7 Pretty Candle Wedding Favors That Look as Enticing as They Smell

If you're on the hunt for the perfect guest gifts[1] that uniquely reflect your nuptials and won't end up getting tossed post-reception, then add candle wedding favors to the top of your list. Just think about it—these pretty wax contraptions can easily be personalized[2], they're the perfect size for your nearest and dearest to easily grab on the way out, and, best of all, they obviously smell wonderful, meaning they'll definitely have an extensive afterlife following your wedding. You can rest assured you're getting the most bang for your buck with party favors that can burn up to 15+ hours after the big day.

And, even better news—with tins and pretty packaging, something so simple and standard as a candle can even be customized to mesh with your wedding style[3]. Channeling the power of the stars? There's a cosmic candle for that. Incorporating mason jars into your rustic wedding[4]? There's a matching candle for that. Envisioning eco-friendly nuptials? Yep, you guessed it—there's even a candle for that. Nothing holds a candle to these perfectly-sized votives, which will help friends and family fondly reflect on your de-light-ful wedding day. If looks are any indication of fragrance, wedding attendants are in for a scent-ual treat with any of these seven candle wedding favors.


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