Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged

So he’s popped the question! You’re officially engaged and riding the high, but what do you do next? Here’s everything you need to do after getting engaged. Brace yourself for the best time of your life.

signing the register Six Things To Do After Getting

Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Have a breather

It’s a big moment so make sure you enjoy every secondAfterwardsfterward, take some time to let it sink in. Get those nails finely manicured in preparation for the roadshow you’re about to take that ring on. For the first couple of weeks, try not to worry about the wedding or planning, simply revel in the moment.

Who to tell first and how

Whilst an announcement on social media seems an exciting and more effective way of telling more people in one go, its’s not always the best. It can go a long way to call close family and friends first to announce the big news. You could even use it as an excuse to have a family get together and make the announcement together. Then on, course, share online.


Marriage takes two people and a lot of careful decision making. Therefore, your brainstorming sessions should include everything from the general feel and look of the room, through to the specific venue, location and the food. Having a brainstorming session together makes the wedding planning so much more collaborative and exciting. There will always be some things which appear on both yours and your partners’ wish lists which you can use to build the foundations of your special day.

champagne reception Six Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

The Budget

Once you know what you want, the best way to kick-start the process is, to begin with the venue search and getting some quotes. Asking friends who have recently got married is also very insightful. From there you can begin to really figure out how long it will take you to save up for the wedding of your dreams.

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Be Open Minded

When you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, don’t be too quick to discount those which don’t have everything you want. It’s similar to buying a house, when you find the right one it will just feel right and you will be able to overlook the fact it may not everything on your list. It is recommended to always view a variety of places before paying a deposit.

Remain Strong

Once you announce you’re engaged you will no doubt be inundated with people offering a helping hand. Although this can be helpful, remember it’s your big day and not theirs. If Aunt Sally thinks 80’s style plastic flowers are a must if it’s not what you want to remember you can just say no.


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Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

If you’re opting for a smaller guest list you’ll want a pick of the best intimate wedding venues. The romance and location quite literally set the scene for the day making it one of the most important decisions at the start of wedding planning.

hotel at dusk Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Bingham, Richmond

A chic riverside hotel with a restaurant that glows over the Thames come twilight. The Bingham[1] in Richmond is made of two Grade II listed 18th-century houses and run by a mother and daughter team. While its event space allows for up to 100 seated guests, the hotel has 15 bedrooms allowing for up to 30 people to stay overnight. Hire the whole hotel and choose from a casual barbecue by the water or a formal five-course wedding breakfast.

spotlight lit hotel Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Lower Barns, St Austell

In the Cornish countryside near St Austell, Lower Barns[2] brings together one-of-a-kind furnishings and a bold maelstrom of textures. The hotel creates an upbeat feel in their rural home and a fun and quirky environment for small and intimate weddings. The quirky bedrooms with freestanding baths or a custom-made breakfast bars are real conversation starters. Spend the evening before your nuptials stargazing from the outdoor hot tub and unwinding in style.

Kissing newlyweds behind LOVE sign Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Green Oak Barn, Berwick

Perfect for wine lovers, Green Oak Barn[3] is a reconstructed Sussex barn in easy reach of an impressive collection of English vintages. In the grounds, there is a further series of barns, including one dating back to the 17th-century. It’s open from May to September and the venue allows you to decorate as you choose. It has been beautifully decked out like a Hardy-esque country wedding. You can precede the main entertainment with drinks and canapés in their English garden designed by Chelsea Gold-winner Roger Platts.

library bar Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Cley Windmill, Norfolk

For something a little different on the Norfolk coast, Cley Windmill[4] is a B&B with tonnes of character. It’s set in a 19th-century grinding mill surrounded by open fields and perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies.  It has a restaurant and a beautiful round Sitting Room too, which can hold up to 22 people. Given the intimacy of the space, it’s all about bespoke occasions whether you opt for a daytime or evening occasion. However, we’re particularly fond of the candlelight dinner option.

windmill wedding venue Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Pentillie Castle, Cornwall

