29 Celestial Wedding Ideas That Are Out of This World

Stargazers, do we have the wedding theme[1] for you! Celestial wedding details have been shining bright as of late, with countless brides opting to utilize this trending, magical motif for their special day. And if you read your horoscope[2] religiously or swear your love was written in the stars, here are some celestial wedding ideas you too may want to incorporate into your nuptials.

Do you and your partner often quote that "You want the moon?" scene from It's a Wonderful Life? Did you check to make sure your fiancé's star sign was compatible with yours when you first met? Is your signature jewelry piece that zodiac necklace[3] your maid of honor bought you? Then you should definitely consider injecting your wedding with some mystical, celestial vibes. Think: a dark and moody color palette[4], glittering, star-like lighting, and designs that feature your and your partner's zodiac signs... We're over the moon for these celestial wedding ideas! There's hardly anything more romantic than a starry night sky, after all, so where better to take inspiration for your wedding details?

From Milky Way patterns to moonlit dance floors, these celestial wedding ideas have us simply starry-eyed. Adorn your tables in the hues of a hazy summer night with indigo blue linens. Hang string lights from your tent's rafters[5] or venue's ceiling to mimic the constellations. Arrange tables by your guests' zodiac signs, or pen their names on crescent moon-shaped escort cards[6]. You can even try a dreamy, star-adorned wedding dress[7] on for size.

Below, browse 29 celestial wedding ideas that are out of this world.


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24 Colorful Wedding Cakes That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

You’ve got it all figured out—the perfect wedding dress[1], the best venue, the prettiest flowers[2], even the place cards you’ll be using on your big day. But sometimes, the last thing you think about when planning your wedding is what kind of wedding cake[3] you want. The choices can be overwhelming, to say the least. Sure, you could go for a classic white buttercream, maybe with some fresh florals[4]. But what if you don't consider yourself a "traditional" bride? What if you don't want something that's so completely classic? In that case, these colorful wedding cakes will be right up your alley.

While you could forgo the cake altogether and serve a different kind of dessert—pies perhaps!?[5]—if you consider yourself both an untraditional bride AND you still want a cake, an easy way to modernize the white, tiered, tried-and-true dessert is to make a simple switch. Just add color! Non-white wedding cakes can bring a ton of personality and fun to your reception. Plus, they look ahh-maze-ing in wedding photos!

Colorful wedding cakes can come in the form of something bold (we love a deep charcoal—not for the faint of heart!) or something more subtle (a pretty pastel). Chocoholic brides can opt for a chocolate buttercream or fondant. And you can even incorporate a non-white pattern (such as a pretty and modern marbled base) into your post-wedding dessert[6] for an unexpected use of hues.

A delicious advantage of colorful wedding cakes? These anything-but-vanilla, big-day desserts allow for you and your baker to create a confection that's truly you. After all, you're already injecting your and your fiancé's personalities into so many aspects of your big day, so why not your cake as well? If summer is your favorite season or you're throwing a destination wedding, choose a tropical hue for your colorful wedding cake to match your style and wedding theme[7]. If you consider yourself to bear modern sensibilities, an edgy black wedding cake will fit your personal style to a tee. See? There's a non-white wedding cake out there for every bride.

A pop of color has never tasted so sweet! Here are some of our favorite examples of colorful wedding cakes.

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This Sentimental Wedding Trend Lets Brides Personalize Their Wedding Dress With Secret Messages

We're all for a bride who personalizes her wedding[1] at every turn. And from signature drinks[2] that boast your and your partner's favorite spirit, to serving guests local treats[3], there are countless ways to custom your day. One super sweet way to get personal? For a meaningful touch, brides are now personalizing their wedding dresses with secret messages, oh-so subtly embroidered, sewn, or printed onto the fabric of their gowns. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind, bespoke frock that couldn't be more you— and this sentimental wedding trend is seriously taking off. Even celebrities are getting in on it!

Whether it's a romantic quote you hold close to your heart, a love letter to your partner, your wedding date, or your and your fiancé's initials, there are tons of touching details you can add to the fabric of your wedding dress. Take inspiration from Priyanka Chopra. When the star married[4] Nick Jonas (the first time)[5], she wore a lacy white wedding dress by Ralph Lauren[6]. According to People[7], Chopra had the designer add some secret messages to the intricate fabric of her gorgeous gown, including her and Jonas's wedding date, her husband's full name, the names of her parents, "Om Namah Shivay" (a Hindi mantra), and the words "family," "hope," "compassion," and "love."

