Reward yourself in the midst of your wedding preparation at Love & Co.’s Love Escapade!

Attention lovebirds! Spend your date night at Love & Co.’s Love Escapade and experience a love journey through time.

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend. But when it comes to jewellery shopping, who says the men don’t get it too? When it comes to popping the question, you will be surprised how much extensive research they do. It’s a painstaking and time-consuming process, which is why Love & Co. presents to you, for the first time ever – Love Escapade!

In celebration of their anniversary, Love & Co. takes you through the four seasons to immerse yourself in the company of love, while searching for the ring of your dreams. Choose from a wide range of certified diamond solitaire rings and wedding bands at exclusive prices – only at the event! You also get to enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 70% off and attractive deals such as 1-for-1 wedding bands. It’s their way of giving the men a pat on their shoulder!

Look forward to:

  • A wide range of certified diamond solitaire rings including IIDGR, GIA, and IGI at discounted prices
  • Wedding bands at a steal, with prices starting from $539 for a pair
  • Selected wedding band designs going at 1-for-1
  • Exclusive specials such as a pair of complimentary diamond earrings* worth $499 with purchase
  • Up to 70% off in savings on assorted diamond jewellery
  • Click here for more details

The event only runs for a week from 1-8 October. Admission is free!

Event Details
Date1 – 8 October 2018
LocationVivocity, Central Court A, Level 1

Plus – RSVP exclusives if you make your way down from 1 – 8 October!

  • Be one of the first 30 to RSVP and arrive at the event, to receive a free goodie bag*
  • RSVP and make a purchase, and stand to receive a limited edition LVC Charmes Mini Ring pendant*  

 *Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.

About Love & Co.

Love & Co. is an established premier jeweller that unite exceptional craftsmanship with contemporary designs, specialising in sophisticated diamond solitaire rings and timeless wedding bands. The Lovemarque diamond by Love & Co. goes beyond triple excellent cut and is skillfully crafted to exacting standards to attain the ‘Ultimate’ grade of light performance. All Love & Co. diamonds are graded and certified by the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research, part of the De Beers Group of Companies, guaranteeing extraordinary beauty and perfection. Love & Co. also retails extensive wedding band collections. Each exquisite collection is created with a meaningful story to tell, dedicated to standing the test of time. Love & Co. is devoted to proclaim your love in an elegant way and to also deliver the 5th C to you in your purchase – Confidence. Read our personal experience with Love & Co. here.

Love & Co.
Store Locations
Schedule Appointment
[email protected] | 1800-LOVENCO (5683626)
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How to Take Striking Candid Wedding Photos

Candid photos are the most impactful when you get a feeling of genuine emotion, whether in the form of joy, sadness, or anything in-between. Capturing honest feelings (and having it translate with a still image) is no easy task, especially if you are naturally a shy person and you and your soon-to-be-spouse don’t love the idea of a day-long camera interaction. To get an idea of how to take the best candid photos, we spoke to the experts on how to act natural when it comes to taking candid photographs of your own.

Embracing your surroundings (whether that’s the skyline of your chosen city, the natural landscape of your ceremony site, or the front lawn of a private residence), is one way our experts produce effortlessly candid photos. Capturing sparks of spontaneous interaction in front of your wedding’s unique setting will bring even more magic to your day of photographs. From getting ready with your bridesmaids to the final moments of your after-party, there are plenty of opportunities to create plenty of impromptu charm. If you’re looking for how to add even more touches of spontaneity to your wedding day album, then we suggest reading these tips from some of the best photographers in the industry, a lesson in never again having to pose for the camera.

There’s now a Great British Bake Off hen do experience

Bake with a LegendBake with a Legend

Do you know a bride-to-be who has the baking bug? This Great British Bake Off hen party experience has certainly got our tummies rumbling…

It’s that time of year when the whole nation gets completely hooked on genoise sponge and croquembouche, as The Great British Bake Off dominates our screens once again.

And to celebrate the show’s ninth season, Hen Heaven[1] is now offering brides-to-be the chance to meet and bake with former GBBO contestants as part of an exciting hen do experience.

