10 Wedding Cake Servers You Can Buy Now

Sure, you've been to your cake tasting[1] and have your wedding cake all picked out down to the very last frosting rose on top. But have you selected your wedding cake server yet? Wedding cake servers are a must for picture-perfect cake-cutting[2] photos. And considering the delicious history behind wedding cakes, that's a moment you definitely won't want to miss.

When it comes to wedding cakes[3], the history of traditions is...rich? Interesting, for sure. For instance, in Ancient Rome there was a tradition of having a cake made of wheat or barley that was broken over the bride's head. BROKEN OVER HER HEAD. Apparently this symbolized good fortune? (If ever there was a time for the thinking emoji it is here). Oh, and the pillars that you sometimes see between wedding cake tiers? Those began as broomsticks covered in frosting. BROOMSTICKS. Also, there was a myth that bridesmaids could "dream up" their future husbands, so they would take a piece of the wedding cake home and put it under their pillow. This seems wildly impractical during a time where washing linens was not as simple as throwing them in a machine. Times have changed, y'all.

One tradition that still persists is the cutting of the cake[4], which started because weddings began growing in size[5]. Thus, the cake kept getting larger and the icing became much denser so it could support the weight of all those layers. The bride could no longer cut through the icing alone, so the groom began assisting. Of course this tradition[6] is rife with symbolism—the joining of your union, working together, and a promise to always provide for each other.

Since the cutting of the wedding cake[7] is so common and routine now, why not have a pretty wedding cake server to go with it? They're usually quite inexpensive and it's something you can keep forever afterward. We kind of even like the idea of framing it or doing something to preserve it in an artsy way!

Here are 10 of our favorite wedding cake servers you can buy now.

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New Year’s Eve Wedding (and Party!) Decor You Can Buy Now

If you're having a New Year's Eve wedding (or heck, even just a party!) your first instinct may be to cover every surface with glitter, sequins, and confetti. And while we're onboard for having the more tasteful version of a New Year's Eve soirée[1] (think: a black tie[2] bash with a sea of tuxes and gowns), sometimes going all-out is just bottom line more fun. Besides, when else are you afforded the luxury of having a party with so much sparkle without it being considered...tacky? (Thank you, New Year's[3], for allowing all of our disco-esque party dreams to come to life without judgement.)

If you don't have the same glitterati dreams we do, there are smaller details and touches you can add to your NYE party or wedding that don't push it over the edge but still give it some end-of-year flair. Instead of actual disco balls, why not disco ball swizzle sticks? In lieu of wearing sequins[4], opt for a sparkly photobooth backdrop. It is, after all, the details that make all the difference! Read on for some of our favorite New Year's Eve appropriate details!

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How to Throw a Christmas Wedding

It's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the year! If you're a holiday[1] enthusiast like we are, you may have toyed with the idea of throwing a winter wedding close to Christmas[2]—but perhaps you've asked yourself: "But how could I possibly do that without it being totally tacky or cheesy?"

It's a very valid question and one that we've asked ourselves many, many times. Lucky for you, weddings are kinda our thing, so we've come up with some pretty chic—yet festive!—ideas that will certainly put you in the holiday spirit. They may even tip the scales in your deciding process toward having a Christmas wedding! And even if they don't, we'll at least give you some decorating ideas that don't include massive amounts of red and green felt.

1. Keep it simple


The rule with making any holiday-themed wedding successful and tasteful is making sure you aren't going overboard in any capacity. Having a 12-foot-tall Christmas tree decked to the nines with hundreds of ornaments and lights, with fake snow on every table and mini stockings as favors, for instance, wouldn't be an example of keeping it simple. Instead, just hint at Christmas. We love a pine garland running down long tables so you get that familiar holiday smell, plus mismatched vintage tapers in brass. (Nothing is more Christmas than lots of flickering, cozy candlelight[3]!)

