27 Romantic Red Wedding Bouquets

Romantic red wedding bouquets are perfect for nearly every wedding season[1], but we especially love these punchy bundles of blooms for a Valentine's Day[2] wedding. After all, red is the indisputable color of passion, conveying love and romance whether they're the color of the flowers delivered to your doorstep as a sweet surprise from your partner, or the hue of your wedding bouquet. Not only do these pretty petals evoke the Valentine's Day holiday spirit (in a non-cheesy way), but red wedding bouquets can really up the romance at your wedding no matter the time of year.

There are endless ways to create your berry-toned bouquet. You can opt for something incredibly statement-making, brimming with crimson blooms and overflowing with greenery. You can also go for a more moody look by choosing flowers in dark red hues (think oxblood dahlias and burgundy peonies). Or if you're searching for a more understated or summery vibe, consider a red-and-white mix of blossoms that feels fresh and bright. We told you red bouquets can work for any wedding season!

And with many of the prettiest wedding flowers available in red shades, you can feature just about any bloom you like and still create the perfect ruby-hued bouquet. Use classic roses, garden roses, peonies, clematis, anemones, or ranunculus for your red details. Another plus to toting a red bouquet on your big day? It will truly pop against your wedding dress[3], especially if you plan to marry in the fall or winter (hello stunning snowy wedding photos[4]). With little color to compete in your backdrop, your red bouquet will take center stage.

Also, red blossoms vibe with any type of wedding[5]. Whether you're throwing a classic ballroom celebration, a chic city fête[6], a rustic barn bash[7], or a seaside soirée, a crimson bouquet will complement the setting.

Thinking of carrying a romantic red wedding bouquet down the aisle? Scroll below to see 27 examples of these beautiful blooms.


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Fresh Flower Runners

From floral arches[1] to towering flower walls[2] (à la Kim and Kanye[3]), couples are using wedding flowers[4] in unexpected and over-the-top ways. Case in point: The flower runners of fresh blooms and greenery that have been popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram[5].

Flowers runners are an ongoing trend we've been seeing everywhere over the past few years—in real weddings[6], at bridal showers, and more. These blooming accent pieces completely transform a classic tablescape into something fresh, and the trend even totes a few major advantages. For starters, you don't have to worry about sourcing vessels in various shapes and size and creating several different centerpieces for each table. No, embracing the garland means you (if you're DIY-ing) and your florist[7] can focus on one, central centerpiece. To make the most of your flower fund[8], you can even decorate just your sweetheart table or dessert display with a floral runner to get the look for less.

And even better: This gorgeous garland trend can be translated for any bride, whatever your wedding style is. Visualize a long garland of palm fronds and tropical flowers for a destination wedding; all greenery for a candlelit barn affair; or a line of citrus fruits for an outdoor summer soirée.

You'll find all of those flower runners right here—and more! From cascading peonies to garlands of greenery, the 31 flower runners below are bound to inspire you, no matter your wedding style.


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25 Snowy Wedding Photo Ideas to Steal for Your Winter Wedding

While a chilly, snowy wedding photo session certainly isn't everyone's idea of a fun pre-wedding activity, we're willing to bet that at least most of this year's winter brides love a good snowfall. After all, why pick a winter wedding date if you don't want to take advantage of the unique attributes of your season? Just like we encourage you to snap photos with the best fall foliage, embrace the fresh spring air, or pose in the summer sunshine, we're here to tell you that snowy wedding photos are pretty much the best.

While you might have a few uncomfortably cold minutes, they're well worth it to capture all the beauty your wedding season has to offer. Whether you choose to meet in a snow-covered field for your first look or simply snap a few candid moments with your bridal party in freshly fallen powder, there are tons of creative ways to capture beautiful wedding photos that include the seasonal spirit. Consider throwing on a pretty faux fur or jacket, a cozy scarf or pashmina, or even stepping into a trendy pair of boots to stay cute and comfortable.

You shouldn't worry too much about your wedding dress, either. After all, it is frozen water, and assuming you won't be outside too long, the likelihood of it melting and ruining your bridal ensemble is fairly slim, but certainly something to keep in mind. We suggest shooting your indoor photos first, before heading out for the snowy shots.

Still need convincing to embrace the winter weather? Browse 25 stunning snowy wedding photos below.

11 Winter Wedding Details From Etsy

Sure, everyone may want to tie the knot in the spring[1] and summer[2], but there are many perks to having a winter wedding date[3]. First, they're usually more budget-friendly[4] since less brides are clamoring to marry during the colder months. Plus, guests won't likely have to choose between your celebration and another wedding invite. But chief among them are the unique style details that work best for wintry nuptials!

These pretty details are the perfect way to transform your wedding into a winter[5] wonderland without making your reception feel like a holiday party. The trick to making winter details feel formal and refined is to use them wisely and sparingly. Pick and choose the ideas the work best in your space and don't feel required to transform every wedding detail[6] into something seasonal.