In a timelessly elegant fairytale setting, surrounded by woodland and overlooking the River Tamar lies Pentillie Castle.[5] Built in 1698, it has remained in the same family for more than 300 years. It is surprisingly spacious and classic, with 55 acres of gardens to roam in. It’s a wonderful place to feel like royalty and to welcome guests to a special occasion. Say your vows in the romantic Victorian Bathing Hut on the banks of the Tamar or on the Terrace if you prefer. You can furthermore tailor the rest of your day to suit you and your nearest and dearest as you please.

castle venue Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Romney Bay House, Kent

This beautiful 1920s mansion in a spectacular location amidst wild marshland scattered with ancient churches. Romney Bay House Hote[6]l is a spectacular place for a small and intimate wedding reception. Plus, you can hire the whole hotel for up to 20 guests and take the whole hotel for an entire weekend from May to September.

UNMISSABLE Locations For The MOST Intimate Wedding Venues: Romney Bay

Hever Castle B&B, Edenbridge

Hever Castle[7] is probably best known as the home of famed and fated wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. Today the magnificent 13th-century property is not only a spectacular attraction, but it’s also open for wedding hire. There are multiple spaces in this historic location so you can have a wedding of any size here. However, in the castle’s inner hall, there is the perfect amount of space for 60 ceremony guests and 40 wedding breakfast attendees. What could be more spectacular?

Anne Boelyn's house Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

The Cavendish, Baslow

In the grounds of the Chatsworth estate, owned by the Duke of Devonshire, The Cavendish[8] fuses a regal vibe with a country chic feel. Beautifully kept and magnificent views in the un-spoilt Peak District National Park. It’s a bit of a fairytale fantasy with space for 18 in The Boardroom, 10 in The Private Dining Room or 42 in The Gallery Restaurant.

Room in the Cavendish Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Fischer’s at Baslow Hall, Baslow

Built in 1907 and set within five acres of grounds, Fischer’s at Baslow Hall is a charming manor house surrounded by elegant gardens. In the village of Baslow, it too is on the edge of the magnificent Chatsworth Estate. It welcomes intimate weddings of 10 guests or more who can stay in the 11 bedrooms that the hotel offers.

Fischer's at Baslow Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

Tuddenham Mill, Suffolk

The 18th-century mill has been delightfully renovated with a modern flair is surrounded by 12 acres of grounds. Tuddenham Mill[9] can cater for weddings of up to 60 people and is complete with chic interiors, old wooden beams and views over the millpond. The restaurant serves an elegant but contemporary menu. For those who want to keep it even smaller, the Terrace Room is a charming private dining room, ideal for intimate affairs of up to 36 people.

Tuddenham Mill Intimate Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

From a selection of UK hotel wedding venues[10]


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How To DIY Your Cake With Flowers!

So you want to know how to DIY your wedding cake with flowers? Look no further. Decorating your own wedding cake can either be one of the most satisfying or stressful parts of your big day. We would rather it be the former, so we’ve recruited some expert advice to help smooth out the process.

If you are following the growing trend of baking your own cake or having a kind friend or relative do that for you, you may wish to use fresh flowers to finish it off. Even the wonkiest wedding cake can look charming when adorned with bundles of roses and gypsophila. Icing sugar and flowers go a long way in making a cake look good, hence why the DIY option is so popular these days.

Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!Safety Seal instructions and elements


Debby Donnelly-Addison specialises in organic, botanical baking using edible florals and foraged ingredients. You can find her on Instagram: @thebohobaker.[1] Debby is an accomplished baker and owner of in-house bakery Vanilla Nova Cake Boutique. Here, she shares her insights to help you nail your wedding cake.

Before you go running for your mixer and leftover flowers, however, there are some practical considerations you need to think about.

Firstly, flowers from a florist are not edible. This is because they have grown for aesthetics and most likely will have been treated with pesticides. This is wonderful for your bouquet and wedding flowers, but not particularly great for your stomach. This does not mean that these flowers cannot be used on your cake (phew), it just means that you need to take a few precautions before you get scissor happy and channel your inner florist.

