How to Host Your Wedding At Your Home

There are so many benefits to hosting a wedding in the privacy of your own home—sense of familiarity, undeniable charm and unique sentiment make for a day that’s original and noteworthy. Inviting your loved ones into a space that holds some of your most cherished memories—as a child, an adult, or both!—nothing says love like a wedding fit with a “home sweet home” welcome mat. Since residences are rarely suited for events and large gatherings, private homes need considerable attention when it comes to finalizing logistics like lighting, parking, and additional rentals.

Depending on the size of your home—and the number on your guest list—it’s important to consider factors like catering, landscape design, ceremony setup, and decor. For example, for larger homes built with a significant number of hosting rooms, the need for an outdoor tent might not be as necessary, whereas for, a more intimate setting, the use of a backyard tent might prove useful for added space. Finding the balance between wanting to complement the unique features of your humble abode and adapting the space to your unique wedding aesthetic is something that some of the industry’s best planners, photographers, florists, and caterers have mastered. Lending their best advice for throwing a successful (and seamless) private home wedding, we reached out to these masters of all-things tying the knot and gained some insight for throwing our own private home bash. Here are 17 tips for hosting your wedding at your home.

10 ways to make your wedding day run smoothly

Bride and groom cutting the cakeCredit: Jessica Reeve Photography

Remember these ten things for a wedding day that goes exactly to plan…

1. You’ll need £4 for your wedding certificate

 Keep £4 handy to purchase your wedding certificates and make sure you’ve got somewhere safe in mind to stash them afterwards. We really have heard of wedding certificates being left abandoned on a table, with a dribble of red wine decorating the corner… not the best start to your marriage!

2. Leave time to meet the registrar

Allow time to meet with your registrar[1] on your wedding morning, when you will need to confirm your identity in the presence of your chosen witnesses.

3. Get a first-look photo

Don’t miss the opportunity to get first-look photos. A more recent trend in weddings, the ‘first look’ sees the couple share a moment alone together before the ceremony begins. Great for calming nerves, it also leads to some super romantic photos when the bride surprises her groom.

4. Move your engagement ring onto your right hand

As you get dressed on your wedding morning, move your engagement ring[2] onto the corresponding finger on your right hand. This keeps your ring finger free for the moment you exchange wedding bands – it’s nerve-wracking enough as all eyes wait to see if the ring fits, without diamond-encrusted obstacles in the way.

5. Leave someone in charge of gift-giving

Ensure that someone is in charge of bringing any gifts you’ve organised for your parents and bridal party to the reception. Then make the most of the speeches, which offer the perfect opportunity to dish the goodies out.

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6. Know the timings of the day

Make sure you’re up to speed on the order that things will happen, from the time your wedding breakfast starts to the running order of the speeches[4]. If you’re keeping things traditional, the father of the bride will be up first, followed by the groom and finally, his best man. It’s also worth doubling up copies of any cue cards, so each speaker has them to hand and a nominated friend has back up.

7. Make sure your transport is sorted

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of the party and having to wait for a taxi when your feet are a little fragile from hours of dancing. You’ll have shared transport information with guests on your invitations, but don’t forget to make travel plans of your own, too, if you won’t be spending your first night as newlyweds at your venue.

8. Delegate the last remaining tasks

Your wedding day is the one day when you should only be worrying about yourself, so ask a bridesmaid to field any final calls, equip an usher with cash to settle any supplier costs and ask your maid of honour to double check the décor is set up how you envisioned it. They’re there for you, so make the most of it.

9. Don’t forget to eat and and drink

It’s no secret that your schedule is going to be busy, but do your best to stay hydrated with water (and not only champagne) and to eat well. Start the day with a nourishing breakfast and ask your venue keep a few canapés back for you so you don’t return from your couple’s portraits to empty plates. The same goes for your cake – we heard of one unfortunate couple who cut the cake, hit the dancefloor and returned to find every slice gone!

