backdrop against the steel and copper vats of the brewery itself, with gold script by Trudy of Poptsie Paper Co on a black acrylic circle, framed with curved neon lights by Beyond Neon. Kayly of Bucket Full of Roses finished the backdrop with a stunning arrangement of wild, dark, tropical foliage and flowers in lush abandon, from monstera leaves to gilded orchids to black palm fronds.

Our talented real-life couple, Vera from Love Blush Makeup and Lawrence of Film by Lawrie, wore minimalist ensembles in keeping with the shoot’s laid-back and alternative vibe. Lawrence wore a dark suit by men’s bespoke tailor Stitched.sg, and Vera rocked a chic and architectural number with detachable off-shoulder detail by wedding gown designer Stitch x Stitch Co. Hair and makeup by the Love Blush Makeup team completed the looks. Vera carried a wild, tropical bouquet with wine-red roses and midnight purple calla lilies by Bucket Full of Roses.

Wulala! set the mood for an intimate wedding dinner on one of Little Island Brewing Co’s rustic wooden tables, styling it with moody floral centrepieces by Kayly, exotic tropical fruit, vintage bulbs, and tall dark candles in gold candle stands from Crate and Barrel for a touch of glamour. Deep purple candles, mirrored glass votives, and black linen napkins from Crate and Barrel accented the tablescape. The set was finished with gold-lettered leaf place cards by Trudy.

By the long bar with its many polished taps, the team styled a gorgeous dessert display with elegant treats by Charlene from The Dessert Party. An absolutely adorable meringue pineapple tower highlighted the tropical theme. Delicious gold-flecked earl grey macarons, lemon meringue tarts in dark chocolate cases, brownies, and blueberry cheesecake shots were arrayed temptingly on the shelves by the dessert table stylist, accented with props from Lalu and florals by Kayly. A neon acrylic sign playfully inscribed with “Gimme some sugar” finished our dessert display. The dark wedding cake also by The Dessert Party topped with tropical blooms took pride of place on a gold stand, embellished with lush floral arrangements and scribed acrylic.

All of us had so much fun creating the dark and moody vibe of this tropical styled shoot with its electrifying neon lights, and we hope that it inspires you with a different take on the popular tropical wedding trend!

Huge thanks to the incredible team!

Publisher: SingaporeBrides
Photographer: Andri Tei Photography
Venue: Little Island Brewing Co.
Styling: Wulala!
Floral Styling: Bucket Full of Roses
Desserts: The Dessert Party
Hair and makeup: Love Blush Makeup
Gown: Stitch x Stitch Co.
Suit: Stitched.sg
Calligraphy: Poptsie Paper Co.
Neon signage: Beyond Neon
Dinnerware: Crate and Barrel
Couple: Vera of Love Blush Makeup and Lawrence of Film by Lawrie

Credits: Photography by Andri Tei Photography

Dreamy and Whimsical Fort Canning Park Wedding Styled Shoot

This dreamy and whimsical styled shoot in Fort Canning Park inspires with its gorgeous and ethereal colour palette, enchanted forest scenes, and delightful woodland tea party.

We’re always thrilled to share the work of creative vendors, and this whimsical and elegant styled shoot will thrill you too. Dreamt up by O’hara Weddings, the newly launched wedding arm of Windflower Florist, and planned by Holy Moly, the styled shoot enchants spaces in Fort Canning Park with ethereal blooms and a whimsical tea party. “Through this styled shoot, we hope that couples can come to appreciate Singapore’s hidden gems,” shares O’hara Weddings. “Sometimes, a local shoot can be just as exciting as an overseas one. All spaces can be transformed into something beautiful with a little imagination and help from the talented creatives in the wedding industry!”

Captured by photographers Just Like Magic Co. and Nik Voon, the shoot follows a young couple dreamily in love, dancing through the forest and forgotten dwellings. Dressed in a delicate gown with romantic ribbon-tie accents from Frieda Brides, model Theora’s look was completed with the Aurelie Crown by Maggie Wu Studio, and soft and natural hair and makeup by Makeup Maestro Wedding. Model Sherwin wore a khaki suit from Suit Yourself to complement the dreamy, woodsy vibe of the shoot.

The creative team styled various scenes to capture Theora and Sherwin’s wanderings through the forest. A lush and airy floral arrangement by O’hara Weddings, delicate rings with woodland motifs by Liv Lo Jewelry, and a pair of ballet slippers added a whimsical touch to romantic portraits against the park’s natural backdrops and colonial architecture.

