20 Ways to Use Love Quotes for Wedding Decor That’s Beautiful and Meaningful

Searching for wedding decor that's both stylish and sentimental? Showcase sentiments in a super stunning way by using love quotes for wedding decor.

Any wedding is filled with an abundance of words: the promises you make, the toasts you share, the vows[1] you take, the lyrics you blast on the dance floor. And planning[2] all that takes a lot of work! It involves hours (and hours) of creating the ceremony with your officiant, scouring the internet for the perfect readings and verses, and searching Spotify[3] for the songs that feel right for the first dance, father-daughter dance[4], and the rest of the night. So why not put all that hard work on display by using love quotes for wedding decor? Sure, your guests will hear the special readings and songs you selected, but what if they could see them too?

Well, they can! As you'll see below, we're all for incorporating sweet love notes, quotes, or really any saying into your wedding decor[5]. Think about your vows scrolled on your cake, a meaningful verse written on the ceremony backdrop, song lyrics up above the bar, and more. And that's not all: We're now seeing brides and grooms add special verses to their fashion as well, with a message incorporated into the dress's design, or inside the groom's lapel. Finally, as perhaps a new take on this wedding decoration quotes trend, we like the idea of personalizing and sharing a specific quote with each guest. (Think: a lyric from your favorite song, an excerpt from a book you both love, et cetera.) To do this, we've seen couples using a letter as an escort card or adding a note at each place setting.

That said, we think you're more than capable of coming up with new, creative ideas[6] to write a message of your own. So, to inspire you, we put together a gallery of 20 photos that illustrate some of our favorite ways to put your love notes—or inside jokes or inspirational quotes—on display. Whether you decide to showcase a sonnet, song lyrics, or an original verse, we can't wait to see how you incorporate the wedding decoration quotes trend on your big day. And, more importantly: We can't wait to see what you have to say!


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