15 Products to Make Your Ceremony Exit Memorable

Stumped on what to do for an impressive and Instagram-worthy ceremony exit? It's easy to make your wedding ceremony exit just as exciting as your entrance with a little help from your guests! Since rice is no longer your only option for your exit—which was meant to look like rain, symbolizing fertility and prosperity—and this is the age of Pinterest, the world is your oyster! Want confetti? There's about every kind you could imagine, from custom colors combos (we love the celestial inspired deep blue below) and shapes (hearts, words), to dried lavender and whole dried flowers, to pom pom confetti to huge oversized confetti! Want something even more playful? Opt for brightly colored pom-pom push pops.

Set on sparklers? Have your guests light oversized sparklers or sparklers in the shape of a heart or words (just make sure no one let's the drunk groomsmen into the sparker stash before the exit! We've seen it happen before and it ain't pretty). Don't want the fuss of cleaning up a mess (or having your planner or venue clean one up)? Choose mini flags with a calligraphed "hooray!" or longer streamer wands also make for a pretty photo op! And if you're using confetti outside, make sure it's biodegradable. Need a little help sourcing all these fun products? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Here are 15 of our favorite products that will make your wedding ceremony exit as epic as possible!

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