Using a beautiful, dreamy colour palette with hues of white, rose, sea foam, and cloud, stylist Yours Fetefully and O’hara Weddings created a wedding arch out of the park’s vine-crawlers, and designed a delightful tea party in the woods. With a rustic table and chairs from Events and Weddings Rental, the set up was styled with beautiful dinnerware from Crate and Barrel, intricate vintage props from Merrylove Weddings, tall blue candles, and pretty coloured goblets. Lyrically hand-painted signage, floral-filled birdcages, and pretty, floral-pressed acrylic place cards added more whimsy to the set.

Dressed in a lace gown by Frieda Brides, model Theora led her love down Fort Canning Park’s iconic spiral staircase, which the team styled with a cascading floral arrangement to transform the space into a flowering grotto where lovers can spend a quiet moment alone.

Thank you, team, for sharing this lovely, whimsical styled shoot with us!

Overall Planner: Holy Moly
Florist: O’hara Weddings
Gowns: Frieda Brides
Suit: Suit Yourself
Jewelry: Liv Lo Jewelry
Bridal Headpiece: Maggie Wu Studio
Hair & Makeup: Makeup Maestro Wedding
Props: Merrylove Weddings
Props & Styling: Yours Fetefully
Tableware: Crate and Barrel
Chairs & Tables: Events and Weddings Rental
Photographers: Just Like Magic Co. // Nik Voon

Credits: Images by Just Like Magic Co. and Nik Voon

Boho Dreaming: A Bohemian Hen Party Styled Shoot

Get inspired for your own girly get-together with this beautiful, stylish bohemian hen party styled shoot!

We all know that no bride can get married without her best girls! Your squad’s been through everything with you, and their love and support as they send you off into married life makes the journey so much happier. That’s why we were so thrilled when this creative team shared their bohemian hen party styled shoot with us! Beautifully shot by Antelope Studios in their light-filled studio Raw, the session celebrates the sisterly bond between a bride and her closest girlfriends.

The session celebrates the close bond a bride and her bridesmaids share, in an intimate and stylish bohemian hen party. “It was a cosy get-together for Samantha and her best girls, who have been so supportive during her wedding planning,” shares Amanda from Bells & Birds. “We wanted to capture the chemistry and fun times the girls have with each other.” Samantha’s known some of them for more than a decade, and their friendship means so much. “The shoot celebrates the blessing of our long-standing, divine friendships and fun-loving chemistry,” says Samantha. “It was really how we are whenever we get together–a time of enjoying one another’s presence!”

Styled by a creative team of vendors, this bohemian hen party shoot is inspired by a Moroccan bohemian rhapsody theme. “The shoot focuses on intimate communal dining in style, complete with Pout & Chow’s delicious platters that not only looked good, but also tasted great,” explains stylist Lalu from Wulala! She used a rich, earthy colour palette and layered different materials, patterns, and textures to create an effortlessly stylish bohemian setting that played off the concrete walls and parquet floors at Raw. Potted plants, succulents, and a suspended cloud of baby’s breath added a touch of green, while geodes, candles, and an intricately etched skull completed the modern boho vibe.

For their bohemian hen party, food stylist Alicia from Pout and Chow styled the food spread with communal dishes and beautiful spring colours. Vibrant pink dips, berry-infused drinks, and pretty fruit tarts were a feast for the senses. “These are really stress-free recipes that the bride and bridesmaids can cook together for this intimate girls affair,” she says.

The girls wore handcrafted silk and lace robes by Bells & Birds for the shoot. “The first set, sweet shades of blush and champagne, is a favourite of brides, while the second all-white set featured dreamy romantic lace pieces, a staple for any bohemian goddess,” describes Amanda. Makeup by Iheartblooms and Yuhui Aw added the finishing touches to their free-spirited, bohemian flair.

With their beautifully styled bohemian hen party shoot, the team hopes to inspire brides and bridesmaids with a unique idea for a hen’s party.” Hen’s parties are getting increasingly popular, not just for the ‘gram but really to show appreciation to your best girls for their help in wedding planning,” shares Amanda. “We wanted to show that hen’s parties need not be limited to a hotel or restaurant, but can be stylish and unique too.” What a great idea for a cosy, girly, and stylish celebration with your best friends!

Photography: Antelope Studios
Styling: Wulala!
Food styling: Pout and Chow
Bridal robes: Bells & Birds
Makeup: Iheartblooms // Yuhui Aw
Additional blooms: Windflower Florist
Models: Samantha, Sheryl, Kristie, Gen, and Lynette

Credits: Images by Antelope Studios

Cheryl Wee’s Tender and Beautiful Maternity Styled Shoot

Cheryl Wee, pregnant for the first time, celebrates this tender time with husband Roy Fong in a beautiful, intimate maternity styled shoot.