READ MORE: Wedding cakes inspired by The Great British Bake Off[2]

Bake with a Legend is a three-hour lesson where you’ll be given demonstrations, learn tips and tricks, and have a go at creating your very own batch of baked delights. If you impress, you could be the lucky hen walking away with a prize at the end.

Former contestants who will be providing their expert guidance include Glen Cosby and Howard Middleton from the 2013 series (who could forget the famous ‘custard gate’?), plus 2016 finalists Jane Beedle and Andrew Smyth.

Of course, no hen do would be complete without some prosecco, so each hen will receive a sparkling glass of bubbly as you watch your baking legend whip up some delicious bites. There will also be opportunities to chat with your star baker and ask them questions about their time on the show.

All the essentials you need for your experience will be provided, including equipment and ingredients, and better yet, you’ll even get boxes for leftovers. What a treat!

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To find out more, visit:[4]

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Proposal ideas: Best places in the world to propose according to Instagram

Eiffel Tower proposal Paris couple getting engaged

Looking for proposal ideas? Or maybe you’re just trying to throw hints at the best places in the world for your partner to propose? Well, these are the most popular places to propose, according to Instagram… 

Celebrity Cruises has analysed Instagram posts and data from the past 12 months to pinpoint the best places to get engaged around the world and the most popular locations for proposing to your partner. 

To pinpoint the most popular places to propose around the world, Celebrity Cruises[1] looked at a year’s worth of Instagram data of proposal-related hashtags such as #shesaidyes, #hesaidyes, #proposal and #engaged.

Engagement hashtags 

The research found the use of proposal related hashtags on Instagram (#shesaidyes, #hesaidyes, #isaidyes and #proposal) are up 556% compared to last year. 

More people than ever are deciding to pop the question at stunning locations in all corners of the globe and sharing the moment on social media.

So where is the most popular place in the world to propose?

Interestingly, Central Park in New York has come out as the number one place in the world to pop the question – in the past year 1,789 posts of proposals in Central Park have been posted to Instagram, knocking the Eiffel Tower in Paris to second place.

Yep, Central Park, an oasis of calm in bustling New York City, has taken the top spot as the most popular place in the world the propose. 

And according to Instagram, it’s Rome rather than Paris that’s the city of love. The Eternal City is home to three top proposal locations, more than any other city in the world. The Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain all serve as spectacular and historic backdrops to many couples’ engagement photos on Instagram.

What’s more, USA is seemingly the most romantic country for proposals (four out of the top 15 landmarks are from the States) with Central Park being joined by Brooklyn Bridge in New York, The Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Griffith Observatory in LA.

Most popular places to propose in the world…

1. Central Park, New York, USA
2. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
3. Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
5. Oia, Santorini, Greece
6. Colosseum, Rome, Italy
7. Tower Bridge, London, UK
8. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
9. Louvre, Paris, France
10. Lake Louise, Banff, Canada
11. The Shard, London, UK
12. Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy
13. Taj Mahal, Agra, India
14. Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, USA
14. Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
15. Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

world map most popular places to propose around the world

Commenting on the findings, Digital Marketing Manager at Celebrity Cruises, Natalie Howard, said: “It’s wonderful to be able to see the loved-up landmarks that couples from around the world are travelling to for such an important occasion.

“We see lots of couples each year choosing to pop the question abroad on our ships and we hope the research can provide inspiration for future romantic gestures.”

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7 Tweets That Sum Up What It’s Like to Be a Groom

While being a groom seems like it’s all fun and games, it’s also a whole lot of work. There’s way more to do than just getting your crew together to spend a weekend away on a bachelor party or spending an afternoon shopping for a wedding tuxedo. Often times, you’ll find yourself as your fiancé’s partner-in-crime, sweating over making key wedding decisions, plotting over who should make the guest list, and figuring out how to put out fires that stem from family drama you didn’t see coming.

Wondering what you should keep in mind as the wedding adventure progresses? Here are seven tweets that totally sum up what your job looks like as a groom[1].