Secondly, if you are using flowers you have foraged or are from your own garden, you still need to take precautions if you are using varieties that are not deemed edible by the Royal Horticultural Society. It is not recommended that you use any flowers from roadsides or areas frequented by dog walkers.

Homegrown is usually far safer if you are not using blooms from a florist. Whilst edible varieties guarantee the flowers are not toxic, it is highly recommended that you take one of the precautions below. Cut flower stems will want to draw up water and moisture from any source possible, including your cake. As such, you should never push cut stems directly into a cake without following one of these three methods:

Wired flower wraps:

  1. Rinse your flowers in cold water and check between the petals for any bugs.
  2. Take a piece of thick floristry wire and wrap with florists tape. If your wire isn’t thick enough to support the weight of your flowers, tape several pieces together to create a flexible band.
  3. Starting with your foliage, start taping your stems to the band one at a time. Build up until you have your desired fullness and look.
  4. Wrap your flowers around the front of your cake, either around a tier or up the front of the cake to create a pretty wash of blooms. All of your stems will be sealed in by the florists tape, making this a super safe way to decorate your cake.

Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!

Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!Avalanche roses, eucalyptus, gypsophila and thistles.

Plastic Flower Picks:

  1. Wash flowers as above. Cut any excess foliage from your flowers and trim to the same length as your flower picks. These are reasonably priced, come in various different widths and are available from cake shops or the internet.
  2. Insert the thickest flower stem into the pick first. If you are using multiple stems, secure them together with a little floristry tape before putting in the pick.
  3. Gently push the flower-filled pick into your cake. Do not worry about the holes left by the picks: these are minimal and won’t be noticed once the cake is cut. This is the best method if you want a buoyant cake with plenty of flowers running down the front.
 Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!

Safety Seal Wax:

  1. Safety Seal is a fabulous new product that makes your stems food safe. Give your flowers a rinse in cold water and check for any bugs before cutting the stems to the desired length.
  2. Heat the tub of Safety Seal in your microwave according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once melted, dip each stem one at a time and place on a piece of greaseproof paper to set. Each stem should be coated in a layer of creamy coloured wax and will dry within seconds.
  3. Place your flowers on your cake or insert gently, ensuring that only the part of the stem coated in safety seal goes into the cake. Safety Seal can be bought online and is a great alternative to cake picks.

Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!

 Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!

Follow the growing trend to bake your own wedding cake and decorate with this foolproof tutorial for safe and fresh flower decoration!Heaven roses with eucalyptus, gypsophila and garden roses

It is important with all methods that you leave the preparation of your flowers as late as possible. Always check online to see if your flowers will hold all day, as some varieties will lose shape and wilt, especially during the summer months.

Have fun with this and remember that a bit of gypsophila will cover a multitude of sins should anything go wrong. Start small and build up until you reach the desired effect, however, you really cannot go wrong with fresh flowers.


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Hen weekend ideas for the super stylish bride

As wedding season approaches and many of us are struck by wedding fever, those chosen few bridesmaids need to start planning. If you have been tasked with organising a luxury hen party, look no further! Red7[1] offer their top tips on planning a celebration fit for the most stylish of bridal parties, with these top hen weekend ideas.


8 top hen weekend ideas

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz


When it comes to luxury, Afternoon Tea[2] at the Ritz is an obvious choice. Served in the spectacular Palm Court, hens can tuck into finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and a range of delicate pastries. All this erved alongside a selection of teas, or a glass of bubbles.

Countryside retreat


For those looking to enjoy the English countryside in style, a Punting tour[3] whilst sipping champagne in beautiful Cambridge, is sure to be a hit.

Pampering in Rural Ibiza

For hen’s who prefer a healthy retreat, the beautiful surroundings of a luxury day spa[4] set in the Ibiza countryside is a perfect choice. Hens can enjoy 5-star pampering in an oasis of tranquillity with enticing aromas and the calming sounds of waterfalls.