2. If you must go the tree route, do something with a pop

Photo Courtesy of Hayneedle

...and small-ish. We can totally get on board for a tasteful blush or white tree as long as it's dressed down (a.k.a. not overloaded with ornaments…maybe just twinkle lights and minimal ornaments). The other option, if you're not too into a mod/colorful tree, is to go ultra classic with a real tree and minimal decor (no weird bows and ribbons, please). Make sure you pick a smaller sized tree, nothing too overwhelming, and if you do decorate with more than lights, keep your color scheme tight and your ornaments cohesive!

SHOP NOW: Hayneedle[4], $439

3. Calligraph ornaments as favors

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

Here's an idea for favors[5] that your guests will actually love and want to keep: Have a calligrapher write all of your guests' names on pretty glass ornaments (we love these vintage-inspired ones from Anthropologie) and have them double as escort cards! There are a million ways to creatively display them for your guests to grab on the way to their seats.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie[6], $38

4. Don't get stingy with the twinkle lights

Photo Courtesy of Terrain

There's nothing we love more than an overabundance of twinkle lights—especially when they're hung like this. It's pure magic with not too much time or money spent for such a big impact. It totally feels Christmas—and super romantic and dreamy to boot.

SHOP NOW: Terrain[7], $58

5. Break out of the red (and green) zone


It may seem natural to have some red and green details in a Christmas wedding, or even lots of white with metallics, but we're here to help you get out of your color comfort zone and do something chicer and more unexpected. We love this palette of grays and blacks in matte textures; throw in some deep berry accents and voila!—not the first palette that comes to mind when you think of Christmas, but it works. Add some vintage champagne coupes and ornaments on the plates for an extra bit of holiday-ness.

6. Do a modern twist on a classic Christmas drink

Justin Driscoll Photo

We love the idea of modernizing eggnog as your signature cocktail for a Christmas wedding! This mezcal saffron eggnog[8] from Bob Peters (YUM) would work perfectly, but there are tons of variations out there! Or how about a spiked white hot chocolate with a peppermint stick? The possibilities are endless.

7. Holiday-themed photo booth props


If your wedding is close to the holidays but you don't want to go all out, an easy way to incorporate it into your decor is to have some holiday themed props for your photo booth (like these antlers). Also, having a metallic backdrop will definitely make the photos pop and get everyone in the holiday spirit without any red and green stripes in sight.

8. Christmas Crackers FTW

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Everyone loves a traditional Christmas cracker, so why not lay one out on everyone's plate for a little pre-dinner fun? The bonus with these is that they've got some super fun (not cheesy!) packaging going on!

SHOP NOW: Etsy[9], $48.92 for 6

9. Different kinds of wreaths

Photo Courtesy of Terrain

Want something a little more off-the-beaten-path than your classic greenery wreath? Opt for a frosted pastel in an interesting material (this one is made of dried asparagus stems!), or something gold and floral that has a mid-century vibe to it (psst—if you go that route you can repurpose and use as decor at home, after!).

SHOP NOW: Terrain[10], was $68, now $50.95

10. Candlelight galore

Photo Courtesy of Food52

The aforementioned brass candlesticks we mentioned? You'll be wanting a lot of them if you're not jumping on the twinkle light train. We love these vintage-inspired pairs from Food52!

SHOP NOW: Food52[11], starting at $64


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9 Wedding Cake Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019

When looking ahead to the next year (we can't believe it's almost December!) there are lots of trend[1] forecasts we're interested in. From wedding dress trends[2] we saw during New York Bridal Fashion Week to the latest in interiors (to help beef up those registry lists[3]!) to the prettiest new flower ideas[4] , there's so much to look forward to in 2019.

And one trend we're always excited about is all the newest creative options for wedding cakes[5]! Long gone are the days that the ubiquitous all-white[6] cake reigned supreme; these days, cake designers are having fun reinventing the wheel and incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials that would have never been dreamt of in wedding cake trends past.

