11 Watercolor Wedding Invitations That Are Too Pretty for Words

Your elementary school art teacher knew a thing or two about the beauty of watercolors: Not only do they add a pop of color to any canvas, but their dreamy look is also totally romantic. So it's no surprise that this lovely, soft painting style translates perfectly into watercolor wedding invitations.

Over the past few years, this painting style has become a go-to choice for brides-to-be when selecting their wedding invitation[1] style. For one reason, watercolor wedding invitations are perfect for a variety of wedding themes[2]. Whimsical brides will love how well the playful, flowing style fits in with their carefree aesthetic. Beachy brides[3] can opt for a blue-green watercolor hue that will fit their venue's natural color palette. And brides throwing rustic[4], boho, nautical[5], tropical, or romantic weddings will also have no trouble finding watercolor wedding invitations that perfectly complement their wedding style.

Additionally, there's more to watercolor wedding invitations than simple ombré washes of color. Couples can customize their stationery with painterly illustrations of themselves, their wedding venue[6], or the florals they'll be showcasing on the big day. But even if you decide to stick with solid colors, you still find countless pretty painted works of art, from feminine pinks and purples to deep navy blues and greens, that you and your partner are bound to fall for.

Below, take a look at 11 of our favorite watercolor wedding invitations you can buy on Etsy.

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