Bridal Parties can now Enjoy Free-Flowing Prosecco at Cafe Rouge

Looking for creative bridesmaid proposal ideas, or maybe a classy London restaurant to host your hen do? Cafe Rouge is now offering free-flowing prosecco on Friday nights when you dine on its evening set menu. We went along to try it out…

Bridal Parties can now Enjoy Free-Flowing Prosecco at Cafe Rouge

Bridal Parties can now Enjoy Free-Flowing Prosecco at Cafe Rouge

You’re getting married, so what better excuse for a few glasses of fizz with your girlfriends?

Whether you’re looking for a swanky spot to propose to your bridesmaids or a classy dining experience for you and your hens – Cafe Rouge’s latest offering is sure to add some sparkle to the end of your working week.

To celebrate its 30th birthday year, the iconic French bistro is now offering free-flowing prosecco when you dine with their set menu on Fridays – and if fizz isn’t your scene, your two-hour free-flowing slot also includes Stella, mocktails and soft drinks.

Seems too good to be true? Here at Wedding Ideas, we thought we’d give the experience a go for ourselves (purely for research, of course), and see if it lived up to the hype.

Thankfully, we were in no way disappointed. Prosecco servings were very generous – we managed four glasses each in the two hours we had there – and the waiting staff seemed only too happy to keep us topped up throughout the evening; we didn’t have to ask once.

The set menu options surprised us, too; typically limited in some restaurants, Cafe Rouge had a brilliant mix of everything – from smooth chicken liver pâté to cheese and onion soufflé and beetroot tatin; and that was just the starters.

We began with a flavoursome soupe à l’oignon, served with sourdough croutons and Emmental cheese, followed by a gorgeous medium-rare Black Angus rump steak, which came with frites, garlic butter and bearnaise sauce.

For the finale, it was all about the caramelised vanilla crème brûlée, accompanied by a delectable almond tuile – though I’ll admit that the treacle tart on the menu almost swung me.

All in all, the experience had more than exceeded our expectations – the fizz particularly – and at just £29.95 each, we agreed that it was certainly great value for money, too.

To find out more, visit[1]

The offer is valid on Friday nights from 5pm when you dine two courses from the evening set menu. Free-flowing bookings are available as two-hour slots. Book for three courses for £4 extra.


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Here’s how you can get 10% off Tickets to A Most Curious Wedding Fair

Discover beautiful bridal fashion and jewellery designers, hair and make-up artists, wedding photographers, florists, venues, planners and more when you visit A Most Curious Wedding Fair from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 March 2019.

A Most Curious Wedding Fair London

Here’s how you can get 10% off Tickets to A Most Curious Wedding Fair

Most Curious Wedding Fair has grown to be the biggest indie, style-driven wedding show in the UK, and now on its 18th event, its team has got a firm handle on how you can get the best out of visiting a wedding show. Here’s what you should do while you’re there…

Take photos

One of the most important things to do is capture pictures on your phone, including the names of companies, so you can remember what you saw and who offers what.

You might feel in the moment that you’ve found ‘the one’, but remembering the details of 140 suppliers is a tough ask, and once you get home they may have all blurred into one!

Take business cards

Write notes on them too, even if it’s just one or two words to remind you of what you were thinking about when you picked it up.

Here’s how you can get 10% off Tickets to A Most Curious Wedding Fair

You’ll also receive a map of the show when you arrive, with full vendor details and space for you to write notes.

Be yourself

The exhibitors are all about a custom-made approach and want to give you the wedding you want, so be who you really are and see if you naturally click.

If they don’t get your vibe, they’re not the ones for you. Use these face-to-face meetings to find that moment of connection you don’t necessarily get online.

Go up and down the aisles

It may sound tiresome, but try to be methodical – go up and down the aisles so you’ve seen everyone and don’t miss anything. That way, you’ll have a better sense of who was where, as well as where those you liked were positioned.

Leave your name with people

The exhibitors are clued up on how to get the most out of the show, too, so many will have some way of capturing your details. This means they can follow up with you, rather than you chasing them – saves you a job, right?

Do your research

Check out the show’s online directory of vendors beforehand and keep an eye on social media for the running order of the day, to make a note of who you want to see while you’re there.

Here’s how you can get 10% off Tickets to A Most Curious Wedding Fair

That said, try not to set yourself too many fixed goals for the day. Let the show surprise you and keep your mind open.

Come prepared

Take your wedding inspiration with you – whether it’s a mood board on an iPad, some screenshots, an entire analogue scrapbook or folder. If you’re talking vibes and visuals with someone, it’s usually easiest to show actual images and references.