Parisian Wine tasting


If sipping on champagne is a key part of the celebrations, then there’s no better place to sample the fizzy delights than in its country of origin. Queue a trip to Paris for champagne tasting. In the heart of a stylish district in Paris, your group can exude elegance whilst sampling the finest champagne France has to offer in a Parisian Wine Tasting Session[5].

English Spa

Suitable for all ages and tastes, a luxury spa weekend a little closer to home will be a popular option. A pamper day at The Grange[6], the 5-star hotel set within a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral is a great option. Offering all the pampering a stylish bride and her hens need plus access to the spa’s amazing facilities and a treatment of choice.

Luxury Barcelona Yacht

If a sun-soaked break is on the agenda, then chartering one of the private yachts[7] in Barcelona’s beautiful harbour is certainly your style. There’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials than by sipping champagne aboard a luxury yacht.

Create your scent


For something different, creating a unique scent in a Perfume Making[8] class could be just the thing. Using the finest ingredients from around the world you cnan make your own elixer. Ingredients include night-time jasmine from Africa, spices from The Orient and vanilla from Southern France. Once the scents are bottled and named, a celebratory glass of bubbles is next on the list.

Private Pool Villa


Relaxing in the sun is a must for many hen parties and Marbella offers a host of luxurious activities. Staying in a private Villa[9] which can accommodate the whole party. Plus, when it’s boasting a private garden and pool it will no doubt be the perfect setting for relaxation and group bonding!

Whether you’re partying or pampering, Red 7[10] has got your Hen do[11] experiences covered. Plus, Red 7[12] can also help out with the Groom’s party Stag do.


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5 important things to ask your wedding cake maker

Your wedding cake is not all about the pretty decorations and multiple tiers. After you’ve been snapped cutting the cake, you’ll be dishing it out to your guests, so you’ll want it to taste as amazing as it looks. Make ordering your wedding cake simple by asking these all-important questions.

It’s not all about pretty decorations and multiple tiers! Make ordering your wedding cake simple by asking these all-important questions!L-R: Afternoon Crumbs + Blossom and Crumbs

What size of cake do I need for my guests?

The size of your cake will, of course, be dependent on how many guests you are inviting. A small cake won’t go around all of your guests if you have 100 plus people attending your day. Ask your cake maker their advice because this may change depending on where you buy your cake.

The size of the tiers can vary as well as the number of tiers you have, so if you like the look of taller cakes you can ask your cake maker if you could have smaller cakes but keep the height. Don’t forget that the base layers of tall tiered cakes are often dummy tiers, made from polystyrene and covered in icing, but these illusion tiers aren’t always that much cheaper. They still take the same amount of time and skill to decorate as the real thing. Also, don’t forget that some people like seconds!

How soon should I order my wedding cake?

You want to be sure that your wedding date is definitely available and that you have plenty of time to try some samples.

It’s not all about pretty decorations and multiple tiers! Make ordering your wedding cake simple by asking these all-important questions!

READ MORE: 14 of the best wedding cake toppers [1]

Can all of the decoration be edible?

This will depend on what you want your cake to look like! There are so many styles of decoration now, including edible flowers, meringue kisses, popcorn sprayed in a whole range of different colours, sugar flowers, fresh fruits and real blooms. It is best to show your cake maker a few styles that you like and go from there.

Can you cater for allergies?

In modern society, this is a big question. Most companies will be able to work with a whole host of dietary needs, but always check first.

How long can I store the cake for after the day?

Traditionally, when wedding cakes were made up of three tiers of fruit cake, the top tier of a wedding cake was kept for the christening of the couple’s first child. Fruitcake is the best type of cake to use if you want to follow tradition and preserve the top layer because it can last for over a year, properly stored, and if you need to keep it for longer you can freeze it. For any other cake flavours, you will need to check with your supplier how long the sponges will keep for.

If you’re still unsure about your cake options, maybe it will be clearer after reading our wedding cake planning tips.[2] Or perhaps you want a slice of the one-tier wonder[3] trend right now?

