10 Best Wedding-Day Rosés, According to Sommeliers

If you love a good rosé[1] and are hoping to enjoy it well passed rosé season (summer), you’re in luck. Not only has the season been permanently extended—because, let’s face it, this wine goes well with just about anything—but it’s also an all-around crowd pleaser. That’s why it’s so ideal for weddings of all kinds and all times of year. “Rosés are fantastic food wines because of their versatility—they run the gamut from intensely dry to pleasantly sweet and everywhere in between,” explains Benita Johnson, sommelier and owner of The Vine Wine Club[2]. “The fruity and low acid offerings are great as aperitifs, the drier varietals are great food accompaniments and have enough acid for aging potential and the sweeter varietals are perfect ‘entry’ wines for new wine drinkers and just fun to add more life to an already great celebration.”

Another fun perk of pink wine is that it can be made from just about any red grape, simply by limiting the time of contact between the skin and juice or by mixing some red and white wines together. Johnson herself loves and recommends rosé wines, especially for weddings, because they’re typically moderately priced and are universally loved. “Even the most discerning palates typically find aspects of the pink wine in that they fall in love,” she adds.

Since there’s an unlimited amount of rosé wines to choose from, we asked sommeliers to share their absolute faves for weddings of all seasons. Here are their top 10 favorite rosé wines for weddings.

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