Enjoy yourself!

Have a drink at the bar, watch the catwalk shows (check times beforehand so you don’t miss out), grab some delicious street food in the FEAST food hall, and take photos in the photo booth and on the selfie wall.

You can even eat free cake, try a workshop, try things on, get a temporary tattoo, and just go wild – after all, you’re getting married! And this should be one of the most fun days of wedding planning you should have.

Here’s how you can get 10% off Tickets to A Most Curious Wedding Fair

Most Curious Wedding takes place from Friday 1 March to Sunday 3 March at The Truman Brewery, T1 Building, 85 Brick Lane, London. Or you can visit the show at The Fire Pit in Norwich on 24 March.

PLUS, Most Curious and Wedding Ideas have teamed up to offer you a special 10% OFF tickets when you use the code CURIOUSIDEAS at the checkout. Expires Saturday 23 March – book your tickets now![1]

Visit[2] to find out more.


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How Does a Honeymoon Fund Work?

If you want to save money on your honeymoon, or you’re not sure what to ask for on your wedding gift registry, a honeymoon fund is a great solution. Here’s how to set up a honeymoon fund and ask wedding guests for donations.

How Does a Honeymoon Fund Work?

How Does a Honeymoon Fund Work?

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you might feel that the traditional department store gift registry isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’re living together already and you already have all that you need for starting a new home. Or perhaps you’re combining two established households and the thought of a third set of bath towels simply feels wasteful?

Particularly after the expense of the wedding itself, perhaps the most valued wedding gift your guests could give you would be some help towards making your honeymoon happen.

On the other hand, your guests want to be able to feel that their gift to you is unique and special. Their gift isn’t just a tick box on a list of obligations, it’s a way of celebrating your new life together. It’s more than just a number of a bit of paper.

How Does a Honeymoon Fund Work?

To help with this problem, many couples are choosing a honeymoon gift list service such as Buy Our Honeymoon[1].

How does it work?

Its honeymoon fund service[2] works much like a normal gift registry, but rather than things for your home, you can list contributions towards your dream honeymoon. Instead of cereal bowls, have breakfast in paradise. Instead of drinks coasters, ride a roller coaster.

The more you can do to make your honeymoon fund personal and creative, the more your guests will fall in love with the idea too. Your guests want to feel their gift is meaningful, more than just the amount of money they’ve given.

You don’t have to have planned out a full itinerary in advance, and with Buy Our Honeymoon’s independent service, you won’t even need to have already booked your travel or accommodation.

But you’ll need to journey to your destination and home again; you’ll need to stay somewhere and you’ll need to eat and have fun while you’re there. Break up your plans into guest-sized gifts.

You can be creative with even your basic expenses. Your guests might prefer to sponsor 100 miles of your flight over the ocean; your hotel stay has a first night and a last night; who are you going to thank for your dinner?

How much should guests donate to a honeymoon fund?

Sometimes smaller gifts can be just as fun as bigger ticket items — a tuk tuk ride in Thailand or pretzels in New York City. Include a wide range of prices on your honeymoon fund, so there’s something for everyone’s budget. And don’t forget that some of your guests might want to really spoil you!

To make the most of your honeymoon fund, make it a reflection of your personalities. Your guests don’t want to read a guide book to your destination, they want to know what it means to you. What’s your style? Is your dream honeymoon an adventure? Or an escape to tranquility?

How Does a Honeymoon Fund Work?

Why a honeymoon fund?

With just a little bit of care, your honeymoon fund can be even more romantic and engaging than a traditional gift registry. It’s hard to get too excited by a gravy boat, but easy to love giving the gift of a tour by speedboat.

Material things can break, and true heirlooms are few and far between. But the memories you’ll take home from your honeymoon will last you forever.

Buy Our Honeymoon has been the UK’s top dedicated honeymoon fund for more than 10 years. Their service can be used with any travel provider, for any destination. It’s easy to set up and uniquely flexible. To find out more, check out[3] or tel: 0345 224 0189.


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Beauty treatment review: Blush and Blow Salon, London

Blush and Blow salonCredit: Kate Nielen Photography

Natalie Keeler puts the new Environ Facial to the test at Fulham’s Blush and Blow beauty salon

I love winter; the prospect of wrapping up warm, cosying up by a burning fire and snuggling under a duvet in a thick pair of pyjamas.

