11 Watercolor Wedding Invitations That Are Too Pretty for Words

Your elementary school art teacher knew a thing or two about the beauty of watercolors: Not only do they add a pop of color to any canvas, but their dreamy look is also totally romantic. So it's no surprise that this lovely, soft painting style translates perfectly into watercolor wedding invitations.

Over the past few years, this painting style has become a go-to choice for brides-to-be when selecting their wedding invitation[1] style. For one reason, watercolor wedding invitations are perfect for a variety of wedding themes[2]. Whimsical brides will love how well the playful, flowing style fits in with their carefree aesthetic. Beachy brides[3] can opt for a blue-green watercolor hue that will fit their venue's natural color palette. And brides throwing rustic[4], boho, nautical[5], tropical, or romantic weddings will also have no trouble finding watercolor wedding invitations that perfectly complement their wedding style.

Additionally, there's more to watercolor wedding invitations than simple ombré washes of color. Couples can customize their stationery with painterly illustrations of themselves, their wedding venue[6], or the florals they'll be showcasing on the big day. But even if you decide to stick with solid colors, you still find countless pretty painted works of art, from feminine pinks and purples to deep navy blues and greens, that you and your partner are bound to fall for.

Below, take a look at 11 of our favorite watercolor wedding invitations you can buy on Etsy.

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12 Boutonnieres for Spring Weddings That Grooms Are Guaranteed to Love

The groom's boutonniere[1]: It's an essential wedding detail, but it can be easily overlooked when your venue's floral arrangements[2] and your own wedding bouquet are hogging your attention. You'd be remiss to let this detail slide though—your groom's boutonniere can serve as a creative way for your guy to show off his personal style, as well as the features of the season. For boutonnieres for spring weddings for instance, we love the idea of using seasonal blooms[3] and color palettes to dress up your groom's lapel. The spring boutonnieres below definitely fit the bill!

There are a variety of styles you can play with when it comes to boutonnieres for spring weddings[4]. If you plan on saying "I do" in March when the chilly weather is still lingering, try a deep green boutonniere of eucalyptus and pine, with maybe a light pastel flower included in the bundle to convey the changing season.

Meanwhile, late April and May weddings can take on all of the bright, fresh vibes of springtime. For these warmer weeks, we recommend dipping into bold colors like deep pink, yellow, and orange for your groom's spring boutonniere, as well as including bold blooms and unique additions. One groom below even included mini oranges[5] in his spring boutonniere for a totally tropical feel[6]!

Take a look at some of these seasonal boutonnieres for spring weddings, below. We guarantee you and your groom will not be disappointed with these dapper ideas.

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9 Lush Greenhouse Wedding Venues Around the World

Greenhouse wedding venues are definitely growing on couples, with more and more brides and grooms opting to exchange vows amidst the opulent flora inside them—and we are here for this venue trend!

Deciding on a wedding venue[1] may seem like a piece of cake if you've been fantasizing about your big day for years. But if you're still debating on where to say your "I dos," you'll realize that narrowing down a venue isn't as easy as it looks. You're bombarded with options: Do you opt for a rustic barnyard affair[2]? Or maybe a chic, urban locale[3]? But there's one venue option that often goes completely overlooked, but totes plenty of gorgeous features: greenhouse wedding venues.

Even if you're not a tree hugger per se, tying the knot surrounded by lush greenery is an easy way to guarantee your ceremony backdrop[4] will be flawless. Finally beginning to rise in popularity, greenhouse wedding venues also work in any season. If you're set on a winter wedding[5], your guests will stay warm while still enjoying the snowy[6], wintery scenery through the glass windows surrounding the room. And for spring and summer weddings[7], greenery wedding venues will set the stage with seasonal greenery and blooms.

We rounded up a few of our favorite greenhouse wedding venues across the globe. Get inspired by the vibrant vegetation of these gorgeous venues!

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Reese Witherspoon Launches Draper James Wedding Stationery With Zola

Southern brides[1], meet your perfect wedding invitations! Reese Witherspoon's[2] lifestyle brand, Draper James, recently launched a pretty paper goods collaboration[3] with Zola[4], and this sweet-as-tea wedding stationery collection includes everything a bride and groom could ever need in their invitation suite. From save the dates[5] to invitations, enclosure cards, menus, programs, and thank-you cards[6], the Draper James x Zola wedding stationery collection has it all!

The gorgeous collection, which was inspired by Witherspoon's southern roots, features plenty of your favorite styles and designs including gingham prints, magnolia flowers, and minimalist, calligraphy-focused designs[7]. The collection, which boasts over 40 different products, also offers the option for brides and grooms to feature their chosen Draper James stationery design on their wedding website[8], which can also be created through Zola.

