24 Festive Engagement Party Invitations That Won’t Break the Bank

After that first selfie of your brand new bridal bling[1], next up comes sending out engagement party invitations to celebrate your new relationship status with your nearest and dearest. While an engagement party[2] is by no means a required pre-wedding event[3], many couples are choosing to celebrate the momentous occasion with friends and family shortly after the question has been popped. Plus, who can say no to a party exclusively dedicated to you and your future spouse!?

When it comes to engagement party etiquette[4], the bride's parents have traditionally taken over as hosts in the past. Now, though, couples are turning the tables and throwing their own pre-wedding celebrations, or instead rely on a close friend or relative to do the honors. And, as for the formality of the occasion, truly anything goes[5] (Lea Michele even had two engagement parties[6], FYI).

If you're envisioning a cozy dinner[7], backyard BBQ, garden-party lunch, or a blowout bash[8] that could rival most actual weddings, inviting your guests to the event with a piece of stationery that sets the tone for your party—and wedding style[9] in general—is always a nice touch. But remember, your engagement party invites don't have to match the ones you pick for the big day[10], so get creative and select something fun.

Luckily, there are tons of festive pieces of stationery perfect for your pre-wedding celebration[11]. Even better, these pretty picks don't have to break the bank[12]. We found tons of digital downloads that you can print at home[13] and preprinted options that all come in at less than $250 for 100 invitations! Typically, only friends and family worthy of wedding invites should be added to your engagement party guest list, meaning your head count will likely be on the smaller side and your expected costs can only go down. (Read: You won't burst your budget before you even start planning the wedding.)

Whether you want a modern, black-and-white invite, like Paperless Post's Coupling stationery, or something laid-back and quirky, like the "I do BBQ" invitation from Zazzle, there's great stationery picks[14] for every type of pre-wedding party! Once you cross your stationery off your list, you can officially start raiding your closet for the perfect party look[15], so check out 24 of our favorite engagement party invitations.

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Plus if you're still stumped on engagement party invitation wording[17], you can also draw on the stationery templates below for inspiration. Overall your party prose should emphasize both your and your partner's names, the celebration's host(s), and the obvious details: date, time, location, and RSVP contact info. As for the introduction, keep things short and sweet, perhaps with a "Join us in celebrating..." or, "You're invited to an engagement party in honor of...." Either way, you get the gist. Happy invitation designing!


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