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone[8] also included a touching detail to her wedding attire, designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. As bridal shop owner Aashni Shah Doshi tells Metro UK[9], "Deepika had 'Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava' on her veil for her wedding, around the trim of her veil... It translates to 'May you always be lucky as a married woman.'"

Elsewhere, other (non-famous) brides are also adapting the sentimental wedding trend to their own nuptials. With the help of designers such as Hermione de Paula[10], who has made this ultra-custom embroidery a stunning signature of her gowns, more and more brides-to-be are adding similarly sweet secret messages to their wedding dresses—and we can't get enough of these heartfelt touches.

Thinking of also giving your gown hidden meaning? Perhaps write an emotional message to your partner and have it printed on the fabric of your gown, or ask about getting your favorite song lyrics embroidered along the train. If you don't want the message to affect the design of your dress, consider having it sewn onto the lining, where it'll be an intimate secret between only you and your partner. Take a peek at the personalized wedding dresses below to get some ideas!

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18 Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas to Send Your Heart Aflutter

Is there a more perfect date for a wedding than February 14th? A Valentine's Day[1] wedding already has romance built right in! Plus, you'll definitely never forget your anniversary...

If you're planning a Valentine's Day wedding—or just mid-February nuptials—there are countless ways you can incorporate the romantic holiday into every detail of your big day. For instance, you can adorn your reception space with modern heart-shaped neon signs or dress your bridesmaids in ruby red bridesmaids dresses[2]. Looking for more subtle Valentine's Day wedding ideas? Try selecting red and pink blooms for your bouquet[3] and serving your guests rosé cocktails[4]. You can even send your guests off with Valentine's Day bouquets[5] as wedding favors[6]!

Ready to embrace your romantic side? Here are some Valentine's Day wedding ideas that are sure to send your heart a flutter.

Photo by Tec Petaja

Set the mood (and color scheme) for your big day with sophisticated shades of deep burgundy and dusty rose in your invitation suite.

Bring on the blooms! (In Valentine's Day-inspired shades of red and pink, of course.)

Photo by Lucy Cuneo

Dress your bridesmaids in the hue of the holiday with red bridesmaid dresses. At the wedding of Harley Viera-Newton[7], the bridesmaids wore flirty frocks adorned with red hearts!

Not feeling red bridesmaid dresses? You can still have your girls wear the quintessential Valentine's Day color by gifting them ruby-hued getting ready robes[8].

Photo by Cambria Grace

As for your wedding dress, consider trading the traditional white wedding dress for a blush gown.

And for your bridal bouquet, choose blooms in Valentine's Day-inspired hues. A trailing red ribbon is also a romantic touch.

Go big with a ceremony backdrop Cupid would definitely approve of. This couple used ombré streamers in shades of scarlet and gold.

Photo by Gianny Campos

Romance your guests with the decadent duo of berries and sparkling rosé. For a flirty touch, slice the berries into hearts.

With a cozy ruby-red velvet couch, this reception lounge area is Valentine's Day ready. Bonus points for the romantic quote written on the wall!

A modern neon sign is a cool and funky way to incorporate some Valentine's Day details.

Chic, berry-colored velvet chairs are a modern nod to the holiday.

Adorn your tables with blush-hued taper candles for a soft and romantic pop of pink.

Photo by Sanaz Photography

Or you can all pink, like this sweet and feminine tablescape at Larry Nance Jr.’s Hawaiian wedding[9].

Photo by Lucy Cuneo

Have your caterer cut tiny red hearts out of fondant for the cutest wedding cake decoration.

Alternatively, you can go more subtle by decorating your cake with a scattering of scarlet blooms.

Photo by Mallory Dawn Photography

Give your guests the quintessential Valentine's Day gift—flowers!—as favors. This couple[10] hired a flower truck to create custom bouquets for their guests. What a fun idea for your reception!

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Don't leave all the romantic florals for your tables and bouquets! Add edible flowers to simple wreath cookies for an Insta-worthy moment.

This styled shoot swapped the traditional photo booth for a kissing booth! Just think of all the adorable photo ops...