Read More:

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Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018

Fathers of the brides are no longer shackled by out-dated etiquette but there’s certainly more pressure on you dads to be funny. Here, the Speechy[1] experts reveal the new father of the bride speech rules.

Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018 Weddings!

Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018

Modern Etiquette

The biggest trap fathers fall into is thinking they need to thank people. That’s actually the groom’s job. That said, it pays to mention your daughter’s new in-laws and you should acknowledge the role the bride’s mother has had in her upbringing.

If you’ve split up from your daughter’s mother and you both have new partners, the politics of your speech can be more complex. Of course, the situation is the hardest for your daughter, so even if the relationship between you and your ex is strained, try to be generous in your acknowledgement of your daughter’s mum and step-dad.

Do NOT get sucked into thanking the venue, the caterers or people who’ve travelled far. It’s not your day and, quite frankly, too many thank yous becomes boring. Remember the bridesmaids will be thanked by the groom (and maybe even the best man) so keep your gratitude succinct (and dance with them later).

Do your research

Gather your intel and call in back up.

Get other family members round a table and brainstorm. Think about the great (and funny) times you’ve shared with your daughter. Think about her why she makes you laugh. We guarantee your daughter’s siblings will be a great source of material, as well as her mum.

It’s also worth asking your daughter to give you the low-down on who exactly is coming to the wedding. If you know her yoga buddies and the groom’s rugby mates will be there, it’s easier for you to select your stories and tailor your humour to suit.

Of course, increasingly there are guests who have English as their second language so be conscious not to alienate them with a speech full of wordplay.

Cut the clichés

All dads think their daughters are ‘talented’ and ‘beautiful’ so think about the unique qualities which make your girl a little bit wonderful.

No one wants a list of her career achievements or a rundown of her educational qualifications; they want recognition of the character traits which make her a great friend. Whether she’s gobby, a bit ditzy, or just a little bit nutty, celebrate your daughter for the awesome individual she is rather an idealised version of her.

Father of The Bride Speech Rules For 2018 Weddings!

Be funny

These days, all speeches need to be entertaining and funny. You don’t have the-best-man-pressure but you still need to be making everyone chuckle from the get-go.

Of course being funny is not about finding wedding gags on Google. Being funny is about finding the right things to tease your daughter and son-in-law about – whether it’s their love of quinoa, their addiction to Game of Thrones or their inability to do any DIY without calling you first.

Prove, don’t tell

Rather than just say that you love your daughter, talk about the times that you’ve felt proud of her. Reference the moments that stand out and show how much she means to you.

Tell us about how you secretly cried after she left for Uni, explain how you couldn’t eat for a month whilst she backpacked through Asia. Confess that you still worry about her if she hasn’t texted you that day. We guarantee there will be tears.

Resist the urge to show off

Do NOT mention any financial contribution you’ve made towards the wedding – even in jest.

Remember the groom

Yes, your speech is all about your daughter but remember to be nice about her bloke too. Even if there are subtle reservations lurking in your soul, today is a day to celebrate his attributes, whatever they may be. Feel free to do a bit of gentle teasing (especially when you talk about your first encounter with him) but make sure it’s delivered with warmth.

Keep it short

You’re aiming for about six minutes. Remember no one ever witnessed a speech and said ‘if only it was longer’. Even if you feel you have loads of great material, be strict with yourself. Even Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was only 272 words long!

Speechy[2] can help you craft an awesome speech that will add a special moment to your daughter’s day.


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Father of the bride duties: Things your dad can do for you

The father of the bride duties can sometimes be a neglected part of the big day. However, your father is a big part of your wedding day and should be made to feel like it too. So, here are some top tips to get dad involved in the planning!

Father Of The Bride Duties ©

Father of the bride duties

Is your dad contributing to your wedding? It was once traditional for the father of the bride to pay for the wedding. Thankfully, we’ve moved on from those days but if you dad is contributing to your wedding, have the conversation with him to establish budget and boundaries.