1. You Play the Ultimate Waiting Game

As a groom, it can feel like from the time you propose to the time the wedding actually happens, there’s a lot of waiting around. While your fiancé makes some of the decisions and picks out her wedding dress, which is hush hush until you see her on the big day[2], you might find that your to-do list is mostly empty but the anxious nerves of excitement are full-blown as you count down the days until you can say I do.

2. You Realize It’s More Work Than You Could Have Imagined

Planning a wedding is more intense than you probably could have ever guessed it to be. You’ll go on many weekend searches to find the right vendors, spend hours picking out the right decorations, and even pine over figuring out the right words to use during your vows. Get ready to spend a lot of quality time acting as a co-wedding planner with your fiancé.

3. You Have to Do Some Hiding

While you’re in on most of the decision making, there are a few things that your fiancé might want to keep a secret from you. The outfit they picked out, the gift they are giving you[5] on the wedding day, and even what you they look like after their hair and makeup is done, might all be something they want to close your eyes to until the big moment comes.

4. You Have to Groom Yourself More Than Usual

Thought you could just get a haircut and roll out of bed to the wedding? There’s going to be some extra glam needed[7] for you to prepare for the wedding day. You might want to consider getting a fresh shave and even getting a manicure so that your nails look perfect in pictures.

5. Football Sundays are Now Florist Sundays

Don’t plan too many extracurricular activities[9] or weekend outings with your friends unless you’re ok with canceling them last minute. While Sundays in the past might have been preoccupied with football games or golf outings, most of them, before the wedding, will be spent with wedding vendors.

6. There’s Pressure to Write Meaningful Vows

Even if in the past you weren’t known to be very sappy, when it comes to your vows having the most perfect word to recite to your partner, in front of all of your guests, will mean the world to them. Put in thought, give yourself time to write, and practice your vows before the big day comes around and you have your one chance to read them in front of everyone.

See more: 17 Things Your Groom Is Thinking—But Won't Tell You[12]

7. There are Rules to Follow

Weddings come with a long list of traditions, customs, and rules to follow. Before the big day arrives, make sure that you and your fiancé are on the same page about what to expect and what you’re able to do or not able to do at the wedding. Even if you have a great idea for attire to wear,[13] get the OK before buying the suit of your dreams.

Shermaine and Kelvin’s Wild, Botanical Wedding at Chijmes Singapore

Shermaine and Kelvin showed their wedding guests a wild time with a lush flower bar and a coffee cart at their beautiful botanical wedding, held in Chijmes Singapore.

Shermaine, 29, and Kelvin, 32, really wanted their guests to have a good time at their wedding, and in lieu of traditional wedding elements, the couple kept their guests entertained with a coffee cart and a beautiful flower bar. With lush botanicals and bright neon signage, their wedding at Chijmes Singapore on 18 March 2018 was a beautiful and intimate celebration that involved a lot of fun and laughter

How did you create your wedding?

Shermaine: Having attended numerous weddings before our own, we knew the importance of engaging a wedding planner if we wanted to enjoy ourselves throughout the wedding journey. We are grateful to have had Ashley from The Wildest Dreams, who was there for us every step of the way.

Coming from a fashion background, I worked closely with Ashley to conceptualise and develop a wedding theme based on our personalities and stories. As guest experience was our top priority, we had to create a wedding which was relatable and entertaining.

What was your wedding day like?

Kelvin: We are not fans of traditional wedding practices and so we did away with many elements such as the gatecrashing, “yumsengs”, video or photo montages, cake cutting, table-to-table photo-taking, and second march-in.

In place, we worked with several vendors, whom Ashley fully liaised with, and had a coffee cart, photo wall and flower bar installed. All these meant we had all the time and energy in the world to mingle and catch up with our friends and families!

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

When one of our guests commented that it was the most unceremonious yet entertaining wedding she has ever attended, we knew we had our dream wedding.