Courtesy of Zola

“Every element was considered while designing this collection—the placement of the magnolia detail, the scale of the gingham, and each font and color pairing,” Kathryn Sukey, Draper James’s head of design, told People[9]. “To all of the brides out there: come and find yourself in our line!”

Courtesy of Zola

Sukey told the outlet that the line was inspired by three types of brides—the classic bride, the modern bride[10], and the Nashville bride. It's a collaboration that's a match made in heaven with longtime bridal favorite Zola.

Courtesy of Zola

"We’re thrilled to announce that our first ever wedding paper collab is with Draper James," Zola’s director of brand Jennifer Spector said in a statement. "Our couples continue to ask for more and more invite designs, and these elegant suites add some charming Southern flair to our already robust collection. No matter your location on the map, we really do have something for every couple.”

The best part of it all? The entire Draper James x Zola collection is super affordable: The cards start at just $1.18 each!

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The 9 Prettiest Getaway Car Signs You Can Buy On Etsy

You've said your "I dos," tore up the dance floor, and now it's time to drive off into the sunset (if you haven't had too much to drink[1], of course). Your getaway car[2], whether you choose to use it following the ceremony or after the reception, is a wedding staple and can make for some pretty awesome photos. And while finding a cool car is a must, your post-wedding vehicle is not complete without these getaway car signs.

While tin cans may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think "getaway car," that age-old tradition is a bit outdated (it actually has a whole secret meaning behind it[3]!) Instead, we recommend decorating your car with one of these gorgeous signs from Etsy. From trendy bubble-balloons to banners of romantic calligraphy[4], these are the prettiest signs we found to attach to the back of your ride on your big day. Oh, and they're all SUPER affordable.

Check out our favorite getaway car signs below.

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10 Aretha Franklin Songs for Your Wedding Playlist

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, passed away earlier today—but her memory will live on in our hearts and through our speakers. The singer, 76, lost a long-fought battle with pancreatic cancer and her family and countless fans around the world have since been mourning her loss.

"In one of the darkest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our heart. We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family. The love she had for her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins knew no bounds," Franklin's family told CNN[1], following her passing.

In honor of the talented musician and her legacy, we put together some of our favorite Aretha Franklin songs that everyone should have on their wedding playlists[2]. From her slow, romantic ballads to her upbeat, iconic "Respect" (it'll get everyone on the dance floor[3] at the reception—trust us), we rounded up our top 10 Aretha Franklin wedding playlist must-haves for your big day, because what is a wedding without the Queen of Soul, anyway?

1. "Baby I Love You"

She may have been known as the "Queen of Soul," but Franklin's second title should have been the "Queen of Wedding Songs." This fun hit from her 1967 album Aretha Arrives is a wedding day must-play.

2. "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"

This romantic ballad has been a first dance favorite[4] since its release in 1967.

3. "Respect"

Aretha's iconic hit isn't just a fun dance song[5] for your after-party—it has a badass message that every bride needs to hear.

4. "I Say a Little Prayer"

Ever since its appearance in My Best Friend's Wedding, this song is basically required listening at every rehearsal dinner[6].

5. "Chain of Fools"

We love this song for many reasons, but most of all because its upbeat feel is versatile and can pretty much be the background music to any part of your big day. Whether you need another dance floor song everyone can sing along to or just a tune to play during dinner[7], this 1968 hit is bound to make it on your track list.

6. "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man"

This sweet, slow ballad from her 1967 album, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, is the perfect first dance song.

7. "Until You Come Back to Me"

"I'm gonna walk by myself / Just to prove that my love is true / Oh, for you baby / ‘Till you come back to me / That's what I'm gonna do."

8. "You Send Me"

Franklin's 1968 rendition of Sam Cooke's 1957 hit is another excellent contender for your first dance song. Just try not to cry too much.

9. "Think"

If "Respect" made your reception dance playlist, "Think" should too. This fun, feel-good hit from her 1968 album Aretha Now will have everyone on their feet.

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10. "Ain't No Way"

You haven't really slow danced until you've slow danced to Ain't No Way. If you don't use this tune as your first dance song, it is still the perfect way to end the night... if you know what we're saying.


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Items That Are Perfect For All Your Wedding Day Needs

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale 2018 is here, and they're offering a lot more than just clothes this summer. The retailer's esteemed sale is a bride's one-stop shop for all things wedding, and that means you can find plenty of unique picks for your wedding day itself.

