Your Pre-Moon Guide: The Best Wellness Breaks Ahead Of Your Wedding

The pre-moon trend is catching on, even the Royals are doing. Pre-moons, or pre-wedding breaks are taking off with engaged couples everywhere. Rightly so, what’s not to love about a relaxation break before everything kicks off?

outdoor swimming pool

You could spend the final two weeks fretting over wedding favours and table settings, or you could use that time to unwind and enjoy the leadup to your big day. If you’ve been planning a wedding for a year or over, you’ll have certainly earned a break. Particularly when more and more couples are postponing their actual honeymoon so they can save.

In case you needed any more persuation, the Duchess of Sussex, who had an entourage of helpers, opted for a pre-wedding break with her prince before the big day.

Plus it’s the perfect opportunity to top up your tan and stick to your healthy fitness plan, thanks to all the clean food and workout classes. Here’s our roundup of the best wellness retreats for pre-moons.

Rixos room overlooking the seaRixos, Dubai

This luxury resort is located on Jumeirah Beach, Dubai with breathtaking views that make the journey worthwhile. The resort has a wellness staycation offer to help couples unwind and enjoy some much needed R&R.

Whilst there’s the enticing private sunbeds and rooms overlooking the sea and skyline, it’s still a haven for the fitness and wellness junkie. Your stay will include personal training sessions to ensure you fell on track as well as a healthy breakfast delivered to your room. Everyone loves room service, right? There’s also the option to have a 60-minute massage or the Royal Ottoma hammam option with unlimited spa access. Trust us when we tell you, you’ll want the spa access.

Prices start at £185 per night.

Tables under pine treeSurya, Fuerteventura

For those who want to keep moving but not too strenuously. A week of yoga, pilates and meditation classes[1] awaits you on this Canary Island. If the postcard-perfect views of the surrounding hills aren’t enough for you, we should tell you the powder-white beaches, clear-blue pools and alluring hammocks will.

What’s better is, this retreat is delightfully more affordable than some of the others. Full board (on healthy vegetarian meals), access to all classes and 60-minute full-body massage, prices start at £100 a night.

Lanserhof, Austria

This 30-year-old medical spa goes beyond your usual wellness retreat into a full-scale wellness operation. Over the seven days, you will have had a medical examination, reflexology, a number of massages, electrolysis and even have your urine analysed. All this in the tranquil location of the Austrian snow-capped mountains where you can go for walks or bike rides and take the time to really enjoy your surroundings. Or you can stay where you are, enjoy the pool and a yoga/pilates class or two.

A seven-night stay for couples at the Lanserhof starts at 7,530 EUR.

Ayii Anargyri, Cyprus

We are amazed at what you can get at for such great value at Ayii Anargyri Healing, including different pool treatments, underwater massages, reflexology, mud therapy and more massages- all included. Their vast hydrotherapy pools of natural spring water will certainly get your emotional equilibrium on track and you’ll easily lose yourself in the tree-lined, rolling hills surrounding you.

Seven nights at Ayii Anargyri from £830pp. Price includes full board, with a healing programme, and return transfers. For advice, guidance and booking visit

Cas Gasi resort swimming pool sunriseCas Gasi, Ibiza

Imagine your days spent sipping on clean juices between yoga classes and relaxing spa treatments. Well, that’s the deal here. Located in the quieter pockets of Ibiza[2] in a classic Spanish villa with an alluring pool, the teams here will ensure your nutrition levels are on-point whilst keeping meals light to avoid indulgence. Ideal pre-wedding prep with plenty to explore outside of the retreat too.

Six nights, full-board starts at £2,130.


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Here’s why Goa is the Perfect Family-moon Location

A fair number of marriages these days are second marriages, so it comes as no surprise that there’s a rise in the ‘family-moon’. Holidays filled with enough culture and luxury for all the family, in child-friendly locations. We visited Goa recently and it ticked all the boxes.

pool at the hard rock Goa family moon

It’s not the first destination on most people’s honeymoon[1] list, but it’s quickly becoming more of a tourist destination thanks to the increase in popularity. Why? It’s hot all year round (though it does have its rainy season) and the fine, powdery beaches are enough to make you want to stay for good.