The Size of the Wedding: 220 guests
The Wedding Planner: The Wildest Dreams
The Wedding Venue: Chijmes Singapore
The Photographer: Nicolethen Studio
The Wedding Stationary Suite: Papy Press
The Styling and Florals For Dinner Reception: Elite Floral
The Bouquet, Corsages, and Photo Wall: Floral Magic
The Neon Signage: Hello Confetti Dreams
The Dyed Silk Ribbons & Chair Sash: Eirene Artisan
The Flower Bar: Amperian
The Coffee Bar: Kafve Coffee
The Hair & Make Up Artist: Jyue Huey, The Makeup Room
The Wedding Gown: JessicaCindy
The Bride’s Shoes: Arezzo
The Groom’s Suit: The Bespoke Club
The Groom’s Accessories: Dior Homme
The Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring: Cartier
The Bridal Jewellery: Choo Yi Lin
The Wedding Candles: Jo Malone
The Wedding Favours: TWG Tea
The Caterer: Tung Lok
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images by Nicolethen Studio

Want to see your love story featured on SingaporeBrides too? Submit your wedding here!

Eliza Jane Howell has launched its new 2019 collection

wedding dressEliza Jane Howell, Poissy Pearl

London-based designer Eliza Jane Howell has launched its Grand Voyage collection, and brides are loving it

After storming the catwalk at White Gallery earlier this year, Eliza Jane Howell has just unveiled its 2019 collection of vintage-inspired bridalwear designs, and it’s garnering attention in a big way.

Famed for her ultra-glamorous and elegant wedding gowns, the designer has taken things up to a new level with her latest creation, The Grand Voyage.

Each dress has been individually made and hand beaded, emphasising the stylish vintage influence that the designer is best known for – think aristocratic, almost Gatsby-esque fashion that oozes total opulence and grandeur.

Look out for ruffled and feather-fringed skirts, sparkling bodices, beautiful lace and evocative shapes, with all the drama and extravagance you can expect from an Eliza Jane Howell gown.

Here are a few gowns from the 2019 collection that we’re completely head over heels for…

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Versailles Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Venice Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Turin

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Sparta Long Cape

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Sienne Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Rome

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Lombary Athens Coat Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Lusanne Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Modena Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Montpellier Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Palermo Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Lady Tivoli Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Florence Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Baroque Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Antibes Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Dresden Pearl

wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Dolci Pearl

wedding gown

Eliza Jane Howell, Canaletto Pearl

wedding gown

Eliza Jane Howell, Botticelli Pearl

Wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Naples pearl

Wedding dress

Eliza Jane Howell, Pearl Veneto

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Diamond engagement ring trends for 2018

Thinking about proposing? Here are this year’s latest trends when it comes to diamond engagement rings

If you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring, you might want to check out the latest trends before buying. Each year, engagement ring trends change and while many women are just happy to get a ring on their finger, others are a little pickier about the design.

To make sure you get it right, let’s take a look at some of the most popular diamond engagement ring trends of 2018 with some help from jewellers F Hinds[1]

Oval-shaped rings

F Hinds oval engagement ringF Hinds engagement ring

One particular trend that’s really taking off this year is the oval-shaped diamond engagement ring. Spotted on celebrities such as Blake Lively, Serena Williams and Kirsten Dunst, oval rings tend to look bigger than the same size square or round cut diamond rings. So, if you’re looking for ring which looks way more expensive than it actually is, an oval-shaped diamond is the one for you.

READ MORE: This is how much you should be spending on an engagement ring[2]

Unusual stone cuts and settings

F Hinds unusual shape engagement ringF Hinds engagement ring

There’s been a pretty significant increase in the number of couples opting for more unusual stone cuts and settings. The great thing about unusual stones is they provide a unique, stand-out look that’s still going to offer a timeless appeal.

Look out for off-cut diamonds and slightly off-kilter settings. If she loves to stand out from the crowd, this is definitely the trend you’ll want to focus on. Just be prepared to spend a little more if you are going for a more unusual design!


F Hinds solitaire engagement ringF Hinds engagement ring

Solitaire diamond engagement rings have always been the most popular choice, showing no signs of slowing down. This type of ring is never going to go out of style so if you’re looking for a safe option, a solitaire engagement ring is exactly what you need.