10. Take some time for just the two of you

Take time for the two of you and step back to soak up the atmosphere. One of our featured couple’s most treasured moments from their wedding was when they shared a private few minutes on the balcony of their wedding venue, watching their favourite people having the time of their lives on the terrace below. 

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Wedding gifts for booze lovers

Looking for a wedding gift for the couple that love to drink? Here’s our pick of the best wedding gifts for booze-lovers…

1. Coopers DIY lager kit, £65.40

Get the party started with a brew-it-yourself starter kit. With everything from bottles and lids to carbonation drops, this handy pack makes home-brewing a doddle.

COOPERS BIY Starter Lager Kit, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Inn House Brewery/ The Home Brew Shop

Buy it now:[1]

2. Whiskey blending experience for two, £79

With so many guests buying bits, bobs, things and trinkets, why not indulge your favourite couple with an experience to fill their memories rather than their house?

Man drinking whisky - Virgin Experience DaysPhoto: Virgin Experience Days

Buy it now:[2]

3. Wall-mounted wine rack, £97.99

One of our favourite gifts for booze lovers, this wine rack puts an unconventional twist on a classic gift. The wooden finish looks great and, being mounted, the rack won’t eat up floor or worktop space.

Wall-mounted Home Etc wine rack, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Wayfair

Buy it now:[3]

4. Gin and tonic botanicals box, £67.40

Just add the chosen spices to neat gin, splash in the tonic and raise a glass! Includes a range of flavoursome options and a recipe book.

Gin and tonic botanicals box, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Not On The High Street

Buy it now:[4]

5. Himalayan salt shot glasses, £25

Whether they love to throw back a tequila or they just need some measuring glasses, this quirky gift is worth a shot.

Himalayan salt shot glasses, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Root7

Buy it now:[5]

6. Cocktail tool set, £30

This is a versatile, easy-to-store piece of kit that looks as great as it is useful.

John Lewis Pretty Useful Tools Cocktail Tool Set, Tropical Topaz, gifts for booze loversPhoto: John Lewis

Buy it now:[6]

7. Chrome and glass serving trolley, £63.99

Très posh! Nothing says sophistication like wheeling your guests’ drinks straight to their chair.

Chrome and glass serving trolley, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Argos

Buy it now:[7]

8. Whisky decanter with walnut base, £100

A timelessly classy gift, this high quality product from LSA makes a gorgeous centrepiece.

John Lewis LSA International Straight Whisky Decanter with Walnut Base, gifts for booze loversPhoto: John Lewis

Buy it now:[8]

9. Together in spirit(s) novelty apron, £20

This punbelievable apron is fun, friendly, and super cheap too.

Together in spirit(s) novelty apron, gifts for booze loversPhoto: Not On The High Street

Buy it now:[9]

10. 46-Bottle wine cabinet, £449.99

If you really want to splash the cash, this built-in wine cabinet from Hostess is a top-quality gift that the lucky pair will cherish for years to come.

Hostess 46 Bottle Built-in Wine Cabinet, wedding gifts for booze loversPhoto: Hostess

Buy it now:[10]

If half the couple loves booze but the other is more of a foodie, why not complement your choice with one of our perfect gifts for food lovers[11]

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The most Instagrammed honeymoon locations in the world revealed

St Lucia

On the look-out for dreamy honeymoon locations? These idyllic honeymoon hotspots are as photogenic as they get

You’ve just experienced what was probably the best (and most nerve-wracking) day of your life so far – now it’s time for the relaxing bit! And where better to kick back, unwind and spend some time with your beau than a picture-perfect paradise?

If you’ve not yet pinned down a destination, honeymoon specialist Kuoni[1] recently analysed over two million #honeymoon[2] posts on Instagram, to reveal the top 10 most popular hotspots for newlyweds. And by the looks of these beauties, there’s no doubt your wish list is about to get a lot longer…

10. The Caribbean

With a reputation for producing excellent rum and looking incredible on your Insta feed, the most popular emojis associated with these exotic islands include a desert island palm tree, tropical cocktail and a flashing camera.

