27 Romantic Red Wedding Bouquets

Romantic red wedding bouquets are perfect for nearly every wedding season[1], but we especially love these punchy bundles of blooms for a Valentine's Day[2] wedding. After all, red is the indisputable color of passion, conveying love and romance whether they're the color of the flowers delivered to your doorstep as a sweet surprise from your partner, or the hue of your wedding bouquet. Not only do these pretty petals evoke the Valentine's Day holiday spirit (in a non-cheesy way), but red wedding bouquets can really up the romance at your wedding no matter the time of year.

There are endless ways to create your berry-toned bouquet. You can opt for something incredibly statement-making, brimming with crimson blooms and overflowing with greenery. You can also go for a more moody look by choosing flowers in dark red hues (think oxblood dahlias and burgundy peonies). Or if you're searching for a more understated or summery vibe, consider a red-and-white mix of blossoms that feels fresh and bright. We told you red bouquets can work for any wedding season!

And with many of the prettiest wedding flowers available in red shades, you can feature just about any bloom you like and still create the perfect ruby-hued bouquet. Use classic roses, garden roses, peonies, clematis, anemones, or ranunculus for your red details. Another plus to toting a red bouquet on your big day? It will truly pop against your wedding dress[3], especially if you plan to marry in the fall or winter (hello stunning snowy wedding photos[4]). With little color to compete in your backdrop, your red bouquet will take center stage.

Also, red blossoms vibe with any type of wedding[5]. Whether you're throwing a classic ballroom celebration, a chic city fête[6], a rustic barn bash[7], or a seaside soirée, a crimson bouquet will complement the setting.

Thinking of carrying a romantic red wedding bouquet down the aisle? Scroll below to see 27 examples of these beautiful blooms.


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