10 Casual Wedding Ideas for a Laid-Back Affair

A memorable big day, super stunning wedding decor[1], and a festive reception don't have to come with all of the formality of a traditional black-tie wedding[2]. A casual wedding can still boast all the fun and beautiful details of a formal affair, but without any of the stuffiness. Instead, casual weddings put the emphasis on fun and allow for couples to express their laid-back style. Consider yourself an easygoing bride-to-be? Try these casual wedding ideas on for size.

From relaxed ceremony setups[3] to family-style receptions, these casual wedding ideas truly embrace a comfortable aesthetic, resulting in the ultimate laid-back affair. Need some tasty ideas for casual wedding food? Opt for a menu flowing with comfort food[4] options. As for a low-key setting, make it a family affair by arranging a casual backyard wedding[5]. And keep guests comfortable at a casual wedding reception with cozy seating[6] that'll make them feel right at home. But most importantly, the point of non-formal nuptials is to ensure that you and your partner can host a bash that's true to you.

See 10 casual wedding ideas below that'll guarantee an effortless, carefree celebration.


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16 Classic Wedding Ideas You’ll Still Love 20 Years From Now

Delicate white florals, plenty of lush greenery[1], light linens, and minimal decor... These classic wedding ideas and details will never go out of style. And if you're a bride who prefers timelessness over trends, we suggest planning your ceremony and reception in a classic wedding style. You won't have to worry about any fades fading: When you and your partner look back on your wedding photos[2] decades from now, you'll still be madly in love with these classic wedding ideas.

If you’re on the fence on whether to go classic for your big day, first compare your likes and dislikes to that of popular nuptial styles and themes, such as bohemian, modern[3], and rustic[4]. If these beloved, popular themes[5] are just not your cup of tea, then a classic wedding is probably the ideal choice for you and your big day. Often a more formal celebration, a classic wedding frequently features lush green and white florals, refined color schemes, and plenty of clean lines and sophisticated elegance. Translation: Total. Bridal. Bliss.

There are plenty of ways to emulate a classic wedding theme within your big day. For classic wedding invitations, opt for romantic calligraphy[6]. At the ceremony, you and your about-to-be spouse can recite classic wedding vows[7] to add formality to the whole affair. Dance the night away to classic wedding songs[8], like Etta James's "At Last." And after dinner, dine on towering tiers of white buttercream—a popular feature of classic wedding cakes.

For more examples of this elegant aesthetic, we asked the experts for their favorite classic wedding ideas that'll never go out of style.


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7 Winter Wedding Ideas That’ll Keep Guests Warm

Winter weddings[1] pack plenty of unexpected charm. An unplanned snowfall[2], a chic seasonal ceremony, and a festive menu are just a few of the elements that can turn your celebration into an appealing winter affair. But in the midst of finalizing your day-of design, don’t forget to keep your guests in mind when it comes to supplying a nearby source of heat. For all they have going for them, winter weddings can get cold after all!

For the best advice on cold weather necessities, we asked the experts for winter wedding ideas[3] guaranteed to keep your guests warm. From cozy seat covers and fireside dinners to warm, custom cocktails[4], these ideas are both charming and will keep everyone comfortable on you big day.

Here's how to create a warm welcome for guests[5] at your winter wedding.

Embellish Your Seats

Photo by Roey Yohai Photography

Sometimes the most innovative designs can be disguised as decor. “For this outdoor event, heaters were used in a very discreet way,” says Meredith Waga Perez, co-founder and creative director of Belle Fleur[6], adding, “In this case, we took warmth one step further and added Mongolian Lamb seat cushions which of course matched the tablescape of feathery Astilbe.”

Get Creative With Cozy Details

Photo by Jose Villa

“For our early spring wedding in Santa Barbara, there was a chill in the air even in the afternoon,” says Jill Remy, owner of Jill & Co. Events[7]. Rather than having heaters at the ceremony that would show up in photos, pashminas were rolled up around the site for guests. “We placed pashminas in baskets around all the lounge areas so if guests needed an extra layer while they weren't on the dance floor they were easily accessible,” Remy adds.

Provide Chic Blankets

Photo by Jen Rodriguez Photography

Nothing says "cozy" like a blanket and soft pillow to curl up with, even if it's for watching a beautiful wedding ceremony—but don’t disregard your wedding aesthetic when finalizing textiles for your warm accessories. “Not only will blankets draped across seating keep your guests warm, but they'll add texture and softness to your design as well,” adds Vanessa Vierra, owner of Vanessa Noel Events[8].

Allocate Necessary Rentals

Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour, confirm that your wedding venue has outdoor gas flame heaters. “If not, consider renting them for your big day,” suggests Demi Meeker, senior event sales manager at Cannon Green[9]. “These heaters are as stylish as they are effective, and both you and guests will be thankful for the additional warmth,” Meeker adds.

Opt for a Fireside Dinner

Photo by Tec Petaja

Nothing says cozy like a fireside dinner! “Wherever possible, make a roaring fire and provide radiant mushroom heaters for 100% warmth,” suggests Calder Clark, owner of Calder Clark[10]. Indoors next to a cozy hearth, or outdoors near a bonfire, set up events throughout your evening that follow the warmth and charm of a real fire.

Adorn Your Bridal Party

Photo by Hannah Hardaway Photography

To add a festive element to both your wedding photos and your bridal party’s day-of look, consider cold weather accessories for your bridal party to don. “Don't forget your wedding party while they're standing outside in the cold taking photos,” says Lindsey Nickel, owner of Lovely Day Events[11]. “A warm faux fur wrap[12] is the perfect accessory to keep them warm, stylish, and smiling,” Nickel adds.