9. Dubai

A nod to the country’s picturesque beaches features in many #Dubai posts, as well as the epic feats of architecture, including the Burj Khalifa and Cayan Tower.

8. Paris

The Eiffel Tower emoji unsurprisingly makes a regular appearance in Paris-based #honeymoon posts, with over 21K mentions in the last five years.

7. Greece

With over 24K mentions, the most popular emojis used for Instagram posts in Greece are the water wave and sunset symbols, owing to the beautiful weather and ocean vistas. Santorini comes out as one of the most popular keywords, with its iconic blue domed buildings and luxury hotels.

6. Hawaii

This dreamy hotspot has had just under 29K mentions, with the lush flora and fauna drawing in thousands of honeymooners every year.

5. Mexico

Cancun is mentioned in nearly half of #honeymoon posts taken in #Mexico, which has had a total of just under 30K mentions altogether. With white sand beaches, unbelievable food and crystal-clear oceans, there’s no question why so many newlyweds flock here after tying the knot.

4. Italy

Food and wine feature heavily in Italian honeymoon posts, with spaghetti and pizza emojis cropping up frequently. In terms of locations, couples seem to love Rome, Venice, Florence and Positano, with over 37K #honeymoon Instagram posts tagged in Italy altogether.

3. Thailand

With 38K mentions for Thailand, the country’s rich wildlife features heavily in honeymoon Insta posts. The many elephant emojis are a nod to the incredible elephant sanctuaries and reserves you can visit during your trip here.

READ MORE: How to plan your perfect honeymoon[3]

2. The Maldives

Think sunsets, ocean waves, sunshine, exotic fish and cocktails – Maldives makes it in at the second most popular Instagrammable location, with a total of 52K mentions. A number of famous couples have made this beautiful spot their destination choice, too, including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and Fergie and Josh Duhamel.

1. Bali

To no surprise, the most popular location for a honeymoon according to Instagram is Bali, with a huge 70.6K tags. With tropical rainforests, luxury spas and paradise beaches, this honeymoon spot provides plenty of Instagram fodder.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Items That Are Perfect For All Your Wedding Day Needs

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale 2018 is here, and they're offering a lot more than just clothes this summer. The retailer's esteemed sale is a bride's one-stop shop for all things wedding, and that means you can find plenty of unique picks for your wedding day itself.

We went through the entirety of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to find you all of the necessities for your big day, and we promise, these pretty (and affordable!) items do not disappoint. From candles for your outdoor reception table centerpieces[1] to on-the-go makeup survival kits[2], here are our editor's picks of wedding day necessities from the sale this season.

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Win £200 to spend on the perfect wedding gift at Furnish Your Home

Credit: Furnish Your Home

Furnish Your Home[1] are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a £200 voucher to spend online.

Fall in love with their beautiful collection of contemporary furniture. Offering stylish and affordable furniture that is perfect for everyday living, Furnish Your Home[2] understand that home is where the heart is so, that’s why they have spent years curating an expansive selection of home interior goods. Whether it’s sleek and modern you are after, or something more classic and timeless, they have got you covered…

Sculpted from various materials like wood, metal and glass, each piece has been made with everyday living in mind. Their pieces combine traditional and contemporary and will inject undeniable style throughout any living space. At Furnish Your Home, they believe in quality, functionality and being inspired and each item of furniture is built on these three values.

Credit: Furnish Your Home

Proud to present beautifully crafted pieces in plush appearances that have modern influences from home and cultural influences from abroad, Furnish Your home have trend led products that make a thoughtful range – combining simplicity with modernity. Feel inspired and explore the range as they show you how to introduce fresh, functional style and design into your home, that will add character and lift your space.

This competition gives you the chance to win a £200 voucher that could buy you one of their gorgeous pieces. From bar stools and dining sets to occasional chairs and luxurious coffee tables, you will be feeling left spoilt for choice.

