10 Tweets That Sum Up What It’s Like to Be Someone’s Plus One

When you’re asked to be someone’s plus one at a wedding[1], you might feel overwhelmed with emotions, questions, and items on your to-do list, things like what should you wear? Should you bring a gift? Does this mean you have to be on your best behavior or can you get a little wild?

As a wedding date, you might find yourself spending the night at a party with a room full of strangers that somehow become your best friends, or you might find yourself hanging, awkwardly, in the corner, wondering when the cake will be served and you can finally get out of there and go home.

Either way, read on for four tweets that perfectly sum up what being someone’s plus one can be like, depending on the wedding and the crowd.

1. It Can Be a Snooze Fest

If the energy at the wedding feels low and the people there aren’t too friendly, you might find yourself glued to your assigned seat, scrolling on your phone, reading an e-book, or having a staring contest with your date, who has to be there because they are related or friends with the couple whose wedding it is. If you find yourself in that position, turn to your date and make a game plan for how to squeeze some fun out of the night ahead.

2. You Have to Dress Up

Depending on the dress code[3] of the wedding, you might have to go out and rent a suit or a dress, find a specific outfit (if the wedding is themed), or watch a couple of video tutorials on how to tie a bow tie or what black tie really means, if that’s what you’re asked to wear. If you’re a wedding date where there is a strict dress code, plan ahead and plan early so that you’re not stuck scrambling for the right outfit the day of the wedding.

3. You May Meet a Lot of New People

If you know absolutely nobody at the wedding, at least be familiar with the bride and groom and ask your date to introduce you to them ASAP. That way, you won’t find yourself talking to the groom thinking he’s just another wedding guest. Either way, get ready to meet and greet quite a few people[5] that day as it’ll be jam-packed with new faces and plenty of handshakes.

4. You Might Have to Rise to the Occasion Last-Minute

Sometimes as a plus one, you’re asked to be a person’s wedding date the same day as the wedding. If that’s the case, act fast. Try to find a place where you can get the most appropriate thing to wear, even if that means borrowing it from someone else’s closet, and make sure you have enough time to get ready and get there on time. You don’t want to be the person who arrives midceremony and causes a ruckus as the couple is reading their vows.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re invited to a wedding and want to bring a plus one, you’ll have your own set of feelings that run through your head. Maybe you’ll feel more confident because you’ll be able to spend your evening with a partner in crime. With someone by your side, you can bust out your best dance moves on the dance floor beside them, cheers with glasses of champagne, and have someone to taste-test desserts with you as the night comes to an end.

Here are five tweets that truly sum up what bringing a plus one to a wedding is really like.

1. You Have a Dance Partner the Entire Time

A big plus of having a plus one is that you have someone to get down with you on the dance floor all night. Which means you don’t have to worry about people judging you for busting out your finest dance moves, solo, you now have a partner in crime to share the dance floor with you until the very last moment of the party.

2. You Have a Drinking Buddy

One of the biggest wedding perks for any guest is the open bar[9], which can serve up your favorite beverages all night long. That’s why when you have a plus one, you can have someone accompany you to the bar, cheers to a fun night with a glass of champagne or mixed drink.

3. You Can Share a Really Fun Date Night

Consider a wedding with a plus one a really nice date night where you can spend the night together dancing, chomping down on good food, indulging in yummy dessert[11], and having a great time, while surrounded by a hundred people who are also having a good time. Whether you bring someone you met recently as your plus one or you head to the wedding with someone you’ve been with for many years (or are married to) weddings can feel like the ultimate night out with your partner.

4. You Have Someone to Share With

With a plus one, you now have someone you can split things with at the wedding, whether that’s a selection of desserts from the dessert buffet to the chicken and the steak dishes you each order during the reception, you have a person you can share with to get the most out of the wedding and also to fill your plate up with even more of the things you like.

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5. Sometimes You Want a Plus One for Fun

If you’re always the solo wedding guest[15], sometimes you just want to be allowed to bring a plus one so that you have the option to bring someone, even if that means you have to search high and low to find someone to bring. But sometimes you just want a plus one for a little fun (not as fun as this person in the tweet because that can make the couple stressed out to have to pay for a person who doesn’t show up).