When to visit Goa

It’s coldest in December, following the rainy season, but still pleasantly warm and a comfortable temperature. Between December and March is the best time to go, with temperatures rising up into the 40c mark at its peak. Between June and September is the rainier months, but still warm. Plus, it’s much calmer during this period.

Where to stay in Goa

We would suggest starting in the North, it’s busier and tends to be where all tourists beeline towards but there’s plenty to see and do.

hard rock hotel lobby family-moon

The Hard Rock Hotel[2] is an oasis of calm from the hectic and bustling Goan streets, you’d almost forget you were there. It’s family friendly and westernised, so you can have your home comforts alongside authentic Goan experiences. Our particular highlights were the pleasantly affordable and completely enjoyable spa treatments. Plus, the frozen margaritas poolside were a bonus. Each meal has plenty of authentic Goan food and you’ll quickly get used to curry for breakfast.

For something more peaceful, move further south. The beaches are deserted and vast. The number of beach bars and restaurants drastically reduces but it makes for a more relaxing experience. The Kenilworth[3] is a family-friendly hotel with huge open grounds, a crystal clear swimming pool, only a short stroll from the beach. It has a water slide for children and tennis courts too. You’ve. got the option of two restaurants to choose from in the hotel, though one of them is Italian. The other serves authentic Indian food, from which the tikka paneer and black dal was our favourite.

What to do in Goa

If there’s one thing the Indians know how to do right, it is yoga. Be sure to research and book yourself in for a relaxing yoga experience when you visit for a truly authentic experience.

Enjoy the beaches, they are easily the best bit. The water is warm, the beaches are clean and they are huge, you’ll be completely undisturbed. There are a number of places to do water sports, particularly in north Goa, plus the sea isn’t chock-full of boats so there’s plenty of room for extra activities.

Explore the flea markets. If you want to get the whole family matching hareem pants, here’s when to do it.

Where to eat in Goa

If you’re staying in the north of Goa, we would highly recommend A Reverie[4]. It’s like a fine dining experience for less than £100 for two. It’s not all Indian food but it’s wonderful nonetheless. Once you’ve got your head around the bizarre food menu, you’ll be enjoying some amazing tapas dishes and fillet steak the size of your head. Here, it’s the wine that’s the kicker but you can enjoy some expertly made cocktails alongside your perfectly presented dinner.

reverie restaurant Goa family-moon

When you’re down south, there are a few good options for great seafood. Mixed seafood platters of fresh lobster, crab and prawns the size of your head will set you back about £30 per person. You won’t regret it though, particularly if you’re visiting Zeebop by the sea[5] (sunset dinners for that ultimate family-moon experience) and Martin’s Corner.[6] Though with the latter, we’d recommend you check what nights are their karaoke nights, or you’ll be tucking into your lobster to a dodgy rendition of Wonderwall.


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Toasting Fizz: English Sparkling Wine Taste Test

Have you thought about your toasting fizz for your wedding? English sparkling wine is really coming into its own in recent years and fast become a favourite amongst brides, over champagne. We’ve rounded up the best English sparkling wines for you to choose from for your wedding, including costs for cases of six bottles.

toasting glasses of fizz English sparkling wine

What is English Sparkling wine?

“A good English Sparkling wine is classed as a good wine in its own sense and has rivalled some of the better-known Champagnes,” says Sommelier Fabio Arcari of Club Vini. 

“Although the grape varietals are the same as what is used in Champagne -Predominantly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – and the method is usually the traditional method of Champagne the taste, I feel, is unique, due to the unique climate of the UK,” Says Fabio.

“On a whole, I feel the cool temperatures allow for a more elegant, fresh taste in the wine whilst still keeping the toasty, brioche sensation and also bringing more zesty flavours like apple, lemon etc”.

toasting the speech English sparkling wine

Should you age English Sparkling wine?

“Although I feel that the majority of English sparkling wine can age as well as any other sparkling wine I feel that its unique freshness is what sets it apart from the others. Therefore ageing is not always necessary as the wine is good to drink young whilst still vibrant and fresh in flavour.” Says Fabio.