We went through the entirety of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to find you all of the necessities for your big day, and we promise, these pretty (and affordable!) items do not disappoint. From candles for your outdoor reception table centerpieces[1] to on-the-go makeup survival kits[2], here are our editor's picks of wedding day necessities from the sale this season.

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Pineapple Wedding Decor: A Pinterest-Approved Trend You’ll Love

Whether your planning your pre-wedding party, bachelorette bash[1] (Southern ladies, we're talking to you!) or even day-of decor, the pineapple is the perfect addition to your tropical wedding aesthetic. The delicious summer fruit can actually double as a festive accent at your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner[2] or even a tropical destination wedding[3]— and no, we don't just mean serving piña coladas. Pineapples can not only add a cutesy and playful addition to parties and showers, but they can also be an elegant touch to the wedding decor itself. From centerpieces to floral arrangements, we rounded up five unexpected and surprisingly stylish ways to mix pineapples into your tablescape. (Bonus: The prickly fruit symbolizes hospitality, so it's a perfect way to greet your guests!)

Centerpiece Accents

Are there anything cuter than these pineapple centerpiece accents? Doubtful. These tiny additions, styled here by Beijos[4] wedding designer, will add a perfect extra pop of decor to your reception dinner tables without cluttering the space.

Courtesy of Beautiful Booze

Cocktail Holder

Nothing says summer celebration like this adorable pineapple cocktail creation. Use the inside of the fruit to make your cocktail, and save the outside as a replacement for glass! (Just be sure to whittle down the pines.)

Photo by Sam Hurd Photography

Anddd A Cocktail Kit

Take your cocktail game to the next level by adding some adorable pineapple stirrers to your drinks and brightening up your menu with a few pineapple prints. Plus, opting for different color stirrers can help your guests differentiate their glasses once they've knocked back a few too many drinks.

Photo by Sam Hurd Photography

Seating Name Tags

We love the way this couple subtly added the fruit into their ceremony by adding pineapple prints to their wedding ceremony seating assignments[5]—providing a more playful look to a traditional piece of decor.

Bar Cart Additions

This couple went one step further in making their reception look extra playful by adding a painted pineapple to their tropical-themed bar cart[6].

Napkin Designs

We're all about the small details, and these gold-printed pineapple napkins are a perfect example of an extra touch that makes a big difference. The bright napkins stamped with pineapple prints will be a guest favorite during cocktail hour[7].

See more: 25 Stunningly Fresh Wedding Centerpieces With Fruit[8]

Place Setting Additions

Pineapples aren't just for tropical affairs. This couple chose to decorate their modern, minimalist reception by adding real pineapples to each place setting and tying a small note to each one. The best part about this one? You've just created a piece of decor that doubles as a wedding favor.


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35 Royal Wedding Bouquets Throughout History

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank[1] are just hours away from tying the knot, bringing us all a second royal wedding in 2018 to gawk over. And while we're dying to find out what style of wedding dress Eugenie wears to the ceremony at St. George's Chapel and watch all the A-list celebs arrive, there is another major big-day detail we can't wait to see—Eugenie's wedding bouquet.

Reportedly[2], the royal bride has chosen London-based florist Rob van Helden to design and create her wedding-day flowers. And this won't be the florist's first foray into celebrity blooms: Van Helden has worked previously with A-list clients like Pierce Brosnan and Elton John.

The 28-year-old bride hasn't revealed the types of flowers she will feature in her wedding decor, but one thing royal fans can expect to see is some royal floral traditions sprinkled throughout the ceremony. (Yes, royal floral traditions do exist!) One tradition, in particular, is the royal wedding bouquet. Though this detail may seem like an afterthought with all of the other aspects of the wedding, the royal bride's bouquet will have some major history attached to it.

British royal brides[3] for example usually carry myrtle in their bridal bouquet, and Eugenie is expected to follow suit. This tradition comes from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's 1840 wedding, when the Queen carried myrtle—known as the herb of love—in her bouquet. Following the ceremony, Victoria planted a myrtle shrub in her garden at the Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Since then, every British royal bride since has carried a bouquet containing a sprig plucked from the same shrub.

Throughout history, royal brides have both followed their predecessors' traditions, as well as created some of their own. Here are some of the most iconic bouquets belonging to the world's royal brides, as well as the history behind some of the most interesting wedding bouquet[4] traditions.


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This Was the Top Wedding Song the Year You Were Born—Until Now!