There’s a huge choice of solitaire rings on the market, so it’s a good idea to subtly find out her personal jewellery style and preferences before picking the right design. Notably for 2018, gold solitaire rings are being overtaken by platinum solitaire rings [3]so if you want to stay on trend opt for a platinum ring.

Three stones

F Hinds three diamond engagement ringF Hinds engagement ring

One of the most recent diamond engagement ring trends is the three stone design. Although this style of ring has always been popular, it’s become a massive trend of late after Meghan Markle became engaged to Prince Harry with a three-stone sparkler. There’s such a massive choice of designs available, ensuring you’ll always be able to the perfect style for your special woman.

READ MORE: How to plan the perfect wedding proposal[4]


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Destination weddings: Why you should get married in the Seychelles

Couple on the beachKempinski Seychelles

Dreaming of a destination wedding? The team at Kempinski[1] reveal why the Seychelles islands offer the perfect backdrop for your nuptials

Located 1,000 miles off the east coast of Africa, the Seychelles islands are famous for their secluded beaches and breathtaking scenery, earning them a reputation as the romance-capital of the Indian Ocean that is well deserved.

Here, glittering turquoise oceans lap gently against palm-lined beaches, making this archipelago one of the world’s leading venues for destination weddings and unforgettable honeymoons.

That is why countless couples flock to the islands each year to exchange vows and begin their journey as Mr and Mrs with an intimate island-escape.

The Seychelles offers couples a vast range of experiences, from exhilarating scuba diving adventures and helicopter island-hopping, to pampering and unwinding at some the most luxurious resorts on earth.

One such resort is Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare[2]. Located on the exclusive south-end of the archipelago’s main island, Mahé, this rustic-chic hideaway is an ideal destination for those looking to get off the tourist track.

Kempinski SeychellesKempinski Seychelles

Set in a secluded bay in dazzling surroundings of untouched, natural beauty, this beachfront paradise offers couples a private haven for romantics at heart or an activity-packed getaway for the adventurous duo.

If you are planning a wedding abroad, Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare and its team of experienced wedding planners will ensure your Big Day is everything you dreamed it would be.

The team is committed to making each moment of your wedding day extraordinary and offers couples a range of exquisite wedding packages and bespoke venues when they choose to begin their lives together in this magnificent corner of paradise.

Whether you dream of getting married beneath swaying palm trees with the ocean as your backdrop or surrounded by verdant tropical gardens, there really is no place more beautiful to begin your lives together.

For couples in search of pure luxury and pampering, Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare offers four decadent restaurants, an award-winning spa with luxurious couple’s treatments, and an 800m stretch of remarkably beautiful beach.

Kempinski SeychellesKempinski Seychelles

As it is the only hotel in the bay, the area receives very few outside visitors, and guests are able to relax and enjoy their time on the beach in relative seclusion.

However, if you and your significant other are looking to do more than just recline in a sunbed while taking in exquisite views of glittering turquoise seas, you are sure to be impressed by the facilities offered at the watersports and recreation pavilions.

An onsite dive centre and complimentary snorkelling gear will assist you in exploring the Seychelles’ abundant marine landscapes, while a well-equipped gym and outdoor sports courts join an Olympic-length swimming pool in the resort’s artillery of fitness apparatus.

A short hike through dense jungle will guide you to a vast granite elevation for an unforgettable hill-top yoga class, overlooking the resort and tranquil Baie Lazare.

For intimate, hassle-free elopements or vibrant tropical celebrations with your nearest and dearest, contact Kempinski Seychelles Resort today to begin planning your world-class island escape.

To find out more about Kempinski’s wedding offering, visit[3]

READ MORE: How to plan your dream destination wedding[4]

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10 Trending Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Styles for Weddings in 2019

Head’s up! These 10 engagement ring and wedding band trends for 2019 will rock your finger.

Not only are engagement rings and wedding bands a symbol of commitment, love and promise, when gifted by the love of your life, these rings become even more precious. So, it is not surprising that couples today are searching high and low for the perfect rings before deciding on the one. To help couples along with their quest, we speak to four renowned jewellers, eClarity, Furrer Jacot, Lee Hwa Jewellery and Soo Kee Jewellery, on the up-and-coming trends for wedding rings and sussed out 10 engagement ring and wedding band trends that will be all the rage in 2019, so you can say “I do” to the trendiest rings in town.