“Ageing will, of course, bring out more complex flavours of toasty, nutty, dried fruit sensations which is fine for a select few but personally I feel they should be drunk young on the whole.”

Wedding Ideas Top Six English Sparkling Wines

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée NV £155[1]

bottle of nyetimber English sparkling wine

A perfect balance of flavours that make this English Sparkling wine a fine choice for your big day. It’s a wine that offers plenty of depth and texture whilst remaining easily drinkable. Notable feedback includes:

  • Lovely, toasty flavours on the palate and the nose
  • Creamy with notes of baked bread and brioche
  • Warming with a refreshing and slightly citrusy finish
  • Fine and persistent bubbles

Gusbourne Brut Reserve NV £195[2]

bottle of gusbourne English sparkling wine

An expertly crafted English sparkling wine that is sure to win over your guests. Gusbourne Brut is as elegant in appearance (fine bubbles and golden in colour) as it is in taste. Notable feedback includes: 

  • An elegant and palatable taste and smooth finish
  • Notes of honey and buttery pastry
  • Subtle notes of ripe apple and sweet fruit flavours
  • Distinguishable flavour –  incredibly moreish

Chapel Down Brut NV £162[3]

bottle of chapel down English sparkling wine

Chapel Down is an easily approachable wine with pleasant flavours and texture. A more affordable option without a compromise on taste. Notable feedback includes:

  • Pleasant notes of apple and lemongrass
  • Warming notes of freshly baked bread
  • Subtle hints of strawberries
  • Refreshing and smooth-textured
  • Highly palatable

Plumpton Estate Brut Classic NV, £150[4]

bottle of plumpton estate sparkling wine

A really lovely, balanced sparkling wine that has a real freshness to it. It’s a great accompaniment with dinner and an easy crowd pleaser. Notable feedback includes:

  • Light and dry with a creamy texture
  • Fine bubbles, smooth mousse texture
  • Delicate toasty flavours and light citrus scent on the nose

Harrow & Hope Brut Reserve NV £159[5]

We particularly loved how smooth and creamy this sparkling wine was. It’s a tasty crowd pleaser, easily drinkable with well-balanced flavours. Notable feedback includes:

  • Hints of sweet apricot balanced with a hint of biscuit
  • Well-balanced and not too acidic
  • Slightly more textured than the other wines
  • It’s incredibly easy drinking


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Hen Party Houses: The Ultimate Staycation Guide

Are you looking for something a little more low key than the traditional raucous hen party affair? Want to ditch sashes and penis paraphernalia in exchange of boozy dinners and wine tasting? The rise in renting houses for hen parties is becoming increasingly popular as a more sophisticated twist to a night on the tiles.

hen party house court house farmMagnolia Manor[1]

What we love most about renting a hen party[2] house is the freedom to do more than you would do if you had a one-night hen out on the town. If there’s the possibility to extend your hen over the course of a weekend (or even longer) then we’re fully in support. This way, you can get in even more activities and hilarious games.

“We’ve noticed a rise in the number of hen parties at Magnolia Manor as it’s within a great distance of London, close to the coast and we have enough space to accommodate a large group Says Helen Hunt, Manager at Magnolia Manor.

There’s something really appealing about a weekend away in the English countryside with your favourite people. The rustic escape of a country house and warm open fire in the winter months or dining out in the garden on long summer days. It’s sophisticated luxury. The same applies to beach houses on the coast- picturesque escapes that feel more indulgent than rowdy.

Hen party activities

We love the idea of an intimate dinner with your girls. Hire a private chef to cook you restaurant standard food without having to venture out. Keep the costs down by supplying all your own booze and keep things exciting by playing a selection of table games and quizzes.

hen party pampering secret spaCredit: Secret Spa

Make the most of the outdoors by playing a selection of garden games and challenges. Hire in some professionals[3] for a wine tasting class or cocktail making lessons. Alternatively, why not consider a full day of pampering? Secret Spa cater to all your beauty needs in and around Greater London so if you’re near enough, they’ll come to you.