Men like cars and why not feed that cliche by giving your dad the responsibility of overseeing the transport on your wedding day? Ask your dad to manage your wedding cars/transport[1] to ensure it arrives on time to take you to your wedding.

It is the father’s responsibility to get the bride to the ceremony on time, make sure he is on top of the timings and wedding schedule so you don’t leave your groom waiting.

At church ceremonies, the father of the bride gives his daughter away. He will usually escort his daughter down the aisle before handing her over to her groom, a tradition that many fathers and brides choose to keep at civil marriages.

The father of the bride should thank guests for coming, offer some humorous and touching stories about his daughter’s life, welcome his son-in-law into the family and offer a toast to the bride and groom. Read our father of the bride tips here. [2]

Remaining responsibilities

The bride’s parents are traditionally the hosts of the wedding breakfast and reception. Usually, mum and dad are the first two people to greet guests, however, these days it’s more relaxed and everyone is left to intermingle. Your dad may want to choose this time to introduce himself to your guests and ensure everyone has a drink.

Traditionally the last to leave, the father of the bride ensures that everyone leaves the venue safely. He will make sure all suppliers are paid and that any wedding gifts are taken and stored safely.


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A Guide To Overcome Wedding Speech Nerves!

A Guide To Overcome Wedding Speech Nerves…

This ultimate speech guide will give the best tips and tricks to help anyone overcome wedding speech nerves, not just in the way that you speak but in the way that you prepare your words, too. Speeches are one of the highlights during any wedding breakfast, so it is important to deliver the speech with clarity. This means taking your time, reading slowly and being confident.

But performing this mammoth task can be daunting at the best of times, and if you are not a confident speaker then it could pose a real problem. Luckily for you, Nicola Winslade, expert wedding coordinator at one of the finest wedding venues in Wiltshire, The Bishopstrow Hotel and Spa, is on hand to make sure your speeches are word perfect, helping you to overcome wedding speech nerves!

The ultimate guide to overcome wedding speech nerves to ensure you can deliver with clarity and make those all important addresses!

Take Your Time

If you are the groom, father of the bride or best man, then delivering the speech is a big deal and responsibility – so planning is essential. This is not your GCSE French oral exam, so don’t wing it! Take the time to plan and practise in advance.

Not Last Minute

It’s essential to sit down a couple of months before the big day to map out your ideas and any key moments or memories you wish to talk about during the speech. Having a clear plan in your head will help you feel at ease and, the further in advance you begin planning, the more comfortable and familiar you will be with the material. The only thing that you want to watch out for here is that things don’t become too rehearsed. No robot speeches, thank you very much!

Keep It Brief

Traditionally there are three speeches: the groom, best man and father of the bride, with brides and bridesmaids also saying a few words now too. Three speeches doesn’t sound like much, but if each of you prattles on for too long, then your audience is going to lose interest fairly quickly. You want to keep the wedding party engaged and listening for the entire duration of your speech, so try not to be longer than 10 minutes. There’s nothing worse than an endless wedding speech, so don’t be that person!

The ultimate guide to overcome wedding speech nerves to ensure you can deliver with clarity and make those all important addresses!

Time it Right

Speeches traditionally take place after the wedding breakfast, but these days more couples are choosing to get them in the bag early. Raising a glass before the meal has two benefits – the impending dinner prevents speeches from rambling on, and it also means your nerves have passed in time to relax and enjoy the food!

Read more: How to deliver a flawless father of the bride speech[1]

Be Confident

It can be intimidating to know that your audience is going to be made up of close friends and family because they will actually want to listen to you, unlike colleagues who are, more often than not, politely disinterested in what you have to say. Even if public speaking isn’t your forte, you will only have one wedding day or may only be a best man once, so it really is important to give it your all. Just imagine everyone in their underwear – that’s the age-old trick, right?

The ultimate guide to overcome wedding speech nerves to ensure you can deliver with clarity and make those all important addresses!