When Amanda from Bells and Birds came to us with a beautiful idea for a maternity styled shoot for actress and entrepreneur Cheryl Wee, we thought it would be a lovely continuation to the story she and hubby Roy Fong shared in their wedding feature here on SingaporeBrides. Almost immediately after their wedding in July last year, the couple found out that they were very unexpectedly pregnant. With just a few days to go before Cheryl is due, we’re excited to share her beautiful maternity shoot!

Glowingly 32-weeks-pregnant, Cheryl came for the intimate shoot together with husband Roy. To celebrate their new chapter, the shoot is a three-part series that would express the couple’s close-knit bond, their excitement for the baby, and Cheryl’s strength and gentleness in this phase of womanhood. The maternity styled shoot was set in the beautiful Heritage Suite in InterContinental Singapore, where natural daylight streamed through charming wooden shutters. The creative team from FLOUR styled the suite’s elegant furnishings with a lush abundance of gorgeous, organic floral arrangements in a colourful scheme to reflect Cheryl’s bubbly, outgoing personality.

Cheryl’s pregnancy glow was enhanced by Adeline Ariel Makeup, with her hair set in natural waves by her family’s beauty and lifestyle group Jean Yip to reflect her down-to-earth and sunny disposition. Samuel from Pixioo Photography commemorated this special time in the couples’ lives as Cheryl bared her bump in graceful robes by Bells and Birds. Roy and Cheryl also brought along the gifts family and friends had showered on their baby boy, which served as fun and meaningful props during the shoot.

In addition to couple shots that celebrated the parents-to-be, a portrait session unveiled the different sides of Cheryl’s pregnancy journey. Her strength and sense of fun were reflected in two boldly colourful flatlay sets styled by Alicia from Pout and Chow, while a delicate lace robe and a maternity milk bath styled with lush, free-form, botanical arrangements by FLOUR brought out her gentleness and femininity.

We’re delighted to have been a part of this shoot with such a lovely couple and talented team of creatives! We hope our first maternity styled shoot will inspire newlyweds who are planning to start a family, and our biggest congratulations to Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong, who are expecting their bundle of joy in just a few days!

Exclusive Publisher: SingaporeBrides
Concept & Robes: Bells and Birds
Photography: Pixioo Photography
Venue: InterContinental Singapore
Set Styling & Florals: FLOUR
Flatlay Styling:Pout and Chow
Makeup: Adeline Ariel Makeup
Hair: Jean Yip
Talent: Cheryl Wee and Roy Fong

Romantic Opulence on The Bay Wedding Styled Shoot at Monti at 1-Pavilion

Let the rich hues and chic modern styling in our latest styled shoot sweep you off your feet!

Monti at 1-Pavilion has always been a venue we’ve wanted to do a styled shoot at ever since we visited the unique and elegantly furnished restaurant and we were beyond thrilled when we finally got a chance to spruce the beautiful space up with the help of a merry band of talented wedding creatives, Le Fairymeadow, The Beautiful Moment Photography, Souldeelight, BabyCakes Singapore and eClarity!

Located within the iconic spherical Fullerton Pavilion, Monti sits glamourously afloat on Marina Bay in the day and transforms into a sparkling gem when night falls. The modern and stylishly furnished restaurant boasts a monochromatic marble, stylist copper bartop, intriguing geometric lines and plush furnishings reminiscent of a whiskey bar in London, and uniquely curved floor-to-ceiling windows that lets in the light during the day and showcases the mesmerising city lights after the sun sets.

To complement Monti’s luxurious and modern interiors, Zyn from Le Fairymeadow dreamed up a lavish yet romantic and timeless theme of red and pink hued florals against opulent copper and gold elements, and chic acrylic details. To accompany Zyn’s beautiful styling, calligrapher and watercolourist Dee from Souldeelight designed an elegant set of wedding invites, place cards and acrylic menu cards and signage that completed the look.

Up on the rooftop of The Fullerton Pavilion, Zyn transformed the roomy deck into a simple but inspiring solemnisation set-up with a one-of-a-kind floral wedding wreath as a backdrop against the magnificient, unobstructed views of the bay and some of Singapore’s iconic landmarks, and lined the aisle with an elegant runner with the couple’s initials in calligraphy. With the company of magnificient, unobstructed views of the bay and some of Singapore’s iconic landmarks, and the romantic glow of the setting sun (which we missed out on because it turned gloomy in the later part of the day!), a rooftop solemnisation above Monti would be a dream come true.

