53 Sweet Spring Wedding Ideas For Our Favorite Season

There's something special about spring weddings[1]—the abundance of flowers[2], the pastel colors[3], the garden-inspired details. Not to mention: The very season is a time of welcome change and warmer weather. So, basically, what's there not to love about spring—and a spring wedding, at that? The season translates perfectly to the world of wedding decor because we already associate pastel palettes—think pinks, purples, whites, baby blues—and pretty blooms with this happy time of year. (All essentials at a wedding, if you ask us.) So if you're a gal (or guy!) who loves flowers, pretty things, and sweet details, keep reading for our ultimate guide to spring wedding ideas. Our general advice: Embrace the season because if you're marrying this time of year, it's safe to say that you're a spring bride for a reason.

But before you start to scrolling, let's speak specifically about blooms because we're here to prove that flowers can indeed be groundbreaking for spring. In fact, with that in mind, we curated this entire spring wedding ideas gallery featuring (amongst other things) unique ways to use flowers at your wedding. We also looked specifically at all the in-season beauties—think tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, garden roses—because that's a smart way to save money[4] and get more bang from your buck. And, believe us, you're going to want that because we may have gone overboard with the flower inspo. (Think planted blooms[5] lining the aisle, petals in signature cocktails[6], edible flowers[7] on cakes, and an entire dance floor covered in a printed floral design.)

And even if flowers aren't your thing, we have plenty of spring wedding ideas for everyone. Keep reading to see what makes us think of spring but remember that you can use these beautiful arrangements and decor ideas in any season!

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