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Resort review of Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa Sabah Malaysia

Manis-Manis Nature Resort & SPAManis-Manis Nature Resort and Spa is located in Ulu Kimanis Sabah Malaysia and the distance from the resort to Kota Kinabalu International Airport is approximately 52.5 km and the driving time is approximately 1 hours.

Along the way to Manis-Manis Resort & Spa you will pass through some areas such as Petagas , Putatan , Lokkawi , Kinarut , Papar and Kimanis if you are using taxi. However there is no public transporation to get to Manis-Manis Nature Resort and Spa. Thus please make sure that you have already hire a car so it’s easy for you to travel somewhere.

Along the way to the Manis-Manis Nature Resort & Spa you will pass by some resorts like Beringgis Beach Resort & Spa , Langkah Syabas Resort and Borneo Paradise Beach Hotel . All of the three hotels stated earlier located near the seaside and those who want to enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Sabah may as well stay there for several days.The rate for one night is reasonable and between RM150 to RM350 . I will write an article about all three hotels it in my upcoming article . For this article I want to share my experience Manis-Manis Nature Resort & Spa . At the end of the article I ‘ll tell you why I will not recommended this hotel to travelers.

Manis-Manis Nature Resort & Spa situated in a rural location which is in the same region as Crocker Range National Park.So dont be surprised if you find this resort surrounded by jungle . Visitors should not worry about the location as it close to a village. It is also connected by Ulu Kimanis – Keningau major highways.

However the small road leading to the resort is still a gravel road and still in the process of upgrading and I think the distance from the intersection to the resort is just 150 meters away .Manis-Manis Nature Resort & Spa is located on the right and you can see it as soon as you cross the bridge.

As for me this resort is suitable for honeymooners and families only and not appropriate for individual and businessman.The rate for one night stay is between RM130 to RM300. I think its a bit expensive and not worth for money. But you may try staying there for one night stay and share your experience staying there.

I quote a few important notes from their website .

Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa
Are you tired of ….
– The city ‘s hustle and bustle ?
– The smog , the noise and all the usual Commotion ?
– Watching the same TV programs over and over ?
– Get your daily routine and needed a break ?

I’m not going to recommend this resort to my friends.
Please check below for the reasons why I dont want to recommend this Manis-Manis Nature Resort and SPA.

Phone call to the office doesn’t go through.
The website does not updated
Facebook page does not update
The road junction from the main road is gravel road
Lack of signage.
It was a bit creepy . There was a van that in very bad condition and rusty parked at the parking lot .
Landscape areas not maintained and unattractive .
Security is not secured.


However this is my personal opinion only. If you are a person that looking for a place to stay to avoid all the busy city, Manis-Manis Nature Resort & Spa is definitely a place for you. With the resort Rejuvenation Concept, they believed that televisions, electronic gadgets, laptops, daily social network interaction is life distraction. So you should be prepared for a Techno-Free room that only provide a basic in-room amenities. Manis-Manis Nature Resort & Spa truly want you to go back to the basic simplicity.Manis Manis is a Nature resort which let you totally out of the city life and feel the Nature. All the staffs is local Papar people and very helpful.

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