20 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2019

Good news, lovebirds — your upcoming wedding day[1] or anniversary[2] isn't the only annual occasion dedicated to pampering your partner[3] and soaking up each other's awesomeness. Enter February 14, which (no pressure) also means you're tasked with finding a Valentine's Day gift for him that says "I love you" without veering into corny and cliché territory.

Despite knowing your guy better than anyone, finding the perfect gift never gets any easier, and the holiday dedicated exclusively to love certainly ups the shopping challenge. Whether he's a man who has everything or claims he's not the present type (as if), it's hard to get past the mushy motifs and chocolate-covered strawberries to hone in on something sentimental that he'll actually reuse. Just when you thought finding a wedding present[4] was hard....

Lucky for you, because we know that planning your big day[5] demands your undivided attention, we did the legwork for you and highlighted 20 of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for him. Engaged to a cocktail connoisseur? They're bound to raise a glass to an ultrachic metallic shaker. In love with your binge watching buddy? They'd kill to cuddle up with Pinch Provisions' Binge-Watching Survival Kit. Taking on life with a fellow adventure seeker[6]? Go big with a classic bicycle in a holiday-appropriate hue. And for Valentine's Day traditionalists, we've found plenty of red hot (and literally red!) gifts and goodies. TBH, we discovered the best romantic Valentine's Day gifts for every to-be hubby.

There's no need to use V-Day as an excuse to break the bank, either (keep that wedding budget[7] intact!) — we've got you covered with love-inspired goodies as low as $8.50. Prepare to rule Valentine's Day with all of our favorite picks, completely fit for any dude.


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