If you really want to get temperatures rising, consider a life drawing class or a cabaret show[4].

How much should you budget?

“For the accommodation alone we would recommend a £200-250 per person budget for the full weekend,” Says Helen.

When booking, keep in mind travel costs, booze and food allowance and of course decorations! Any venue can be stylised to suit your hen- think fringe curtain backdrops and bathtubs filled with balloons.

You can save on games and activities by downloading a load of our printable hen party games.

When should you book?

As soon as possible. Experience has taught us that the sooner you act, the better. Staycations are popular among all Brits, not just those on hen weekends. Additionally, not all venues will allow hen parties so those that do are often snapped up quickly.

If you’re planning on having your hen party over a bank holiday, then you need to get in as far ahead as you can.


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Heartfelt Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour Gifts

Whether you have one bridesmaid or 10 in your bridal party, it’s more than likely the leading ladies in your life were/are all hands on deck with the wedding planning. A small gesture like these gorgeous gift ideas will guarantee the big thank you they deserve for getting you through thick and thin.

Bride and bridesmaids giftsCredit: Jessica O’Shaughnessy

17 Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour Gift Ideas

1. Personalised Saffiano Clutch, £40[1]

15 Heartfelt and Fun Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour Gift Ideas

Made from Saffiano leather, the personalised nude clutch bag from HA Designs[2] is the essential bridesmaid gift and one your bridesmaids will use in future.

2. Dinny Hall Initial Charm Pendant, £90 [3]

Dinny hall initial necklace bridesmaid giftBuy this pendant here[4]

Give your bridesmaids something they can wear daily which also serves as a memory of your special day. We love this initial pendant from Dinny Hall.

3. Maid Of Honour Box Gift Set, £35 [5]

15 Heartfelt and Fun Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour Gifts

For all the invite writing and dress pinning your best girl deserves something special. A luxury wooden engraved gift box by LoveLi[6] is a sweet gesture. Complete with a champagne citrus pink pomelo hand poured candle, a wooden engraved heart charm a stylish hand foiled card. Gift them as they are, or add your own gifts for each bridesmaid.

4.Personalised Friendship Book, £17

friendship book bridesmaid giftsBuy this friendship book here[8]

A picture says a thousand words. Capture your best moments with your best friends and say thank you with a thoughtful montage of you both.

5. Double Wish Bracelet, £6.75[9]

sisters friendship bracelet bridesmaid giftsBuy these friendship bracelets here[10]

If you have a sister by your side on your big day, a friendship bracelet between the two of you is a sweet and sentimental gift. An affordable but touching idea.

6. Box of Seven Eternity Roses, £91.99[11]

box of white eternity rosesBuy these roses here[12]

Say thank you with a personalised box of roses that will continue to last, well after all the celebrations are over. Add your personal sentiment in the lid, which your bridesmaids can keep for up to a year.

7. Pink Prosecco Gift Hamper, £35[13]

pink prosecco gift hamper for bridesmaidsBuy this hamper here[14]

Talk about a special delivery. Everyone loves a sweet treat and when it comes so beautifully coordinated like this hamper, we’re sure you’ll make your bridesmaid’s day.

8. Echo Rose Initial Necklace, £95[15]

Emily Mortimer Echo Rose Initial Necklace[16]

If they love rose gold as much as we do, surprise your girls with a lovingly made 18ct rose gold plated engraved initial necklace each by Emily Mortimer Jewellery[17].

9. Personalised Bridesmaids Thank you, Champagne, £40[18]

15 Heartfelt and Fun Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour GiftsBuy a personalised bottle here[19]

Surprise your bridal party with wine, champagne[20] or a bottle of Prosecco that’s all about them. Choose your design, select your wine, personalise away.

10. Make Your Own Personalised Chocolate Bars, £25 [21]

15 Heartfelt and Fun Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour GiftsDesign your own here[22]

Everybody loves chocolate, it’s a sure-fire way to win over your bridesmaids. Make it even more personal by designing the wrapper and including your own choice words.

11. Thank You Earrings, £15

Thank you earringsBuy these earrings here[24]

A set of sterling silver star earrings[25] is a beautiful gift for friends, family, bridesmaids, and Mother of the Bride or groom.