The unfortunate thing is that winter doesn’t particularly love me, or – more specifically – my skin. As victim to a flaky t-zone for as long as I can remember, the colder months usually have me caking on moisturiser by the tub-load in a desperate attempt to give my skin a little radiance and hydration. I have blackheads that refuse to budge on my nose, and in short, I just really need a little TLC.

It was time to call in the professionals, so I headed to Blush & Blow in Fulham to try their new Environ Facial, which I’d heard is one of the most technologically-advanced treatments on the market.

Specialising in facials, nails and fabulous blow-dries, upon arrival I immediately got the sense that this beauty salon – which was founded by make-up artist Bridgette O’Keeffe – is a hub of elegance and serenity as I walked through the glass doors on New King’s Road.

Blush and Blow beauty salonCredit: Kate Nielen Photography

The interiors are chic, modern and uber-Instagrammable, with a large blue neon sign glowing from the far end of the room. I was greeted by Raimonda, the salon’s skincare expert, who was friendly and asked me to write down what I hoped to achieve from today’s experience, so my facial would be adapted to suit my skin’s needs.

Raimonda then took me down to the treatment room, where she left me to settle in, undress and rest on the bed. She started by removing my make-up with a double cleanse, and asked me to talk through my main concerns and my usual routine.

We discussed what I can do to rejuvenate and better hydrate my skin on a daily basis, and she even helpfully agreed to note down all her recommendations for me to take home afterwards.

It was time to begin the facial, and Raimonda started by applying lactic acid to remove the build-up of dead skin cells on my face, while gently exfoliating my skin. She then applied some vitamin A and C serum, which helps to increase hydration and lock in moisture into the lower skin layers.

Blush and Blow beauty treatment roomCredit: Kate Nielen Photography

Next, Raimonda probed my face with an ionzyme machine, to help the serums penetrate my skin fully while stimulating collagen. While the sensation felt a little odd, I thought it was a good indicator that the treatment was working.

She then applied an alginate mask, which was incredibly thick and covered my whole face, including my eyes, mouth and down to my neck. The whole process was so relaxing that it was quite a surprise to come back to normality and have the mask peeled off my face. Raimonda finished the treatment by applying some cooling eye gel, vitamin A cream and sun protection on top.

I felt positively renewed once the experience was over, and my skin was noticeably plumper and more radiant. I’d walked into Blush & Blow expecting a top-quality facial, but Raimonda had given me so much more than that: it was relaxing, rejuvenating and just what I needed at the end of a long working day, and better yet, I’d been given all the tips and advice I needed to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy for longer – that’s far more than I’d ever bargained for.

Prices start from £90 for an hour-long Environ Facial at Blush & Blow London. To find out more, visit[1]

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Christmas 2018 gift guide: Gifts for her on every budget

Woman opening Christmas presentCredit: iStock

Whether you’re in search of cheap Christmas gifts for her or something more expensive, our festive guide is sure to get you some brownie points on 25 December

Rosie for Autograph Amazing Body Glow

This gorgeous tinted moisturiser from Autograph gives you instantly glowing, healthy-looking skin while enhancing your natural glow.

Buy it now from Marks and Spencer[1]

Blend your favourite teas and gins inside this unique multifunctional gift set – simply fill the filter with your chosen tea flavour and pour the gin through the infuser. And, hey presto!

Buy it now from Amazon[2]

Espresso Martini Set

A great kit for when you’re hosting a party, this set includes two cocktail classes, two flavour mixes in chocolate and vanilla, and a shaker, plus a 50ml bottle of vodka and coffee beans to decorate.

Buy it now from Debenhams[3]

This handmade jewellery stand is made purely out of industrial plumbing copper pipe fittings and is the perfect quirky addition to any dressing table.

Buy it now from Etsy [4]

Clinique Replenishing Hydrator Moisturiser

This rich, oil-free moisturiser instantly rehydrates dry skin, keeping skin plump even 24 hours after application.

Buy it now from eBay[5]

Sanctuary Spa Indulgence Hamper

This luxury gift set is packed with pampering goodies, including body wash, scrub and lotion, a ‘Moisture Burst’ face wash, hand cream, heel balm and eau de toilette.

Buy it now from Boots[6]


Within minutes of putting on your spacemask, you’ll feel it warm up and start to mellow your tired eyes and face. The soft jasmine scent should help you doze off peacefully, too.

Buy it now from Liberty London[7]

The Positive Planner, £23[8]

The Positive Planner journal

Allow her to indulge in a little self-care with this 12-week organiser and planner, with space for you to add daily reflections and track your mood week by week. There’s also a section for you to plan meals and write shopping lists.