Credit: Furnish Your Home

For more information and to see the full range on offer, visit:[3].

Simply, enter your details below to be in with a chance of winning…

Best of luck!

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How to plan a personalised wedding ceremony

Couple getting

Whether it’s the music, the venue, or the vows, curate a perfectly personalised wedding ceremony with these handy tips and ideas

Location, location, location

Before you even start to think about the finer details of your personalised wedding ceremony, it’s a good idea to decide where exactly you will be tying the knot. Ceremonies held in churches will be very different from beachside blessings, for example, and each bring their own opportunities and restrictions. Wherever you choose, one way to make your ceremony feel your own is to choose a venue with sentimental value. Some of our featured couples have said ‘I do’ in the same church as their parents or in the parish in which they grew up. Others have followed their hearts to their favourite destinations, both in the UK and further afield, to find the perfect setting.

Personalised promises

Your vows; this is the moment that all those months of planning have built up to and it’s the reason you’re here today. Both civil and religious ceremonies come with their own established wording, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touch.

From writing your own vows to changing the script, there’s a spot on the spectrum for every couple. Your vows can be as simple as promising to make your spouse a cup of tea every morning (one groom we know really did promise this and, several months later, he’s kept to his word).

If you don’t fancy starting from scratch, remember that you can choose, to an extent, which of the traditional vows you make. When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry married, the bride followed in both Diana and Kate’s footsteps by choosing not to vow to ‘obey’ her husband. You can also incorporate symbolic traditions, from a blended sand ceremony, which signifies the joining of two families, to a hand-fasting.

If you want to write your own vows or make changes to what you say, it’s always worth running this past your officiant well ahead of the wedding. They can then advise you as to whether your vows will be suitable and ensure your promises are binding on the big day.

Ceremony soundtracks

Whether you’d prefer to walk down the aisle to the romantic strings of a live quartet or to the tunes of a carefully curated playlist, music can make all the difference to the atmosphere at your ceremony.

Make it your own by choosing songs that have played a part in your relationship so far. Perhaps there was a song that was always on the radio when you first started dating? Did your partner propose with music playing in the background? How about the track that became ‘your song’ during your time together? Opting for music that make you both smile and brings back good memories is guaranteed to inject a punch of personality.

Your music choices needn’t be conventional, either. If you’re a couple whose skin crawls every time you hear something cheesy, it’s probably not the way to go. We’ve known couples to walk down the aisle to everything from the Star Wars theme tune to rock songs – proof that you really can celebrate your day, your way.

Spoken from the heart

Choosing readings can be an element of ceremony planning that couples struggle with – they’re probably not something you’ve ever had to think about before. And while traditional options are favourites for a reason, choosing less conventional readings can be a great way to personalise your day.

How Falling In Love Is Like Owning A Dog is a great option for couples who wouldn’t be without their four-legged friends. Alternatively, how about asking someone close to you to write their own reading? From a sentimental poem to a collection of your funniest quotes, there are so many ways they can bring your personalities to the fore.

For couples who aren’t fans of the spotlight, why not ditch the readings altogether? Don’t be afraid to keep your ceremony short and sweet, if that’s what suits you best.

One for the team

A popular way to personalise your ceremony is to invite those closest to you to play parts in it, too. This could be as simple as your bridesmaids throwing tradition to the wind by taking the lead, if not having the pressure of stepping down the aisle first will ease your nerves.

It could also be through your choice of ring bearer. You could entrust your well-trained pooch with delivering your rings (strap on a GoPro for a comical ceremony view), or channel your inner Harry Potter and have owls glide silently down the aisle with the ring box in their talons. When it comes to making your ceremony unique, you really can go wild!