See more: 7 Common Winter Wedding Mistakes Brides Always Make[13]

Serve Warm Drinks

Photo by Adonye Jaja

Consider greeting guests with a hot chocolate or spiced cider bar. “We love including housemade marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and a variety of other mixers when serving warm beverages for a winter wedding,” says Virginia Edelson, founder of Bluebird Productions[14]. “Guests enjoy having something warm to hold during a ceremony or pre-ceremony gathering time,” Edelson adds.


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Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding cake[1] might just be the most talked about confection of your entire life—better make it good! Luckily, if you're getting married in the winter season[2], there are so many elegant ideas for winter wedding cakes.

We tapped the minds of some of the industry's top wedding planners[3], photographers[4], caterers, and everything in-between on the show-stopping seasonal wedding cakes they've seen at wintertime nuptials over the years. Whether you go with an array of additional embellishments, like seasonal greenery[5] and berries, or showcase a design fully encompassed in winter white, there are a plethora of ideas to consider.

Read on for wedding cake ideas[6] that will add the perfect winter mix to your cold-weathered reception.


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Our Favorite Winter Engagement Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

There’s nothing more magical than a photo shoot in the snow, so why not embrace a winter wonderland with winter engagement photos[1]? Festive[2], seasonal, and even holiday-inspired, a wintery engagement session is the perfect option for couples seeking an added touch of enchantment to their photos.

So you can take snowy snapshots[3] of your very own, we’ve consulted some of the wedding industry’s top photographers to provide tips on bracing the cold, layering up[4], and scouting out your city’s best holiday decor[5]. Impromptu photos in your favorite coffee shop or taking a cozy snapshot in your home are just a few tips to consider while keeping warm.

For more tips and tricks on executing flawless winter engagement photos, warm up to these ideas that will inspire you to embrace the most wonderful time of the year.


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22 Festive Winter Wedding Ideas to Inspire Your Own Seasonal Soirée

Is there anything quite as magical as a winter wedding[1]? From holiday music to wintery florals[2], these seasonal wedding details can add warmth and charm to even the frostiest of days. If you're about to deck the halls of your wedding venue[3] for winter nuptials of your own, these festive winter wedding ideas are bound to inspire you.

We've recruited industry experts who have seen every snow-covered scenario to show you how you can make your big day a real life winter wonderland. From wearing warm-weather attire[4]—nothing says chic like adding a faux-fur coat[5] to your bridal style—to crafting an outdoor bar[6] to capture the spirit of the season (or should we say spirits!), here's everything you need to know to throw a festive fête worthy of the most magical time of the year.

Unwrap some of the season’s best in holiday and winter wedding décor[7]! Here are 22 of our favorite festive winter wedding ideas.


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The 2019 Wedding Food Trends Everyone Will Be Eating Up in the New Year

Opt for Substitutes

“Addressing dietary lifestyles have become increasingly more common,” says Alison Awerbuch, chef & partner at Abigail Kirsch[1]. “Whether it’s gluten-free, vegan, nut- free, keto, or paleo, we are always getting requests by our brides to include some of these types of food at their wedding,” Awerbuch adds. It’s important to create menu items that are seamlessly modified since they are so delicious and are presented so creatively. “Some favorites include our vegan and gluten-free Artisan Vegetable Sushi made with brown rice, quinoa & pickled beets, squash and cucumbers,” notes Awerbuch.


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These Wedding Bouquet Trends Will Be Huge in 2019

Influenced by the seasons, design styles, and personal preferences, wedding bouquet[1] trends are ever-changing—and we're expecting another shift in florals come 2019. We asked the experts in all things budding blooms to foresee the wedding flower trends that on the horizon in the coming year. 2019 brides, listen up!

A defining element to your bridal style, your bouquet can add a pop of color[2] to a traditional getup or complement an alternative wedding vibe[3]. Whether overflowing with greenery[4], highlighting a single stem, or full of local blooms, your bouquet is an arrangement unique to you and your day—but of course, you'll want to stay on top of the current floral trends, too. Luckily, we've brought you a forecast of 2019's biggest bouquet trends.

If you’re currently planning[5] your 2019 nuptials[6], we suggest you take a look at this list of wedding flower trends that are sure to blossom in the coming year.


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22 Modern Wedding Ideas For A Super Chic Affair

For couples with a knack for all things current[1], a modern wedding theme is a great way to showcase your love for contemporary design[2]. You're a lover of all things fresh and trending, and your wedding should reflect that! So how do you host a modern wedding? We turned to the experts for modern wedding ideas for everything from invitation suites to chairs and tablescapes.

Clean lines, Lucite décor, and an overflow of fresh greenery are just a few tricks that can turn any event into a modern retreat[3]. Design your stationery[4] to feature bold text and a monochromatic color scheme, plan for a ceremony backdrop that’s minimal and elegant, and curate a cocktail menu that features the latest in custom creations. From there, consider keywords that will be vital to your planning experience (we like simple, geometric, and avant garde).

For more modern wedding ideas, we gathered our best tips from wedding planning experts on how to make your nuptials chic and contemporary.

See more: 6 Modern Signage Installations for a Contemporary Wedding[5]


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How to Throw a Wedding at a Vineyard

Rolling fields, saturated colors, and plenty of natural light are just a few of the perks of hosting your wedding at a vineyard. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are thinking of tying the knot in wine country, make sure you consider some of the non-negotiables that are often accompanied by vineyard venues. A restricted bar list, noise obligations, and other regulations are things to consider before booking your wine-adorned site (but don’t let these discourage you from a day of romanticism, delicious food, and total serenity!).

To guarantee a seamless day of wine and food pairings, stunning barrel-adorned decor, and other elegant elements fit for a vineyard wedding, we tapped the minds of industry experts who are experienced in pulling off a wedding at a vineyard.