Trending and Up-and-Coming Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Styles in 2019

Couples today are looking for something different and more representative of their personalities as individuals and as a couple for their once-in-a-lifetime from their wedding venue to the colour of their wedding dress, and now, to the bling on their finger. For 2018/19, couples are leaning towards these seven trending and up-and-coming wedding band styles for a more personalised and unique happily-ever-after.

Bespoke Pieces

An eClarity Tale of Love With Diamonds and Wedding Rings

In 2019, more and more couples will be leaning towards bespoke pieces for their engagement rings and wedding bands. “We expect wedding band trends to emerge on a higher level of customisation with mounted gemstones or birthstones,” Amanda Koo from eClarity shares. “Couples will be more persistent about having wedding bands that symbolise their love in a unique and personalised way.”

The gradual popularity of bespoke wedding rings is no surprise. In the same way that they wish to personalise their wedding day, couples are looking to customise their rings that reflect their personalities, love and story. “From the shape, texture, to each carefully encrusted stone, the wedding bands must completely encapsulate this unique connection between the couple,” Lucas Ruppli, Chief Designer at Furrer-Jacot adds.

Coloured Gemstones

Tansey and Phil’s Elegant-Chic Wedding in Malaysia by Samimage Photography

No longer just the choice of alternative brides, coloured gemstones are slowly gaining popularity among mainstream brides. As more couples opt for a higher level of personalisation in their weddings and wedding rings, they are looking for more unique gemstones to adorn their rings other than the good old diamond for jewellery that is one-of-a-kind.

Different Cuts of Gemstones

For centuries, the round solitaire has been every couple’s choice of cut for their wedding bands. Today, couples are leaning towards unusual cuts of gemstones for their rings as they demand for greater personalisation and uniqueness for their once-in-a-lifetime. Brides who yearn for something unique yet not too different from the traditional round solitaire can opt for Pear or Oval cuts while those who are set on a one-of-a-kind ring can go for the uncommon but unique Emerald or Marquise cuts.

Smaller/Thinner Bands

Audrie and Eugene’s Dreamy Pre-Wedding Shoot by Smittenpixels Photography

This year, minimalism is coming out on tops, especially after Meghan Markle walked down the aisle in a beautiful, classic and minimalist wedding gown by Givenchy and attended her reception in an equally stunning dress by Stella McCartney. “Thinner wedding bands are gaining popularity these days because more couples wish to keep their wedding bands simple and minimalist,” Yu Xian, Brand Manager at Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery, observes.

So, it’s no wonder that couples are seeking to incorporate the minimalist trend into their wedding bands by opting for thinner or smaller bands. It also doesn’t hurt that thinner or smaller bands look more flattering on a bride’s slender fingers and might be easier to stack with her engagement ring.

Rose Gold Rings

Lorraine Z Rose Gold Wedding Bands by Soo Kee Jewellery

While the rose gold wedding band trend is no newcomer, it is here to stay in 2019. “Rose gold wedding bands are increasingly and continuously popular as young couples find it more unique and contemporary,” a Soo Kee Jewellery representative shares. A refreshing departure from the usual traditional yellow gold or the more common white gold rings, rose gold bands are modern, elegant, feminine, different and extremely flattering for fair to medium skin brides. So, it’s not difficult to see why this trend is still going on strong.

Rings in Different or a Mix of Finishes and Metals

An eClarity Tale of Love With Diamonds and Wedding Rings

Can’t come to an agreement if your wedding bands should be glossy or matte, in rose or white gold? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Wedding bands with a different finish and mix metal and finish rings will be the rage in 2019.

Wedding bands with a different finish (think matte instead of glossy) offers couples the option of something different without being too out of the world, while mix metal or finish rings are great for those who cannot agree on one metal or finish. Unique, flexible and modern, this contemporary wedding band trend also signifies the coming together and unity of two individuals despite your differences – exactly what your marriage should stand for.