And what’s a wedding without some bling, eh? Renowned online and in-store jewellery designer eClarity was kind enough to loan us some of their beautiful creations for the shoot and every one of us couldn’t stop gushing over the gorgeous rings and its unique, intricate and enchanting designs!

As night started to descend, the candles and fairylights in the restaurant came to life and bathed the cosy space in a warm dreaminess that transformed the venue from elegant to romantic. We were happy to work with Mel from BabyCakes Singapore, who designed a beautiful two tiered cake with a colour dusted effect base and luxe gold metallic top tier decorated with gold Bas Relief floral textures and hand-crafted sugar flowers. No wedding is complete without desserts, so the talented chefs at Monti whipped up a variety of sweets for a decadent dessert table.

Last but not least, we turned our focus to the restaurant’s posh marble and copper bar counter where Zyn created a mini DIY cocktail corner for those who prefer to end their night with other sweet treats. Besides being known for breathtaking views of the bay and city lights and luxe interiors, Monti is also famous for its customised, one-of-a-kind cocktail creations. Together with their mixologist, we customised a drink that complemented the restaurant’s plush furnishings and the deep, romantic hues of our styled shoot.

A Big Thank You to Our Team of Creatives!

We would like to thank all creatives who collaborated with us on this romantic and opulent wedding styled shoot! It was a dream come true to work with you all and we had lots of fun – we hope you did too! Last but not least, thank you Monti at 1-Pavilion for inviting and providing us with such a picturesque and versatile space to work with!

Monti at 1-Pavilion is located at 82 Collyer Quay, The Fullerton Pavilion, Singapore 049327.

Photography: The Beautiful Moment Photography
Venue: Monti at 1-Pavilion
Venue and Floral Stylist: Le Fairymeadow
Dessert Table: Monti at 1-Pavilion
Calligraphy and Wedding Stationery: Souldeelight
Wedding Cake: BabyCakes Singapore
Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: eClarity

A Dusty Rose Wedding Styled Shoot Full of Vintage Romance

This dusty rose wedding styled shoot will charm you with its vintage romance and muted palette of tea rose, blush, and earthy tones.

When Fiona Treadwell shared this lovely styled shoot with us, we couldn’t help but get excited over its gorgeous colour palette, inspired by the dusy rose. “The rose, with its dusty pink colour, emotes vintage charm and old world vibes,” Fiona tells us. “It was the inspiration behind the shoot.” Styled with a muted palette of white, blush, dusty rose, and greens and beautifully captured by Smittenpixels Photography, the shoot is effused with earthy, sepia tones that give it a nostalgic and romantic quality.

Inspired by the rose’s timeless beauty, the team put together a set that reminisces a time gone by, where lovers handwrote letters, and keepsakes were carefully tied with ribbon and stored in treasure chests. Beautiful calligraphy by Gifts of Grace Design inscribed geode place cards and pretty wedding invites, while delicate sugar flowers by Winifred Kriste Cake and a bridesmaid box by Shopbox added a vintage touch to the set.

The model wore a blush lace dress by Caramel & Co., with vintage ruffled sleeves and a peephole in the sides, adorned with simple, statement pieces of jewellery from By Invite Only. Smoky blush and eye makeup by Marie from 27a.co completed her look.

“As for the arch and the bouquet, I chose a muted palette of white, blush, and green to accentuate the shoot,” shares Fiona. “I finished the bouquet with Eirene Artisan’s hand-dyed silk ribbons.” Besides the lush floral arch, the team also created a simple backdrop using Gifts of Grace’s airy and romantic brush strokes, in laser cut signage by Kcottage Studio.

“Our sets were pretty simple and that was the thought we would like to convey,” says Fiona. “Sometimes less is more. If you have a statement piece and a beautiful white canvas, there is nothing else you need to make it pop even more.” The team also hopes to inspire couples to choose a wedding look that is timeless and personal, so they can look back on it and find it relevant in the years to come.

Thank you for sharing your creative work with us!

Photography: Smittenpixels Photography
Flowers and styling: Fiona Treadwell
Gown: Caramel & Co.
Calligraphy and stationery: Gifts of Grace Design
Makeup: Marie Soh from 27A Co
Laser cut signage: KCottage Studio
Sugar flowers: Winifred Kriste Cake
Silk ribbons: Eirene Artisan
Jewellery: By Invite Only
Bridesmaids box: Shopbox

Credits: Images by Smittenpixels Photography