5 Cheesy Poses Your Photographer Probably Hates

Wedding and engagement photos[1] aren't as easy as they look. Most of us aren't models (let alone photogenic) so creating a romantic pose with your partner doesn't always come naturally. We get it. But we also know that there are a few poses that you don't need to be an expert to realize they're just bad. You know what we're talking about: that junior high shot of two hands making a heart in front of the sunset. Or that unnecessary groom-crawling-up-the-skirt pose that literally no one, probably not even the couple, wants to see.

But time and time again, wedding photographers[2] are asked to capture these cringe-worthy moments[3] on camera, much to their chagrin. If your photographer is recommending to nix a pose, they probably know what they're talking about. (Remember, these people do this for a living.) So think twice about that beach-front jump for joy—we promise, you'll probably regret it.

These are photographers' five least favorite wedding and engagement photo poses[4], so cross these off your list now.

The Prom Pose


One person behind the other, hands clasped in front in a proto-Heimlich. You know it. You did it.

The Jump for Joy


Please leave the stop motion animation to Wes Anderson.

The Heart Hands


Like a BFF locket sprung to life—or a Taylor Swift[5] concert, circa 2011—your hand makes one half and bae’s makes the other.

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The Garter Anything


Too many issues to fully enumerate, but here’s a tip: Take a hard pass on anything that entails a camera (or a groom) up your skirt.

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The Kitschy Class Pic


Avoid posed group shots, including hiding your faces with bouquets[8] or showing off matching socks. (We see you, groomsmen.)