Complementary Bands

Gone are the days where your wedding band has to match your engagement ring or even your groom’s wedding band. In 2019, complementary wedding bands will be trending as brides place more emphasis on their wedding bands as a standalone piece of jewellery rather than a companion to their engagement ring or their partner’s wedding band. With a greater demand for customisation and personalisation, complementary bands offer brides the freedom to express their individuality into a ring that signifies a promise of lifelong love, happiness, companionship, loyalty and fidelity.

Now, grooms also get to benefit from this trend of complementary wedding bands too. You get to choose a ring that you like and would wear on a daily basis instead of being forced to wear a wedding band with a splay of diamonds that matches your bride’s. In the same way going for complementary bands offer her the freedom to decide what she wants and input her personality, grooms get to design a ring that belongs only to them as well, so its a win-win situation.

Classic Styles That Are Trending in 2018/19

Sometimes, old is gold, and these stunning classic styles are definitely still swaying couples’ hearts in 2019. “Trends may come and go, but a classic design will never go out of style,” Lucas Ruppli, Chief Designer at Furrer-Jacot explains. “Years later, it will still be an elegant and timeless statement of a couple’s love.”

Yellow Gold

Yellow and White Gold Wedding Bands from Lee Hwa Jewellery

Stand aside rose and white gold – yellow gold is making a comeback in 2019. “With more contemporary designs to choose from, more young couples are going for yellow gold because of its timeless and classic look,” Yu Xian, Brand Manager at Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery predicts.

“Easy to keep clean and does not dull easily, yellow gold is regaining popularity as its warm yellow gold tones gives it an enduring and high quality character that withstands the test of time,” Lucas Ruppli, Chief Designer at Furrer-Jacot adds. So, stay on trend and opt for yellow gold wedding bands instead!

Eternity Rings

Channel-set Eternity Diamond Band from Soo Kee Jewellery

Another wedding band trend that is no stranger to brides but is here to stay is the eternity rings. “Timeless and classic, eternity rings symbolise an eternal love,” Amanda explains. “The continuous array of diamonds on the band of an eternity ring is a perpetual expression of love in a never-ending circle.” Eternity rings are also really versatile as gifts. They can be worn as an engagement ring or wedding band, or given as an anniversary gift or a present for other milestones.

Milgrain Designs

Milgrain Matterhorn Rings from Furrer Jacot, available at Lee Hwa Jewellery

With couples paying more attention to the design and feel of their wedding bands in 2018/19, milgrain designs are quickly gaining popularity due to its intricate details and unique heirloom look. “Each decorative design gives the piece a sense of intricacy, allowing the wearer to feel its texture,” Lucas Ruppli, Chief Designer at Furrer-Jacot elaborates. The degree of design, intricacy and craftsmanship needed to create a milgrain ring lends a sort of uniqueness and character to the ring that cannot be replicated, making it a perfect trend for once-in-a-lifetime wedding bands.

More Wedding Band Shopping Tips From The Experts

“Couples should attend non-obligatory talks by professionals to understand their needs better and learn about customising jewellery from how to tell the quality of gemstones to the different types of gold, finishes, broadness and ways to mount the stones,” Amanda shares.

“Plan ahead of time and create mood boards of your preferred style of ring if you are planning on customising your wedding bands,” Yu Xian, Brand Manager at Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery says. “Couples should also take into account their lifestyle before choosing their rings to ensure a comfortable fit. Last but not least, shop for your wedding bands together!”

“Give yourselves ample time to shop for your wedding bands, ideally three to four months before your big day so that you have sufficient time for customisation or ring alteration,” Soo Kee Jewellery’s representative advises. “Most importantly, always set a budget for your ring shopping so you don’t end up overspending beyond your means.”

Credits: Feature Image from Romantic Opulence on The Bay Wedding Styled Shoot at Monti at 1-Pavilion by The Beautiful Moment Photography //cropped ; All other images courtesy of eClarity, Lee Hwa Jewellery, Furrer Jacot and Soo Kee Jewellery.