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How to plan your perfect honeymoon

Credit: iStock

Planning your perfect honeymoon should be a welcome reprieve from the more stress-inducing wedding decisions, so make the process as easy as possible, says travel counsellor Robert Kiernan…

Consider the weather 

This will help narrow down your options. Most exotic destinations have ‘no go’ seasons, examples of which include hurricanes, monsoons or just unbearable heat. And there are some destinations where weather patterns vary throughout the country itself, for example, Thailand has tropical monsoon weather from May to October on the west coast, whereas the same weather hits the east coast from October to December. Don’t let your idyllic vision of walking barefoot on the sand be ruined by a beach full of seaweed, thanks to trade winds!

Get hotel savvy

When it comes to hotels, different regions of the world offer better value. For example, comparable hotels in Asia are significantly cheaper than the Caribbean or islands such as the Seychelles and Maldives. But, if you have your heart set on the Indian Ocean, talk to a specialist about which hotels offer the best discounts. Sometimes, however, you need to spend a little more to save in the long run. ‘Club’ rooms are a good example of this; the benefits vary between hotels but can include extras like cocktails with canapés, or afternoon tea. 

READ MORE: Six stunning honeymoon destinations[1]  

Get the most out of your flights

If you aren’t planning to blow the budget by travelling first or business class, then be savvy about flights with a twin-centre honeymoon. For example, combine Sri Lanka with the Maldives; New York with Barbados; South Africa and Mauritius; a Tanzanian safari with Zanzibar; Dubai and the Seychelles; or Hong Kong and Bali.

Be creative with stopovers 

Using free airline stopovers can save you money and broaden your horizons. Fly through Dubai and do the five-star Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman. Escape Bangkok airport and head to the River Kwai or idyllic island of Koh Chang. Transfer straight from Singapore to Bintan Island, staying in the luxury Banyan Tree resort. Or tag on a safari in Marakele to a Johannesburg stay.

Compare the true cost  

When comparing holidays, consider what’s included and how this will impact on your spending money. For example, South Africa is a top-end destination but once there, eating out is not only exceptional but also very affordable. You might find a great ‘deal’ to the Caribbean but should consider how much extra you’ll spend if food and drink aren’t included. Read the small print regarding all-inclusive trips, too. Packages vary from basic inclusions of one buffet restaurant and local beers and spirits to the unlimited luxury of champagne, imported wines, spa treatments and fine dining.

Don’t forget little extras to make your trip special

Pay for fast-track immigration; book into an airport lounge; upgrade to private transfers to ensure you’re whisked straight to your destination. Check in to your room and head straight to a pre-booked couples’ spa treatment – and relax! Pre-book restaurants and excursions, too, so you don’t come home feeling like you missed out because you ran out of time or money, or you left it too late.

Play it safe with packages

Why, when everything is so accessible online? The EU Package Directive puts significant obligations on tour operators when selling ‘packages’, meaning that if there’s an airline strike, adverse weather or civil unrest, tour operators must provide alternative travel, an alternative holiday or a full refund (in the majority of cases). 

Boost your budget

Many travel companies offer a free wedding gift list whereby your guests can contribute towards specific experiences or the cost of your honeymoon. This is a great way to boost your trip of a lifetime. 

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Celebrating Personal Style at the Andaz Singapore Wedding Festival

Andaz Singapore showcased its stunning, daylight-filled wedding venues, uniquely personal wedding packages, and fun wedding themes at its first wedding festival.

Newly launched in 2017 and part of the prestigious Hyatt family, Andaz Singapore is a luxury boutique lifestyle hotel that’s become a fresh and vibrant addition to the Singapore wedding scene. On Sunday, 24 June 2018, Andaz Singapore welcomed couples to its first wedding festival, held on the alleyway-inspired events space Alley on 3, which is filled with abundant natural daylight. Perfect for intimate and unconventional wedding celebrations, the venues feel as welcoming as a home, as if you’re in a particularly stylish and well-designed luxury residence.

