25 Snowy Wedding Photo Ideas to Steal for Your Winter Wedding

While a chilly, snowy wedding photo session certainly isn't everyone's idea of a fun pre-wedding activity, we're willing to bet that at least most of this year's winter brides love a good snowfall. After all, why pick a winter wedding date if you don't want to take advantage of the unique attributes of your season? Just like we encourage you to snap photos with the best fall foliage, embrace the fresh spring air, or pose in the summer sunshine, we're here to tell you that snowy wedding photos are pretty much the best.

While you might have a few uncomfortably cold minutes, they're well worth it to capture all the beauty your wedding season has to offer. Whether you choose to meet in a snow-covered field for your first look or simply snap a few candid moments with your bridal party in freshly fallen powder, there are tons of creative ways to capture beautiful wedding photos that include the seasonal spirit. Consider throwing on a pretty faux fur or jacket, a cozy scarf or pashmina, or even stepping into a trendy pair of boots to stay cute and comfortable.

You shouldn't worry too much about your wedding dress, either. After all, it is frozen water, and assuming you won't be outside too long, the likelihood of it melting and ruining your bridal ensemble is fairly slim, but certainly something to keep in mind. We suggest shooting your indoor photos first, before heading out for the snowy shots.

Still need convincing to embrace the winter weather? Browse 25 stunning snowy wedding photos below.