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19 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her 2019

Ahh, Valentine's Day[1]...it's the most romantic 24 hours of the entire year—besides, you know, your upcoming wedding day[2], the day you got engaged, and your anniversary.[3] Okay, so maybe it's not THE most romantic day of the year, but it's certainly up there—and definitely worth celebrating, especially with some unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for her!

Even if you and your partner aren't usually big on the holiday of red roses[4] and chocolate truffles, it wouldn't hurt to let Cupid have his way this time around. After all, if there's one Valentine's Day you'll remember years from now, when you and your sweetie have aged like fine whisky and wine, it'll be this one—when you're engaged to the love of your life, planning your future[5] (and wedding!) together.

Plus, let's be real here: With the stress of wedding planning[6] probably taking over your life (guest lists, budgets, in-laws, ughh...), you and your fiancé need a night to celebrate the two of you. No color palette[7] talk or seating chart discussions. Just you and your S.O.

Oh, and presents. Can't forget the presents.

Sure, your love (and that engagement bling[8]) is gift enough, but a pretty present or to-die-for trinket is bound to make her V-Day extra special. If you think Valentine's gifts are all eye roll–worthy clichés, think again! We've rounded up the coolest, chicest, and sweetest Valentine's Day gift ideas for her that your love is sure to, well, love.

Looking to pamper your beauty-obsessed bride? She'll fall head over heels for a heart-infused tube of lipstick[9]. Taking on life with a cooking connoisseur? Indulge her kitchenware whims with a Valentine's Day-themed casserole dish (it's more romantic than it sounds, we promise!). Engaged to a sweetheart with a sweet tooth? Nail the gifting game on the head, thanks to chocolate candies from a famed French confectionary (in the prettiest packaging). No matter her speed this February 14, we found the best picks to satisfy your dearest Valentine in style.

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And because you're busy planning for an expensive little thing called your wedding, we've covered a wide array of price points (seriously, we found amazing presents starting at only $8.50!) to satisfy every budget[11]. Just call us Cupid!


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33 Getting Ready Photos You Can’t Forget to Take

Your bridesmaids are all dressed in their matching robes[1], the bridal suite is well stocked with mimosas, and the curling irons are heating up. It's almost time to say "I do!" The morning that you're getting ready for your wedding will be full of fun, champagne, and anxious excitement—and you'll want to capture it all in getting ready photos that'll last forever. Because such a task can be overwhelming, it's helpful to give your photographer a list of wedding photos you must have[2] in your album. But where to start? Right here, of course! Below, we've listed all the getting ready photos you can't forget to take.

Just imagine how disappointing it would be to get your wedding photos back from your photographer and realizing that she missed snapping a pic of your bridal party opening their bridesmaids gifts[3]. And that snapshot of all your girls jumping on the bridal suite bed that you wanted? That would've been totally Instagram-worthy, had you remembered to take it. Who wants to feel any regret when flipping through their wedding album? Avoid any of those shoulda coulda wouldas by planning ahead. Pass along this list of must-take getting ready photos to your photographer[4], so you can be 100 percent confident that they'll capture every sweet, morning-of moment between you and your bridesmaids, and ensure that the hours before your wedding go off without a single hitch.

From photos of your girls getting glammed up to candid snapshots[5], these are all of the getting ready photos you'll definitely want to capture the morning of your wedding[6].

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Wedding Mirror Signs Aren’t Going Anywhere: Here Are 8 We Love

Some wedding trends[1] come and go, while others stick around for the long haul. One wedding decor trend that's not going anywhere? Wedding mirror signs—they are here to stay! Ornate, framed mirrors bearing pretty calligraphy[2] have been popping up at ceremonies and receptions over the past few years, and we expect to continue to see them at nuptials in the future. After all, a fancy, baroque mirror is the perfect vehicle for all your wedding signage.

Mirrors have multiple purposes on your wedding day. Besides being a total necessity in your getting-ready suite[3], they can be used as welcome signs, an escort card display[4], a dinner menu at the reception, and more. List your signature cocktails[5] on a mirror and then set it at the bar. Jot down each table number on small framed mirrors, so everyone can easily spot their seat. Prop up a large mirror at the entrance to your ceremony that announces the schedule of events. The possibilities are endless!