Ready to get inspired with our favorite wedding cake trends for 2019? Read on!

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8 Gorgeous Cake Stands from Etsy

You've addressed the last invitation, you know exactly what your bouquets and centerpieces are going to look like (down to the flower color and variation!), you've got your photographer and DJ and venue all squared away—you've pretty much got everything figured out! But don't overlook one of the most important parts of decor: the cake[1]! And ok, maybe you're having pies[2], or cupcakes, or some other iteration of desserts because you're not a cake fan (we're totally into that, too) but any way you slice it (yes, we went there), you have to have a pretty display[3] for your sweets. Ok, we know you don't have to, but we think it makes a big difference, especially if you're showcasing different kinds!

For a rustic wedding, consider wooden cake stands in modern silhouettes of varying heights and finishes. Gone are the days of raw wooden slabs being trendy (in our opinion) and we're now loving a more architectural wooden stand that feels cleaner and more streamlined (read: not clunky). If you're having an urban loft wedding, go for stands that have geometric touches and are made out of seemingly industrial materials—like marble or concrete—and don't forget to add in bits of metallics. For the boho bride, we're really into cake stands that have a hand painted, folksy touch to them (while still feeling high-end).

Need a little help finding the right pieces for your dessert bar or display? Don't worry! We've got you covered, with some of our favorite handmade wedding cake stands from Etsy.


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The Coolest Wedding Flower Inspo from New York Fashion Week

Want to do something fresh and new for your wedding flowers and decor? Something aside from the same old centerpieces and garlands running down long tables (which are still gorgeous, don't get us wrong)? Well we've got you C-O-V-E-R-E-D. Whenever a fashion week comes around, there's something besides the new collections that we're falling over ourselves to see. Season after season, the genius set designers and florists manage to amaze and inspire us with their over-the-top, fantastical runway designs[1] (see: the iconic Dior Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture show). And of course, all we can see when we look at said runways are ways you could take these whimsical ideas and turn them into something unique for your wedding! From floral pillars to "rambling rose hedges," prepare to get inspired.

Getty Images // Jason Wu SS19

Slaven Vlasic

Calling this a "lush urban dreamland", The Putnams (at this point NYFW floral royalty) created this sweeping display—a juxtaposition between manmade industrial grit and delicately winding natural beauty for the Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2019 presentation. Have your floral designer create little areas of life amongst your reception space if you're getting married in an indoor urban space that feels a little "old factory from the turn of the century that's been abandoned for years but now has been revived and is cool" (the whole flowers growing in concrete deal). You know, that vibe.

Getty Images // Zimmermann SS19


This monochrome aisle of mod, 70's inspired florals (to match the tone of the Zimmermann SS19 show) makes us want all shades of white (no greenery here!) flowers all year long, not just in the winter which is usually when people choose to use them. Besides the tone-on-tone, the anthuriums help to keep these arrangements fresh and cool (as they're one of the flowers du jour amongst the cool kid florists).

Getty Images // Rodarte SS19

Slaven Vlasic

Although the Rodarte SS19 show did have a garden-like set design, we would be remiss to not mention the abundance of florals that were on the actual models gracing the runway. Just as baby's breath began popping up everywhere after Rodarte's incredible SS18 show, we expect brides to be inspired to get a little more heavy-handed and incorporating roses (and plenty of 'em) into their looks. And we're not talking flower crowns here, we're talking a tumbling cascade of buds.

Getty Images // Mara Hoffman SS19


There's something that's become very cool, in the past couple of years, about what were once considered tacky, or low-brow florals. For instance these red roses and white lilies—a few years ago these would have been scoffed at as "bodega" flowers, or "basic" (are we still using that word?). Put into play correctly, however, and suddenly they are effortlessly cool and the opposite of what used to feel fussy and trite. Tips: show your florist this photo (the stems must feel un-arranged and yet very much arranged), and make sure your venue is one that will play to the it-girl, effortless (and possibly blank), space.