Don’t leave going through your speech to the last minute. Practise your speech at home a number of times until you can remember the majority of it without glancing at your notes. If it helps, imagine you’re going to be graded. You want that A+, so strive for it!

Bring Cue Cards

Like your teachers always used to say at school, try not to read your speech word for word like it is a script. Make eye contact with your audience and prompt yourself using your cue cards. If visual prompts are more your style, then you can include a colour code, or even pictures to help jog your memory.

Steady Your Nerves

As difficult as it sounds, even if you are petrified about public speaking, try not
to show your nerves to the audience. The speeches are usually after the wedding breakfast, so you will have a chance to grab a cheeky drink beforehand if you need a little Dutch courage. Another helpful trick is to choose a few key audience members, ones that you know well, and make them your ‘anchors’ for the duration of your speech. These will be the people with whom you make eye contact throughout the speech – it’s always reassuring to get a nod of approval or a subtle thumbs-up from a friendly face.

The ultimate guide to overcome wedding speech nerves to ensure you can deliver with clarity and make those all important addresses!


Whether you are reminiscing about an embarrassing story, or sharing a joke about a family member, laughter is the key to success and will make the speech memorable for weeks to come. Channel your inner Hugh Grant from Four Weddings and a Funeral – he nailed it.

Know Your Audience

This is especially pertinent if you are the best man. You may not be familiar with everyone in the wedding party, so keep the speech PG to ensure that nobody takes offence!

Closing the Speech

Raise a glass to the happy couple and conclude your speech with a toast to the couple and something snappy that will be remembered. Stay clear of cliches, you don’t want to finish on something lacklustre.


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11 Real Couples’ Wedding Day Disaster Stories

11 Real Couples’ Wedding Day Disaster Stories

From missing people to missing dresses to missing cake, these unlucky couples share their wedding day disaster stories…

11 Real Couples Wedding Day Disaster Stories

“I originally ordered bridesmaid dresses from China because they were £70 each. However the company mucked me around too much and the dresses never arrived. Four weeks before the big day I had to find new dresses for all the girls, which proved difficult at such short notice. Luckily we all preferred the new dresses, so it was a blessing in disguise. Just whatever you do, don’t buy dresses online!” Mollie, Cornwall

“I went to a sample sale and ended up buying a dress that was the opposite of what I said I wanted! I was with Paul when we saw the sign for the sample sale in the dress shop. He waited outside and was very shocked to see me emerge an hour and a half later carrying a big white bag. We had to carry it on the tube home with lots of people asking what was inside. I was so excited I kept telling Paul to turn away while people had a quick peek. It was such an amazing day, one i will never forget” Aimee, Brighton

“Before he proposed my fiancé had taken a picture on his phone of the engagement ring to send to his friend for his approval, but he forgot to delete it! When I was looking at his phone I saw it, ruining the surprise… worse still, I didn’t like the ring!” Gemma, Kettering

“I had planned to propose at Longleat in the penguin enclosure on the weekend of my girlfriend’s birthday. I had a plaque made that read, “Will you marry me?” for one of the penguins to wear around their neck, but disaster struck a few weeks before when the penguins all caught malaria and sadly died.” Ricky, Somerset

“We ordered our cake to be delivered on the wedding morning but it never turned up! So we didn’t have a cake at all. To our horror, the cake then arrived the day after the wedding!” Karen and James, Newport

Courtyard bride

“When I ordered my wedding dress I told the boutique to order it in two dress sizes smaller than I needed it to be. I planned on losing weight before the wedding. They didn’t think that I would lose that much though, so they only ordered it in one size smaller without telling me. When it came to my fitting the dress was huge and I hated it! I had to buy a second dress.” Zara, London

“I originally had three bridesmaids, but the planning process was a huge eye opener and lesson in true friendship. In the months leading up to the wedding, one of my bridesmaids started dating my fiancé’s best man, which led to a whole host of problems and resulted in us falling out. On the day, I had two bridesmaids. Choose your best girls carefully – going through what I did while trying to plan the wedding was not fun!”
Vicki, Stoke-on-Trent[1]