Your wedding song: It's more than just a three-to-four minute track. The wedding song you choose[1] is an anthem for you and your partner, a number you'll remember for the rest of your life. Once you've walked down the aisle as a couple and made your way to the dance floor[2], you'll get ready to have your first dance, a pinnacle moment in your love story. You'll hear the song you chose on the radio years later and be instantly taken back to the moment you looked into your partner's eyes your first time as a married couple. You'll add it to your anniversary[3] playlist to remind you both of the day you exchanged vows. And whatever song you choose, it's perfect for you.

But each year, despite the countless classics that top the charts, there are a few select songs that truly make the cut as romantic masterpieces. Remember the first time you heard Aerosmith's "Don't Want to Miss a Thing"? You melted. Or how many times have you listened to Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"? While every love story and every wedding is completely unique, there are just some songs that everyone loves and that became that year's most popular first-dance song.

Whether you actually used one of these hits as your first-dance song[4] or you slow-danced to it in junior high, we're sure you'll recognize (and love!) these romantic ballads. From Ed Sheeran's[5] "Perfect" to Etta James's "At Last," we rounded up the most popular wedding songs[6] from the top of the chart every year for the past 50+ years:

2017: "Perfect[7]" by Ed Sheeran

2016: "Love on the Brain[8]" by Rihanna

2015: "Sugar[9]" by Maroon 5

2014: "Thinking Out Loud[10]" by Ed Sheeran

2013: "All of Me[11]" by John Legend

2012: "Ho Hey[12]" by the Lumineers

2011: “A Thousand Years[13]” by Christina Perri

2010: "Just the Way You Are[14]" by Bruno Mars

2009: "Marry Me[15]" by Train

2008: "Lucky[16]" by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

2007: “Everything[17]” by Michael Bublé

2006: "For You I Will (Confidence)[18]" Teddy Geiger

2005: "First Day of My Life[19]" by Bright Eyes

2004: "Bless the Broken Road[20]" by Rascal Flatts

2003: "Crazy in Love[21]" by Beyoncé, featuring Jay Z

2002: "A Moment Like This[22]" by Kelly Clarkson

2001: "The Luckiest[23]" by Ben Folds

2000: "My Everything[24]" by 98 Degrees

1999: "Amazed[25]" by Lonestar

1998: "Don't Want to Miss a Thing[26]" by Aerosmith

1997: "I'll Be[27]" by Edwin McCain

1996: "Because You Loved Me[28]" by Celine Dion

1995: "Kiss From a Rose[29]" by Seal

1994: "Endless Love[30]" by Luther Vandross, featuring Mariah Carey

1993: "Have I Told You Lately[31]" by Rod Stewart

1992: "I Will Always Love You[32]" by Whitney Houston

1991: "Save the Best for Last[33]" by Vanessa Williams

1990: "More Than Words[34]" by Extreme

1989: "Have I Told You Lately[35]" by Van Morrison

1988: "Giving You the Best I Got[36]" by Anita Baker

1987: "(I've Had) the Time of My Life[37]" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warner

1986: "In Your Eyes[38]" by Peter Gabriel

1985: "Greatest Love of All[39]" by Whitney Houston

1984: "I Want to Know What Love Is[40]" by Foreigner

1983: "Stuck on You[41]" by Lionel Richie

1982: "Up Where We Belong[42]" by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes

1981: "Endless Love[43]" by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

1980: “The Biggest Part of Me[44]” by Ambrosia

1979: "Reunited[45]" by Peaches & Herb

1978: "Three Times a Lady[46]" by the Commodores

1977: "Wonderful Tonight[47]" by Eric Clapton

1976: "Always and Forever[48]" by Heatwave

1975: "This Will Be[49]" by Natalie Cole

1974: "You Are So Beautiful[50]" by Joe Cocker

1973: "Just You 'n' Me[51]" by Chicago

1972: "You Are the Sunshine of My Life[52]" by Stevie Wonder

1971: "Color My World[53]" by Chicago

1970: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered[54]" by Stevie Wonder

1969: "The First Time I Saw Your Face[55]" by Roberta Flack

1968: "You're All I Need to Get By[56]" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

1967: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You[57]" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

1966: "When a Man Loves a Woman[58]" by Percy Sledge

1965: "Unchained Melody[59]" by the Righteous Brothers

1964: "Be My Baby[60]" by the Ronettes

1963: "Do You Want to Know a Secret[61]" by the Beatles

1962: "Bring It on Home to Me[62]" by Sam Cooke

1961: "Can't Help Falling in Love[63]" by Elvis Presley

1960: "At Last[64]" by Etta James

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