16 Wedding Thank You Notes You Can Buy Right Now

Post-wedding[1], your home is probably the most well-stocked it's ever been, thanks to a brand new blender from Aunt Peggy, sheets from your in-laws, and that dinnerware set[2] you've been fawning over from mom and dad. So, you know what that means—it's officially wedding gift thank you note time (cue involuntary cringe).

Wedding thank you etiquette[3] (yes, this is a thing) decrees that one to three months after the ceremony is the proper timeline to have them mailed and ready to go. So, to prevent you from procrastinating any further (we know this is the last thing on your mind amid your newlywed bliss[4]), we're here to assure you that writing cards to your friends and family doesn't have to be a chore, as long as you have the right stationery. Sure, repeating "Thank you so much for the ____" over and over is going to lead to a hand cramp and a glass of wine regardless, but it's not so bad when you're putting pen to paper that's actually, dare we say it, pretty cute.

Whether you prefer the personalized route[5] or simply just a standard "Thank You" card, we've got the stationery for you with our roundup of 16 thank you notes. There's no shortage of cool, customized cards with yours and your spouse's names, like Bailey and Beau Paper Co.'s pretty vintage-inspired stationery. If you fancy yourself a photo-infused card to flaunt those wedding pics, there's a modern template that's perfect for your favorite black and white snapshot[6] from Blanche Paperie. Or, if "Thank You" just seems too passé, switch up the wordage with Paper Refinery's elegant "Love & Gratitude" card. You can even match your wedding color scheme[7] to your notes thanks to JP Stationery's watercolor paper products. Either way, you can't go wrong with a decorative (or simple!) thank you card that speaks to yours and your partner's styles.


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