Some of our favorite ways to add a hint of the festive season[7] to your big day include evergreens, hints of metallics (without going overboard), and cozy knits. From favors and escort cards to centerpieces and ceremony decor, there are endless ways to highlight your holiday-esque wedding date. Consider vintage ornament escort cards that double as favors or a signature drink in a fun mug (think: spiked hot cider or a make-your-own hot chocolate bar). Looking for something more statement making? Also, using translucent materials in unexpected ways—like vellum or lucite for escort cards and menus—feels icy and wintery without being overtly holiday. Similarly, a gorgeous display of lush wreaths will drive your winter theme home but still look tasteful.

Don't know where to start? We've got you covered! We've found 11 of our favorite winter wedding products from Etsy to help you get going.

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17 Ideas for a Fall Wedding Tablescape

There are a multitude of reasons why more and more brides are saying yes to a fall wedding. Not only is the weather (and the light!) totally amazing, couples that say "I do" during autumn have a fresh color palette of warm reds, bright oranges, and pale yellows to work with. While there's plenty we love about fall nuptials, one of our favorite aspects has to be the harvest-inspired reception tablescape.[1][2]

After a summer filled with bright pink and white centerpieces, there's something downright magical about a warm colored reception and cozy seating. So how do you turn your space into one brimming with harvest-inspired details? While there are a lot of ways to ensure your reception is filled with autumnal style, there are a few surefire ways to give your guests a taste of the season. Among our favorites are seasonal flowers[3] and greenery in warm hues, wooden details, plaid linens, and plenty of pumpkins.

There's no wrong way to create a fall tablescape, but there are a lot of ways to do it right. Here, we've found 17 of our favorite reception tables for your fall wedding, with countless ideas you can incorporate into your own party. Consider dressing up wooden tables with miniature white pumpkins[4] for a refined look, or go full-on fall with golden apples and a tartan runner. For a more glamorous look, a metallic leaf-shaped charger makes for an eye-catching place setting, or go for something a bit more casual with picnic-style tables dressed up with gourds and greenery.

Whether you prefer the look of classic blooms in a fall-inspired color palette[5] or want to go all out with changing oak and maple leafs and plenty of pumpkins, there's no shortage of ways to create a gorgeous harvest table for your big day.


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7 Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, but it can also be one of the most wasteful. We're not saying to skip the party, flowers[1], gorgeous invites[2], or delicious meals[3]—we're talking about seemingly small changes that make a major impact. In honor of Earth Day, we rounded up seven simple ways to host a eco-friendly wedding. Try one (or all) of these changes to do some good for the environment on your wedding day!

Ring Shop Responsibly

When picking out your engagement ring[4] and wedding bands, make every possible effort to track the origins of your diamond—you don't want to unknowingly use a blood diamond as the symbol of your eternal love. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme[5] is a great resource for tracking your stones, but don't hesitate to ask your jeweler if they're committed to conflict-free jewels, too.

You can also switch up your approach to finding a ring. Instead of hitting up your nearest jeweler, consider reusing or recycling a ring. For this you can use family heirlooms (like Prince Harry did for Meghan Markle's engagement ring[6]!) or gold that has been melted down and refined—yes, that's a real thing, and it's sustainable!

Create an Eco-Friendly Registry

Get your guests in on the eco-friendly fun by registering for items[7] that will support a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. As they browse your registry, they might be inspired by your commitment to only accepting gifts that keep sustainability top of mind. Plus, you'll get all the super-cute stainless steel straws, silicone cupcake liners, and metal tea bags you could ever want.

Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue

The easiest way to shrink your wedding day carbon footprint? Choose a ceremony and reception site[8] that takes sustainability seriously. One great resource to start your venue hunt: the Green Building Information Gateway[9]. You can search for hotels and event spaces with LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certifications and Energy Star ratings. And with so many beautiful venues going green, you won't have to sacrifice on style in order to be sustainable.

You can also opt for an outdoor space. First of all, this will be a great way to be one with nature on your wedding day—a lush forest, rolling hills or a picturesque vineyard are all stunning spots to get married. Plus, you'll cut back on your energy usage by cutting down on the amount of lighting you'll need. Bonus points for a brunch wedding[10] that can rely solely on daylight.

See More: 5 Wedding Professionals Using Sustainable Practices[11]

Don't Waste; Donate

Ask your bridesmaids or planner to bring your wedding flowers[12] to a hospital or senior center post-party, so others can enjoy their beauty, too. We suggest calling ahead to make sure the venue accepts flowers—if they don't, asks guests to take them home at the end of the night. (Your colorful decor becomes a fresh favor!)

Don't want to saddle your family members with additional post-wedding tasks? Local nonprofit organizations, like Seattle's Floranthropy[13], will do the work for you. As a bonus, donations are tax deductible, meaning you'll save on what you spend. Also, if you're hosting a buffet dinner, speak to your caterer about saving leftovers. If regulations permit, you can donate excess meals to a food bank or shelter.

Do Edible Favors

Tasty gifts are one of the most popular favors[14]—and for good reason! Traveling guests will always appreciate a midnight snack and often prefer something sweet over a frame with your wedding date. Another option? More and more couples opt to nix gifts entirely and give to charity in their guests' names. Announce the good deed on your menu cards or with a single elegant sign by the escort-card station.