Getty Images // Savage x Fenty SS19

Brian Ach

Don't we all secretly want to exchange vows under a dense jungle canopy? Even if you're getting married indoors, with a big enough space the forest can come to you, like in the Savage x Fenty SS19 show. And honestly that geometric jungle gym/Bio-Dome vibe (yeah, we said it) is something we can get on board with too.

Getty Images // AW18

Peter White

The Putnam's never cease to amaze us with their crazy-creative, lush, modern designs and this is no exception. Try using simple square pillars as aisle markers and having your florist create much smaller versions of these down the aisle. Bonus points for color-blocking as shown here.

Getty Images // Tory Burch AW18


Absolutely dreamy, this runway was created by Miranda Brooks (a contributing editor at Vogue), using thousands of pink carnations[2]. We don't want to say we told you so...but...we told y'all carnations are cool now! Not only that, they're one of the most cost-effective flowers you can use, and make an impact when used en masse. Translate this to your wedding by having your florist create a mini garden of carnations (not by planting, but by placing in foam) as a ceremony "structure," with an empty circle in the middle for you and your partner to stand and exchange vows.

Getty Images // Mansur Gavriel AW18


Having potted trees at your wedding is nothing new, but we love how these are clustered in a very modern space, and the sheer volume makes you feel like you're in a chic enchanted forest. Try bringing orange trees en masse (if you can afford it!) into a blank, white loft venue for that fun juxtaposition of modern and traditional. To make the trees pop even more, try having all-white everything else in the space (linens, plates, flowers, chairs).

Getty Images // Brandon Maxwell AW18

Peter White

Another amazing Putnam installation—but who's surprised? They're masters of their craft! We like to think of this as the new, cooler, and more organic way to pull off a flower wall—and it doesn't have to be something that's created by a florist necessarily. Find a venue that already has a cascading and climbing variation of flowers against one of their walls, and use it for your formal portraits—or even set up a photo booth and use it as the background!

Getty Images // Raf Simons AW18


Raf Simons always kills it with the set-design game (too many amazing Dior shows to count), so we weren't surprised to see another magical runway. Like an abandoned dinner party of our dreams, this dreamy runway incorporated fruit, flowers, and wine bottles to create an atmosphere worthy of the Old Dutch Masters (and maybe even a little Hieronymus Bosch?!). Create a similar vibe by having your florist incorporate grapes, pomegranates, and even veggies like artichokes into lush, romantic flower arrangements.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what happened to those 14,000 carnations in the Tory Burch show, the amazing Lewis Miller used them in one of his Flower Flashes (beautiful flash-installations he does on the streets of NYC, usually in trash cans).


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8 Bridal Suite Essentials From Etsy

Your bridal suite isn’t just a place for you and your ‘maids to get ready; it's also a space that should be primed for your photographer to get some great day-of shots. They'll not only take snaps of emotional moments pre-walk down the aisle, but will also take staged photos of some of your most important day-of essentials. The perfume you were wearing, the vintage pearl necklace your mother passed down to you, your engagement and wedding rings, and whatever other important details that you’ll want to remember in years from now will be centerpieces for your bridal suite. Thus, it’s important to make sure your bridal suite is stocked with cute extras that your photographer can use to make your photos all the more pretty!

Of course, it’s great if those props also provide a function as something you can use post-wedding. Think: a robe for getting ready for date night, a ring dish you can put on your bedside table, or pretty papers or fabrics you can use later for wrapping a special gift. This way you’ll also feel a little less guilty about spending money on things that will only be seen in photos. To give you some inspiration, we've pulled a few of our favorite pieces from Etsy that would be perfect for your bridal suite!