Buy it now from Life and Me[9]

Benefit Lipstick

Get fuller-looking lips in one easy stroke with this travel-sized lipstick, with a comfortable, semi-matte finish that lasts up to eight hours.

Buy it now from eBay[10]

Berry print pyjamas

These soft pyjamas are great for cosying up in the cold winter months. They feature a functional drawstring and fully elasticated waistband, too, so can be easily adjusted for comfortable sleeping.

Buy it now from Cyberjammies[11]

Dior Perfume Set

This luxury set contains a 50ml of Miss Dior’s signature scent, plus a Miss Dior Beautifying Body Milk.

Buy it now from Debenhams[12]

Christmas Eve Gift Box

This gift box has all you need for a cosy night in, including a handmade blossom mug, a bar of chocolate, cookie cutter, party matches, a pair of candy canes and a candle.

Buy it now from Parcel London[13]

Lana diamond table lamp

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Okay, so this might not be the real deal, but it’ll sure look pretty on your bedside. Choose between a diamond bulb or a plain tube.

Buy it now from Room To Sleep[14]

Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter

This 3-in-1 multiport adapter allows you to easily connect your smartphone with your laptop, TV or other devices, and even speeds up the laptop-charging process, too. Available in three colours, including silver, satin gold, and – our favourite – golden rose.

Buy it now from Moshi[15]

Heaven Skincare’s new PRISM collection infuses a new groundbreaking formula, helping to protect cells from UV rays, boosting collagen and reversing damage caused by daily stress.

Buy it now from Heaven Skincare[16]

Oliver Bonas Jewellery Box

Store away all your jewellery and trinkets inside this stunning jewellery box, which has been lined with plush velvet in two shades of pink.

Buy it now from Oliver Bonas[17]

Flowers Luxury Gift Set

Sold in a beautiful white gift box, this delightful pampering kit comes with a signature candle, bath and shower gel, body lotion and triple-milled soap – all scented with a light and floral blend.

Buy it now from The White Company[18]

John Lewis Waterford Gin Balloon Glasses

This set of two glasses is ideal for enjoying a crisp gin and tonic or aromatic cocktail over the festive period. They’re presented in a signature black gift box, too.

Buy it now from John Lewis[19]

If unique, statement jewellery is your thing, you can’t go far wrong with this sophisticated pink tweed watch, complete with a sapphire crystal glass front, quick-release wool strap and stainless steel case.

Buy it now from Morris Richardson[20]

ghd Platinum Straightener

These unique straighteners feature precision-milled plates with ultra-gloss coating, allowing for 20% more shine. The sleek design and rounder barrel make styling easier, too.

Buy it now from Feelunique[21]

Grey wool scarf

This cosy wool scarf from the Stockholm-based designer Acne Studios is the perfect companion for the cold British weather.

Buy it from Harvey Nichols[22]

Luxury champagne hamper

Raise a toast to the festive season with this luxury hamper from Charbonnel et Walker. Inside the gift box you’ll find a bottle of Rose Monet, plus a selection of champagne truffles.

Buy it now from Harrods[23]

Bobbi Brown Classic Brush Collection

It’s party season! So make sure you look the part with help from this not-so-basic brush set, featuring six of Bobbi’s best-loved essentials – from the face blender brush to concealer blending brush.

Buy it now from Debenhams[24]

Silver Pendant and Earrings

This elegant silver pendant and earrings set features a swirling infinity design, which is filled with a cubic zirconia embellishment for a touch of sparkle.

Buy it now from Beaverbrooks[25]

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This super-light and easy-to-use hairdryer helps you maintain shinier, healthier hair, with three heat settings, a smoothing nozzle and a digital motor that operates quietly.

Buy it now from eBay[26]

Michael Kors Sofie Ladies WatchMichael Kors Sofie Ladies Watch

This gorgeous watch is fastened with a glittering silver and rose gold bracelet, and also comes with a 36mm rose case with a rose gold tone and stone-embellished bezel.

Buy it now from Beaverbrooks[27]

Elemis Jewels of the Sea

This award-winning pro-collagen collection includes all the skincare essentials you need to cleanse, moisturise and reduce fine lines.

Buy it now from Amazon[28]

Not sure whether your skincare products are working? This hi-tech smart mirror takes photographs of your face over time, allowing you to easily monitor your skin for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, roughness and pores.