12. Modern Friendship Poem Print, £15[26]

15 Heartfelt and Fun Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour GiftsBuy this frame here[27]

Frame your thank you with the Typographic Poem Print by Earl & Pearl.[28] The message translates to any close friendship and you can personalise with a name of your choice.

12. Initial Disc Bracelet, £16 [29]

personalised bridesmaid gifts disc charm braceletBuy this bracelet here[30]

We are suckers for a little personalisation. This disc bracelet is delicate and subtle and the perfect thank you for your bridesmaids.

13. Personalised Bridal Party Message Mugs, £15[31]

15 Heartfelt and Fun Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honour GiftsBuy these mugs here[32]

These Personalised Wedding Mugs[33] are crafted from fine bone china and each is a cute keepsake with their personalised message on the back.


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5 Steps To Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

When choosing your wedding photographer, you want to ensure they create the wedding album you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve spoken to the professionals to get some key insight on how to find the right wedding photographer. 

bride and groom choosing the right wedding photographerCredit: Jay Rowden Photography

5 Steps To Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer 

Your wedding photographer should capture every detail of your big day. From your place card holders to your hair accessories and your makeup applications, it’s your photographer’s responsibility to capture it all. This way, you don’t have to rely completely on memory.

We firmly believe in investing in the right wedding photographer as your photos are one of the most important aspects of your big day. We asked master photographer, Jay Rowden[1], for some expert tips for the bride and groom when it came to booking a photographer.

1. It pays to have the best 

While you can get a good deal with a photographer who’s new to the industry, you do need to find someone you trust to get it right. Perfection comes with experience. 

“It sounds obvious but nail down your photography budget before reaching out to wedding photographers.” Says Jay Rowden.

“Be prepared to break the bank if you find a photographer whose work you really love”. 

laughing groom and best man choosing the right wedding photographerCredit: Jay Rowden Photography

2. Browse your photographer’s portfolio

Look through the portfolio of any photographer you’re considering. You won’t just be looking for examples of the weddings they’ve captured. You’ll also be looking at their different styles and approaches. When you find the photos that resonate with you, you’ve found your style and photographer.

“Before you meet your favourite photographer, ask them to bring along a few sample albums of their work,” Says Jay Rowden.

3. Decide on the right style 

A professional photographer distinguishes all the subtleties of shooting a wedding. They’ll know exactly when to photograph your groom as he first sees you walking down the aisle, how to achieve the perfect confetti shot, and what to do in the event of rain. A creative and flexible approach often results in the most breathtaking and brilliant wedding photographs.

“Decide what style you’re after, Says Jay Rowden, “[Be it] documentary, fine art, natural, contemporary, traditional”.

bride and groom by the sea choosing the right wedding photographerCredit: Jay Rowden Photography

4. Create a detailed action plan

Everything from your chosen venue to the time of year will affect your wedding photographs. If you’ve got your heart set on certain shots, like couple’s portraits at sunset or a sparkler send-off photo, then you need to talk it through with your photographer. 

More often than not, your photographer will offer a pre-wedding shoot to help you both gauge what kind of shots you want. It makes taking the photos on your big day that bit quicker and more efficient.

buttoning up the wedding dress choosing the right wedding photographerCredit: Jay Rowden Photography

5. Make sure you’ve both done your homework

“Make sure you do your homework on photographers. Draw up a list of your three favourite photographers.” Says Jay.

“Then properly review their websites and blogs, check out the socials for their latest work and make sure you look at feedback”. 

This way, you have a firm idea of what kind of photography style you’ll receive and you can help pull together some ideas of what shots you want. You can scope out the quality and the range of skills your photographer has.

The last thing you want is to fork out all that money on your wedding day and not have some fantastic photos to look back on.


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7 Rustic Wedding Flowers

Rustic wedding flowers are perfect for outdoor or barn weddings, or those with a rustic and slightly undone theme. We’ve rounded up our seven favourite looks to provide you with some inspiration.

rustic autumn bouquet rustic wedding flowersBlooming Haus Florist

7 Rustic Wedding Flowers

Whilst we love a well-composed and uniform bouquet, we couldn’t help notice a rise in more undone bouquets. They tend to be present at more relaxed and casual weddings and we can’t help but feel they are the perfect fit for such weddings. We’ve rounded up our favourites, with insight from master florist, Michal Kowalski.

