10 Wedding Cake Servers You Can Buy Now

Sure, you've been to your cake tasting[1] and have your wedding cake all picked out down to the very last frosting rose on top. But have you selected your wedding cake server yet? Wedding cake servers are a must for picture-perfect cake-cutting[2] photos. And considering the delicious history behind wedding cakes, that's a moment you definitely won't want to miss.

When it comes to wedding cakes[3], the history of traditions is...rich? Interesting, for sure. For instance, in Ancient Rome there was a tradition of having a cake made of wheat or barley that was broken over the bride's head. BROKEN OVER HER HEAD. Apparently this symbolized good fortune? (If ever there was a time for the thinking emoji it is here). Oh, and the pillars that you sometimes see between wedding cake tiers? Those began as broomsticks covered in frosting. BROOMSTICKS. Also, there was a myth that bridesmaids could "dream up" their future husbands, so they would take a piece of the wedding cake home and put it under their pillow. This seems wildly impractical during a time where washing linens was not as simple as throwing them in a machine. Times have changed, y'all.

One tradition that still persists is the cutting of the cake[4], which started because weddings began growing in size[5]. Thus, the cake kept getting larger and the icing became much denser so it could support the weight of all those layers. The bride could no longer cut through the icing alone, so the groom began assisting. Of course this tradition[6] is rife with symbolism—the joining of your union, working together, and a promise to always provide for each other.

Since the cutting of the wedding cake[7] is so common and routine now, why not have a pretty wedding cake server to go with it? They're usually quite inexpensive and it's something you can keep forever afterward. We kind of even like the idea of framing it or doing something to preserve it in an artsy way!

Here are 10 of our favorite wedding cake servers you can buy now.

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