25 Super Chic Ideas For a City Wedding

If you’re a downtown girl, we’ve got some ideas that will make you swoon. A big city is rife with endless location options to host your wedding, but how can you elevate asphalt and metal? That’s where we come in.

Depending on your taste, a city wedding can take shape in multiple ways. There’s the classic grand ballroom, with an air of elegance and sophistication. There’s the modern rooftop wedding[1], filled with endless views. And, of course, a loft or gallery wedding[2] for some contemporary, urban industrial vibes. And don’t forget restaurant receptions, which have a charm all their own.

But no matter what you choose for a venue, there are always a few common elements that weave in a sense of city style. Silver tones give off a sleek vibe reminiscent of a city’s steel architecture, while gilded accents[3] create an aura of uptown city glamour. And jet black always promises an urban feel.

Since cities often have a modern heart, you also can’t go wrong with any contemporary accents, such as acrylic chairs or geometric candle holders[4]. We also love a good art backdrop like an abstract canvas to boldly dress up a ceremony, sweetheart table, or lounge area. Set a contemporary tone in all your paper goods with a simple font and minimalist aesthetic[5].

But it’s not all in the decor—don’t forget your bridal party! Black or metallic dresses are a sure way to give them a city girl look. If you’re having a winter wedding, pair them with some faux fur stoles[6] or leather jackets to take it to the next level. As for the soon-to-be newlyweds, we love fit and flare dresses or classic black-and-white tuxes for a city wedding.

These slick, chic ideas will be sure to set your city girl heart on fire.

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