Buy it now from HiMirror[29]

Chloé Pearl Embellishment Bracelet, £285

Chloe Pearl Bracelet

This beautiful statement piece is crafted with polished gold-tone brass, topped with two shimmering pearls – the perfect accessory for a glitzy Christmas party.

Buy it now from Harrods[30]

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Perfume, £295

Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume

This classic eau de parfum is filled with notes of jasmine, saffron, bitter almond, cedar wood, and ambergris, originating from Egypt and Morocco.

Buy it now from Harvey Nichols[31]


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What’s your perfect wedding gift list? Take our quiz to find out

Wedding giftCredit: iStock

From home furnishings to thrilling honeymoon experiences, what will be on your perfect wedding gift list? Take our quiz to find out!

Your wedding gift list can be anything you want it to be, and with services like Prezola[1] and The Wedding Shop[2] at your disposal, the process has never been easier.

READ MORE: The ultimate bride’s gifts to give to your wife-to-be on your wedding day[3]

Standard wedding registries these days are new and improved, making it simpler than ever to choose and receive wedding gifts. Instead of going from store to store, or registering with multiple online retailers, you can set up your wedding gift list(s) on one platform.

So what will be on your ultimate list? Furniture and ornaments for your lovely new living room, thrilling experiences round your local area, or donations towards your first-home fund? Take our quiz to find out!


  1. ^ Prezola (
  2. ^ The Wedding Shop (
  3. ^ READ MORE: The ultimate bride’s gifts to give to your wife-to-be on your wedding day (

Couples in England might finally be allowed to get married outside

Bride and groomCredit: iStock

A review into marriage laws in the UK could see couples tying the knot outdoors, and in less expensive venues, too

You might want to rethink your wedding plans in light of recent news about marriage laws in England. Because, at last, it looks as though couples may finally be able to tie the knot outside for the first time ever.

The review into marriage laws in the UK has reportedly been put forward by Chancellor Philip Hammond, who said he wants to make the “outdated” rules around wedding venues much simpler, by reducing red tape.

READ MORE: How to make your wedding budget go further[1]

This should help to bring down the costs of getting married in England and Wales quite considerably, too, as it allows couples to tie the knot in pubs, restaurants and other less expensive venues.

To get a licence, a venue must currently have a specific area where the ceremony will take place. It also needs to be part of a building rather than in the open air or in a marquee.

The licence holder must also ensure that no food or alcoholic drinks are sold or consumed in the area one hour before and after the ceremony takes place.

The expected review of the current laws, however, should see this overturned, allowing British couples to not only get married outside, but also share a drink with their guests immediately after they’ve exchange vows.

The average cost of venue hire for a wedding in the UK is £4,500, but in this shake-up, it’s hope the cost of saying ‘I do’ should be significantly slashed.

READ MORE: Wedding dresses under £1,000 for brides on a budget[2]

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Celebrity engagement ring trends 2018

Paris Hilton getting engagedInstagram @parishilton

The hottest celebrity engagement ring trends have been revealed, but which style came out on top?

We love nothing more than a celebrity engagement, and 2018 has been an exciting year for proposals.

But what do our favourite famous faces do when it comes to choosing a ring? We spoke to online jeweller 77 Diamonds[1] to find out the biggest celebrity engagement trends for this year so far…

Which celebrities got engaged in 2018?

Famous names who got engaged this year include Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton, Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Ellie Goulding, Radio 1’s Greg James, and of course, HRH Princess Eugenie.

READ MORE: Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding – Everything you need to know[2]

Others that didn’t go to plan include Caroline Flack’s engagement to Andrew Brady, and more recently Ariana Grande’s relationship with comedian Pete Davison.

Which style of ring is popular with celebrities?

Platinum has come out on top this year, which is considered the most durable material for a ring. This metal was most popular between 2013 to 2015, while 2016 was considered the year of white gold.

As for cut, ‘the cushion’ has come back into fashion this year, beating the previously popular round cut and oval cut diamond.

“The cushion is seen as the ‘it’ diamond, which explains the demand among celebrities for the stone,” explains Tobias Kormind, director at 77 Diamonds.

“Its soft corners, greater light refraction and ‘crushed ice’ effect makes it a beautiful alternative to the round or princess cut. Also, providing a better value per carat increases its popularity.”

How much do celebrities spend on engagement rings?

Celebrities are getting much more frugal when it comes to buying an engagement ring, it seems. Famous faces were spending approximately £63,722 back in 2016, but in just two years this has dropped to £34,570.

And not only has ring value reduced, carat value has, too – 4.3 was average in 2016, but in 2018 this has dipped to 3.1.