“I completely forgot about the buttonholes for the groomsmen. One of my bridesmaids took a phone call from the best man in a panic because they didn’t have them. He had to rush to my parents, where they were delivered, to get them for the groom to leave!” Eleanor, Yorkshire

“After searching for a perfect suit for ages, I decided to have my suit made. When it got to a week before the wedding I started to panic as the suit still hadn’t arrived. It got lost in delivery, only turning up a few days before the wedding.” Stuart, Edinburgh

“I had prepared a video to play instead of a traditional speech because I knew that I would get too emotional speaking in front of everyone. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the projector and I had to read my speech after all! It ended up being a very emotional outburst of feelings, now known as ‘the never-ending thank you speech’.” George, Kent

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14 Fun Groomsmen Photos!

14 Fun Groomsmen Photos

Step aside, brides! This one is for the guys… We’ve found 14 fun groomsmen photo ideas that will forever make you smile when you look back at your wedding album! From funny to flashy we’ve rounded up our favourites. So, how many will you include on your big day photo list?

We’ve got lift off 

How to get your groomsmen to really pull their weight; lesson one. The lifting of the groom shot is fun and always a little messy. Think scrunched up suits and funny faces it’s a classic shot but a fun one.

14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Groom Lift'

Strike a pose

Who doesn’t love a staged photo? We’re sure you can get your groomsmen to have more fun and be a little more imaginative with their poses, but Blue Lights Photography has used the hay background at this country wedding to their full advantage.

14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Strike a pose'

Getting ready

Often the shot of the group getting ready for the shot is better than the real one!

14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Getting ready'

Walk on the wild side

The classic casual walking shot. When your groomsmen look like they’re about to drop the biggest (wedding) album of 2019. When you’ve chosen such a beautiful venue for your wedding, make the most of it by using it as your backdrop.

 14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos!

Head to toe

Ask your photographer to capture all the little details – the buttonholes[1], ties and even their socks, should they decide to get a little creative!

 14 Must-take Groomsmen Photos! 'Groomsmen accessories'

Sail away

If your groomsmen are up for a laugh, we’re sure your photographer will be able to coax some hilarious shots like this one out of them. Search your venue for some props and backdrops to stage the perfect group shot. Note Jack and Rose on the left!


We’re pretty sure the ladies will be stocking up on wedding-morning selfies for Instagram, so why not get a shot of the boys taking theirs!

Sport themed

Is your man a big sports fan? Ask your photographer to work his passion into the day. A sporting theme is a good option if your man is nervous about having his picture taken, as it gives him something to focus on instead of posing.

Man’s best friend

If your dog is the second biggest love in your man’s life, capture a picture of the two of them on the big day. You’re all family after all and the pup has got to make the cut in the groomsmen photos.

Destination Shots

If you are tying the knot abroad, be sure to really make the most of your chosen destination. Groomsmen photos in the sun, sea or swimming pool will create the best backdrops for the boys on the morning of the big day.

Smoking hot

Many of our real-life grooms choose to have a celebratory cigar at the end of the evening, and this shot captures that moment perfectly.

Men In Black

Classic and suave – your groom and his groomsmen have never looked so dapper all at one time! Capture this moment with boys-only summer wedding sunglasses shot.

The Outfit

It’s unlikely your groom and his groomsmen will ever take so much pride in their outfit choice and style for any other occasion. Photograph the groom and/or his groomsmen individually suited and booted and as early on in the day as possible when the button holes look their best.

The whole bridal party

Whilst you want some great groomsmen photos, the wedding album isn’t complete without a spontaneous group shot of the entire bridal party! Partner up your bridesmaids and groomsmen for the ultimate wedding shot to sum up your day! Also, if you really love it – why not print them on thank you cards to give to your guests?!

Finally, take a look at our OFFICIAL Guide to being a GREAT groom![2] – Everything you need to know to smash your role as groom-to-be!

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