Don't Litter With Your Exit Toss

It may seem like a small thing, but throwing rice or bits of paper around the lawn of your church isn't the most environmentally conscious way for guests to celebrate your union with additional flair. Don't worry, though: there are alternatives that are just as pretty (prettier?) and don't wreak havoc on the local ecosystem.

As an alternative to paper confetti, you can purchase bags of biodegradable, water soluble substitutes[15]. Take it a step further and go with a plant-based approach. Lavender, rose petals, fresh herbs, and a mix of micro flowers are also biodegradable and offer stunning natural colors for the exit toss[16]. Make them available to your guests in kraft-paper bags that can be recycled.

Go on an Environmentally-Friendly Honeymoon

This doesn't necessarily mean you have to go deep into the rainforests of a far-away country (although that is always an option, just not for the faint of heart). Instead, start with resorts that practice sustainability[17].

The booking site Kind Traveler[18] donates (on your behalf) $10/a night to causes like Global Green, Project Aware, or WildAid. This way, you're not only embracing sustainable travel practices; you're also actively contributing to charities that seek to mitigate humans' effect on the Earth.


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33 Fall Wedding Invitations That Are Perfect for Your Autumn Nuptials

If you're tying the knot between September and December[1], channel autumn and all its glory (changing leaves! cooler temps! subdued hues!) through pretty fall wedding invitations to mail to your nearest and dearest. While warm-weather weddings used to be favored for their bright color palettes and plethora of in-season blooms, new data shows[2] that fall nuptials are actually on the rise (and also a welcome change of pace). Step aside, spring and summer—looks like the fall wedding date trend is here to stay. And, one aspect of autumnal weddings we continue to fall (pun intended) head over heels for is the stationery[3].

Although most invitation suites[4] can work across any season, we're all for wedding invites made specifically for the fall. With details like tree and leaf motifs, bark-inspired patterns, rustic designs, and moody color palettes[5], there's a lot to love about an invitation to an autumn wedding. Even better, there's a way to interpret these ideas for every style of wedding, so it's easy to upgrade your invites with a hint of the season, no matter the formality of the occasion.

If you're throwing a backyard ceremony and reception[6], consider a casual design, like the "Autumn in New York" stationery. The chic, simple fonts pair with gold foil-pressed leaf designs for a charming seasonal style. Hosting something a bit more formal[7]? Poste's "Shipwrecked" suite features elegant script against a muted, fall-hued background to create a card that begs for beautiful fall I do's. Prefer a look that's a little less obviously inspired by autumn? Hello Tenfold uses dark colors on a beloved floral style, so you can send out an invitation with just a touch of seasonal appeal.

Whether you love the rustic look[8] or something a bit more refined, we found the perfect piece of stationery for your fall wedding invitations needs.


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24 Festive Engagement Party Invitations That Won’t Break the Bank

After that first selfie of your brand new bridal bling[1], next up comes sending out engagement party invitations to celebrate your new relationship status with your nearest and dearest. While an engagement party[2] is by no means a required pre-wedding event[3], many couples are choosing to celebrate the momentous occasion with friends and family shortly after the question has been popped. Plus, who can say no to a party exclusively dedicated to you and your future spouse!?

When it comes to engagement party etiquette[4], the bride's parents have traditionally taken over as hosts in the past. Now, though, couples are turning the tables and throwing their own pre-wedding celebrations, or instead rely on a close friend or relative to do the honors. And, as for the formality of the occasion, truly anything goes[5] (Lea Michele even had two engagement parties[6], FYI).

If you're envisioning a cozy dinner[7], backyard BBQ, garden-party lunch, or a blowout bash[8] that could rival most actual weddings, inviting your guests to the event with a piece of stationery that sets the tone for your party—and wedding style[9] in general—is always a nice touch. But remember, your engagement party invites don't have to match the ones you pick for the big day[10], so get creative and select something fun.

Luckily, there are tons of festive pieces of stationery perfect for your pre-wedding celebration[11]. Even better, these pretty picks don't have to break the bank[12]. We found tons of digital downloads that you can print at home[13] and preprinted options that all come in at less than $250 for 100 invitations! Typically, only friends and family worthy of wedding invites should be added to your engagement party guest list, meaning your head count will likely be on the smaller side and your expected costs can only go down. (Read: You won't burst your budget before you even start planning the wedding.)

Whether you want a modern, black-and-white invite, like Paperless Post's Coupling stationery, or something laid-back and quirky, like the "I do BBQ" invitation from Zazzle, there's great stationery picks[14] for every type of pre-wedding party! Once you cross your stationery off your list, you can officially start raiding your closet for the perfect party look[15], so check out 24 of our favorite engagement party invitations.

See more: 5 Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Invitations, Menus & Programs[16]

Plus if you're still stumped on engagement party invitation wording[17], you can also draw on the stationery templates below for inspiration. Overall your party prose should emphasize both your and your partner's names, the celebration's host(s), and the obvious details: date, time, location, and RSVP contact info. As for the introduction, keep things short and sweet, perhaps with a "Join us in celebrating..." or, "You're invited to an engagement party in honor of...." Either way, you get the gist. Happy invitation designing!


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