“With the cushion cut being the most popular, that could have led to a lower carat,” says Tobias. “Intimacy and a discreet engagement may appear to be the current trend, and a smaller diamond allows for this rather than a larger carat.”

It was found that those who spent more on an engagement ring actually ended up separating before getting married – the average ring value being £1,357,311.

Those who spent less are still together, with their ring value averaging at £196,719.

Celebrity couples who met on set…

Research also revealed that of the celebrities surveyed, 60 per cent had fallen for and got engaged to someone they met on set or in their chosen field.

The most famous couples in this category include Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, and Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.

Exceptions to the rule were athletes, most of which were in relationships with or married to actors or models, rather than fellow sports stars.

READ MORE: Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor share new pictures from inside their fairytale wedding[3]

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Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding: What dress will she wear?

Princess EugenieCredit: Instagram @princesseugenie / Jonathan Brady / PA Archive / PA Images

As the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank approaches, designer Veni Infantino shares her dress predictions for the day

All eyes will be on Princess Eugenie on Friday 12 October, as she prepares to marry her long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank in a ceremony at Windsor Castle.

READ MORE: Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding: Everything you need to know[1]

And after months of speculation surrounding the style of wedding dress she will wearing on the day, Veni Infantino[2] has offered her own expert opinion.

Princess Eugenie wedding dress sketchVeni Infantino

The internationally-recognised designer was asked by bridalwear brand Ronald Joyce to dream up two gowns similar to those Princess Eugenie may have chosen, based on the gowns she typically wears to formal occasions.

Princess Eugenie wedding dress sketchVeni Infantino

As for material, the designer told us: “I predict a Mikado fabric, which gives a lot of structure to the dress – as we have seen Eugenie is very structured pieces before, like at William and Kate’s wedding – or elegant duchess satin with beaded motifs.”

Princess Eugenie wedding dress sketch predictionVeni Infantino

The princess did reveal back in January that she had not yet chosen a dress, other than insisting she wouldn’t be wearing “meringue shoulders”.

Princess Eugenie wedding dress sketch predictionVeni Infantino

She also told British Vogue in September that she has opted for a British designer. “I’m not telling anyone who is making it, but I can say it is a British-based designer.”

READ MORE: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle release official royal wedding photos[3]

“[The dress] is the one thing that I was really decisive about,” she told the magazine. “As soon as we announced the wedding, I knew the designer, and the look, straight away.

“I never thought I’d be the one who knew exactly what I like, but I’ve been pretty on top of it.”

The Queen has a say when it comes to the dress, too, but as a courtesy rather than a necessity. Meghan Markle’s Givenchy gown was also given the go-ahead by the 92-year-old monarch in May, as was Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen dress back in 2011.

Princess Eugenie has further hinted that the wedding day will be ‘plastic free’, revealing in British Vogue that her “whole house is anti-plastic now. And Jack and I want our wedding to be like that as well.”

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The ultimate bride’s gifts to give your wife-to-be on your wedding day

Engagement giftsCredit: iStock

When the big day arrives, treat your lovely lady with a gift that shows just how much you love her. Here are ten bride gifts that are sure to make her feel special…

Personalised silver charm necklace

This beautiful necklace features two circular, intertwined charms that can be personalised – a truly special gift that your bride-to-be will cherish.

His and hers luggage tags

Whether it’s for a grand globe-trotting honeymoon or a short weekend away, these silicone luggage tags will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Personalised I Love You book

Tell your bride all the reasons you love her with this adorable personalised ‘I Love You’ notebook.

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Jenny Packham Ultimate Happiness Candle

This gold-leaf candle from bridal designer Jenny Packham is scented with notes of neroli, mimosa and lemon, and is even said to help your bride feel more positive.

Personalised tote bag

Help your bride feel honeymoon-ready with this stylish personalised tote bag – a great companion for the beach.

Personalised jewellery box

Personalise this charming jewellery box for your bride to store all her favourite necklaces, earrings and other special trinkets.

Silver bangle for bride

This charming bangle features an array of cute inscriptions, including ‘cue the confetti’, ‘kiss the bride’, ‘tie the knot’, ‘toss the bouquet’, and more.

Bride compact mirror

A must-have for any bride on the big day, this sleek compact mirror will fit neatly into any clutch bag or purse.

Passport covers

Filled with two clear pockets, make sure you take these personalised leather passport holders with you on your travels.

Mr & Mrs champagne flutes

Toast to your new lives together with these Mr & Mrs champagne flutes, complete with a classy gold ring around the rim.

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