And the best part is that any bride can easily DIY a wedding mirror sign. Simply head to a local thrift shop or your favorite home decor store and pick up a mirror (or two! or three!) on sale. Feel free to spray paint your finds in a metallic gold, or whatever hue complements your wedding theme[6]. Then, buy a white paint pen at your local craft store and jot down your message on the mirror. Not feeling confident in your handwriting? You can find customizable decals on Etsy that you can personalize with your wedding schedule, favorite quote, welcome message, and more. Once your decal arrives, simply stick it on the mirrored surface and you're done!

Need some inspiration? Step through the looking glass and browse our favorite wedding mirror signs below.


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First Look Wedding Photos

While not for the superstitious[1], first look wedding photos have been topping the list of wedding must-haves[2] for many couples over the past few years. It's still entirely up to you whether or not you want to uphold the idea of not seeing your soon-to-be spouse until the ceremony, but—if these sweet snapshots are any indication—a first look is a beautiful way to start off your married life.

The instant a couple first locks eyes on their big day is incredibly romantic—whether or not it's done in private before you say "I do," or as you make your grand entrance[3] into the ceremony. But while they may not be a time-honored custom[4], first look wedding photos have become something of a new tradition amongst modern couples who opt to see one another before the ceremony, resulting in heartwarming, tear-jerking photos.

On the fence about doing a first look? Firstly, seeing your partner before walking down the aisle is a great way to ease any pre-wedding jitters[5]. And if you're concerned about your partner's expression being any less excited when they see you walking down the aisle to exchange vows[6], don't be. Chances are, your love will still get teary-eyed in the moments before they say "I do." And since they've already seen you in your wedding dress[7], they can appreciate the crystallizing realization that you two are about to become the two luckiest people in the world even more so.

Have we swayed you? Well then it's time to get inspired! From a "first touch" where couples hold hands around some form of partition to weep-worthy surprises, there are plenty of ways to personalize a first look.

Get some romantic ideas for your own first look by checking out our 37 favorite shots below.

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26 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your New In-Laws

Who knew that when you said "I do" your holiday shopping list would get SO. MUCH. LONGER?! And out of all the loved ones on your gift list, it's no surprise that you're most worried about scoring the the perfect gifts for your in-laws[1]. We don't blame you: Shopping for your in-laws (or future in-laws) can definitely be tricky business. After all, what on earth do you get that says "Thanks for hosting Christmas dinner[2]...and also for welcoming me into your family...and for raising such an amazing person...and for not adding everyone you know to our wedding guest list[3]." It's a lot of pressure, okay?! But before you completely descend into a total panic, know that we've got you covered. We've rounded up 2018's top holiday gift ideas for your in-laws, and they're about to score you MAJOR points.

Whether you're a newlywed[4], newly engaged[5], or have been married for years[6], you obviously want to gift something meaningful to your sweetheart's parents. And if that wasn't hard enough, if you throw wedding planning[7] on top of it all, you've got yourself a super stressful holiday season. But with the fab finds below, you can exchange that stress for some much-deserved holiday cheer. With a wide array of price points (seriously, we found amazing options starting at only $12!) and a huge variety of styles, there's something for everyone. Consider that daughter-in-law[8] of the year award yours.


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32 Best Friend Gift Ideas for All Your Holiday Needs

Best friend gifts for your girl squad? Done and done!

With a laundry list of wedding planning chores[1] in front of you (guest lists, dress fittings[2], finally deciding between roses and peonies...), finding that extra special present for everyone on your gift list can feel near impossible. As if you didn't have enough on your plate as a bride already, amiright? So did we the legwork for you! Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, cause you're about to slay with these 32 ahh-maze-ing gifts, hand-picked especially for your BFFs.

What better time than the holidays to thank your special gal pals for all they've done throughout your wedding adventure, anyway? After all, these are likely the ladies planning your bachelorette party and bridal shower, the ones who always let you rant about your mother-in-law to-be[3] without question, and the ones who'll be supportively standing by your side on your wedding day. Trust us, they deserve it. And any of these perfect presents are just the thing to say "Thank you!" right along with "Happy holidays."

We've rounded up this year's most gorgeous gifts that any 'maid or member of your posse is bound to love — from your wedding workout[4] buddy to your mani/pedi pal. The best part? Brides on a budget[5] will also flip for these finds. Our best friend gift guide covers a wide range of price points so whether you have an entire army of 'maids or a small bridal party consisting of just your very closet girls, these glam goodies are totally within reach.

From jewelry to beauty must-haves[6], these presents will without-a-doubt make your crew smile. Browse our best friend gifts below, and feel free to thank us later.


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