11 Wedding Menus from Etsy We Love

When it comes to paper goods you have your essentials (invitations and save the dates) and your optionals (escort cards—not necessary if you're not having assigned seating—and menus). Of course, we love escort or place cards regardless of whether you have assigned seating—after all, it's the details that make your wedding all the more personalized and special! We feel the same way about menus; although they may not be a necessity, having a tablescape that has that extra touch (either individually on place settings or one larger one for each table) does make a difference, not just for your photos, but for your guests' experience.

One great thing about menus is that you can have a little more fun with them than you may have been able to have with your invitations. Understandably, many couples choose to have their invitations be a little more classic and understated, but your menus can be whimsical, colorful, and louder. Menus are also a great way to insert a little color to your table if you've been a bit more conservative with the rest of your color palette. We love a good watercolor menu, for instance.

Plus, many menus can double as reception decor[1] (double duty decor is a great budget saving tip!). Not into having menus at every place setting, or don't have it in your budget? Try having your stationary designer (or perhaps an artsy friend) calligraph a large piece of plexiglass and put it on an easel near the front of your reception space. And don't forget about bar menus—setting up a couple on your bars with fun illustrations next to each signature cocktail[2] is a great way to insert you and your partner's personality into the decor.

To get you inspired, we searched through Etsy and found some of our favorite menus of all different styles. Enjoy!


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31 Rehearsal Dinner Songs to Get the Party Started

Unlike the flow of a reception, a rehearsal dinner[1] (depending on the vibe of the rehearsal dinner you're going for) goes a little different. And unlike your reception, which will have a certain musical vibe for cocktail hour, then dinner, then followed by early evening dancing and then into the late night and after-party music, your rehearsal dinner[2] playlist will most likely have a chiller feel.

If you're choosing to have speeches or dancing at your rehearsal dinner there may be a bit of a musical up and down, but since most couples will choose to have it be essentially an extended dinner party with their nearest and dearest, you'll naturally want music playing that you'd want at the dinner party of your dreams. Think some good jazz (Dave Brubeck, Sonny Clark), a little throwback (Nancy Sinatra), some classics (Rolling Stones), a couple of "Oh! Interesting choice, didn't see that coming but it somehow works..." (Pavement, Beck).

So, yes, we created this wonderful rehearsal dinner playlist just for you. Enjoy it at your rehearsal dinner, your next dinner party, a Tuesday night cooking dinner—you do you.

31 Rehearsal Dinner Songs

1. "Tú Sí Sabes Quererme" – Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos

2. "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" – Tracy Chapman

3. "Friday I'm In Love" – Yo La Tengo

4. "Champale" – Macbeth the Great

5. "Love of No Return" – Peter Sivo Band

6. "Can't Nobody Love You" – The Zombies

7. "Ojos Del Sol" – Y La Bamba

8. "One Down" – Barry Harris

9. "Sugar Town" – Nancy Sinatra

10. "Oogum Boogum Song" – Brenton Wood

11. "Tropicalia" – Beck

12. "Gloria's Step" - Take 1, interrupted – Bill Evans Trio

13. "A Ballad" – Randy Weston

14. "Point of Being Right" – Shannon and The Clams

15. "Woojamacooja" – Helen Humes and Her Orchestra

16. "Bam Bam" – Sister Nancy

17. "Fruit Salad" – Don Byas

18. "She Smiled Sweetly" – The Rolling Stones

19. "Saudade Songbook" – BROOKZILL!, Count Bass D

20. "Unsquare Dance" – Dave Brubeck

21. "'S Nice" – Al Caiola

22. "Junka (Alternative Version)" – Sonny Clark

23. "Sleep Easy" – Sam Evian

24. "Come On Home" – Lijadu Sisters

25. "Take Five" – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

26. "Good Lovin'" – Grateful Dead, Lowell George

27. "Meet Me in the City" – Junior Kimbrough

28. "Cosoco" – Juana Molina

29. "Water No Get Enemy" - Edit – Fela Kuti

30. "Bossa Nova U.S.A." – Dave Brubeck

31. "5-4=Unity" – Pavement


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