“Organic and loose wedding bouquets are taking the internet and Pinterest by storm.” Says Michal Kowalski of Blooming Haus[1].

“Colours are analogous, muted, almost earthy, thus representing the sophistication of the design.”

“Contrasting and saturated colours are not very popular these days but subtly complementing ones (in forms of accents) are still present. Monochromatic bouquets are starting to show up more and more.” 

Michal[2] predicts the size of bouquets is decreasing in favour of smaller, more manicured ones.

“We have noticed this from many consultations with our brides. Their main worry was that the bouquet would overtake their dress and take the attention away from the bride.”

pink white and green rustic wedding flowersCredit: Blooming Haus

Want to have a decadent wedding packed full of rustic charm? You will LOVE this boho woodland wedding styled shoot, which shows you how to do it...

peach white and green bouquet rustic wedding flowers

rustic bouquet pink rustic wedding flowers

romantic white spring bouquet rustic wedding flowersCredit: Blooming Haus rustic wedding flowersPhoto credit:

wild flowers white and green rustic wedding flowers

rustic wild flower bouquet rustic wedding flowersCredit: Blooming Haus


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Beauty Edit: This Week’s Best Beauty Products

It amazes even us just how many new beauty releases there are each week and they only seem to be getting better. We’re all for better research and better results when it comes to skincare, haircare and makeup. We’ve rounded up the best beauty products that caught our attention this week.

Beauty Edit: This Week’s Best Beauty Products

Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask, £55[1]

It’s a chunk tube with a thin nozzle, perfect for directing straight onto your hairline. The easy application leaves you to just massage the clay into your scalp and leave it to work its magic. Applied on dry hair before shampooing the clay product is also formulated with salicylic acid to exfoliate the hair bed. Just make sure when you follow with your shampoo, you really work the roots to remove all residue.

tube of omorovicza scalp maskBuy this scalp mask here[2]

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, £31[3]

Moringa is a Vitamin C -dense superfood that packs a greater level of the popular vitamin than oranges. Emma Hardie has harnessed the power of this superfood in her hot cloth cleansing balm to great effect. After one use of this luxurious balm we found skin felt spotless, fresh and soft to touch. Used with a microfibre hot cloth, it’s almost like giving yourself a spa treatment at home. We’re sold.

Bjork & Berries Cleansing Gel Formula, £18 [4]

A Nordic beauty brand we have instantly come to love. The cleansing gel has a delicate, pine fresh fragrance and cleanses beautifully, removing makeup with ease. Thanks to the pink clay, which colours the product beautifully, it gently lifts impurities and leaves skin feeling suitable clean.

bottle of Bjork and berries cleansing gel new beauty products Buy Bjork & Berries here[5]

Hotel Chocolat Coffee Body Scrub, £16[6]

Hotel Chocolat has branched out from serving up their mouth-watering chocolate delicacies and ventured into the world of beauty. It makes sense, the cocoa plantation in St Lucia has everything readily available to them. We’ve tried their mists and body lotions but this week we’re enjoying the invigorating coffee body scrub. Pumped with caffeine it exfoliates and lifts flaky, dull skin (particularly well around the elbows) whilst the almond oil and cocoa butter work to prevent it drying out your skin.

coffee cup of coffee body scrubBuy this scrub here[7]

UpCircle Face Serum, £14.99[8]

UpCircle is a brand with a conscience, using repurposed materials to create their products. Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth? We’re into it. The face serum is super greasy buy its staying power and hydrating power impressed us no end. A couple drops of this across your face in the evening – a little while before bed so it can soak in and work its magic- works a charm.

bottle and box of upchircle face serumBuy this serum here[9]


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Choosing a Live Band for Your Wedding

Are you considering a band at your wedding? It all sounds so simple until you realise just how varied they can be. We’ve rounded up the best advice to help you when choosing a live band.

walking brass band - oomph brass - choosing a band for your weddingOompah Brass[1]

Choosing a Band for Your Wedding

Why have a band?