Image by Humid House Image by Humid House

Andaz means “personal style” in Hindi, and the wedding festival showcased the hotel’s emphasis on individuality and personality. From unique wedding venues to curated wedding packages featuring special touches like cake bars, fun wedding favours, and artisan invitations, Andaz offers modern couples a fresh, alternative wedding venue with all the luxuries of five-star service.

The Merry Bees band welcomed couples into The Glasshouse, a stunning event space inspired by a glass box design, with floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides that fill the venue with natural light, while striking chandeliers draw the eye to the high ceilings. The space was beautifully styled for the festival by The Wedding Stylist, with dramatic tropical floral installations by Humid House Events and dainty tiffany chairs lining a white runway.

The 120 couples who attended the festival were treated to a runway preview of Marchesa’s newly launched Fall/Winter 2018 bridal collection by The Proposal Bridal, as well as a runway presentation of Love Bonito’s latest LYLAS collection of bridesmaid outfits, where brides who want something different for their squad can choose from a mix of silhouettes to suit each bridesmaid’s personality, while maintaining cohesion through colour palettes.

Lunch was served in the beautiful Garden Studio, a more intimate pavilion-concept venue that seats around 100 guests. A dedicated outdoor garden makes the perfect space for solemnisations or cocktail hour, with sleek brass planters framing a backdrop of the cityscape. The Garden Studio showcased Andaz’s six designer floral wedding themes, named after some of the iconic cities where Andaz is located. From lush wildflower arrangements, to elegant monochrome hydrangeas in tall vases, to bright and cheery spring flowers, couples can create a wedding look that reflects their personalities.

At Andaz, tailor-made wedding packages allow couples to truly tell their unique story. Thoughtful details create a memorable wedding experience. Artisan invitations with your bespoke monogram by Pine on Paper set the tone for your wedding. A wine or signature cocktail bar that also serves juice, tea, and coffee welcomes your guests. Choose between a colourful cake bar, or a sweet or savoury bar featuring cold cuts, cheese, dips, and artisan breads from Tiong Bahru Bakery. Vegan bars are available as well. Wedding favours are Andaz’s signature scent hand lotions specially created with Christophe Laudamiel for Andaz, or honey or pandan kaya favours from Love Knot.

Newlyweds will receive a free honeymoon with every celebration booked with Andaz Singapore, by earning World of Hyatt bonus points which can be redeemed for free nights from Hyatt Hotels & Resorts worldwide with no blackout dates. For example, hosting a 21-table Chinese dinner at Andaz Singapore with a minimum spend of US $30,000 will earn 120,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Bonus Points, which couples can redeem for a luxurious honeymoon with three free Park Villa nights at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa or a 10-night trip to Japan with five free standard room nights at Hyatt Regency Naha, Okinawa and another five free standard room nights at Hyatt Regency Tokyo.

After tasting wedding menu favourites like the Honey Baked Cod Fish and Oven Baked Kurabota Pork Rib for lunch, couples toured the wedding venues or had fun at the various interactive vendor booths, such as Hello Forever’s vintage strip photo booth or Cle de Peu Beaute’s makeover booth.

The lovely afternoon festival was complete with exclusive promotions and prizes, so that couples can make their wedding day even more special. The couples present each had a turn of the sure-win lucky spin of the capsule machine, with a chance to win exciting prizes such as Hyatt stays around the world or vouchers from partnering vendors. They were also able to take advantage of exclusive promotions, with up to $300 off wedding services.

Andaz Wedding Festival 2018

Witness what went down during our inaugural Andaz Wedding Festival! We thank all our lovely partners & couples who joined us in celebrating love.

Posted by Andaz Singapore on Friday, July 6, 2018


If you missed the wedding festival, get in touch with the friendly Andaz Singapore wedding team to find out how they can help create a wedding that truly reflects your personalities and style by emailing them at [email protected].

Andaz Singapore is located at 5 Fraser St, Singapore 189354. For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Credits: Images courtesy of Andaz Singapore, unless otherwise stated. Feature image by Humid House.