Backyard Wedding Decor for Your Outdoor Ceremony

We love a good wedding venue[1] as much as the next, but there's something about the great outdoors that makes it the most nuptial-appropriate space of all (when the weather cooperates[2], that is). The sky is quite literally the limit (minus a few trees here and there)—you have little to no seating limitations[3] based on space, the freedom to decorate however and wherever you choose, and the option to pick an especially sentimental plot of land for the occasion. Essentially, once you've chosen your outdoor wedding venue, you and your future spouse have total control over selecting the date, formality, dress code[4], theme, and beyond. Plus, you'll save major dough on venues if you resort to a family farm or childhood home for your vows.

Aside from the danger of ripping your veil[5] on a few pesky twigs and overcoming the realization that you'll likely have to rent portable restrooms[6], hosting an outdoor wedding has the inherent power to generate a strikingly stunning ceremony (and/or reception). But, as naturally gorgeous as your outdoor venue may already be, backyard wedding decor[7] can lend a helping hand and set the tone for your nuptials in style.

Whether you plan to celebrate with a formal garden party on the coast[8] or an intimate, laid-back ceremony with close friends and family, we have you covered in the outdoor decorations department, even if you'll be saying "I do" under a tent[9] or awning. From colorful rugs to modern hanging plant fixtures to lawn games, check out our 12 backyard wedding decor picks for any nuptial style, some of which you and your S.O. can reuse post-wedding.


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