Depending on the length of your reception, you may not want a DJ for the whole of it. A live band adds a certain level of interaction and engagement that draws out the best in people. Throwing a band into the mix breaks up the evening with a little more action.

“Live music from good musicians has an infectious enthusiasm, especially at such a happy occasion,” Says Charlie Talbot, manager of Oompah Brass[2].

What type of band?

Whether you want a stationary or roaming band will add time to your search. Roaming bands are harder to come by but all the more entertaining because of their crowd engagement. You’re more likely to find a New Orleans style brass band or a Bavarian brass band, such as Oompah Brass[3] who roam as they perform.

Brass bands, in particular, are louder and more impactful acoustically. As a result, you may not have to require a PA system to amplify the sound of your band (unless you’ve got over 200+ guests).

What about the appearance? 

It depends if you want your band to blend into the background or to stand out and really entertain. With a brass band, not only does the music entertain but the instruments with their florid designs and shapes can really add to the show.

five piece brass band oompah brass - choosing a band for your weddingOompah Brass[4]

What type of music?

There’s a whole world of various bands out there to choose from. From soul to jazz, brass[5] to basic cover bands, it’s safe to say we’re spoilt for choice. You need to think about the percussion and style you like most before filtering through bands and sending endless enquiries.

When do you book the band for?

Bands are most commonly booked for the reception, to really kickstart the party and get guests up on their feet. Pull together a playlist of songs that are sure to have your guests busting a move and the band will make the magic happen.

Charlie Talbot,[6] tells us of the different and varied options for when to introduce the band (particularly great if they’re a roaming brass):

“Processing between the ceremony and reception venue, being followed down the street by all the guests,” he says and we can’t help but imagine what a great wedding photo that will be.

“Playing fanfares as guests clutch their first glass of champagne, playing background music during receptions and… keeping a dance floor jumping long into the small hours”. 

How much should you budget?

There’s usually a minimum performance time of two hours but typically people tend to book for three or four hours before the DJ. We would recommend you budget from £800 – £3,000 for a live band. The greater the number of instruments, the greater the cost.

How far in advance should I book?

As soon as possible, the wedding season is a busy time for musicians.

As with venues, caterers and everything else, the sooner you book, the more relaxed you can be. Summer weekends get booked up quickly so you need to know the availability of your options a long way in advance,” Says Charlie.

If you’re looking for something spectacular, Oompah Brass[7], complete with French Horn and Trombone is a fantastic option to wow your guests. Keep them a surprise and surprised your guests will be!


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Choosing a String Quartet for Your Wedding

A string quartet, or even a string trio at your wedding will instantly add a touch of grandiosity to your big day. If you’re considering one, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know.

status cymbal string quartet wedding entertainmentStatus Cymbal

Choosing a String Quartet for Your Wedding

Why have a string quartet?

Quite simply, it adds to the opulence of your wedding day. The soft, beautiful sound of string instruments lends itself perfectly to the romance of a wedding day. It doesn’t have to be all classical music, string bands can accommodate most styles, so you could easily have your favourite songs played more harmoniously.

What type of music?

The possibilities are endless. Seriously. Whether you want your favourite Ed Sheeran song or a classical number, musicians are pros and can usually turn their hands to anything. If you’re having a string band for your ceremony, keep it soft and melodic.

When to book the band for

String bands are popular for the wedding ceremony. The soft sounds of a string band are perfect for your procession music. String instruments playing in the background of your wedding breakfast is another option, and often a combined option with the first.

Status cymbal string quartet playing black and white Status Cymbal

How much should you budget?

Firstly, you want to check whether there is a minimum performance time as this is your base payment. Often it is three hours. We would recommend budgeting from £600 for a string quartet.

Is there an alternative?

Yes! If you can’t quite stretch to the cost of a quartet, enquire about a trio as it will certainly be cheaper. You’ll still have the same effect but with one musician less.

Status Cymbal[1] is a talented and affordable string band with a musical repertoire to impress.


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